Why You Should NEVER Give Up on Du’aa

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ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to follow the Quran and Sunnah Amina, but I mean, I like to also ask Allah subhana wa tada to make every single one of you who attended the hookah from the beginning. May Allah make you the first group that intergender mirabello are learning this the way you honored Allah your the way you are this act of worship, as it also Elias Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in authentic hadith when we go to agenda we go into groups is not one batch. And he says the first group will have the beauty as a full moon May Allah granted that duty and followed also Elias Allah lolly was seldom like to also think every single one of you by Allah. Since the moment I have

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parked the car. And all the way here I have seen nothing but smiles. Does that mean low hairline? May Allah honor you? This is the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's been many karate Allah and he says, I have never seen it also Elias and except that he was the most person that ever smiled. People see it awkward. People see it weird. But the prophet SAW Selim is neither awkward nor weird. He's in the middle path. salallahu alayhi wasallam. With this being said, brothers and sisters, in one of my previous jobs, I do engineering as a full time occupation. without mentioning the company, I made a pretty big mistake, there wasn't a cause a large financial

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loss. I was stressed out nervous and anxious. I was instructed to go meet a specific person who might be able to solve the issue. On my way to him, someone stops me and asks magic, where are you going? I told you I'm going to meet so and so as you might have heard of the problem that I caused. He said, Oh, you're going to meet this person. This person you're about to meet is also known as a very nice guy. Before moving further with a story, just by knowing this man is also known as the nice guy. No doubt made me feel comfortable and you will agree to that, that this man will not make fun of me Will genuinely help me in all these beautiful feelings. Why? Just because this man is also

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known as the nice guy. With this being said and Allah is the best examples. How do you feel when you are told? A law is also known as

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the one who responds to your call Whenever you call upon him? Allah, Allah Mooji, the one who gives you whatever is best for you whenever he asked him. If this does not make your heart rest to a certain extent, then there might be a serious deficiency in understanding who Allah subhanaw taala is, brothers and sisters, all of us are poor and weak.

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And we tend to complain to others about our state hoping they may fulfill our needs. And it's one time we record ourselves with a camera, how we complain to our brothers and sisters. Genuinely, we will be so amazed at how focused and sincere and sometimes even cry when we complain to others. And there might be something nothing wrong with it as long as you don't cross the limits. But you know what's wrong, is when we are in a state of surges and frustration. The closest position you can ever be to Allah as a prophet of Allah so Allah you will send him I said, when you are in front of Allah Al Karim, the most generous Allah, honey, the rich and self sufficient. The one when you want

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something to happen, he says configure can be and there is and that state, we're not as focused. We're not as passionate. We're not as sincere. As if a law is the poor and stingy and our friend is a rich and generous. We seek Allah's refuge from that understanding. immunoblotting

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Allah says in the Quran wa Mercado de la hakoda. Allah said people have not appraised have not appreciated Allah the way Allah deserves to be appreciated that Allah says, well, although Jamie and kadota, who yom Okayama was sent to Malawi yet to be Amina subhanho wa Taala, I'm making sure the Quran then Allah says, since you don't appreciate Allah that Allah tells you how strong he is. He says a lot of foods they have been unfolds the earth. And Allah says I'm free from all those associated with me La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, in hopes of this hotbar even though it might be 25 minutes or so. But I believe whenever I give a talk, and he should sit in any hot bind

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any reminder with that mentality that this may change my life. This is how it also Alliance, an alliance that I'm preached and that's also a life lesson. I'm taught that people to behave. People have changed not from a heart but only from a statement. A man became a Muslim when the Prophet began by said by saying, in Alhamdulillah, Muhammad who want to stay in the middle, the man who was an Muslim, he's it's such a beautiful statement. This is definitely coming from a prophet. Not just that, there are people who became Muslim from a smile Allahu Akbar, but also la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam walked into Medina, and one of the bar of the Jewish Jewish people was sitting on the roof.

