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No, I I definitely like Islam I have a lot of Muslim friends I like that they, they don't get pushed around like, you know, like Christianity too. But the guys have let themselves get pushed around and mock too much. And Islam doesn't do that. I think a lot of people, they have this narrative that's been spun by the media by the Zionist that Muslims are terrorists and all this but in reality, you've been to those countries the hospitality is massive these they all have big family networks, they they take care of each other. You know, I've been Islamic country people invite me to their home for tea. They're so hostile to people they, you know, people aren't online are telling me like,

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oh, Muslims hate you. Why are you treating? It's like, I've actually been in these countries. They don't hate me. They love me. They treat me great. So why don't we they're going to make after so if I convert, I'll go with them. Yeah, you have to convert the guy. It's funny because he's crushing my filmer. And I couldn't even go he was able to go to Makkah, but it's like,

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genuinely, like the best experience. I support the death penalty for breaking into cars and tearing off catalytic converters. And that's not clickbait. Here's why. We had a plumber scheduled to come out because there's a massive flooding happening. And we needed him to replace some pipes, he's not able to. So we had to get a water pump to pump it out, which I was able to do. But that meant that I didn't have to go to work. But since I have a laptop job, what's the big deal? Well, the big deal is I remember people like my dad, were at the financial margins, could not afford to miss a day at work, right? People can't afford to miss a day at work. That creates a whole load of downstream

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problems. How do you pay your rent, how you gonna pay your mortgage, how you gonna buy your groceries, let's talk about the plumber, his car was broken into dashboard was torn up, he's gonna miss two or three days of work, he's self employed, that means no money two or three days, that means his bills get pushed back why? So some drug addict working for the cartels could steal. That's the choice we're making. That's the choice we're making. I used to think it was barbaric, the code of Hammurabi, and you'd read about Saudi Arabia, the capitaine criminals, and you would think how barbaric and I realize now why they do it, because you either execute criminals for property crimes,

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which by the way, would end the crimes overnight, because they would get the point. So be there execute them, or you just let people suffer because what happened to me today is a minor inconvenience, honestly, whatever. I'm not not even a big deal. To me, in the grand scheme of things, but to the plumber is a big deal of the people. Like how I grew up, it's a big deal to millions of people that 10s of millions, 10s of millions of people, it's a big deal. So we're making a choice. And the choice is that we're going to let everyone suffer so that people can commit crimes, and oh, it's just a property crime. No, it isn't as a human rights violation, because you're

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stealing people's ability to work. So we got to bring it back death penalty. No, no irony here, no cap.

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Bring it back. What do you got there? Man? Let's see what kind of been you have

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managed. Now, when you cut off the hand of the thief? Is it like that? Or is it like this? Malaya, he'll tell you that important how to, but what's important is what people think of it. Now, this is the thing now, you know, all jokes aside, you know, it's a very important topic that we're trying to cover. But you know what, some people make a mockery of this beautiful way of life, the way of life, this from the Creator of the heavens and earth. So we want to clear up the many misconceptions. You know, Islam is about mercy. You know, Islam is a merciful religion, but some would try to have people think that it's the antithesis, that sort of a bark way of life. And we're going to start off

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with explaining in context, people say, You know what, Islam is just about chopping the head, chopping the hands, and then you got chopped up meat to eat. So let's talk about this. Is that what Islam is all about chopping people up? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, on the contrary, God Almighty actually tells us how to prevent this from happening by the Torah, he Boonah, meaning that incite fear into them, why? To prevent them from fighting to start off with to actually save the bloodshed, to actually do this to give him options other than having to fight. And believe it or not, this is one of the options. When people think that Islam is barbaric. By the cutting the hand,

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they only see the end result, they don't look at the old the root cause analysis, look at the prevention is better than cure method, they look at just that. But if you look deeply, you'll find out that Islam is trying to prevent this from happening. By telling you if you do this, we will do that. So it's scaring you off, don't do it. And you'll find out. The case is that Islam looks at the bigger picture, the bigger picture of the community. For example, if everyone is protected from one person, meaning the thief, it is a way of life in Islam, it says the good of all precedes the good of one. So you should be happy about this. But the idea behind is people only look for the fish for

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faults or look for certain things. But under the normal human beings have a natural instinct that they want some things. We all have whims and desires, but we have to control it. There is checks and balances and things if you don't have a fear of God Almighty.

