A Mother’s Mercy & the Question of Hellfire

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In 111 Thailand I'm gonna start with you want to stop fiddling around with the beloved to Allah make sure all the unforeseen I was at Medina Mayor de la Bucha Ana Fernando they are mildly further ahead here la law should Allah Allah or Buddha should wash I don't know Mohammed and available wherever you who also

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you will need to log onto RT Allah temotu In our intimacy moon yeah even nurse at Sephora welcome Lizzy Falada coming FC Wahida holla come in has objection well that's me humare gel and Kathy are on money sir. What type of love and mudita sir I don't know we have a lot of hand in Allah can alikoum rafidah Yeah, Latina loss I look forward to Poland sadita Useless nananana Commonwealth in London no back home, or my uterus, our circular hole for conifers, fellows and our Lima. We begin the name of Allah on Praise and Glory be to Allah Almighty God we thank him and we seek his assistance and we seek His guidance and we seek His pleasure and we seek His protection from every evil within us or

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around us. For whomever Allah guides no one can lead astray and lever on but leaves without guidance. None can provide guidance for them. And we testify that no one is worthy of worship but Allah alone tiny partners, the true supreme King and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, certainly his prophet and his servant and His Messenger, whom Allah sent as a mercy to the world's Oh you have believed to have the Temple of Allah keep your duty to Allah in the manner that he deserves. Let him be the top priority and the central focus of your life. And do not leave this life do not die except in a state of complete and total willing, loving surrender to

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Allah a state of Islam.

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To begin

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after welding, my brothers and sisters is tomorrow and thanking Allah azza wa jal for the opportunity to worship him again for another day and another week.

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There are people that have asked and people that have wondered, particularly in our

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own overly skeptical, borderline cynical times when it comes to religion.

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Is it really possible? Is it true that Allah is more merciful with his creation than a mother is with her child?

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And if so, how can we understand that Allah has created a hellfire

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and would cast some people into it?

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We haven't say animal fighting, that I'm gonna go to the top of your bubble and we'll say a number. I mean a semi there was a captive woman who was frantically panicking looking for her child and suddenly she found him for lamento eat I've often behave on blogs who she pulled him close to her stomach. She was overjoyed with finding him and she pulled it real close and she nursed him she breastfed him. And so the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at our own having a body I said, Well, I don't have it now.

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Do you think this mother would ever throw her child into a fire?

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Wouldn't Elia or sort of La he Well, he attempted to follow her. We said never a messenger of Allah not while she is capable of not throwing you like if it's in her hands, she would never let it happen.

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If she was capable of otherwise, never. So he said Allah He salatu salam, la ma who are handled very badly he may not worry that's it you already have or is certainly more merciful with his sleeves than a mother Mother is with her child.

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repeatedly in the Quran, Allah ISOCELL agenda mighty and majestic. He describes himself as our humble Rahimi as our handle Rahimi repeatedly, which means the Most Merciful of those who show mercy

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and that is why his mercy was the Aquila che is wider than all things. And his prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam described him as being more merciful than a mother is with her child and more merciful with a person than that person is with themselves.

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So how do you reconcile between that and between the fact that there is a Hellfire there is punishment in the hereafter and all Babu then people cast people into the fire.

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We say we have at least five responses to reassure those that are wondering the first response

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Six is that Allah subhanho wa Taala must be more merciful than any mother more merciful than anyone. Because he is the one that endowed his creation gave them the ability to be merciful in the first place. So traditional Islam they say me, Allah says, well law who are handled very badly he mean our heavy uma had to be our lead.

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Allah is more merciful with his servants than the Most Merciful mother is with her child, Lee and that lady gyla Rahim and arhaan Mina because the one that made her Merciful Has to be more merciful than hurt.

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Our prophets, Allah Allah who didn't know Salam, he alluded to this phenomenon. When sad neurovascular their loved one who asked him why he was crying. When he was standing. I saw it was set up in front of his dying grandchild, he asked him about his tears. What is this? Like? Isn't this contrary to believing and believing in fate resigning to destiny?

