Why Our Prayers And Duas Are Not Answered – Part 2

Hamza Yusuf


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And then he said the atrium. Jenna What? Literally as you claim to love paradise, and then you don't act according to because the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah tala Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah in the heel. Jenna, isn't this merchandise that God is selling precious? Isn't it precious this merchandise that Allah says in a lush, thirimanne animal, meaning he's purchasing, it's a transaction between you and Allah, but it's expensive. What's the cost your life? That's the cost in the lush determine and meaning and fusuma. On one home, he bought their selves and their Well, that's the cost, the anila human agenda, but against it, they get

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paradise. And that's why one of the Obama said, If you had to choose an outhouse that goes on forever, or a palace that doesn't last, your rational intellect would have to choose the outhouse that goes on forever. So what about giving up an outhouse that doesn't last for a palace that lasts forever? That's what Allah is calling us to. Because this is dunya. In the mansions of God, this is the bathroom. This is the lowest place in the mansions of God. And that's why the prophets, Allah lies to them said in the Hadith that Imam Ahmed narrates, he said, Yeah, Allah, Holy microdomain ebene Adam methanolic dunya. Allah has made a metaphor for what the son of Adam deprecates is a

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metaphor for this world. That's the nature of this world. It's just consumption, it's anabolism. catabolism is all breaking out and, and repairing and being destroyed. But in the end, it goes to destruction. And that's the whole process of digestion. It's all in that metaphor. That's what it is digestion you eat, and then there's breaking down and building up you take from but in the end, there's nothing that will remain, the bridges won't remain, the buildings won't remain. People won't even know these names. Intel and Microsoft, they won't even know them. 1000 years from now, if there's even people around here, they'll just be like some Roman, like we read about Roman, there

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used to be Roman corporations, there were Roman big businessmen. They had offices, they had bureaucracies. The Ottomans had bureaucracies. They were writing contracts, they had deeds, they had courts, they had people arguing my wealth. He did this, he did that they had judges sitting presiding over them, they're all gone, all of them. None of them remain. And now we're here, and then we'll be gone. And there'll be other people there might this might be around 50, or 100 years from now, none of us will be sitting in here.

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Except maybe a little child, he'll be an old man, then. And there'll be somebody else. Maybe that's where things are going. If people don't take their lives seriously, and recognize that they have an obligation to this religion. That's what this religion is about. It's about preservation, you're given to it, you preserve it, you pass it on. That's the whole point of your life. That's it

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is the left and the bad. That's why you were created to prepare the next generation to take over all your children. They're your replacement, that's all they are. Look at them, they're there to replace you. Just like you replace your father's. And your father's replaced their fathers. And their fathers replaced their fathers all the way back to Adam. That's all they're just replacement, you're looking at your replacements. And just like when you're working in a job, and they bring in some young whippersnapper, and they give you to mentor him, what do you think they're doing? They're preparing him to take over your job. And you can either resent it and feel angry, or you can

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recognize that's the nature of dunya.

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I'm 50 I'm not 20. I'm not 25. I'm not just out of college with all the latest information, raring and ready to go.

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That's what they want young energy. Well, that's what Islam wants as well. Islam wants young energy, it wants new energy. The youth have to come in and take over the job of the older people.

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And that's mentoring. So he said, you claim you love paradise, you don't ask for paradise. They come to Havana, not one I'm terrible minute you claim to fear the fire, but you don't flee from it. And this is where humans are very strange. You see, because if you take an animal, any animal out there, and if they see a fire, they run the other way. If you ever saw a film called Bambi I saw this when I was a little kid. I haven't seen it since but I remember very vividly a scene in there when all the animals are running. Because man has started a fire. They're all running in the same direction away from the fire. That's why they're animals. They have intuition they know it's instinct. They're

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all running and there's a point that stop and that and the little deer says to the the Mother dear the dough. Why are we running he said because

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Man's come into the forest started a fire. That's what animals do they run away from the fire, right? Humans, they don't that let's take a drive up and check that fire out.

