Can Salaah be Prayed before time as I am a Soldier and During Salaah Time we need to Attend PT

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The next question Asif from Kashmir, India, he asks, I am a soldier, can we pray Salah before time, as in the Army during Salah time, we need to attend PT offices and other activities of the unit. As we cannot be absent

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Salah needs to be offered in its specific time.

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It is compulsory that you offer your five daily prayer in the specific time.

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So, if you're working in organization,

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or if you're working in an institute,

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wherever you're working, you have to see to that you offer your Salah in the specific time.

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That is the five daily prayers. So the brother is he has asked the question that in the army, can you offer the Salah before time or after the time is over? This is not permitted offering Salah before the time has started or after the time is over. It is not permitted, you need to offer it in the specific time. And I would request the brother that to ask his head or his authorities to give him a short break.

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If he's working from eight in the morning till five in the evening, maximum he will need two breaks. That is the break of the heart prayer

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and the break of the answer prayer the break of the heart prayer he can very well club it with the lunch

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whereas the break of the answer

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he can ask his authorities to give him a short break and he can tell them that he will work double he will work extra he will take a break of 15 minutes and you will work for 20 minutes.

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But he does not have the option of offering his prayer after the time is over or before time.

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And if his organization if his head or if the authorities did not agree with him, then he has no option but to leave the job and to search for another job.