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And so he clarified to analysis Latos law that it is not he said in the harassment This is sympathizing with human suffering is called for and it's not country to fate with the point he said to him in NA Rama yet John will have Allah who fear pour up mania share with me birdie, this is a mercy your ability to feel for others is a mercy that of love places in the hearts of whomever he wishes of his slaves. He enables people to be merciful, so he must possess it to give it Subhan Allah to Allah He must be merciful than all mothers included. Likewise, in the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, in Narita, he may add some Rama, Allah has 100

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verses, meaning that he created some random ones. And said, I mean how I met and where he that had been a genuine inci will well help me with when

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he only said down one of those parts, those portions of His mercy, meaning 1% of the Mercy created the mercy of the Creator, though the Mercy of Allah is limitless.

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He sent down just 1% of it between divided between the humans and the animal

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and the jinn and the animals and the insects. He says for be higher to Alpha fauna will be happier Tara had Luna where we had ta Kung Fu, and where needed to add our idea.

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And so because of it, they are able to be compassionate with each other. And because of it, they're able to have mercy on each other. And because of it, a mother is merciful with her child. He said, Well, why Chu?

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What are you Babu mad about and even the animals, the beasts, the wild creatures, even the birds, they have compassion for each other by virtue of this one mercy. He gave it all to them and him with it.

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And so the blind bird that can't help itself and the mother comes and pleases the worm and it's now that's part of the 1% of the mercy that Allah gave Mother gave mothers gave his creation.

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He said Allahi salatu salam had an alpha rasa Lautaro Pharaoh Hatfield, Raha unsullied, he had Hachette and to see them even when a horse keeps his her foot up to not step on her baby that is a part of it. He saw how can anyone ever be murdered, more merciful than Allah, our mothers included? When out when we are all void of Mercy except the mercy He put inside of us, he instilled inside of us. We said that we have a second dancer.

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That Allah's mercy.

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Motherhood aside the mercy of your mother for you how much that huge mercy that every mother has for her child naturally instinctually that is just a small part of forget the animals forget the the buttons, forget the horses, that is just a small portion of the mercy you will receive, whether you are Muslim, whether you are non Muslim, whether you are obedient, whether you are defined, it is just a fraction of the universal mercy that you got a part of. Because the Mercy of Allah there's a universal mercy,

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right, that everybody gets. And then there is an exceptional mercy that Allah has placed that Allah has placed for his believing slaves in the Hereafter.

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And so this universal mercy that everyone has a share of every drop of rain every breath of oxygen, every moment of motherly love

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Every tragedy that didn't happen,

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every moment of comfort, every moment of clarity, every moment of relief, all of that is just some of the Mercy of Allah in our lives that we can notice. And there's so much more that you can't notice because it's late. It's unseen. Or it's a belief it's it's it's subtle. You can't notice it, or it's just lost in forgetfulness. You can't remember it.

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And that's why he said I think salt was set up that Allah Allah said if you have to equally him Ramadan were hidden. This Mercy was distributed among them all. Well, I follow this hazard, what is this and what is green and he deferred 99 questions to the hereafter. He says in that heavy fella, we are left with Cassidy B Cooley live here in de la, he Mina Rama, let me ask an agenda, to the point that if a person were able to notice everything he's receiving, and everything was still hasn't stored, if the disbeliever were to know all that, the mercy that is with Allah, He would never despair from entering paradise. He said, Well, we are aligned with me, because that's the end

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of our happiness allowed them. Let me get one minute now at the same time, but don't take it for granted. He said if the believer were to know all that is with Allah of punishment, at the same time, he would not feel secure from the fight. But nonetheless, if you just consider the universal Mercy of Allah,

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how broad it is, a person will realize that every single one of us will receive more mercy from Allah than he has received from anyone and everyone in this dunya at least even if you're not Muslim. So Allah is still more merciful. And then if you move on to the hereafter, in the Hereafter, now the the special mercy of Allah that is the mercy will be even greater 99 times greater. And it will be mind boggling, you know, our beloved Miss Rudolph the Allahu says

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that lead hazard Oh Rama to be nurse Elmo piano, had a

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call buoy Billy's Mima? Yah. Ramona rahmati wash FFT chef hearing, people will continue receiving mercy on the hereafter, there'll be so much of it. That Shame on him. Hell Hiddens himself, his heartbeat quiver like he'll say, maybe I maybe there's a chance his heart will quiver. From all he sees of Allah's mercy and the intercession of the intercessors meaning everyone steps in and says, Oh, let this one go for me, oh, well, they'll let him go for me. And this will continue happening and even shaytaan will think perhaps it's possible.