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And he was looking is like, well, I had la set up a local bar, this is the face my I swear by Allah. It's not the face of a lie and became Muslim. So sit Open your hearts, maybe some words you hear

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Iota Hadith that improves your life and improve your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala I asked God to bless his speech I mean nobody I mean, our hopes is to be like a puppet of the law and he understood what does it mean that Allah is also known as an Mooji? You know why he said in Nila Amina Mohammed ijazah will lie remark remarkable statement. He said I'm not worried whether allow respond to my dog or not. I'm not worried because I know for a fact if if I asked Allah for something, Allah will give it to me. Then what are you worried about? Jamar? May Allah be pleased by you? While I kinni? Muhammad wa Allahu Akbar? Well, I'm worried on my side, not his side. I'm

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worried whether I will make drama, whether I will put the effort whether I will be sincere, whether I will take the action, I know for a fact if I may draw was sincere and take action, Allah will definitely respond. Look, I live in a project called de la and he understood what does it mean that Allah is also known as a rough man. He said, When Yama Yama comes, and let's say Allah gives me the option for him to judge me or for my parents to judge me. I will choose a law over my parents that anybody here was a child. I appreciate this example.

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Why? Because I know Allah has more mercy towards me than my parents a lot. But May Allah Allah was to understand His mercy. I mean, that'll be I mean, with this being said, brothers and sisters, we have to understand the concept of law, not just from the etiquettes that you should fulfill which is wonderful. Facing the peddler. Raise your hands like this intensive desparation

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have to do wonderful. Begin with praising Allah. Begin with a salah and Salah. So Allah wonderful, but what we need to know is Whom are you asking from? We have to put the effort we have to educate ourselves remind ourselves, who is it them asking from for law when you do so? everything in your life, literally speaking will change. If you ever attend a fundraising dinner, you don't have to be a fundraiser yourself. When someone comes to ask, so what's the community like? What's the status here? What do we begin with? They tell you my second you know people here begin with 100 pounds. Another community says begin with 10,000 pounds. You adjust if we go to a rich, rich, rich community

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and I say Bismillah Bismillah brothers and sisters do this Bismillah for Allah sake, we have to expand the message over 1 million pounds Bismillah who will be the first person to donate 10 pounds Bismillah people will be like Shame on you. Beginning with 10 pounds. People will be offended by that. Allah says the best examples how dare we shame on me and Shame on those who make dua to Allah and with disrespect to Allah subhanho wa Taala dealt will he really be able to do that or not? Or would it be language not regime? Allah penalty says an authentic hadith yeah evaluate all my slaves to every slave sitting here pay attention May Allah make us slaves of Allah and die as slaves of

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Yeah Hey buddy.

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Lo Anna welcome. This is yet to know Allah and see His Majesty see his power. Enjoy this. If every single one of you from the beginning of time till the end of time, in Saku virginica, all of the human beings and all of the Jin allottee appreciating the numbers. camo, FISA, Aiden, we're headed for saloon every single one of you raised your hands to every single one of you at the same exact instant.

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And you asked a lot for something for our cool in seminomas editor I'll give every single one of you what you asked for lemon deli come in Waukesha. My kingdom will not diminish or decreased whatsoever in command console. And who must adhere to our header except whatever is decreased from an ocean. When you dip a needle into it. Allah subhana wa Tada. This is your Lord. What's amazing is not only how Allah a semi and the old hearing was able to know who asked and who spoke. It's not just a lot of Allium that knows what you asked for and what's internal versus external, how Allah elbasy your saw the requester But what's also amazing is how Allah Allah Mooji responded to every request. This

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is the one whom your worship, there's a sister this I'm telling you their story second person, there's a sister whom her husband has left for some time for some tasks he had to do. So she stayed over her father's place. She had a daughter, very poor family when she moved to that house, that daughter, the granddaughter and now she became very sick. So all with the mother can do is pray to rock out to Allah, grab a wet towel, put it on the forehead of the girl and make dua to Allah that's all that means you can take a loss may witness that someone came and knocked on the apartment at 1am in the morning. The mother put on their hijab and her father came

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which is which is the grandfather of the granddaughter said open the doors that are monochromatic Mr. Lamb It was a man wearing a suit with a briefcase.

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He said can I go check on your granddaughter who's sick?

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He's a key and short the father come in. The doctor walks in, sees the granddaughter checks on her. Is it okay you know her case is a little difficult, but I'll give you some medication prescription. Make sure you buy as soon as possible and insha Allah she'll be fine. The mother looks at her father they smile because they can't even afford the medication but does not allow him anyways. The doctor walks leaves the apartment and stands right by the door. The mother says Jessica lo hara is the white Yak motorcycle O'Hara and the doctors still standing now is getting a little awkward. Okay, move on.

