In Love With The Quran #09 Allah Is Speaking To You

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If the one you loved and respected, the most sent you a private message, how would you treat that message? If it were a video message from a righteous scholar, a text message from a just ruler, a phone call from someone who is well known in the world, maybe for some people a gift from a God fearing sports player? Would you disregard it? Or would you value it? In all likelihood, I think we would agree that message would be read, it would be pondered upon it would be cherished, for example, and this is very common. I have a friend who received a message from a famous scholar, and he was so excited, he downloaded that video message to his device. And then he backed it up on to

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other devices. And he told his family about it. And every time he'd meet someone, he had mentioned that he got this message from the scholar. Why? Because the individual who sent the message is someone valued to him and loved and respected. And this is a very clumsy, minor analogy. And while it is important, it's nothing compared to the reality of the Quran, that you're receiving something from Allah subhanaw taala and Musa Ali, some love talking to Allah subhanaw taala. So when Allah subhanaw taala asked him, What are you holding in your hand? The answer really isn't just a staff. But what does Musashi Salam do he goes on to describe that it is a staff and I lean on it, and I get

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leaves from branches for my sheep and I have other uses for it too. What's he doing here? Musa alayhis salam is sharing because he loves to be talking to Allah subhanaw taala when you read the Quran, you are being spoken to my Allah as well. The Quran is not just a short letter or short message or a video message, like the example that I gave earlier. Rather, it's a message from Allah subhanaw taala, a comprehensive one that changes your entire life and gives you the guidance about why you exist and what you should be doing and what's to come when you die. Al Hassan Al Basri Rahim Allah He said to the people in his times, a people before you a Sahaba. They considered the Quran to

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be correspondence from their Lord. So they would ponder it at night and act upon it by day. Now he's talking about the companions. And I want us to think about what he's saying here. If this statement was for the generation of the earliest Muslims in the second century, what about us in our times, the Companions understood that the Quran was from Allah, and it was meant to be pondered, and reflected on acted upon. And they witnessed His revelation over the course of 23 lunar years, in different times in different places. And even of Panem, Rama, Allah, he talks about in alpha and he talks about the one who is addressing you in the Quran, the one who's talking to you, and I want you

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to really pay attention and envision these words he says, reflect on the address of the Quran, you will find a king, for which your home is all ownership and praise. the reigns of all matters are in his hands, and their source is from Him and they returned to him. established upon the bed of his dominion, not a single hidden thing can hide from him in the corners of his kingdom. He is completely knowledgeable of what rests inside the soles of His servants observing their every private and public affair. All alone he manages his kingdom. He hears and sees gives and withholds rewards and punishes. He honors and humiliates creates and provides takes life and gives it he

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portions and he plans. Allah subhanaw taala is talking to you

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reckon Emma in the long run, he used to hold the most half with incredible love and he would sometimes even kiss it and say can I'm gonna be cut I'm gonna be the speech of my lord the speech of my Lord. And there was a Christian woman who once said, If I knew that I had a letter from God, I would read it every single day. And we don't just believe that we have a letter from God we we believe we have 114 letters all revealed for you. Sometimes we read the Quran while forgetting who the speaker is on the other end, or we recite it very quickly on the tongue but our hearts are disconnected from the speaker. And even with short passages don't reflect on how short they are. But

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remember the Majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala recite while remembering the King of Kings is watching you and hearing you recite his speech. What can we do in terms of practical action items? Right now pay attention. How is your attention when you read the Quran? Is it a lot? Is it a little or is it somewhere in the middle comments below with where you are right now inshallah Tada and let's see if you're able to inspire others and also more importantly if you're able to get better by the end of this month and in sha Allah Tala throughout the year consistently.