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Bilal Assad
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was off being a Jew, my brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Tonight inshallah we are going to continue with the lessons from the lives of the prophets. Allah now has destroyed the people of North. What happened was we reached from last week when they refused no holidays, Sam's advice and commands and direction. And only the minor people followed him people from who were farmers, who didn't have much of a status in society. And the rest of them are too proud to follow because of the low status of people who followed him. So a lot told him build the ark, he built it. And Allah said

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to the skies to open up with its water and the earth to overflow with its floods. And among the people who drowned was the son of nor alayhis salaam, the son of no holla his Salaam, he disbelieved and he said, Father, I will go to the high mountains, and it will save me. But his father said, there is no savior from a lot today. And soon the waves came and took his son before his eyes, no highlight his salon requested. So do you promise me you're gonna save me my family and my son is one of my family. Allah said, Yeah, no, he's not one of your family. I promised you that I will save the family that believed as for those who didn't believe I told you, I will not say so. Therefore he is

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not from the family that I said. I will say no Halley's Salaam immediately repented to Allah. Allah said in the eyes oka. And the coup in a minute j healin. I admonish you, I say I VOCA, I'm admonishing you Yeah, no. I'm reminding you heavily. Don't be among the ignorant. immediately know how you sell and prostrated to Allah, and sought his forgiveness. And this is where we left off, that we should never delay the repentance from any sin. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, three things. So everything hastening in it is from the shaitan. A large elimina shaitan. hastin is from the Shaitan in everything except for three things. He said, You should haste to get

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married, as in, don't delay your marriage when you're able to then say I'll get married when I'm 30 or whatever. When you're able to get married as quick as possible. Get yourself ready, fast. That's what it means. Get yourself ready. For some people. They say, I'm not ready yet, but I'm going to marry straightaway. Not like that. You're putting harm to that woman. Get ready, fast. Prepare yourselves quick. Number two, reconciliation. You're upset with your brother upset with the family. Something's happened. Do not delay. The reconciliation does stay apart for a long time. As Suzanne said hastin towards reconciliation, reconcile between two people quickly then delay it. And thirdly,

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in repentance, you sin, do not delay it. Don't say tomorrow then say next week, the year after? No, you're immediately repent to Allah and Allah because we don't know when we are going to die. And also Allah Selim said, the person will be raised on the last ways that he died upon. So the last lifestyle that you had, and also the sins that you had accumulated last but if you had repented, this is the biggest reward that you can get to see in your book on a day of judgment. No Holly Selim repented and said, Oh my Lord, forgive me for my ignorance. Now, the water actually rose. And a brother asked me before last week, he said, rather than the flood cover the whole world or regions

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of the world, there is a difference of opinion actually, among our scholars, the water, did it cover the whole world? Or did it cover a region? Only? Allah really knows the answer to that. We can't really tell from the Hudson sources in the Quran. But what we do understand whether it was the whole world or the region, what is unanimous, is that every single human died, except for the ones that were saved on the ark. In other words, the disbelievers were gone because of Nohara asylums,

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and only the believers were left that was the draw of no had a salad and that was what was responded to. So some scholars they say for the flood to go everywhere else in the world where there is no people defeats the purpose of the draft because the draft was specific it didn't say, oh my lord, destroy the world and its animals and habitats, get rid of it all flooded all rather he said, destroy and get rid of the disbelievers because there is no more hope in them God had told him there's no more hoping none of us is allowed or permitted to ever say this person or that person or that group has no hope. This is this is actually blessed for me this is sherkin Allah subhanaw taala

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we don't know the future we don't know who's going to heaven or * is specific. We can only say what I lost it but here Allah told no highlight his Salaam we're all here. Hello, no, hello said We inspired with

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Via sent from above, with a message from us to tell him and now when you mean a lemon lemon, no one is going to believe anymore except those who had already believed in other words for that that salad comment Kevin do not feel sorry for those with disability that's it no one's gonna believe so we know how to send them knew that from Allah He told him there is no more hope. He said then oh my lord, I secret I CQ your pardon. And I request you to read all of them because if they if you leave them, they're going to give birth to worse people and worse people and worse people. So last month I responded to his door that was the door of no holidays. Every messenger has a special major