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Okay, if you don't have the love for God Almighty, the same idea that we tell you, if you cross the red light, we will put up, we slap you with a fine. So there is something there that love and fear, you have to have that combination of both, not just love other people that try to preach, it's not the case, human beings have to have both. So the same thing, you get rewarded if you don't do this, and if you do this, you will get punished. But the idea behind it is that now we're saving, you know, this man from himself, not just to everybody else. Same idea with the bigger context, the bigger picture, the community, which looks for in Islam, is that prevention is better than cure,

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don't do this. Otherwise, you would, and you'll see the statistics and Hamdulillah that is much lower than anybody else, as you will see, in Western society, you'll see repetitive people, you know, do certain crimes, and you come back and plead insanity and come back and do it again, the taxpayers pay the same thing. And you'll see that they do the same thing for the kids, they do that and they keep doing it for not so we say Islam says no, stop, we have consequences to protect everyone else in the community. So can you say this is a strong deterrent? And when this is implemented, and can we just back it up? Because we know that Islam, the way of life that was lived

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by Abraham, Moses, Jesus peace be upon him because Islam calls to surrender submit to the Creator of the heavens and earth, not a man or a monkey, but the creator of all that exists in a Muslim is one who does Islam. So when this complete system, God's system from the Creator to devising was implemented, isn't it? True that there wouldn't be people who are, for instance, poor, you have this a cat, there'll be justice. So you wouldn't have all these criminals out here? You know, robbing, stealing looting. Can we back it up to that? Absolutely. This is one way to look at what Allah subhanaw taala with just a sentence at the time of Ramadan, but the line is actually lifted this

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hurt this this rule was not it was actually invalid, because there was not enough for people to eat. So we say there are rules and regulations, if everyone has enough for sustenance and provisions for them to feed themselves and feed their families. Now you're actually going to transgress on others, right? So we say, you know, if you see a beautiful flower, enjoy it, you want to smell it great. But do you want to cut it, we say no stop. You see this, that when we say now taking somebody else's freedom, you're teaching you to take the easy way out. So you become you become a thief, and so on. This is even saying that even our HIPAA one two man says if you don't give that man that works for

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you enough money to be able to live, we will cut your hand off, that's an employer to the boss, correct? Pay him Right, absolutely. So we have all these checks and mounds in order for you to prevent this from happening. And everything is provided for you. And if you're not having a job, the system looks after you. And after all these things that we will look after your under circumstances, you decide to go on your own, take somebody else's right and decide to go do you will pay the consequences. It's human nature. So is this also more for the plotter planner, the schemer, the person now who is going to break in your home, and he knows that you have a diamond watch, he knows

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that you have a bankroll and you're safe. And he puts your family in jeopardy your children and your wife because if you see him, now he gets the gun out of the fear he might kill you. So is this for that person that broken your home? Almost maybe possibly rape your wife to steal your life savings? Is that the person we're talking about? Absolutely. I mean, Islam as Justice established justice upon everything, including criminal offenses, for example, if we tell someone that this man that you just talked about came to your home, you know, were raped your wife,

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you know, took your daughter away and took your money and and and all that. If I tell you what would you do this, you would cut him to pieces, you would kill them apart. There's no Islam is more merciful than that, we will just cut their hand we will ask him what handed you were cut with. And it would be this hand that we would cut according to his testimony. And of course, we understand that this specific fact that Amata again, going back to him that a woman came to ask him to pardon her son, because he stole he was caught stealing. He says will law he bye bye God Almighty is not the first time is still because God Almighty will not have exposed them from the first time. So God

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Almighty gives you chances and chances and chances see if we cut early is preventive as opposed of you going up on the ladder being even worse of a thief under criminal and God Almighty give you too many chances. But when you get caught means it's better for you. Because God Almighty says that in the plan we will give him a taste of punishment in this life before the taste of punishment in the hereafter. So they may come back and if you do, it expects you sin if every penalty is done here in this life, as if you've done then you're clear. This amazing. Yeah, because that's an important point. It's a very important point like if somebody just stole your keys to your house or your cell

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phone with all your contacts, and then you ask the person right now

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On his rage like what would you do this preview caught him that's a violation of your rights something private something that you hold valuable. That person like you said, we want to now, you know, have his way if he was the judge, but Islam is even more merciful. We're going to take a break. And I got so many more questions to ask you about this when we come back here on today's show, sit tight, I Sologne. Dios otherwise solo you know,

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I would go to my room lock the door prostrate and class and God, you know me better than myself. So me the right way. And I will not look, I will leave everything behind.