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And I imagined the salah

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would love us to sea level who yield to bein Mo has ever to learn, when we'll have 70 About one year left out to hazards Allah, He Lian, Allah our hand will be mean, I believe, meanwhile the day, he said, If I were given the choice on the Day of Judgment, that Allah judge me, or my parents judge me, I would say no, can you imagine your parents judging you on the Day of Judgment, lets her mother be your judge. He says, If I were given that choice, I would say no, I'll choose that Allah judges me, because God is more merciful with me, more merciful with me than my parents are.

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And so Allah being more merciful than anyone applies in this dunya in terms of his universal mercy, and it also applies that after for the believers, for those that believed in him, Subhana Allah, because so long as we see more merciful with his slaves means he's believing slaves, then it can apply to the Africa as well. It can because he also had a hadith when he asked her about this impassioned mother taking her child. He said Alia salatu salam Wa wa, who you will have Anika ut la Habiba scenario better. And likewise, Allah would never throw his beloved so slave means beloved, Allah glory slave in the fire, meaning His beloved sleep. And obviously that has to refer to a

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believer that kind of language can refer to anybody else.

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And then a person is able to wipe out the disbelief.

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And then we say we have a fourth answer that applies to this, that although Allah is so grand, so unmatched in his mercy in his, in his compassion

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and so limitless in that

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and we've said this before, that does not mean Allah is limited by His mercy that he can't show justice because the peace

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Well let's say Allah has to must have mercy, even on the rejecters of God, those who rebel against him those who refuse to recognize him or comply with him. What you're doing really is that you are you are causing a stalemate between Allah's mercy and between his justice like in other words, you insisting that it has to happen necessitates that you're insisting that our love be unjust and that can't be the case. And that's what Allah has said how do you judge it so many places throughout the Quran? He says this was a financial abuse I mean, I can watch it I mean, man like when Keith Moon are we gonna let those who submitted be like the criminals What's with you? How do you judge fly?

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I'm gonna dragon Lavina I'm and wham you will slowly it can move c d and f it outwardly. And the gentleman subpoena good for Joe are we going to let those who lived in upright life faith believing in good deeds? Be like those who corrupted planet earth are we going to make those who are God fearing like those who are wicked menaces?

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How can that would we do that? It cannot be and in the third Al was legit he says

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I'm gonna challenge me that can actually meet Malik compete with that como

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and these are veteran behind it. There's so many places that aren't the final Allah azza wa jal does this

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would we allow the festive the rebels to the such there's a third is be like the movement. If someone can help me and I can I can FST but is the one they can never equate. And so how are you demanding that they be equated?

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The Beautiful Names of Allah smell blood husana They work harmoniously together me they work in unison they don't outplay one another. So he is perfectly merciful. But at the same time, he's perfectly wise and he's perfectly just an agenda. I mean, think about even a human being. Think about a human being that goes around arresting someone who's an honest citizen, and someone who's a psychopath, he treats them all the same. You see, this is foolish, this is unfair, this is oppression. How can that be? How is how can that? So what about Allah azza wa jal, the Lord of the Worlds kind of go with it?

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And notice when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the Sahaba Do you think this woman would throw a baby in the fire throw her child in the fire? They said what cannula well, he had tough to deal with.

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She would never so long as she is capable of not throwing him we're not talking about the possibility here. We're seeing that Allah's Perfect nature necessitates it would not be possible for Allah to be perfect. And for him to let this happen to let everybody go to paradise without eligibility requirements for all of that to be dismissed. And so the first thing is that Allah azza wa jal is the one that endowed everybody with mercy. And the second thing is that Allah azza wa jal will show every one more mercy that you will receive from your mother, because your mother is a part of what you will receive, even if you're not Muslim. We say third of all Allah is more merciful than

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your lover, even in the Hereafter, so long as you qualify, there will be hope for you shape on without qualifying almost assume there's hope.

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And the fourth thing is Allah azza wa jal is the most perfect and so he will not be unjust just because he's the most merciful Subhana Allah Allah and if this answer after the rest of all of all the other stuff from all the money when it comes.

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Hungary salatu salam ala Mala via

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who I should and I'm humbled and I will do whatever you who also

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Allah azza wa jal are handled very badly human invalidates if you already have Allah is more compassionate, more merciful with his servants than a mother is with her child.

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If you take all of the comforts of life and put them aside, and you take mother Lee love and you put it with them.

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The very fact that Allah sent us scriptures sent us messengers sent us revelation and inspired us to accept that recognize and then accept that guidance outweighs all of this together.

