Acts to be avoided in the Holy Month

Zakir Naik


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Dr. Zakir regarding other issues or other acts which are discouraged, which we haven't already covered, can we now mention other acts which are discouraged during the month of Ramadan. The other acts which are discarded during the month of Ramadan is that many people, they sleep the full day called awake in the night and only get up for the salah and they go back, they convert the day into night, night and day which is not the purpose of fasting. Number two, many people they are lazy and inactive during the day. Number three, many people kill the time during the daytime with things like play game amusement, rather than doing things which are encouraged and some of the profit number for

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many of them, they give third party rather to show off than to see the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala number five, many people they ask the woman for in the house to cook a variety of dishes for silver and four star just making most of the woman spend major portion of the time in the month of Ramadan in the kitchen, rather than spending time in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala the sixth mistake that people make is that they spend a lot of time in renovation of the house in the month of Ramadan trying to prepare for it rather than worship Allah subhanaw taala the seventh thing that discouraged is many people still having the full night and indulge in activities which are

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unproductive rather than worshiping Allah subhanaw taala.

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Number eight is that many people spend time in excessive socializing after taraweeh after family number nine is many people spend time in shopping, they spend most part of the night in shopping. Number 10 is that they spend excessive time in eating the full night. Number 11 is many of them. They spend the night loitering and roaming about rather than worship Allah subhanaw taala and number 12 is that many of them they spend the last Asha the last 10 days preparing for it rather than worshiping Allah subhanaw taala so these actually be discouraged