Zakir Naik – Acts Which Are Allowed During I’teqaaf

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various acts allowed during the operation of the mosque during the first quarter of the year. These acts include washing, drinking, sleeping, and pitching a tent. The Prophet also uses the head of the mosque to put oil in the head and gives guidance on how to approach the person who is supposed to be the person who had the calf going into the mosque.
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So, let's look at the flip side of the coin, which are the acts which are allowed during itself.

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The acts which are permitted during takeoff, that if a need arises,

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a person can go to the mosque As mentioned earlier, to the reliever himself or to wash or reversal or to the Voodoo or if there's no food, etc. As

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of today Sham low period What about for the prophet to save in sale Buhari one number three in the book of Attica Hadith number two zero to nine, that the profit while doing it the calf never entered the house, unless there was a need

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the things which are otherwise permitted during it the calf is a person can eat and drink and sleep

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in the mosque.

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You can eat and drink and sleep in the mosque but you be careful that it should maintain the sanctity and maintain the cleanliness of the mosque because it's a place of worship.

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A person can even come the head, he can oil his hair,

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he can remove the unwanted hair from the body. He can cut his nails, he can do he can wash, you can have a bath, you can renew growth can perfume. These things are permitted. As mentioned in the hadith of say Buhari, born number three in the book of Attica, added number 2028. That holiday Sham Hello Peter. She says that while doing a take off the profit from the mosque, he put the head into the house. And though she was during a menstrual cycle, she comb the hair of the Prophet and put oil in the head. It's also mentioned in the next idea don't say boy, howdy, we're number three in the book of ethika added number two three to nine dashami Lupita. She says that while doing a take off

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and the Prophet is in the mosque is to put his head into the house. And she used to comb the hair and all the hair and the Prophet nervous to enter the house unless there was a need. So it means that you can comb the hair you can all day and the other thing which I mentioned

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further, it's also allowed to pitch a tent in the mosque or in the backyard of the mosque.

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It's mentioned in salable. Howdy, mom number three in the book of ettercap handed number 2034 Hello Sham Hello Peter. She says that the Prophet used to do a decaf for the last 10 days of Ramadan. And she used to pitch a tent for him. And after offering further Salah he used to come at the place of ethic off and enter the tent.

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As mentioned in say, Muslim more number two in the book of fasting Hadith number 2601. The Prophet read the calf in the last 10 days of Ramadan. And after offering further Salah. He came at the place of Attica and ordered a tends to be pitched and attempt was pitched Mariel during ethika. Further, it's also allowed for your wife to come and talk to you

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and speak to you while doing it the caf she entered the mosque. And its mission is a Buhari.

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Born number three, in the book of Attica Hadid number 2035. That Sophia millo. Peter was the wife of the Prophet, while the Prophet building at the caf. She entered the mosque, and she came and she spoke to him. And after a while, when she was leaving, the prophet accompanied her to the gate of the mosque.

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The beautiful Miss Alma, and two unsolved men, they enter the mosque

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and they wish the Prophet silence. And then the Prophet said that don't run away. She's my wife, Sophia Monday.

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So that one side said Subhan, Allah or Allah? That means, how could we think such a thing?

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And they felt a bit hurt, that how could the Prophet thing that we are doubting the Prophet? So then the Prophet replies, and it says, the Satan runs in the body and can reach any part of the body like the blood can reach any part of the body? And I was afraid lest some evil thought may come into your mind that is the reason I clarified the sheet my wife, so that gives us a guidance that

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when we are in public, and someone does have to clarify and even the Prophet did that Alhamdulillah so we come to know that the voice of the person who had the calf going into the mosque, and further is mentioned in say Buhari, one, number three, in the book of Attica Hadith number 2037.

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That Elijah mellow period he says that one of the wives of the Prophet did advocate for the Prophet.

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And further as mentioned in sable, Heidi, love number three in the book of ethic of Hadith number two

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to six, the Prophet used to do ethic off in the mosque for the last 10 days of Ramadan, and after expired, his wives continued with the practice. So during ethnographer also Lord, speak to the wife and spend time with the

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