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That is more merciful than not just anything, everything combined. A lot of Anaka with the idea, he said

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Could it be something that will be reimagined even indelicate failure, Franco who will say it'll merge them and tell them

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa said enough by the bounty of Allah and by His mercy.

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Let them your Franco Franco let them celebrate, be happy rejoice over these why will hire me manage my own, they are better than everything anyone can call it, meaning no matter how long you live,

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the very fact that Allah gave you his phone to his bounty, his gift.

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And then his best said that he allowed you to recognize the Quran and accept the Quran and to be a believer, that's very fact is better than everything else. Even if you lived for 1000 years. Even if you live for 10,000 years and lived a lavish life, it's still not will not be more than anyone can collect, who will how you will imagine our own. It's the life that money cannot buy, the clarity that no genius will ever stumble across. It will be the comfort that no mother can provide.

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It will be that that inner peace that no tragedy can undermine.

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It's the system that never disappoints all of that. And then it's that same mercy that he sent you, the Quran and the messengers with the Quran that will allow you to have it in the hereafter and upgrade in Iran.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it's the same armor that will get you there. He said, Now you didn't feel that I hadn't eaten janitor. I'm a dude. No one's deeds will admit them into paradise and not even you. He said not even I eat that. And yet as a motherly love, we are men who have not unless ALLAH envelops me and His mercy.

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Because think about it, Allah sent these this revelation, a path to Him, you will not have gotten on your own.

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And then he preserved it. And then he he's the one that moved you to act on it. And then you acted on it for a few short years.

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imperfectly, and he allowed you to qualify by that for His mercy for forever, and eternal, unimaginable parrot. In other words, he Subhanallah without a sentence Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a mercy to the world, so I might send it out to me.

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And then he enabled you to want to try to work his prophets, pag Allah, his thought was set up. And then although you didn't do a good job at it, he said, It's good enough. I'll give you another mercy, forever unending, you have my paradise, this reward.

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And so in that sense, this is the greatest time ever.

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And a person may wonder, though, what, what about somebody

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who never received the message of Allah Subhana Allah never heard about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam never received that first Mercy, the greatest mercy in this dunya

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How come Allah would throw such a person into the fire? We say this is a very good point. Because it's only those who stubbornly rejected that message that will not be eligible for Allah's mercy in the Hereafter. And even more lucky narratives and authentic hadith from an expert in this area,

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that the prophets Allah Allah Azza wa sallam said to us, our Beratan, yet a juvenile multi M, there are four people in the four types of people that will protest on the Day of Judgment. A man who is a man who is deaf, and a man who is was insane, and a man who was elderly and a child, meaning people that could not hear the message. And if they could hear the message, they couldn't understand that they were too young or too old. And so they will each say your messenger came to us and we had no idea what was being said. We didn't understand we didn't get a clear message about Islam. We didn't know that this Rama was available.

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And then Allah azza wa jal will know that they're truthful. And so he will take from them all that are who they want our promises and covenants that they will obey.

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And then he will give a command

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and it will not enter the fire. You promise to obey me my command is the follow into the fire.

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Simon the Hallahan can that's it he Bolton was salah. He said Allah Salat, wa salam. Whomever obeys Allah this fire will be cool and safe on him.

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Woman them yet who will hire another had narration woman lemon hula had sushi by Ilya, Ilya and whoever refuses face to face with God, like your bliss says I'm not going to do it. He will be dragged to it.

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And so these people that did not hear the message, don't worry about them either.

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And finally, we say to end the hotspot just consider the human condition because again, we all

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are raised up in a way drilled with certain concepts day in and day out. That always causes us to feel like

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why isn't God with us not ever to ask why aren't we with God? Why doesn't Allah answer our call? Not asking, why don't we answer his call, we have this resentment of things religious at times. And if it's not in us, it will affect our children already has, you have to have these conversations with them.

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We should tell ourselves tell our families consider the human condition consider the human being, he is dependent on Allah in every way. So kinda without every single thing. At every single moment, he depends on Allah for it.

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And so every blood cell in your body that pumps with every heartbeat has the potential to kill you. That's a separate mercy from him that it doesn't every drop of rain that comes down from the sky, it's considered that

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could choke you, you can choke on it. And it could poison you. It could be acid rain, it could be content, that's a separate mercy from him. Consider a lifetime of smiles, a lifetime of restful sleep, a lifetime of close calls, all of those by His mercy.

