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My brothers and sisters in Islam.

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My football today

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is directed to my young brothers and my young sisters in Islam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the Hadith, which is in Bukhari Muslim,

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or as a matter of fact, all actions are judged by your intentions.

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So whoever intends to migrate, for example, for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, then the migration is for Allah and His messenger. But whoever, for example,

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wants to migrate

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for something of this world that he or she wants to attain,

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or to marry a woman for example, then their migration is for that which they intended.

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In other words, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is explaining to us that any action,

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any imaginable action, you can think of

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the reward of it in the end, depends on what your intention was in here. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in nephrologists that the mandala is a solo solo

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effort first set that further just had to behold, in this body, there is a lump of flesh. If it is righteous and good, then the rest of the body is righteous and good. But if it is corrupt, then the rest of the body is corrupt. Behold, Allah will call behold, it is the heart, which is inside here.

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And I don't mean the heart, which pumps the blood only. But it is a feeling within here in your chest, that when a person is doing something that is wrong, and you get a feeling inside of you that you are doing something wrong. But the people on the outside don't realize, but you yourself do realize, and you know that something's wrong about this, this feeling on the inside is the conduit you are feeling. This is the call which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is talking about, when a person is doing something good. And you can feel on the inside that you are doing it good, then insha Allah, your call, isn't a righteous man.

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There are many people who on the outside, show that they are doing good. They speak well, they dress well, in the way that our last panel what Allah loves, and His Messenger has taught. They do actions which everybody will praise them about, and actions which if you were to meet a las pantalla with them, then they earn your paradise. But there is a problem that is happening in our time. In this time of lies, this time of deception, the time of the Shakedown, the era of the dogen. We have so many trials, so many confusions, by the media, in the social network, in the way that we learn our knowledge today, in the behavior and the interaction that we have towards each other. The shaitan

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has taken his toll upon many of the young men and young women in order to decorate their bad actions to seem like they are good and to make good actions look like they are bad. But even further than that, he went to those who are practicing their Deen saying to them, Look, people are looking at you. Look what is so famous out there. You can get popular by looking religious, you can get popular by dressing religious, you can get popular by when you pray so well. And when you speak about religion, people look at you and say, Well, this is a knowledgeable person. And so the Showtime begins to pick up the heart

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until all the actions that the person has done are destroyed. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, know that Allah subhana wa Taala is always in between the person's actions in their heart.

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If the actions agree with the heart, in a good way, meaning the intentions are good, and the actions are good, then you have succeeded. But if the actions oppose the intention, then the actions are destroyed. And this is exactly what the shaytaan at least he promised his Lord. When I lost my dad, I told him you're an outcast, for not prostrating to Adam and obeying a las pantallas command, at least said to him with all No, he said, I shall sit awaiting your servants where I'm going to wait for them on your straight path. Brothers and sisters. Do you know what the straight path is? It is the path which Allah subhanaw taala advised us and guided us to the Quran and the sooner I will sit

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away from

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For them right there, that's where I'm going to wait for them. And I'm going to make sure I deceive them. I'm going to make sure that while they think that they are doing the right thing,

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I'm leading them towards Hellfire to the point where I will make the Hellfire be I will make them be the ones who will be ignited by the fire.

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Did you hear a Hadith of the prophets of Allah while he was? Well he was

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the province of La Silla and told us to sit to Muhammad one day.

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Be aware.

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He said, on the day of judgment, a scholar

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and the donator of wealth

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and the Mujahid fee Sabina was brought.

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And He will say to the scholar,

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I gave you knowledge, what did you do with this knowledge. And he will say, My Lord, I told him for your sake. And He will say to him, You are lying.

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And the angels will repeat You are lying.

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And he will say you only taught it so that it will be said about you. There it goes a knowledgeable scholar. There it goes a popular man that goes the role model for all of us. And you received all these beautiful words as you intended.

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Then the person who donated we brought, I gave you wealth, what did you do with it? And he will say, I gave it in your pathway, my Lord. He said you are lying. And the angels will repeat You are lying. You only gave it so that people can say what a generous man he is or what a generous woman she is. And so

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you have received that reward. And then there is the magette recevied in there who gave up his life who shed his blood who died on the battlefield? Why? What did you do with this body. And he will say I fought for you, my lord.