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A lot of that creator any great everything is intelligent to people, as

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Muhammad is relaxing, from God.

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Back here on the deen show was Sheikh Allah, thank you very much for being with us here on the D show. Thank you for having you have a lot of experience. You're the director of the Islamic circle center of Canada, and also public relations director for mercy mission. So you have a lot of experience with this with dealing with these type of questions. And we're trying to create a better understanding with the Not Yet Muslims, those brothers that are brothers in humanity. Is that right? Absolutely. Now, tell us just before we go on to the next misconception and putting things in context, you know, tell me what you think about this. Because we know that, you know, all these

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rules and regulations are from the Divine. And there's great wisdom behind them any logical person who looks at it in context, who will see this makes sense. So the criminal, he's plotting and planning, and he's putting aside money, he sees the Big Heist, I'll make a million here, but he's putting like 5678 $10,000 away for for the tourney hoping that, you know, if I get caught or beat the rap on a technicality. I'll go ahead and get probation. So do you think now is this known that when you know that, look, this is the consequence of you breaking in someone's home robbing a bank that this is coming out, it's getting amputated, you're not going to do this? Absolutely. It's

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again, something called the SDI Strategic Defense Initiative, because this will happen if you do then that means don't mess with me is because of the consequences you'll pay because that's what government is, you may hear from this Allah subhanaw taala says this causes this retribution, do taking a penalty, this keeps you alive, keep you away have a good life. So the idea behind it is best for you, not against you. So if you think about even the sisters when they start complaining about you know, why cover and why we the hijab, among the other, you know, misconception that women are oppressed and we force them to wear the hijab and until the sister the same thing, you know,

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when you were young, that now you have what it takes. You're vivacious voluptuous, and beautiful. And you have what it takes to flaunt your, your stuff. Now, you grow old, you don't have what it takes anymore. There's a younger sister comes in to now being testing your husband and so on. So we say the same idea. We are now protecting others from you now when you're young, but when you grow old, we're protecting you from everybody else, same idea with the thief, we're protecting, not one person, we're protecting everybody else from one. And that's the methodology of the of Islam to look after the good of all, as opposed of the good of one and serene security of the community. When God

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system Islam total complete submission to the One God, Creator of all that exists when his system was implemented through history. Were there people now and this was implemented, walking around with chopped off hands. No, actually the Believe it or not this, these things are very rarely done, very rare, very rarely done, actually, these things that they have to have witnesses and the witnesses come and they and they don't say the same thing, they will be also flogged for this. So Islam makes these things are very strict, very tight. So not everybody else can claim that they've done things that they have to be caught with the evidence and so on and convicted. So these are the six checks

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and balance to make sure that justice is established and the time of leave that we thought it was a matter of fact, even though he was the head of the state at the time, the college the successor, he claimed that somebody else stole something that belonged to him that was given to profit by Prophet Mohammed, maybe his problem is we know the story. But even though he was a Jew, the system defended the rules and regulations of Islam. They say that Do you have any witnesses? And everybody knew that this was his, but they did not see the ACT nor that was taken and nobody else's. I have my son. He says you taught us that the branch will not testify for the route. Do you have anybody else who says

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no, he says this belongs to the Jew. So the Jewish man even though he was in the Muslim state, being judged again the head of the state, and the judge was a Muslim. He says I can't believe this. In this state. The judge rules with fairness on Joe

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status and he became a Muslim because Islam established justice. We're not after anyone for a specific reason. So it's not for a Snicker bar. You're hungry now and you need something to feed your family and you go you know, get some food, someone's crop a corn, you know, some bread, some barley and you eat now your hands off? Absolutely. That's not about that. That's okay, that's really really deep. Because when you know that this is coming off, why are you in a criminal in the first place? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So you should be living a righteous life. And this is a deterrent, being content with what you got in content, what you got. So this is really a strong deterrent,

