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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah hails from the Lord Murray he was seldom were bad,

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there is no end and limit to the benefits of good health. If a person has sound health, then he can engage and indulge in 1000 activities. And if a person does not have sound health, then it can become an impediment and an obstacle to 1000 things in life. A healthy person can be running, he can climb up a flight of stairs, it's easy for him to do his house, he can run into somebody, he could rescue someone, he could do so many things in a like manner. When a person has strong faith, and May Allah bless us all with strong faith, Armenia balada mean, then the benefit of that strong faith will filter through in every aspect of his life, religious or otherwise. So as person with strong

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faith can observe fast in heat, he can stand in prayer, he can do so many good activities. Why because his faith is strong. But the benefit of that faith is even reaching reaches out beyond religious scope. And what I'm intend speaking about is that often today, a person has to go for some form of medical procedure, he needs to go for surgery, and the scientific data as well to support this, that people would fail. And people without faith if they go through the same procedure, the recovery of a person with faith okay in the context of the scientific data, it's just faith, but we speak in from a context of Iman and belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. The recovery of a person who

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has strength and faith in a divine being is much more swift and rapid, versus a person who does not believe in any divine being in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not promise us that by virtue of Eamon, he will not test us, but rather law promises us and give us strength in our test. So sometimes the person says that,

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but you know, I'm obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala I've done whatever I ought to do. Why is it that I'm tested? Well, Allah says in the 13th Jews, you submit Allah levena Amano, Bill Kony, Tabitha dunya was in that alone will keep the believers firm, firm. So often, you're going through a challenge. And if it was another person without faith, he could be suicidal. He could resort to some drastic measures, but it is your faith that he's keeping you sane. And I take you back to a very rich narrative and tale of urban Zubair rahima hula, so he was a great visionary. He was the son of Zebedee blue, or the Allahu anhu and the brother of Abdullah bin savera. The Allahu Allah been

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Zubair Rahim Allah. He had once visited Damascus back in that time, when Solomon Abdel Malik was in the seat of power, and so they might have not been Medicaid invited him.

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He acceded to the requests of the ruler of the time. But when he got there, he encountered some challenges his son was with him, and his son was having a look at some of the horses of the king. And one of the horses of the king gave him a kick and a blow. And it proved to be fatal. And it claimed the life of this boy. And obviously, this was quite sad because he came with joy, happiness and excitement. And he turned out to be quite challenging and difficult. Anyway, the boy was then loaded into the grave, and as the Father lowered his own son into the grave, lo and behold, he injured his foot, he injured his foot. So it got quite severe and intense. When he came out of the

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grave, it started swelling. And the doctors and the physicians of the time were called forward to try and rescue him and assist him. But after much medical deliberation, they agreed that the only way is to amputate his leg. Now, let's understand in that time, you're not taken into theater, you're not sedated you don't have all these advantages, local anesthetic or otherwise. But according to that time, they would give you you know, a total of alcohol just to make you relax you. So they said to him, that we're going to give you something just to relax you so that you come you're not anxious. This is surgery taking place. Understand this is surgery taking place. And that's why I

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said the benefit of diamond is far reaching, it benefits you it empowers you in all aspects of your life. So they said, Can we just you know, give you something to just relax you and come you. So he said, Hey, ha ha ha No, not at all. I will not take any form of alcohol.

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Even if it is at this situation, so they said okay, then we're going to hold you down and we need to, you know, keep you firm, because as they will sever your leg and they're going to amputate it, you will potentially move and that might upset the procedure of the surgeon according to the time. So he said a freaking big victory with this be, I will engage in vigor and this way, and you do what you have to do. And Subhana Allah, he started reciting. And for us it might sound far fetched, it might sound far fetched that somebody's engaging into our and can get so consumed and overwhelmed and be in that state of proximity and enjoying and deriving pleasure that in the process, his leg is

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amputated, and and he contains himself. You know, my brother mentioned a very amazing thing the other day. He says that today we find a young child is on a phone or a device. He is oblivious of what's happening around him, you can probably come in the room, you can take his wallet away, you can take another device away from him. He is unaware of who entered the room who exited from the room. His dad has called out to him his mum has called out to him, he heard nothing, he observed nothing, why he's so immersed, consumed and overwhelmed. So these people had that level of pleasure in the vicar and as God and while he engaged in Vicar and then his leg was amputated. Now this was a

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medical procedure, but look at the strength of a man look at the strength of a man. Now we know in Islam the teachings are that whenever we clip our names a trauma our hair, then we ban it just like when a person passes away. We believe the preservation of human dignity is in bearing the the the body part lung organ or the entire human has such one other column. Benny wahama now who feel very well with dignified men, we've honored men and part of the preservation of the dignity of man is that any organ limb of his body in fact, like I mentioned the clipping of nails we bury that as well. So they took his leg to bury it now because it was amputated. Wow look at the these words my

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my word. This is just beyond me. He said before you bury my leg Bring it here. So the leg was brought to him his own leg which was now severed from his body. And then he gently strokes it he gently strokes it and he says well let the hammer Lenny is a key thing at MIT Laney Ll masajid er Alamo aneema machine to Bikila her arm in katoh Allah work further record on my leg as you part ways with me, and hopefully we will be the united in general. I'm happy to say that we part ways on a note that Allah knows for the time he afforded me for you to be part of my anatomy and part of my body. I had never rested my weight on you and enjoy or walk towards anything forbidden in my entire

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life. a loved one.

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And then he sang the famous Capulets of man when owes lamoreaux comma Hawaii to caffine Reba Hama Latynina Hiawatha fisherton region a Wanaka Nizam busca de la, la la,

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la la la, la la, la, la to sleep Vinny musli but two minute

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far but fatten probably, this is a person coming out of surgery. We need him to be sedated. He's got this painkiller that painkiller at the moment for three days just going to keep him under sedation, keeping Monday intensive care, just monitoring everything else observing. This was surgery that was done his leg was amputated. It was the strength of a man that kept him going. He said it's just not my leg Lamoureux come away to caffine Reba, I have not stretched my hand towards anything doubtful when our hammer Latynina was officiated originally, and my legs never walked towards anything immoral, or anything indecent when I've done any acne when

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neither have my gay seen anything immoral or promiscuous, nor has my ears heard anything vulgar or obscene. Well, then let me actually when our Allah, Allah mo and Neelam to save money mostly but Amina dari Illa Allah but first and probably and I take solace from the fact that if Allah has tested me today, surely others have been tested and afflicted with greater challenges. So strong, so resilient, so motivating, it is only a man. Yesterday I went to visit a sister and I asked you to pray for her recovery. She has been diagnosed with an advanced

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level of cancer, and doctors have predicted a short period of time. But I said to the sister that you keep your hopes high and we pray a lot of the sisters strength and resilience for tears to my eyes, a young sister in the prime of her life, and this is what has happened. And now they've given her a short period of time, and she's made total peace with the situation. Doctors have said in X amount of weeks. But when you meet a greeter, and the family had called me in to give some encouragement and motivation, but I took motivation from her. This is a man and this is the strength of a man. If there's anything we need to build and improve on on our faith. It will give us strength

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in worship, and it will empower us in all aspects of life.