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He said Where is the fee for this private visit?

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said what privacy what visit? Is the query mean you called me? I left my house left my city to come to this poor village of yours was a long trip

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and coming checking on your daughter and all that work and say what fee what private visit

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said doctor will lie we never called you enter key stingy and you're a lawyer to

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doctor I swear by the one who created me and you I don't even have a phone in my house.

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He said What is wrong with you? Isn't this the apartment of so and so? He she said no. It's next door right here.

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He came to me he told me what?

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It is a law who sent me to you in coalescing in California who because there's no such thing as coincidence. I'm going to come back to you. He goes to apartment that actually called them so panela finished with them came back. He told her what's your story, she told them the story. My husband went for a task I made drunk to a lot because my daughter was really sick. All I can do grab a wet towel, put it on the forehead of my daughter hoping Allah will cure her. He told her it was Allah who said me to you. And I will pay for the medication. And I'll give you a monthly allowance until your husband comes back. Allahu Akbar.

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And then she enjoyed that name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. After many months, when the husband came back, she told them the story, the husband and the wife, they went to the doctor to say jack Hello, hello. And then the doctor stopped the monthly allowance. But just to teach you how beautiful the dog was supposedly, actually, my chef was saying that when that mother and that father had difficult financial situations you would tell her husband How about you leave for some time of a law provide for us. She lived it she lived that we have to appreciate Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't ever underestimate the DA. There's a true story. I'm telling you this own second second person chef saw

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him at home See, he's speaking to one of the people who used to make Hydras since the 1970s. Every single year, every single year, I read until 2012. From 1970 to 2012, over 30 years of hedge. He asked him What's your secret that you're able to make hedge every single year. He says I will tell you

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the first hedge I've made in the 70s I went to some sort of a minivan or a minibus and then there were rows parallel to each other. But the last row was connected. There's no space where you people walk through in the last row there was a very old lady that was squished very tight situation position. And I looked at her and I felt bad for her. And I told a couple of husband and wife if the husband can go back and switch with this old lady so that they can relax and have more space. I told the husband this and as I said I'm sorry I will not change this my seat because myself and my wife we came in early for a purpose to sit in this comfortable seats. So I don't want to give up my seat

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just like that. Is it if you come look at this only look at her. She's looking at the position she's you know, crumbling amongst these people squished in between them. You're a healthy young man I asked to buy a lot. Go back, switch the seats along reward you. The man says I'm sorry, I came I came early. I want to be by my wife and so on. Back and forth, back and forth. Then the man said okay, I will switch his car the switch the old lady move forward. Amazed and happy. She extends her arm extends her legs feel so comfortable. She makes drawing to the brother she says I asked a law sapan what Allah to allow you to make Hajj every single year 1970s the brother swears by Allah.

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There were years that came he had no intention whatsoever and all of a sudden the visa comes up. He swears by Allah there were years even afford to even go for Hajj. And someone says I think I got a free spot right here in a join us Allahu Akbar. This is the Baraka of the DA. Don't ever underestimate your da. We asked lots of panel data to make us move by the storage and you have to utilize that movement in your heart. I'll say once again, you have to utilize those movements in your heart if you've been touched by a hydrogen ion. Why Zakaria

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selam in a very old man, and I asked you by Allah, how would you view a man whom Allah says was de la Rosa shaybah his here is full of white here, meaning how old he was. And he's in the first Roman making drugs Allah Allah grant me a child, or like grant me a child, an old man over eight years old. We all know that most people will accuse them of being mentally ill. This man needs help. This man is so much known.

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But it's us who need help of those who accused him because this man never gave up on Allah. At one time when he walked in Maria Maria Salaam as a last resort to Allah Milan, hula de la la has a Korean crop.

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Was there in the high risk every time the Korea walks into Miriam, her place? He finds some risk provision. The no one in the city has. That's not the season of the fruit.

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Kalia Maria. Maria was a possible you have this color to Amina in de la la la. in La Jolla Zuko Manisha ob ryrie. He said, It is Allah who gives with no accountability. When zekeriya saw the drama of the mother of Miriam taking place. When he saw that wonders of Allah subhana wa tada right after that for those who know the surah right after that what happened? When alika de aza kuriyama he was moved by this and he went to alemi doctor Allah once again, but now with more and more sincerity and your pain.