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because when you know what's coming up, you're gonna stay away from hurting innocent people. And you're gonna stay away from robbing banks, robbing individuals, and it's amazing. Okay, let's move on. This is a very important point, because you hear this a lot. Now, you'll also hear, and you'll see this again, I mean, we want to reach out to the politicians, and I hope that they, the Muslims will pass this on to the politicians, they can see what Muslims are really about. Because we have qualified individuals such as yourself, explained in Islam, not the car mechanic, or Peter Jennings king, or whoever else is out there that has a twisted understanding, you took years to understand

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took years to understand this kind of verbatim Word of God. So when people take one verse, and they'll say, kill those, for instance, who are not Muslims, the infidels or whatnot? You know, is this the same thing that someone who's a terrorist who goes kills innocent people who will take a verse to justify are they doing the same thing to create division amongst people? Certainly one way to do it. But before we go on, I'd like to say that this poor slave of Allah is learning as we are. So thank you for your vote of confidence, but we're all learning is, first, the infidel. The word infidel itself is not really the proper translation for this catheter, the word catheter comes in,

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in different understandings, even for a peasant like a farmer, or something that covers meaning uncover the truth, meaning that the one and only God and so on, are those who disbelieve in the message doesn't necessarily mean so but the Quran addresses the Christians and Jews in a very free way to say that the Al Kitab Oh, people have the book and everybody knows when God Almighty says yeah, look at that the people or the book or the question and use thank you on that, even though that the under the word gaff, I mean, this belief in the message of Muhammad May peace be upon him or the oneness of God. It's a different story, but it's not accordingly, infidels, but the people

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when they say that we have to kill them. Because the Quran says that, and unfortunately, they use the cut and paste theory. But if they look before the look after it, you'll find out the biggest, the context of the whole verse, and we know that Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentioned, the Quran was in a Latina, yukata Lu, it was given permission for those who being fat, those who have been killed, and now a little more, they were being oppressed. So what does Islam Gnosis defend yourself, you have the right to defend yourself. So this is these are the ones that being killed. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry, and God Almighty also revealed these things with the moshtix of Kulish. Those the

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idol worshippers, that for everybody, those who are killing you, they were driving you out of your home, killing your family, stealing your land, taking your worldly possession, you have the right to defend yourself. It is not being an oppressive, aggressive, you're being a defensive. So of course, these people say that because you're not a Muslim, I have to kill you. The amazing thing is that the client gives us

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permission to marry from the man to marry or from a Christian woman or a Jewish woman, according to the opinion of some of the scholars under circumstances. Could you imagine now, my wife is a Christian or my wife is a Jewish woman? Say I love you, honey, but I can't be your friend.

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That can't be friends. Or I love you. Anybody have to kill you. Yeah. Can you imagine that is absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. So people that do cut and paste theory, the translated according to their own whims and desires, their own hidden agendas, absolutely have no place in Islam, no place and so is there a verse in the Quran? And can you elaborate on this the translation of the meaning because we have the Quran is the verbatim WORD OF GOD IT'S tamper, free, tamper, proof preserved and memorize by millions. That's another topic

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that it says that God has not forbade you from showing kindness to those who have not fought you or driven you out of your lands. Talk to us about absolutely it's sort of the Montana you go back and you'll find out the God Almighty says that Laird hakam Allah and Allah dinamico classroom for Dean was talking with they don't enter the room automatically him. So beautiful verse, the meaning of the interpretation. God Almighty forbids you not to be kind and just I'll have to come back to that word to explain it. For those who do not fight you in your religion and do not kick you out of your home. So let us go find out the conditions. What are the conditions, if people leave Muslims to worship

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God Almighty, and don't kick me out of your home of my home? I will have to be more than kind and more than just I have to go back to the Arabic word in order for me to translate this properly. And I see at least if you go just on the apparent meaning of the verse. If someone tells you listen, I leave you to the worship garden. On your the way you want to worship God and I won't get your your home is that too much to ask that suddenly

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Mmm requirement for any human being for their own rights. So let's go back to the Arabic text and say you find out says is this editable room the word build in Arabic is has a connotation, the relationship between the Father and with the parents and the children. And they were supposed to be extremely kind to them and twist. The second one is the twist is that means higher than adult, the Arabic word is adult meaning just unfair. But Clyst is actually higher. Sometimes it's mistranslated. So all we ask is that being very simple, leave us to worship God in the way that we were so commanded to do in the proper way, not killing the innocent and so on. I'll come back to

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that if there's a chance and do not click us out of your home our homes, we will treat you more better than our fathers and mothers. And we'll be more than fair with you not too much to ask. I hope that you're going to benefit I surely am and those who are sincere one of the truth you've come to the right place sit tight for more here on the deen show.

