A Christian Man Accepts Islam after the Lecture

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What's the name brother?

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To the author name? Your name,

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which fit you belong to

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Christian, you're a Christian, forgive me the art are like no do you believe that there is one God?

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Do you believe there is one God? Yes I believe that God is one God.

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Do you believe that Jesus is the messenger of God? Or is God Jesus can speak upon the messenger of God Oh God,

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Jesus and by God mashallah, do you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of God?

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Yes mashallah, is anyone forcing you to accept Islam?

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No, no no no. Are you doing What have your own free will?

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Yes Mashallah. Now I say the same thing in Arabic and you can repeat it. What are the same thing in Arabic? Repeat it?

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I shall do? Shall I do Allah? Allah ilaha IL Allah, Allah Allah ye shall do. So do anna muhammadan

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Abu. What a Zulu food I bear witness.

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I bear witness,

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witness that

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there is no God but Allah.

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And Prophet Muhammad

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is the messenger

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and servant of Allah.

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Allah mashallah Mashallah.

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I take me

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take me

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we also have a sister ready to accept Islam

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name is blessing. I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that me grant the person accepted Islam mean none of the for those mean once you accept Islam, all your previous ins are forgiven.

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Your previous into forgiven melasma agenda for those