Allah Teaches Us Through The Story of Adam

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history of Islam and how Adam and his wife, their work is removed from the garden through their actions. Adam's work is removed from the garden through his actions, but his work is still present in the garden. The segment also touches on the concept of manhood and how it is impossible to lead a sinful life.
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Another lesson from the story of Adam is the thing that Allah says in the beginning of sorts of Bukhara about how we're going to make the first thing he says to the angels, we're going to place on earth a Khalifa. And we've talked in many other videos about what it means to be a Khalifa Khalifa is basically the person who's left in charge the person who's left to manage things, right, not by their own whims, but according to the instructions of you know, the boss, right? How Allah subhanaw taala wants it to be managed, we're supposed to execute the will of Allah or the wish of Allah but better the things that Allah likes we're supposed to facilitate and bring about and encourage and

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the things that Allah dislikes or hates, we're supposed to discourage and stamp out and try to get rid of that's our role. And it's super interesting because in Islam, we have that clear, clear historical sort of information that that was the plan from the beginning. There's no possibility of sort of some sort of idea like Adam staying in the garden with his with his wife forever and ever and there never being any fall, right. The Fall was planned from the beginning. The first thing Allah says, I'm gonna place on Earth, meaning that we weren't created for the garden, we were created for the earth in the sense that you know, we're going to return Inshallah, to agenda in the

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afterlife, or we're talking about that for the time that we're alive. We were made to be on earth, and that were made to be on Earth to fulfill a certain role and to do a certain job, part of that job is wrapped up in the idea of what it is to be a Halifa. And part of that job is what happens next. Okay, so are in the process of how does Adam and her work get removed from the garden through Adam sin, Allah Spano Dada says you can eat from this that that that everything as much as you want, except for this one, it's a pretty good deal. There's only one thing he has to say. But Adams, like, you know, we're like this too. Like he can't he can't satisfy his curiosity, like, what is it about

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that one thing? What is it What's so special about that one, and the shaytaan knows his curiosity. And so he whispers all the only reason he said to stay away from that one, because you're gonna become an angel, you're gonna get eternal life, whatever it is the promise that she taught me. And so Adam was ready to believe it because of his curiosity, losing track, losing sight of the commandment, and the responsibility and the gratitude and the duty to obey and all these sorts of things. And so he sends, and he's removed, and it was all part of the plan. Why just so Adam could be humiliated? No, because what happens next because then Allah teaches Adam HOW TO REPENT, Allah

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teaches Adam how to repent. And Allah accepts that as repentance. And that is one of the most central parts of human life, not just for Adam, but for all of us. We're all children of Adam, that were created to make these mistakes, not for the sake of making mistakes, not being proud of our mistakes. Now, we're not talking about that so that we can repent because repentance is a recognition of our own limitations and our dependence upon the perfect creator. And so it's built into us it's unavoidable. There is no possibility of leading a sinless life and nobody should pretend that they lead a sinless life. The purpose why every single one of us is in that situation

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is because we're meant to repent. Repentance is hardwired into us.