00:26:23--> 00:26:29

Consider how he continues coming closer to the human being prompting their love for him.

00:26:30--> 00:27:10

While he has no need for them, just because he is he is it were dudes that profoundly love him. Considered generations of people that have received the Scripture time and time again. And Allah didn't punish the later generations because the previous ones betrayed the covenant. He kept resending it simply because that's who he is. That's what he loves to do. The prophets of Allah Allah Himself said, Lisa, I heard you. I read through I have to in a mean of love mean actually, that he can send and Kitab or Sarah Wilson, no one loves to excuse people, like Allah. That's why he kept sending scripture down. That's why he keeps sending His messengers.

00:27:13--> 00:27:17

Consider a person who spends a lifetime away from Allah.

00:27:18--> 00:27:55

Instead of a lifetime with Allah, a lifetime devoted to opposing Allah and devoting his life to Allah, He could have spent a lifetime persecuting people that believed in Allah and then a sincere genuine tear on his deathbed is granted to him by Allah because he knew that deep down inside, he was a good person. If he would have lived another 60 years, he would have made up for the first 60 and more he knew this. And so he granted it to Him and He forgave him for it all Subhanallah God, because he is a ramen, the infinitely merciful Subhan Allah to Allah.

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Consider all of that and more. Consider a person who enters the Hellfire because of a God whose nature is so beautiful is truly someone that ruined themselves truly doing themselves.

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In Allah, Allah, Allah Manasa che and when I came to NASA, and for seven years to the moon, Allah does not want people in the least, but it is the people that's wrong themselves.

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Finally, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in namaha, Katsa kitab. Cobbler if local hunt for hoovering then for falacci and now rahmati several kinds of origami. Allah has written a statement before He created the creation and it is remains with him on top of the throne that My Mercy has preceded has come before it has given a millions of chances for reparation for fixing has come before my anger. And he wrote that with him, so kinda who has died, because that's who he is. Finally, knowing this is not a given, it doesn't just come by itself, you being more certain that Allah is more merciful with you than a Muslim mother is with her child, and tell your

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children more merciful with you. Then the people whose fate you wonder about Allah is merciful with them, then you you're concerned over them Allah has greater concern than you over them.

00:29:21--> 00:29:57

And so we have to anchor ourselves in this concept by like he visits, routine visits or must book and fix hours, the spiritual perception, the way we see the way we see Allah through much ritual devotion about him, so that we're not on the edge and one punch will throw us off. These things are not given. You have to cultivate these meetings and Allah gave you everything. You need to do that. So you cannot come later and say I had bad feelings about the world. Well, because of my professor and the book and the TV show and the cartoon and the time and the place and atheism he gave you all you need to see him clearly.

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If you don't subject yourself to these bursts of His mercy, that will not be grounds that could not be grounds for being excused. He gave you all you need. And so you cannot blame anyone else not even Shavon himself, even Shavon will get it right on the Day of Judgment. This mercy is unbelievable. Even me, I don't think I'm going to be thrown into this fire now. So may Allah azza wa jal make us of those that are worthy of His mercy and don't take his mercy for granted. And be judged by his be handled by His mercy and developed in his mercy received in his versus us and our parents in the believers and every sincere seeker Oh man, I mean

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Allah Who mean I'm not gonna

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go ahead and enter Lohana Allah Muhammad who covers the article he went to shake your hand to get on burner. Rama to KR opener of Mozilla Mozilla ohana. Hola. Hola. Hola. Ohana Latinos Divina adds you to full sentence Aqua Saki hands a fireman's a cara Antonio. Hello. Hola. Hola. from UC Santa Monica Shetty Kavita who behave in an elevator mostly I think women thought it came out of a liquidity agenda tech Wamena DFP mental health will be era nimasa event dunya Medina vs Marina Saudi now Whoa, what Tina, I'm gonna play 10 which I would love to I mean, later on. Now I live in Valentina on sadhana I have an idea and a lotta Django severs NFE de Nina. Allahu Allah tetragonal seabeds. NFE

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de Nina, what are the challenges duniya Tabata Hamina What am I will have our enemies will lead to sell the car lane I'm in LA hamona Allah for Muslims I mean I'm gonna see Matt Allahumma Ferrybridge CaliBurger corbion Allah Who modified good Nadi monoamine Allah modified food and I know roomin Allahumma Folkestone Vaseline, Allah Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi engineering