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Would good deeds will find that good reads

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clear out your mind in your heart of hatred

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and preconceived notions, racism and nationalism. Because you cannot have anything inside of you that's like that against people and still be successful.

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Back here on the deen show, and we covered the chopping of the hands, we put things in context. And it's not for a Snicker bar. But this is for as a deterrent to keep those people who are barbaric from hurting the innocent people. Any person who has a sound mind can see that this makes sense. So tell us now we talked about also and continue on where this misconception of you know, oh, we're infidels, and you're Muslims and kill us and all this, which by the way, and if you study historically, I mean, the Quran is in Arabic. So when you translate in English, just because it's there doesn't often commit a mistake. But this wasn't as true that this word from studying was

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coined actually by the Christian Crusaders, who they call those Muslims infidels who weren't of the same faith. So now it's being pointed at us. And you covered that, that it's not the proper translation. So continue on from there the part about killing non Muslims. Okay, and also the friendship between non Muslims and Muslims. Absolutely. But first, we have to say that we don't blame everyone for having the misconceptions. Yeah, because we didn't maybe reach out to build bridges or educate to raise awareness or all the normal Islam as Allahu Akbar Well, you know, the watch a certain, you know, news channel or anything else, that they also have their own hidden

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agenda, and they don't portray the proper message out, or they have people that mislead or misrepresent Islam to be though you know, if it bleeds, it leads in their own whims and desires and having the word association with it. And that's another topic but now to continue on with what we're talking about today is go to another verse in the Quran, that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the Quran I don't have enough time to go into everything, but at least in the mean, actually, Derek hadn't met at ebony is slightly lower Manhattan laughs but they didn't EFS and so on. Till the end of the verse in Arabic, I'm quoting in Arabic because it's Aquinas means the translation meaning and

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interpretation in summary, if you kill one innocent soul, as if you kill the whole humanity, and if you kill if you save one innocent soul as if you saved then we manatee, but the beauty of this verse again going back to the Arabic text, the scholar says Mankato and AFS the word is knifes soul, spirit, human being person. And it's not there's not LFS doesn't have Elif Lam me Elif lamb, meaning it is not definite is law he didn't see if you kill a Muslim solve. He did. He said any soul, a Muslim, Christian jewel, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, any soul that doesn't even believe in God is off limits. And that's what the scholar says God Almighty says any soul as if you killed the whole

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humanity, that's how severe the punishment is in the sight of God. And if you save any sort of as if you save those, the whole humanity, the beauty about it is that Islam also hold you accountable for a soul of an animal. The prophetic tradition is authentic when a woman will be going to the hellfire and not eternally. Of course, those who believe in one God will not eternally go to hellfire if they of course repent before they die, or they did not they will pay the price and come back just to clarify the context. Now, the Hadith says that because she tighter did not feed the cat or let her go out to eat from the systems of God, then she died. So we are held accountable for the spirit or

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the soul of a cat. And a hadith the prophetic tradition says the woman or a man both says that the quench the thirst of a dog, they will be going to happen for that simple fact. So don't you think if we're held accountable for spirit for a cat or a dog, we will not be held accountable for the spirit of human being? Because the proof is in the Quran. God Almighty says

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As we look at Khurana, buddy Adam, we have elevated or honored or level the higher than human being above all, you see. So in that essence, we have to put the context straight. So in order for us to say that you know what I can kill a human being with no consequences, there is a major consequences, even a state of war, the state of war, we don't have anything called collateral damage. Even if you kill an innocent person, while in the state of war, that will happen even by mistake, you still have to pay a ransom. There is every human being every soul is accountable. And since we're talking about wars, I'll close with the 10 commandments of war. And please compare the 10 commandments of war

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again, no connotations.

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In Islam, absolutely, it has no connotation, but the thing commandments that is known, but this is just the, the etiquettes, and the moral conduct of the Muslim army going to fight. And please compare these 10 with what you know about Islam from any other type of media outlet, that this is the commands from Prophet Muhammad peace, we want him and his successors after him is when he sends an army to war to defend themselves. He says, Do not kill a woman, do not kill a child, do not kill an old man, do not kill an animal, do not cut a tree down, do not pollute their water, do not burn their homes, do not invade them at night, when he was asked why you should not invade them at night.

