Can we touch the Quran without wudhu?

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Salam Alaikum

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Could you please clarify about Surah workarea chapter 56 Regarding the touching of the Holy Quran, without glue in

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the question that he wants to know that can we take the Quran without voodoo under the verse in the Quran surah vaca chapter 56, referring to the verses number 77 to 80. Can you explain that? But many were misunderstanding that you cannot read the Quran without voodoo. This verse of the Quran says, in a nutshell say it says that we have revealed the Quran and none shall touch the Quran except those who are pure.

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Now the word you'll deal with a hurricane, those appear many people think that if you and when do you become a mother having this purity? What the Quran refers, if you know the background, and the Newsela Quran, when was this verse revealed? We come to know, if you read that I've seen various facets of ethnic class in order to proceed, we come to know that there was an allegation that these verses with the Prophet was receiving that will be revealed to him nose Billa it was a revelation from the devil.

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So in reply to this allegation, Allah revisited the verse that none shall touch

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the Quran except those of pure this period, the Moto Hardeen doesn't refer to only bodily purity. It refers to pure in mind and body in thinking absolute 100 person muscle, which no human being can be

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100 person is referring to the angels that no one can touch the Quran except the angels. That means the devil cannot interfere in between. And the Quran referred to is not referring to the Moussaieff This is a must submit a copy of the Quran talking about the Quran in Lahoma phuse. Allah says about the tablet well preserved that Quran which is in the heaven, tablet well preserved, no one can come close to it, no one can touch except the angels. Water hadn't mentioned doesn't refer to only bodily purity. The Haram is only who didn't refer to that refers to absolute purity.

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And it doesn't refer to this Quran refers to the tablet well preserved

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in the heaven, if it refers to this Quran

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and it referred to normal who any non Muslim can go in the market and purchase of 950 rupees easily and can touch it can be proved wrong.

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No one can touch it I can touch touch it. So to nowhere referring to voodoo and touching this Quran referring to the absolute purity and about Lahoma fools but generally if someone is in voodoo

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and touches the Quran, it is preferable it is most pub. It's not a further scholars differ. There is no verse in the Quran or Hadith which says that Voodoo is compulsory for touching the Quran. Voodoo is compulsory for offering Salah

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and it was a system of the Prophet he preferred being in voodoo always. So it's not a fun it's not a requirement you should do but it is preferable

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there's no more so no Khurana did with a refund of dancer question.