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I defended the weak, and I defended your religion.

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And I fought the oppressors for your sake. Allah will say You're lying. And the angels will repeat You are lying. You only fought so that people can say you're a brave man and for people to build monuments out of you. So that you may be so you may live on in glory on this world in this world, and you have received them

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and also saw sell them on his lap very harshly, causing him to give him attention. He said to him, Do you know these are the first the first three with whom Hellfire shall be ignited

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whose knowledge spread throughout the world.

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He benefit the owner of the world

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will be ignited with this person. person who donated the person who gave up his life or her life will be ignited with it.

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All because the Nia inside here was wrong.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam The matter is very crucial.

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Only Allah knows the intentions. And I speak to you from my heart to your heart will lie for what I'm about to say to you and bring your attention to my young brothers and sisters in Islam. I advise myself before you

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and only Allah knows who is better than others. And I'm not here to judge nor am I here to cause people to lead from this hope but with the mentality or the perception that I am calling you to judge others rather is the opposite. Let me make a clear. Brothers and sisters in Islam. Let me make it absolutely clear that any advice I give today is not to be used as a weapon against others. Nor am I giving you ammunition so that you can go out and look at people and begin to judge them.

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And then praise yourselves be aware of last month Allah says in the Quran fella to set go and full circle mo Taka never praise yourselves impiety He is the one who knows who is truly pious.

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And you are not a person who goes out judging people of their near Let me remind you of an incident in the Battle of better

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am I when

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I was at the Battle of her name, when I'm in a believe one of the sahabas

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he was fighting on the battlefield and one of the enemies fell to the ground lost this weapon.

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And he said I shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul. I believe in what you believe in I did a bear witness.

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But the Muslims still killed him.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam found out he got upset. He said, Yeah, rasulillah He only said it out of fear

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and replied to him by saying a shock Tom COVID. Did you open up this?

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This is a person who for any normal person, you would think obviously, he said at a fee

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But what was the response of the prophets on the law while he was in a shark tank?

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Did you open his heart and look inside,

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you'll be questioned about what he really meant.

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If this is a person on the battlefield, who has fallen and you are quite obvious, that is afraid, and also saw Selim prevented this, then what about us towards each other, which is walking the streets seeing each other in the masjid, seeing each other in there, at a restaurant, or at the, at school, or at work, or at home.

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And usually youngsters and I'm not here to judge anyone, but usually when we're young and we start our religion new, it enters our heart Mashallah. And because we fear a lot for our family, we forget that for all those years, our mother and father have been trying to set us on the straight path. And then we go and begin to attack them and judging them wanting to change them in a night or two, to the point where we forget about our character now, towards our mother and father.

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We forget that the intention is meant to be for our last panel with

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my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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There are people

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who on the outside, dress the way Allah Subhana, Allah loves, on the outside, talk the way Allah loves, on the outside, do what Allah Allah loves, but on the inside, the intention is absolutely corrupt. And then there are people who don't do anything that allows penta Allah loves, they leave the religion altogether.

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They say I love the religion,

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I'll die for the religion. I love Allah, Allah and His messenger. But on the outside, there is no sign of religion at all. My question is, my brothers and sisters will lie. The outside appearance

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is not significant to me,

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to me, to Allah between you and Allah, this is something for you to work on. But for me, the outside appearance is not the most important thing.

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rasa Sallam said in Allah, Allah, Allah.

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When Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah does not look at your outside appearance, but he looks at your hearts, and then at your actions.

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A person who wants to look like a particular model, or like a particular Look,

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he may have or she may have appearances on their body, that are unacceptable in Islam, they may have certain features on their body, which they have put on, that are the features of an Islamic behavior, and looks. My question is not what you have on you, not the look that you have. But the question is, Why do you have this? Why? Why are you doing what you are doing?

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If you want to look like a gangster, for example, or a thug, or a strong person, or you want to look like you're a person who no one can mess with, or you want to look like a person who is pious, a person who loves Allah and His Messenger, a role model of Islam. My question is, why do you want to do that? Why?

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Question your intention? Why do it why am I doing this? Both of them are in danger if the NEA is not right, how, if a person looks

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wrong appearance?