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Rob be heavily mean the Doncaster Rhea, Rhea Tompa. In Naka, semi or da, O Allah, I beg you Allah, I beg an old man shivering perhaps when making da I beg you, Allah grant me our righteous progeny. You are semia the old hearing of my dog the next day

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that will occur to her who will call him on your Sunday filling her up and

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the angels came to it to the carrier. Give him the good news inspired him that Allah gives you the glad tidings that Allah has blessed you with a child and ally named him Yeah. So don't ever underestimate your daughter know whom you're asking from. Another talk about the etiquettes right now, the last few minutes that we have in the hood, but we'll do we need to appreciate what you have and who you put your foot on the ground to. It is the one who's able to do everything and anything. It is a lot of corrib the close and near a law puts the name of corrib with mujeeb in Nairobi, curry born Mujib were either Salah kariba Anita in the Caribbean, Mujib caribou Jeeva was a die either

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done a lot but I am close to you, when I lost close to it makes you comfortable when you make drop, when a lot close to you. It makes you feel good to make dua even if you think it's silly.

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Even if you think it's embarrassing, a lot closer to God knows. When Allah is close to you, you don't have to go into much detail. You don't say yeah, Allah my rear tire is 30 psi, Allah, this is under No, you're not happy with my car that says done. So I say whatever I have said, Apollo

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was started realizing last forgiveness to forgive me forgive you all, to seek Allah's forgiveness in those few moments. And so I will sit for a minute, minute and a half or so. Be as genuine as you can make dua to Allah The one who can do anything and everything he wants configure code, no matter what Cindy you've done it in your life, from Xena to alcohol, to grog to drugs to this to that will lie, a moment of genuine regret right now. Regret and remorse. Promising Allah will never do this again right now be nilla a new white page not just that and allow a substitute your sins to good deeds.

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akula Cody hi that was still for the welcome festival Pharaoh sickles forgiveness for He is Allah for Allah

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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah I asked the last panel to accept your dog. May Allah accept everything that you've mentioned. May Allah lift your hardships and have ease in your life and bless you and bless your families. The last five minutes that we have, what are some things that we need to do now?

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We know a little bit about a lot what I hate when I received the I mean, the Mattia will know a little bit about lost power dialer some of the things that you need to do on your side now.

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I mentioned few of them the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah and two Mu cleanability jabber make dua to Allah and you're 100% certain Allah will accept you cannot have 99.9999 No, no no. You make a lot of sentences done. This is the confidence level. If I ask any of the boys right now, please hold my tablet right now. I doubt any one of you will doubt whether he will take it or not. And it didn't even work it out with them. Because respectful person will take it no problem. Then how dare we make dua to Allah like will he accept or not? He will accept and he said don't ever make dua and say inshallah

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Professor Simon says an authentic hadith fen Allahu Allah McCree Allah no one forces Allah to do things well love fully in *. No, no. May Allah grant his agenda in sha Allah. No, no, no, no no. Allah grant his agenda is done. He also like granted agenda in sha Allah. May Allah forgive you shall know none of that attitude because the province wants us to have certainty. The other thing brothers and sisters, you have to have your income, your clothing, your food from Helen Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a man who'd be traveling check mark wonderful position to make

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a shift in the very humble position another check mark wonderful stage raise their hands to Allah Sunnah check mark number three he says yeah Rob era calls upon Allah not a grave not distant that wonderful to Allah for check marks however, Mata mucho min Hara Masha boohoo when harem metal festival, Manhattan their clothing from Harlem whether the money that you bought the clothing with or the clothing itself, the food itself or the money about the food was is haram than the Prophet says en nuestra gente de delic How does this men expect a lot to answer their dog? You know, why is this wonderful? Because if this man truly trusted Allah the attention if this man truly trusted

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Allah, he would have have never resorted to these avenues to make income or to buy their clothing or to have food. So panela now you go back to Allah, you go back to Allah from day one. May Allah forgive us our shortcomings in Arabic, and the last condition we'll share with you inshallah.

