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The speaker discusses the importance of being conscious of one's life and the potential for success in football. They mention a sand timer and a person who had a similar reaction to the sand. The speaker also talks about the importance of learning to score more goals and being prepared for death in football.

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So where am i right now? What I need to know about where I'm where I am right now, one might say you're in Trinidad Come on wake up. The reality is yes I am. But what I mean is the life that I have now is ticking away. That's what I need to know. My days are numbered and so are yours. And so are the days of every single person on earth. Because no matter what type of beautiful health I have, what type of good looks one may have what type of wealth one may have, we are all heading in one direction. The more conscious of that ticking a person is the better a Muslim that person can be. Remember that, the more conscious I am of the fact that my time is running out, the better a Muslim

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I can be. And this is why yesterday when I met some of the brothers and sisters in the hall adjacent to this one, I noticed one had a little sand timer and it was turned around and I saw the sand going through something crossed my mind but I did not say anything I walked away. I thought to myself, my life is just like that it is a sand timer and I don't know how much sand is left. I don't know how much sand is left at the top. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us goodness, if we can all think in this way, by the will of Allah we will be able to prepare by making the most of the time we have. You know what beats me people are into sport. I know hear more cricket than football. But seeing

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that right now we are at the Sepp Blatter Convention Center. Let's talk about football.

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Football, you have 90 minutes, what do you have to do in 90 minutes? Have you thought of it, you have to be the best footballer possible

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by trying to score as many goals as you can, right or wrong.

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Life is the same

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or similar, where you have 90 years maximum, for example, maybe less the average amount between 60 and 70. The average age is between 60 and 70. According to the narration of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So if for example,

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we have X amount of time, how many goals can I pack away? That's what I need to think about. Every salah is a goal every zakah is a goal. Every good deed is a goal. Every bad deed is an own goal. Remember that you foolish to go back to your own net, and you kick the ball in and the enemy says yeah, and it was you, Allah protect us.

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So this is why my brothers and sisters Allah gives us sometimes an extra time to score more goals. What happens in football, you have a penalty shootout, you know that extra time becomes more exciting and this is why every one of us if Allah has given us age and we become older, we can be more prepared for death than he who dies suddenly at an early age. This is a gift of Allah. So it's sad that we understand how football works, but we don't understand how life itself works. There is a final whistle that shall be blown it is called a trumpet.