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That's what humans do. They want to go see. It's like my son was in a grocery store and there was a lady smoking a cigarette, and he looked up is probably one of the first time he saw a cigarette, he looked up and you could tell he was in shock. And she looked at him and she said, Whatever you do, don't ever do this. You see, that's the human condition. It's people acting against their own best knowledge against their own best interests. And that's why Allah says in Hong Kong and their arm, they're like animals Bell whom above, they're even more straight, because animals will not act against their own best interest.

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Animals will not do that, if they sense danger, they will flee the other way. But humans know, we eat too much. We drink too much. We sleep too much. We waste too much time. We prefer things that are fleeting for things that are permanent.

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We prefer our appetites and delights over difficulties that have much greater rewards. That's stupidity. That's all it is that you have to call it what it is you call a spade a spade, you have to call it what it is. It is stupidity. And that is the question. Are you an African or not? Because I've had a talkie known Allah asked that question in the Quran. Don't you use your internet after that talk? You know, it's right there in the Quran. Aren't you using your intellects? Just think about it.

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Think about what you're doing with your lives and whether they're useful or not.

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And then he said a day to Manisha panna I do a locum for wafak to move you claim that ship on is your friend or your enemy, and then you do what he says.

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Right, and ship on is a trickster waka sama Houma in Neeraj Kumar, lemon and ma see him and his sworn oath to Adam and Eve. I am giving you sincere counsel.

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omake letter blah, blah, blah, cat I indicate you how to gain eternity and a Dominion that never parishes. A sworn oath fidella who might be hooroo? He led them astray. diluting them, that's what she found out. And you can't say you haven't been warned. Allah warned us in the Quran, he told us who he was, he gave us all his characteristics, his descriptions He even told us what he says in secret. Everything we know everything about ship on the only thing about ship on that is our disadvantage is we can't see him and he can see us you can't see him but he can see you. So that that's the disadvantage. Now ship on swears an oath.

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Right? level we are known as marine be Exotica. He swears an oath by there is of God by the exalted nature of God he swears an oath I will lead them all astray lie by the coming home And mahalo seen except those who have sincerity among i don't i don't have control over them. And that's why ship on when they all go into hell, Shere Khan says to them, what

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to do when the affair is over for you.

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Right That's it, a group in hell and a group in paradise partnership on Wakarusa, upon lama codere amor in a la vida Kumar that Huck, want to come to come. Allah promise you a true promise, and I promised you a false promise. That's what he tells us. He has a hookah inhale and all the Denison's of hell are there present for that ultimate and that's what he says to him. A lot of promise you the truth, everything that was in the Quran, it was true. Everything was in the Torah. It was true. Everything was in the Gospel is true. All those prophets spoke the truth. He gets all of them that harvest of humanity. The whole lot that disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala are in there. And that's what

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he says to them. He said, I promise you and I promise you, you believe me? You didn't believe Allah. I betrayed you. And then he says, Matt, can le ra come in so far? I had no authority over you. In LA and TAO to come first a joke to me. The only thing I could do was invite you to sin. And you responded, I can invite you to be miserly. I can make you fear. Just like if you go to a family planner. You know, he's gonna say to you, he's gonna say, what are you gonna do when you die?

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What are you gonna do? You know, did you know that 6% of people will have a major illness. Did you know that before they're 50 you're 45

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there's only five years left. You could be an S what they do. That's chiffons game fear. Put aside, put aside

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You know Kirsch up yet the young

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white penny for a black day put that shirt on. That's what he does. In and out of his day job to me ferrata Lu Mooney, Waldo and Foucault Don't blame me just blame yourself. Ma n ob masuri calm. I can't save you now will not until we muster here and you can't save me. That's what Chapin says everybody will study llamada sin Mohammed sent him to Sleeman kathira salaam alaikum.

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