Naming of Quranic Chapters #11 Chapters Hijr Ahqaaf TaHa YaSeen Sad Qaf

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Today we're going to look at a few swore in terms of their, in terms of their naming. And

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some of them will pass on very quickly. Some of the sore, as you may have noticed in the Quran are named after certain letters, which are the beginning of those sore. Like, for example, so what I decide, which is the first letter in that surah and surah cough, which is also the beginning now, it might be difficult to actually establish the inner meanings of these doors because that will be a reality of how to

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how to understand those words. And as Matt mentioned that these letters are things that probably nobody really knows it's knowledge is with Allah subhana wa Tada. So those swords slide, which is Surah number 38, and Surah 50 as well. Also we have for like Baja, and yacine, Baja and yacine essentially are also letters by her is two letters bought and her and the seen two letters. Now, some of the lemma and the mafia, Syrian they said that these letters are these

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words if you like they are the name of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And why did they say that? Well, they said that because if you look at

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the wordings of the verses of the beginning of it, it seems as if it's like a law calling out to the prophet and then giving him instructions. So in bah, bah, bah her morons in la culpa, Anna nitesh, bah, bah, ha, we have not sent down on new the Quran in order that you have become miserable. So here, it's almost like it's almost if you imagine that file is the name of the process in place in warhammers, we didn't send down on to the branch. So that's why they said maybe baja is the name of the Prophet. So I said, although there are many other opinions about what Baha actually means, and as we are seeing the same thing, you're seeing Whirlpool and Hakeem in luminal, more serene, so they

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said, it's like, a lot is talking to ya seen, by the wise, an old wise or an surely you are amongst those who are the messengers and that's why those names have that those who are have those names. Again, these those letters at the beginning, which some interpreted as meaning the names of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And as for surah, number 15, and Sora number 46. Then these are saw an angel and off.

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Both of these who are are named after

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prominent tribes, which we are otherwise known in the Quran as knowing known as

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add on wood, the tribe of hood, and some wood, the tribe of Sunday. But the loss of Hannah Talia is not mentioned them by their tribe names here he mentions them by their dwellings, their actual places, so the people of thermwood, the tribe of sila a law refers to them for their dwellings just as hard with

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the people associated with the stones. And that's because they used to engrave their houses in stones. And they are located in the north of Arabia, somewhere between north of Medina and between a sham between the north of

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the sorry, the north of Northern Arabia or the area of Sham. Whereas off which is the place of where home hood is that is located in Yemen, and the South Yemen near almost near the coast, there in so a lot hinterland named these who are with those names to alert us to the places of where these tribes were. And this may be an indication because those areas are known as well. And the process I'm in a hadith he passed by the dwellings of El Hijo, the place where some wood works and a half is known in the MSO. It is places to bring people's attention to where those tribes existed, and so that they will be

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even even the tribal law tallies is known where it is the tribes of Sodom and Gomorrah which are in the areas of Palestine. And that is also a lot even mentioned, as he says, we're in the halabi sebelum morpheme. The areas of the of the destruction actually passed by it is a road sebelah which is an established road and somehow like modern archaeologists to have gone and found these areas

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have found that there is a place there is actually a road established there,

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which is under Israeli control at the moment and that actually passes by the the place of where the tribal of loot were destroyed and obviously they were they're close to the Dead Sea as well. So those who are aged under half are mentioned to alert us to that. And that's probably one of the reasons why I was named them in that way.