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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the concept of "parting advice" as a way to emphasize the importance of giving advice to others. It uses a series of examples, including a quote from the book of fired up men, a quote from the book of the moon, and a quote from a book about a woman who was married and had a baby. The advice is emphasized as a way to avoid getting caught up in a situation where someone is dying and everyone is losing their minds.
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Salam ala rasulillah

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we can the name of Oz jell O praise and glory be to a lord mais finest peace and blessings be funny listen to him from Minnesota love audio so love

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and his family and his companions and all those trips that we continue on railside a pain to the next chapter now. In Kitsap, we'll enter the chapter on interpersonal etiquette or interpersonal manners.

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And we said endev is different from a flap flap is more broad generally speaking, even though they could be interchangeable whereas endev is usually referring to how you deal with other people. Whereas a flap is very broad with just your demeanor, your character your values, your ethical framework, everything with Allah with his creation with people with objects but endev is usually used regarding how you deal with other people.

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So this section is bamboo Adair Sahib.

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What we'll see here too, who are in the fear of the heat or suffer while at heat, what do I either who were pallava duralumin, who

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the chapter on bidding farewell to your companion. Well, we'll see ya two and gearing him we'll see ya. You know, we'll see is we'll see his advice, but we'll see is more commonly used on farewell advice. That's why, you know, in Islamic law, when you're dividing people to state after they die, it is always a discussion We'll see. Right, that's the one third of his estate that he advised on gave you specific parking instructions on what he gets to request give away as a gift, then up to a one third, and then the two thirds follow the estate distribution on the shady off course. That's been pre determined. So parting advice is the word we want to get to here. So bidding farewell to

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your companion, giving them parting advice and in depth you're off etc. There it is, when you're separating from them.

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Lists of for travel one of us going on a journey. Well lady and for other reasons as well, like one of the two people is dying.

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When there are either who and making drive for him supplicating for him or whatever, drive him in who and seeking supplication from him requesting that he make drive for you. All of these matters are the matters of companionship, the matters of friendship, the matters of association with people.

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And he begins with a hula hula with the is

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almost because you don't fare well advice. What's the idea here? There's a great wisdom in our city and for sizing the importance of giving advice.

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At times of separation, parting advice, what's that wisdom?

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It's remembered right, naturally speaking. Usually when you have, you know, a point of separation like travel, it's a more remembered moments, a more emotional moment, and even separation even without emotions. The last thing that said is usually a thing that's most remember, right?

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That's why even like in meetings, right, they come full circle at the end. And they say actionable, right? Like so that all over the hour long talking isn't lost, right? That is the great wisdom and then of course, parting advice, when your relationship is about to end when someone's about to die. Some of I don't want to say but it is imaginable that the worst person in the world

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that does not recognize matters with anyone or rights of anyone will still have this corner in his life. He doesn't want to violate because that was my dad's dying advice. My dad's dying wish was treat my sister's well, right. It's just it's different. parting advice is different. And this whole chapter is about emphasizing the importance of that. And he begins with the

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suicidal bacara and Allah azza wa jal says, well Also, we have Ibrahim avani we are boo boo yeah baniya in Allah has stuff like home with Dina fella temotu 911 to misty moon.

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And this statement of submission to Allah. The most important statement in the universe submit to Allah alone was behind Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Ali Salam made it his parting advice to his his two sons, right? It's madness how, why our food and Yahoo as well

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gave this advice as parting advice to his family. The inala stuff Allah como de he made sure to stress at the end so that it's not blurred. It's not lost in the mix. That Allah has chosen your religion. Allah has chosen your religion you know it's not like what religion works for you what religion you choose many times to handle even nowadays, right? We think that we have the freedom to choose what works for us, right? Does it really matter the details, this one works for me that one doesn't work for me.

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Allah has chosen

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Your religion closes that door he's telling them what to do next do not die do not get caught dead literally except as Muslims except as those who submit to Allah. The very next verse is the CEO of Yahoo himself. When Allah azza wa jal says I'm going to show her that were you not witnesses were you not attendees. If however, I will note when death came to Yahoo, in corn and he when he when he said to all of his children matter I will do and I mean badly What will you worship after me? What will you worship after I'm gone?

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Now go to enter hackable,

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aka berahino is married, always have fun either work either one afternoon, who's the moon, they said, We will worship Ilaha your God. They knew who his God was, it was not a riddle to them. He lived his life telling them about the one true God. We will worship your God and the God of your forefathers, Ibrahim and he's married and his half inner hand wahida one God, one afternoon Yahoo, Muslim moon and we are to him submitters. And then the Hadith about the particular students of Allah, CEO and Farah, whatever there are following all of that inshallah we'll cover in the coming nights, just to keep my five minutes promise, some practical level and come together in a nice

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little Ghana to really Zack located

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