After I Accepted Islam my Mother asked me to Shave my Beard, to Stop my salaah

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slowly go. I am rewarded. My name is Abdullah shake before it was a Sushil Kumar Mundell. I'm from Pineville. But there is one question regarding Allahu Akbar, which I am always I have read the Quran and I came to know that there is a gender, which I'm trying to go Jana directly to, for that I have to follow the RDS and Quran. But when I read the Hadith and Quran, I came to know that I have to follow protocol sooner,

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which should not as tried to put me down because of my mother. And my mother asked me to remove my beard, my cap, and all sooner. She warned me to be like an Indian guy. She says me you have to pray Allah in your heart, not by Salah and you always seem to always try to put me that is you do what? What do we say? Shall I have to do like this or I have to leave the house or I have to say other mashallah brothers have a good question. Allah give him Daya. He became a Muslim. He realized that following Quran and Sunnah game, Regina, when he did the odd foreigner, the foreigner, he wore a cap he covered his hair, he spoiled a beard, but his mother says remove the beard, remove the cap. What

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should I do?

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The vs. According Ospreay Luqman Chaplin with an even worse number 14 That they have enjoyed on the human beings to be kind to the parents in travel upon travels with the mother both them but in pain did she give birth. Immediately next verse says, three man chapter 31, verse number 15. But if your parents force you to worship somebody besides Allah, of which you have no knowledge, they do not obey them, yet, live with them with love and compassion, the same message repeated for both chapter number 29, verse number eight, we have enjoined on the human being to be kind to the parents. But if the parent fools them to do something, worship someone besides Allah, of whom they have no

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knowledge, then don't obey them, but yet live with them with love and compassion, what we realize from Quran and say, Hadith, that you have to love your parents, you have to respect them, you have to obey them. But if they tell you something against Allah, and His Messenger, that's the only time you can disobey them, but yet love them. So if they tell you remove the beard, you tell, my dear mother, our beloved Prophet said, as mentioned, say, buhari, why I'm number seven, in the book of death, Hadith number seven, and at that, do the opposite of what the pagans do, trim your mustaches and grow the beard, I'm following messenger. And that same messenger said, Paradise lies beneath

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your feet. So if I remove the build in my pad has been a faithful mother, I love you. Mother, I care for you. Mother, I respect you. That same prophet said that the person that deserves the best love and compassion is your mother. After that, do your mother after that to your mother. So if I stop obeying Him, I will have to stop respecting your mother, I love you. I respect you. I obey you, as long as you don't against the person who's taking me to Jannah that's a prophet, too, depending how you speak what you do. If you were not obedient to Your mother before accepting Islam, maybe she told you, okay, wear a blue collar shirt. Mother, I don't like blue collar. moment you became a

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Muslim Mother, I will wear a blue collar. What happened to my son

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before he became a Muslim you should disobey me now is obeying Me. So whatever your mother told you before you became a Muslim, which you never have to follow. The moment you become a Muslim start following as long as it doesn't go against Alana's Rasul, you should find a chain, start loving your MO. You have to respect her. Suppose she goes to the temple, doing she can haram, but the moment she comes out of the temple, it becomes your duty that you take her back home, because you love her because you respect her, even though she's a non Muslim, yet. Your paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother. Your mother may not be in paradise, but your paradise yet live beneath the feet of a

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mother, lover, respecter obeya until she does not go against profit and the thing that shouldn't be a change in your life, and she will respect you. She will also accept your region she live in except the thing that Puffin masala hold down. So the question why cardamon Alhamdulillah Bellamy's sir but there is one problem is that she has converted into Islam, she accepted my Allah, but he's taking in the, in the back of Allah. She is saying to me, you don't follow what the salah Salaam is giving you the whole structures of the Islam. She is trying to stop. What shall I do? I should leave the house or I should stay away from my mother because you told me that in the

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Eat of mother there is a time you're running short. The time is running short. You have to follow yet lover with compassion because tell her that the Quran say that you love what you Rasool insulin DISA chapter number four Muslim 59 So Quran says follow the messenger. Therefore I'm following the messenger, not because somebody else is saying so to follow the Quran after follow the Hadith. You love a respecter if you kiss your house, stay out of the house yet lover