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daughter, the only the great daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is why we love him the most. He said, Oh my Lord, I want you to save my followers on the Day of Judgment. I want you to make me an intercessor on that day to ask you save my own man and do that you would respond and that's why I truly on that day will go to all the profits from Adam to north to from from North Hollywood center from Idris to know Holly Salaam to Abraham is the lamb to hood and Salatu Musa is me and masala sermon and he said until we reach Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and he will say and Allah Allah I am the one for it. I am the one for

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Allah says in the Quran about the UK and how it sailed. He said

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chlorella Roca woofie hubbies mean a Nigerian.

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Allah said to them, climb onto it

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and say Bismillah in name of Allah.

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It's directed and In the name of Allah, it flows its sales.

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In another verse in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala teaches us another day of riding on boats, on ships, riding in your car, or riding on animals.

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And the die is for it is the weight Allah says in the Quran and when you are on top of it on top of the the transport vehicle,

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then say

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so behind and ladies a 401

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areni we're in

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Connie Boone, Glory be to Allah who has made this transport

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accessible to me to us.

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And we will not his partners in doing so. Whether it's a car, Allah created the middle for it, and the fuel for whether it's an animal, Allah created the animal in the air in the ship, it was a last minute Dinah who created the physics and the material for us to be in it.

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We're in our benalla mukalla bone and to Allah we will all return.

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This is the DA

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that we should learn to say and teach your children when you drive, transport in the car or on a bus or on an animal if you're living back in Turkey or living on us or bus near or back in Somalia somewhere wherever you wherever you are India if you ride on animals over this is the diet you teach them or in the aeroplane, or on the ship. You always say Bismillah meaning in the name of Allah.

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This has been made accessible to us in the name of Allah we write in the name of Allah, we reach our destiny, so Bismillah when we climb and Bismillah when we climb off.

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And so a lot of times no Holly has Salaam, this door when he went on the ship Bismillah haematuria. One more said

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In the name of Allah. It

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is guided and the name of Allah its sales.

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And Allah says in the Quran, why he did he beat him female judging anyone? No,

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no, we got back a little bit, but the point I want to say this, and you look if you looked at the arc at the way that it sailed, it was sailing.

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I was describing the way it was sailing, it was sailing

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around or in between waves, the size of mountains, kind of bad waves the size of mountains.

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You know, any Hill any mountain waves that size. That's how that's how humongous this flood was. And the ark was sailing in that way Allah taught know how to build the ark was in a way where it was covered from the top arched on the bottom arched in a way where it doesn't get flooded. The water just drops right off, it flows right off it and it doesn't sink.

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So Allah said that it was

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such a powerful and well designed chip that it was traveling in waves the size of mountains because you bet there's a law says in the Quran

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and then he talks about how no Halley's Selim called to his son

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because that's he's giving two scenarios in one.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then, when in when the when the matter was ended, in the Hadith, it says and there are differences of opinions on how high exactly the water reached. But even our best Massoud and others, they say that the water reached higher than the highest point of the world.

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By 30 cubits Some said 300 yards or whatever. The point is, the water actually reached according to their head to the narrations, and to the Hadees that the water actually reached the highest peak of the highest place on Earth. Was it the whole earth? Or was it the region? And the last pantalla exactly knows the answer to that. The point is, it reached so high that no one could even reach the highest peak to save themselves from me. As the son of no Halley's Selim claimed, I will go to a mountain alone made the word original above the highest mountain. So there's no way there's no there was absolutely no way to escape the power of a Lost Planet on brothers and sisters in Islam. This is

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to analyze the power of Allah, how dare us ever challenge him Suppan? You know, for those of us who actually really analyze the greatness of a law, his power, his ability will lay there'll be dumbfounded and frazzled. And no one will dare to challenge and even talk something about Allah subhanaw taala in a negative way, Allahu Akbar, immediately you fall to your knees, immediately fall to your knees.

