How are you planning Suhoor

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How are you planning Suhoor?

June 18, 2016

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is sad this name, we're talking about the tricks of ship on in the month of Ramadan. Now, as I've been talking about before, yes, the shell thing are tied up, but the influence of Shere Khan is still there. And sometimes it's our own knifes that can cause us to commit sin. So don't let shalonda convince you that you cannot commit sins, or you cannot make mistakes in the month of Ramadan. Now, one of the common tricks of shavon is when it comes to the food or how much we eat, because she athon knows you cannot stop you from worshipping Allah. Otto, when it comes to, you're fasting, you're already fasting, you're not, you're not eating

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for the whole day, and he's lost. That's a defeat for Shabbat. So he will try to get you through the door of eating a lot. So that when you do worship Allah, that you are lazy in your worship. And so you'll see panela it's very common that someone may have a huge if thought, and because of that their mother the prayer or their Arusha prayer, their thought our prayer is very, very, they're very lazy in that prayer, and they could don't have push you or they don't have concentration. And they may be like burping up on people around them. And nobody's trying to smell any of that. But the point here is that chiffon will convince you to eat a lot. So good practice jello to Allah is to

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have a light, if thought and maybe if you're going to have like a full proper meal, have it after that, oh, we after you're done even then eating don't eat too much. Because obviously it's gonna be a problem when it comes to getting up for support. Right. And as we know, share thoughts. panelist sometimes you'll get us to skip sukru we sleep relate. We have a big meal tonight we tell ourselves, you know, I don't have time to get up for school. It's not really that important. As long as it's parallel. We know that the road as the profits have a lot to send them. He said to say hello, he said, have sukru because there is Baraka, there is blessing from Allah subhanaw taala in this sutra,

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so it is part of the suit another person to have shadowed. And so if you have a light meal, if you get you know, a decent amount of rest, you can get up in the morning, eat this rule, even if it's a light suit, maybe it's a glass of water and a couple cookies or whatever it is, but the Baraka of waking up in the morning and having a handle as you bring the Baraka into your life, you're able to defeat Shannon and the influence of Shannon, more and more. We asked the last penalty Allah to make us victorious against the plots and the plans and the deception of shavon Aloma I mean, until next time, inshallah Tada.

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Aloha warahmatullahi wabarakatuh