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Why are you doing that?

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Is it because you want to show up?

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Do you want everybody to say that goes a strong gangster, there goes a person who no one can mess with there goes a strong person, there goes a person who I should fear. Do you want respect? What are you doing it for? The person who is pious looks pious on the outside, what are you doing it for? There it goes a person who is pious. So when you speak everybody is quiet. And then they can listen to you. Because when I am in a gathering, I want to be the person who speaks and no one else.

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Is this is the intention my brother or sister in Islam, I advise it from the bottom of my heart.

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You are heading towards a very bad and the shape on has gotten the better of you

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should really analyze your intention.

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There are people who look at others

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and they advise others about what they are doing wrong. My question to those people who are advising Why are you advising them? What is the purpose for your advice? Are you advising them? Really because you want the best for your brother and sister in Islam. So a lot can be pleased with you that it can be in your house and add your skills on the day of judgment or are you advising them for a different reason?

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For some wrong reason.

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Then there are those

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who tell off the others who are not practicing or tell off those who are practicing shaitan has worked his way in such a manipulative manner these days, he, for example, you may see somebody who has Mashallah grown a beard, or a sister was wearing a tomato niqab or whatever it may be.

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And then a person comes along and says, Look, they're only growing it their beard, because they want to show up, look at me, but look at their actions. Then a sister comes up and look at them, they're wearing the niqab.

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Because then look at their actions. I'd rather not wear anything, not grow my beard, not pray not wear anything hijab? If I'm going to be like that. My question to you is, why did you let the shutdown get the better of you? If these people their actions,

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and their intentions are not in sync? Why do your actions and intentions not have to be in sync? For example, if a person prays, you know that last panda either in several places in the Quran or as to praise just because you saw some people who pray and then on the outside, they cheat? Why should I leave the salad just because of them? Are you a servant of these people or you're a servant of Allah subhanaw taala

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you can be the only person on the face of the earth whose intentions and actions are straight and you'll end up in gender while the rest of the corrupt He will judge them alone and you will judge you alone.

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Mmm Abu hanifa.

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When he was praying, I shall pray.

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The students said we saw him after a short proceeding where he was after reciting either as well as elective

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Raja dinardo escala. McAllen in Santa Monica Yama,

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Yama, ed. Doing

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for me, he

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want me.

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At the end of the verse, hello, say, you will be gathered alone in question one by one. In other words, whoever does an atom's worth of good It will be revealed and whoever doesn't atoms worth of bad It will be revealed a memorable hanifa sat there crying. His students said we all went and came back at a time. And we found the man sitting exactly where he was still crying, making law he did not get up to even make.

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We heard him crying and saying, not an atom's worth, except that it will be revealed

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secret except that it will be

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from the day in

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America before he ever decided that when he decided for the first time with its chain of narrations he would go and then you pray to her. He would not speak to anyone and he would walk with his Sakina while he is at ease, until he reached where he where Rasul Allah said, let Mr. deliver his sermons and the rose from it would sit in mustard nabawi then he would raise his eyes up to the table after sending prayers, praising Allah sending prayers upon the messenger sallallahu Sallam and his family then he would recite.

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And when he was asked, what is it that Allah Matt fear the most? He said the most we feel

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they asked them what is the most beloved speech?

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He said after the words of a lion is messenger. The beloved speech to us is a phrase. I

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came to him from Yemen, or from Morocco, from mothering, traveling four months journey with a question about the dean. And he had asked all the scholars and they said we don't know but go to him and medic is the most knowledgeable that we know. When he reached him, he asked him the question the man said, let me give you the answer tomorrow. The next day he came back and the answer was

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the man said I'm going to return back to the people in Morocco two months journey now it's going to be four months journey. It's gonna be eight months journey to tell them they Malik says I don't know. He said Go and tell them that the man medic says he doesn't know

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why. They said why Yeah, a man said because I am taking

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representing a portion of the religion.

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That will be

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my brothers and sisters in Islam. What is the reason that you are doing the wrong? And what is the reason that you're doing the right is the question of mine.

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And am I going to go out to judge others? Am I going to sit down and judge myself and question myself

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So it's a possible perception problem to judge yourselves before you are judged by