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when I was watching once, this just a few weeks ago,

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a tornado

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was talking about the history of a tornado that happened a few years back in America, in one of the hearts of the main cities. And the way they redesigned it a tornado that went past probably for one and a half minutes. One and a half minutes, destroyed an entire city with high rise buildings.

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Whole a whole neighborhood, maybe seven neighborhoods were flat to the ground. They rip the houses apart a lot like wouldn't you have a look at it in one minute and a half? What atom bombs what nuclear weapons what power of any human being is going to stop something like that one tornado for a minute and a half.

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Allah tells us beware of Allah as punishment in the whole canon Aziza moqtada. In other words, again as another was Islamic today, Allah when it takes someone it takes them with absolute power, absolute ability, no one can stop it. We all know this, but to actually really analyze and appreciate you need to look at how Allah destroyed these people, the the the natural causes which Allah Subhana Allah sends, what may Allah Mojo darbuka Allah who Allah says, No one knows the soldiers of your Lord except he, he sends him when he sends breezes, he sends winds, he sends tornadoes, and when you say breeze, what's a breeze, he transforms it into more than any nuclear

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weapon, even a lightning strike can destroy a whole neighborhood one lightning strike if Allah Subhana Allah wills, Allahu Akbar, one corner and a minute and a half destroyed seven cities with the main city from top to bottom. The cities were built with steel structures, but their windows and everyone inside. This is what they described. They said the tornado that the buildings that were high rise that built an engineered them with steel frames, which are in order to withstand tornadoes. So only the glass on the outside gets destroyed, but the frame stays. But guess what?

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They couldn't help one thing.

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The tornadoes sucked everything from inside the building out. So all the humans was sucked out, not not a single grain. Well, not a single material was left inside those buildings. So to come and suck everything out.

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The power of a law, no one should challenge it at all evidence.

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And then they deserve a lot more and more and more and more. And they say this is nature This is this. This has got nothing to do with creation of God.

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Brothers and sisters, Allah destroyed them. And then Allah says, oh, sky

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will clean.

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Clearly, he was he

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was done with Judy. A lot and said, Only Allah knows how long it stayed 40 days

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50 days, 100 days a lot of Ireland a year or two, a lot of how long you stayed before the flood went back down. But Allah said to the earth, earth, swallow your water, and oh sky, stop, don't rain anymore. And the water slowly began, began to go down until Allah says, and the ark was settled, settled perfectly on Mount Judy, Allah says in the Quran, Allah and Judy, on that, Judy, is it a description of a mount? Is it a description of some sort? Or is it in the name of a mountain? scholars are different.

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But some, a lot of them unanimously agree that it is a mountain called the mount of God in the Bible, they've got a different mountain, but is very close to it, you see.

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But what was God at that time and what we consider God today are two different things. But what Allah says in the Quran is the truth, he landed on the mountain of God.

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And when it settled there, the ox upon Allah was built on a mountain and landed on a mountain. So it has defined an ark that high. They say, well, la Harlem, I don't know I've heard this story several times now that they found the ark or pieces of the ark in Turkey somewhere. I heard this like 1015 years ago, and suddenly was forgotten. And now they go. The other day they go, they discovered it, and I'm thinking this covenant then or now or when, but the point is, it is still on earth. And people have discovered it before. Now, Allahu Allah, if we have or haven't, maybe it's fossilized. Only Allah knows. The point is Allah said in the Quran, where Allah.

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Allah says, and we left the art as a sign as a miracle. Can anyone deny this? So the idea is, at the time, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, this Ark was still there. And people found it when people witnessed it. And people spoke about it. And today, they still talk about its fossils. And the scientists are discovering, because they know that the Ark is actually still there. So it was cited, and it was seen. And the law says,

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Those who are injured with knowledge cannot deny it. There's a reading history cannot deny it. So it was there. It doesn't mean that every single person sees it. But there are members of the human population who do see it and rediscover it and re talk about it again and again.

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At that point, no highlight his salon had three sons.