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He says he saw you may not wake the nursing mother and child. He says you will see those who devoted themselves to worship God in their own ways. Leave him to worship God in their own ways. That's freedom of religion. And he says fight only those who fight you fight only those who fight you. So if you come in to fight me, I fight you. If you're not coming to fight me, you're off the hook. This I mean, you know what this is now being explained in context from the Muslims from the people who know Islam. So the politicians and those who are out there, I'm sure they're getting a better understanding too. So they can go teach the rest of the people the truth about Islam, not the things

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that they messed up probably on just, you know, learning from their own. And, you know, we're not going to judge their intention, but maybe they had a good intentions, they just didn't know, but now they know. So tell us now for someone else who says and we only got a few more points that you know, this is when the Muslims were weak. That's why then the Muslims later they became strong. So the rule is changed. This was abrogated. What are you gonna say about that? That is amazing. Because if you go back in history, you'll find out that when Muslims were too busy defending themselves and fighting, that propagation, Islam did not flourish. Islam only flourished. When was the whodunit was

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the time that there was no war, Islam multiplied, is got so many. And we look at the look at the facts, the facts that that they were when they were fighting, there were very few numbers. And when they had the chance to actually explain Islam without fighting, without the defense of whatever those who call people that Islam was spread by the sword couldn't be further from the truth. But Islam flourished from the from a few 100 to 10,000 when they went to open and conquest, Mecca to get it back. How did that happen with no fighting? And that's the truth. And look at the Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world. There's that one sword that was lifted in Indonesia? And

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what sort do we have now? And this we know that Islam is the largest and the fastest growing religion on the face of the earth. We don't have any sorts. We don't have any the media and all that what it takes, we simply don't force you to become a Muslim or not become a Muslim. And the one of the reasons the scholar says even if the Muslim armies victorious, and they put the jizya is a proof that their Islam gives you a choice to stay on your own religion, and you simply pay taxes for your life to protect it, we don't force you let it grow half a day no compulsion religion, Allah subhanaw taala tells Prophet Monsterland if I wish I would have made everyone believed in me at the end ditto

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greenness Do you would you compels people to do it. And Islam is very clear forward to you your way to me my way we have relayed the message, the truth is clear. And the falsehood is also clear. last closing comments and suggestions also, I mean, just some more advice for those who are out there, who they want to do the right thing public relations people, politicians average person, how can they take these Quranic verses the divine words from the Creator of the heavens on Earth, so they don't mess up and take things out of context? What advice do you give for them in short, before we close, don't use the cut and paste theory for the simple fact is that we can do the same thing. And

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we certainly know that that is not the right thing to do. So it's again, we welcome you to come and ask us, we actually encourage you to do so. And it will find out that we welcome you with open arms and open hearts. So we certainly hope that this is an open invitation and extend that helping hand an invitation for a friendship and hopefully a better understanding, because we simply feel that ignorance is our number one enemy. So since we eradicate ignorance, and people will not be afraid of what they don't know. Thank you very much. May God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and earth and everything we say Allah reward you in abundance for being with us. Thank you very much.

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And thank you for sitting tight through another episode of the deen show. Come back, come back every week, visit us and learn more about Islam. You got to hear it put into context. You got to hear it from the Muslims.

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And that's what you should be doing. When you want to know the truth about Islam. Come to us, sit with us, eat with us. Go to your local masjid, go to the houses of worship. You know that Islam calls you to nothing but good, noble behavior, righteousness, developing yourself to be the best human being that you can be. And it's built on the most important fundament that you worship none but the creator that heavens and earth the same God that Jesus Moses, Abraham, no, they all worship the one God and the last and final messenger to prop Muhammad peace be upon him. He came with the same message. He came with the same message that's to worship one God do good deeds, and be the best

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human being that you can be continued to come back here to the show to learn more. Until next time, peace be unto you. We know there are many benefits to the use of black seed according to the 30 staples of the problem, Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. That's why I use the black seed by Tasneem and 50% of the profits from your order will go towards establishing the deen center the masjid and mega Dawa center use promo code the D show 15% off