The First Place of Worship was Makkah

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My name is jack Elphinstone. And when I'm an engineer, in your talk earlier, you mentioned that one of the reasons you shouldn't visit Mecca in your life is because that was the first place that Allah was worshipped. But we know that Allah was worshipped.

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Long before were in Adam, Noah, and Moses and many prophets worshipped Allah. But that wasn't in Mecca. So explained for me to clarify, was Mecca, the first place that Allah was worshipped, or before the Brotherhood question that it's mentioned in the Bible and also mentioned in the Quran, Bible says bested are those people who visit the Valley of pakka. That is Mecca. And the Quran says in Surah Lim Ron chapter three, verse 26, the first place of worship was Makkah, but it has the question that there are many prophets who came before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. You know, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Adam, peace be upon them. So how can Mecca be the first place? Brother,

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he was not the first messenger. He was the last and final messenger. And Mecca was there much before it was not the sacred place. After Prophet Muhammad was born peace be upon him. It was earlier, Makkah was a sacred place of worship much before it's mentioned in the Quran that Abraham peace be upon him. He rebuilt along with the son, Ishmael. They rebuilt the Kaaba and the Hadith mentioned it was even there at the time of Adam peace be upon him. So it's coming right down the ages, so it was there right before therefore the Quran says the first place of worship is Makkah. And later on, when the Kabbalah was towards mastery. doxa then later on,

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it was bought to Makkah, but the first earlier place of worship was Makkah, then it came back to Makkah, Hope that answers the question.