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They say the scholars that these three sons that he had four, and one of them was young, who was drowned to disbelieve, but three of them believed with no Allah his sin. And they tell us that everyone that was boarded on the ark,

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they had no children. All of them died. And they had no children. They couldn't have any children, except for no Holly Sam and his wife, and they had, what their names were, Sam, or Shem,

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Ham, and the F. That was their names, Sham or Sam, ham, and the F

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or Shem, Japheth and Han. Each of them had three children,

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from the progeny, like from the offsprings, or the loins of Sam, or Shem. They came from him the Arabs, the Persians, and the Romans.

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From the earth.

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They came the prosperity

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of the Turks, some tribe called the second labors, and yet George and George goggan Magog.

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And from him, started the lineage of who they call the cops, Sudanese and the Berbers. So the dark looking people

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and from them more colors came out. But the point is, this was a difference in color.

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So the people of the Turk and sakala bez, I think they're the Asian looking people. And the less Asian but in that in that range, and from Sam came the Arabs, the Persians and the Romans. And from him came the ninja The cops are Sudanese and the barber Doc, the extra dark colored skin people.

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And this is what is narrated through historians,

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and through our Tybee Island, the children of the companions and some of our companions, the Tabby who mentioned his name was syedna Messiah.

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And the scholars unanimously agree almost unanimously on this. The point is, it makes sense because these colors of these different nationalities obviously had to start again.

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had to come back again. And these colors and these different nationalities did come out.

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No highlight his salon lived on after that some of our scholars say another 150 years on some of them say 250 years maximum,

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and he left a will behind him to his children. No prophet died except that he left a will. And the Prophet sallallaahu Selim told us that we must leave a will and a lot told us in the Quran, a will is a must. And our scholars tell us that three days should not pass by except that a person should revisit their will make any adjustments or an edited if need be, especially with debts and rights towards people, especially if you have children, family, it's live a will behind and the types of will the profits left was this type of will that normally is seldom left. Among the first things he said, Do not make partners with Allah. That's the most important thing in our whole life. Never make

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partners with Allah teach your children La ilaha illa Allah not just by the tongue, but also by meaning let them understand that Laila and alarm it son or daughter means there is no god worthy of worship except for Allah and explain it to them what it means. Talk about the names and attributes of Allah spend time, learn about his lordship, learn about his worship, learn these things and what it means to worship only one God because sorry to say this brothers and sisters, but in our Muslim communities today because of the lack of understanding and knowledge so panel about our Deen, especially about the hate. People say that in their head and Allah night and day, yet they are doing

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shit also night and then they don't even know it. And I'm talking about those who believe in fortune telling and superstitions and all these other types of things and to make sure that night and day or this way, Earth by other than Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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You know, I swear on my mother's grave, this has shook, you are making partners the last night I am concerned only by God. You know, I swear on my life, they say and as I gave you the examples before as well shook making partners with the last panel, what are mocking the religion, calling it something other than what a law called is also Sure, it's like you're judging this religion other than the way Allah judged it.

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And some people they mock,

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you know, the ways of the practicing Muslims. They mock the orders of the Quran, they mock the orders of the provinces and then they send them we love the Quran, but they mock the markets teachings. So this is surely this is making partners Allah in that you are saying, I know better than what a lot came. I know better than what Allah came with. Some people mock the bids, some people mock the hijab, others they mock the way we pray, the first thing you learn a lot from among the Muslims, yes, from among the Muslims, and they mock it you are mocking allows religion decision making powers Allah subhanho wa Taala. So be very careful my brother and sisters from ship.

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He said, I forbid you from shirk, and arrogance, or haughtiness, so these are the main, you know, arrogance to reject the truth when it comes to you and to look down upon others. As if you are better, you are higher, you are never higher status and everybody else should be serving your feet. So this is all part of shidduch

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no Holly Selim died at the age of over 1000 years.

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Some scholars say that he lived the longest out of the prophets, but he was also a messenger of God. He was also among the people among prophets were called Al Azim.

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Like the prophets that enjoyed a lot from their people, they strive and struggled a lot. And he was the first among them nor alayhis salaam.

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So Alhamdulillah akula COVID the hair that was tough for the lady welcome her that was a long one and Amina Mohammed Ali or Sophia Jemaine 100.

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