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I can make dua to Allah Allah. Raise the microphone Allah. Allah raise the microphone and we all see me in Yala Reza microphone Yara Yara are we read the Karanja Allah, we wait till Ramadan, the last tenants of Allah raise the microphone will light it will not be raised until I do this.

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Until I put the action

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you have to take the means whenever you make drag to Allah otherwise the item that they said if you ask Allah for something, and you're not taking action that is disrespect to our last time. How would you feel when one of your family members sees you like yeah, I'm sitting in the masjid all day long all day long is that ganic I'm making a referral to get me a job, work on your resume, work on your CV customize at work goes door to door, knock on the doors, and send the message as long as you take the means. But you just think done Oh no. They're really angry one time for those who know the story. He came to the message during dinner time which is usually that's when people usually work.

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Is that what he is doing? He's really making a lot he got his stick. He's like Allah doesn't make it rain golden silver in the summer lol total they have one effort to find a job co production and that's what we have to behave with. In conclusion. One time there was a brother who was very committed to solid very committed I'm a witness to this. A Blizzard thunderstorm back in Canada you always come to the mission wonderful brother Mashallah. I would drive sometimes similar sidewalk I go pick him up. He has no car, no bus pass, no bike, nothing. All of a sudden the brothers stop showing up to them as *. I go to his house, knock on the door. And he opens the door. I say

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Salaam Alaikum. Then he curses is what the mentioned do you want? I'm really confused. very dedicated person committed to the message and that's your response is wajib saying Salaam is soon responding is an obligation. Don't tell me I hate that brother have issues No, no issue with Islam. You have to respond back to Allah allow us to follow the sooner. And

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then he said he's like what do you want? I'm like keen to check on you.

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Are you you were absent for a week from the Mr. Door. So he's like, I'm healthy. I'm standing there move on in life. I'm like, I'm not moving on until you tell me what's wrong with you. Because we're a little closer. I can have no subjective. Back and forth back and forth. Is that okay? Come here. So I'll go to his house. What's your story? He said you know how dedicated I am to the message Yes or no? I'm like, Yes, I admit to that. He's like, I come to the message. Regardless of the weather. I have no bike I walk every single time I'm like a lost a witness. Yes, I do believe that. And I personally pick you up. Yes, I know. But what's the problem? Why you stopped coming to the message?

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What's wrong with your attitude? He said, I've been coming to the message for the past nine months, making all kinds of different elements different dot this dot this dot, dot, dot, dot dot this dot that a single one of them was accepted. Why should I worship Him?

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This is a high school student. May Allah protect us from overzealousness with no knowledge.

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So there's a lot of things you can tell them but there's a lot. But part of that confusion with this hadith. I told them having heard the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Whenever you make dua to Allah, one of three things happen. Number one was to allow use of a lot of your senses. If you ever asked a lot for something, either Allah will give you what you asked for your dog goes up. Whatever you ask for it comes down.

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or number two, Allah Al Hakim always knows whatever you ask

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was not good for you. So your dog goes up but no blessing goes down but your dog goes up and blocks blocks a hardship or a calamity that was about to fall upon you. The third is that your dog goes up and stays there and then transforms into hacer net on your skin do pm that's how they're heard this win win win situation

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they said either nope zero so they will never stomach in the poorly behaved if that's the case they know for a fact Allah will respond but how I don't know but you know allow us to respond to it with the private say Shame on you don't have the attitude of always making drop. No. He said Allahu Akbar Allah is more generous, yes, you should have this attitude always make drop. Now the question which one of the three is best? The best one of the three is whatever Allah sees best for you. With this being said, I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless your beautiful faces. I asked was the panel metallic to honor you. I asked the panel and your theoretical engineer to forgive your shortcomings

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and forgive my shortcomings. I asked a lot I will do the loving and yet What did the Elena why Escalade man and your homina grammaticality was the articulation. And he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless your lives and bless your families and strengthen your ties of kinship. And your call we sold our home in America and they asked us a panel with Jada to bless your time and bless your health. And they asked what to allow you to utilize your free time and your good health. This last parent is Elena and Miss Davila so hatena will follow up catina Amira alameen will be heading up una de las panatela and Yelena Jamie and while hameau Tana, we also want to know how much and ethically

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Martin will your fair value of the mean. I mean, there'll be alameen wa como la cara la kozminski American. Welcome, sir.