Abstaining from Falsehood in Ramadhaan

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The next important topic regards a person who commits faster and I want to know the what is the ruling regarding a person who commits faster to the tongue was fasting in Ramadan.

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A person who says false things, or lies during the month of Ramadan, at the Beloved Prophet masala, some said, it's mentioned, say Bukhari We're number three in the book of fasting Hadith number 1903. that a person who does not leave his false actions and false speech, Allah subhanaw taala does not require him to leave his food and drink. Let me the person who keeps on lying and continue to enforce action and false tongue. Allah does not require him to leave his food or drink, indicating that

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that doesn't mean the fast food break. If you fast, this is not one of the things that breed the first, but the reward that we'll get for fasting, it will be diminished. And if you do a sin, such as telling a lie, but natural, what reward you will get while fasting diminished, or maybe it will nullify. As a beloved Prophet Musa solemn also said, it's mentioned in hadith of

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Nehemiah one number three book of fasting Hadith number 1690. That the many people who fast but do not get any reward, it is as though they're fasting only for hunger. That means if you do such acts of false deeds or false action, your reward is not there, as though you're just keeping yourself hungry or starving or diety. The main purpose that you learn self restraint is defeated me Allah encouraged us and help us to perform righteous actions which we benefit from in this world in the hereafter. Sharma next