Agrees to Debate with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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My first question would be, I'd like to relate it to you. So I've seen your previous speeches before on YouTube, you're a specialist in comparative religion. So when you like, compare Islam and other religions like Hinduism like quoting Scriptures from Bhagavad Gita or something like, don't you think there is the possibility to misinterpret it and provide Miss guidance to those who doesn't belong to that faith will remember them. But don't name Shashi vermin. And if if that it is proven that there is a mis interpretation in your speech, does that mean that you fail to carry out your duty as a Muslim professional? The Buddha has a very good question, a very relevant question to the

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topic. I'd like to thank him. This question is that I'm a specialist of comparative religion. I prefer calling myself a student of comparative religion. And when I quoted Scripture of others, other religion like whether it be the Bhagavad Gita, whether whether whether Bible and if I misinterpret that scripture, then even did wrong as a Muslim totally wrong. I agree with you that the reason after every lecture of mine we have question answer session, most of the religious speaker whether it be Hindu, whether it be Christian, whether it be Muslim, most of the majority more than 90%. After the speech, they have no question answer session.

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Sheikh did that was the first one who started and now mashallah many of us, after every quest after every lecture, we have a question answer session why? So that if you disagree with us, you are open to ask the question in the question answer time, if any speaker including myself, if the question proves that my interpretation is wrong, I if I if the proof to me first, I will say, I'm sorry, I will take it back.

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If I make a mistake, either Muslim compulsory, I would apologize. I would first say I'm sorry, I misunderstood your scripture. Inshallah and future I'm not quoted, never in my life of 25 years of Java more than have a single question and mashallah, I can make mistakes. I'm a human being. I'm not perfect. No human is perfect. Not a single question ever quoted me anything and prove me wrong Alhamdulillah I can be wrong.

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I can be wrong. Therefore, we ask the question. If he poses a question to me, I will counter quote him and give him the quotation from his scholars. I will quote

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what the formula we can not say, I will go to the intellectual that there isn't what we say. Let's come for a

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friendly debate. No problem. But I'll only debate with someone who has some standing. Not with every Tom, Dick and Harry, you answer. You know, if I can get a million people for my talk, largest gathering, even if we get to person 20,000. I will debate you. any Tom, Dick and Harry I cannot put my reason is if you want to debate me, you should at least be able to gather minimum 20,000 for your speech. If I can get 2 million veterans get 2%.

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If you can get 20,000 for a lecture, I'm willing to debate with you.

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If you cannot get you give it to someone who can get and there are many Hindu figures in the world. There are many Christians bigger than the world who get 100,000 and more. In India, many people you know she she loves Shankar he gets 100,000 I debated with him. And you know, the outcome of Have you seen that debate?

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What was the outcome?

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It was what

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it was, as I expected. It wasn't as I expected, or you bothered as you expected. But did I break any rules of the debate?

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Did I break any rules of the debate? Did I not answer all these questions? Did he answer my questions?

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One of the most famous Hindu preacher in the world, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar many people call him God.

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how about Sadhguru? I guess he destroyed some of your points, I guess Sadhguru from

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your arranger will liberate him Sadhguru the famous person ask him I will. There are some people who have taken speeches and given answers, some people not himself. If he wants, let him arrange no problem. I will.

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Okay, because I know he famous, any famous personality if he wants to debate. I don't want to debate him. He wants to debate me. Open any topic.

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Any topic on comparative religion, Hinduism and Islam? No problem.

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And if he points out anything in, in my speech, which I said, which is out of context or which is not as per the scripture

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I will give him from where I got all my research and not from non English scholars from Hindu scholars. I give the reference to most of the speakers say yes, Zakat is right but

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then the bird comes

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when you hear your speech and two hours I've learned what I have not learned in 40 years of my life for the mice Pooja, you've references did Sri Sri Ravi Shankar give any reference in his speech? Even one reference he gave?

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Did he give a single reference brother?

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In my speech, how many references? So, who's more authentic? A person who give the reference the person doesn't give reference. He could have kept a chit there's no objection in a debate. You can have notes in front of you right or wrong.

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I don't have notes. He can have notes.

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Ask if she sees every single level second debate with me will have

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even if we give him a million dollar he may not have

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I guess he will. But he doesn't debate you. I'm sure one day I will.

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Most welcome the day you can get 20,000 people for your audience, I would debate you.

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Now what you can do question, Did I answer your question on what you did? Thank you.

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I'm very happy. Thank you for accepting it. And May Allah guide you. And I'll pray for you that you come to the truth brother. Thank you very much. That's the most welcome