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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses about one of the most famous scholars of the fourteen and a half centuries of Islam – Shaykh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, a name that is synonymous with the studies of Islam. He was born in Damascus, during the invasion of the Mongols.

Shaykh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah belonged to a family of scholars with both his father and grandfather being magnanimous Ulama. Consequently, his brothers too became eminent scholars of Islam.

Scholarship, teaching and authorship was his forte and he had mastered it to perfection. He was also called a polymath for this very reason.

Ibn Taymiyyah was blessed with excellent students such as Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya and Ibn Kathir. This did not come as a surprise given the status of  Ibn Taymiyyah himself which was a stupendous one at that.

Numerous publications and volumes have been released that have been authored by this great scholar. Some among them are:

  • Al Asma was Sifaat (Allah’s Names and Attributes) – Two volumes.
  • Kitab al Iman (Book of the Tenets of Faith).
  • Minhaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah (The way of the Prophet’s Sunnah) – Four volumes.



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The history of India highlights the devastating impact of the "other side" incident on the city of New Delhi, leading to deaths and injuries to many people, including children and mothers. The importance of spirituality and healthy lifestyle is emphasized. The history of the Middle East during the Great War describes struggles with the Iranian Iranian officials during the second World War, including the assassination of the throne by the throne's wife and the assassination of Han Han by Han Han's son.

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The topic that the society is about,

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don't have time for it.

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But before I begin,

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I wanted to begin by talking a little bit about scholars in scholarship, and about venerating and looking up to scholars. There's no doubt brothers and sisters, that's the promise a lot of money was sent them told us that there's one category of his own money that are the inheritors of the province. He said, a lot of big scholars are the inheritors of the province. So our religion indeed does mandate that we respect our government and we look up to them, we do whatever we can to help them and whatnot. And it is very important to disregard for religion that we give respect to the people who deserve respect. At the same time, we have to be careful and not go to extremes, not just

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for 20 minutes, even less than that, I just want to summarize some of the some of the main salient features of the Life and Times of India and how we can benefit from from such a personality. Now even tinea may have lost retina Have mercy on him. And he was also his maximum and sapiens, one of the most famous scholars in the 14 and a half centuries of Islam. And everybody who studies this stuff is aware of imitating is one of the few people whose names you have to know now, like every person who is so famous or whatnot, you either love him or hate him, you have a lot of enemies, he has to deal with him. But nobody remains neutral. Nobody remains basically in a vacuum of imitation

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yet his name is essentially along with all of the greatest.

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You cannot understand the style, even if you disagree with him, if any of you cannot understand this none without having a knowledge of what he wrote and supporting or opposing it. And so much can be said. But to summarize, women's India was born in a very, very volatile point of Islamic history. We think our situation is bad. Honestly, even Xavier was born in a much worse situation. He was born during the invasion of the Mongols. In our 14 and a half centuries of a snap, I would estimate our guests or I would extrapolate, there were two crises after the death of the biggest crises. But after the death of the process, there were two crises that literally shook the oma to the poor.

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There has been no comparison to those two political crises. It altered the shape of the oma permanently, the first of them, and the greater of them was the Mongol invasion, when none other than ggs Han is invaded the Muslim lands, and then he and his children and his grandchildren as his great grandchildren. For over 100 years, the Mongol invasion spanned various aspects. And so finally, in the 12th, and the 13th century CE II, would upon made his way to the Capitol above that, and he destroyed the entire city. And he brought an end to the bus and Caliphate, and he burned the largest library in the world, and the massacre is set up to a million people. Now in those days, we

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didn't throw the mother of all bombs as our country does. You didn't just throw a nuclear bomb.

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If you wanted to kill people, that was one way to do it, how did you do it? by the sword? So can you imagine not any less barbarians killing people is killing people. But when you throw the mother of all bombs instantaneously 10s of 1000s of people die when you have to kill those 10s of 1000s with swords, just imagine, just imagine that. That's what happened in both families lined up for days because it's going to take a while to get to your turn. Babies, mothers, children, women, every single Muslim of the city is killed. That is Genghis Khan, that is our his grandson of Morocco. Han even Tamia is born essentially right after that, okay, and his family is fleeing for their lives,

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and they seek refuge in Damascus, where even Tamia is born in the year 661, at age 61. He because his father and his parents have led the invasion of the mumbles that came from a scholarly line. His father and his grandfather were great friend of mine, so he grew up along with his brothers. He had three brothers, all of them, study them, all of them the kindergarten, but even Tamia essentially became head and shoulders above them. For many reasons. One of them was that they went through the one what is called a polymath. What is it?

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the mantle of polymath is somebody who is an expert or a specialist in more than one field. And all the knots are very rare in human history, how many engineers you know, that are also practicing doctors. How many lawyers you know that are also architects. Hardly anyone. Because to specialize in a field requires years and decades of study, to be a polymath is an exception. Even Tamia was one such polymath. He studied multiple fields, and he mastered multiple fields. He truly was a jack of all trades, and a master of all of them as well. And this is something well attested by even his enemies, even those who didn't like him, that attested that he had photographic memory. So he would

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read, read, read, read, and as you read, you would memorize and comprehend so even 10 years, then began to write at a young age as well. And when he was a teenager, 17 years old, he began to write, I knew that India lived a very simple frugal life, he never did too much business, he never got married, you never have children. So he dedicated his time and his entire life, he dedicated to knowledge learning from teaching and writing. And in our Islamic history,

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only two or three people have written essentially entire, you know, hundreds of volumes of books, such as a poverty, such as assumably. And such as events a media, even Tamia has written over 100 volumes and today's published material

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is the tibia, my PhD was on it, it's a via, by the way, I finished my PhD

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100. And many years ago, I finished the PhD.

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As well, and I, as far as I know, I have pretty much every book of him a ticket that has been printed, unless something has come up very recently. And the the books that we've been saying here, take up an entire shelf of my library, literally volumes and volumes and volumes, entire show and one person is producing that much material, there is nobody that I am aware of that produced as much material that is printed in our time as in the Navy. And so he has scholarship, he has authorship, he teaches as well he produced the galaxy, a proto map, all you need to do our scholar said, if you want to look at the level of a person, look at the level of his students. When you see this student,

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you see the teacher, even tambien produced in galaxy.

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If the idea was the main idea, here, the famous professors that was also a student of the tibia, the famous historian is a student of its idea. And you have others as well that perhaps many of you without you aware of their names, but essentially even tanea produced an entire bundle of scholars simply because he talks to a group and influenced so many of them, I would imagine a number of things that are very important about people that can continue and we we can benefit from Firstly, you don't get to that level without a healthy dosage of spirituality.

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knowledge in Islam is not just book knowledge, it's also spirituality. And even taymiyah was somebody who clearly was a very spiritual man, he enjoyed a close relationship with a Muslim title in Thailand, if they'll tell you his famous student remarks that despite all of the problems that have been taking a suffering, I always found him to be optimistic enjoy. It was a pleasure to be in his company, if they'll forgive, since it was never his moaning and groaning, he always had an optimistic view of a lump sum kind of data. And whenever we would feel sad because of this driver, we would go to him and he would cheer us up because of what's happening to him. Right? They would

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feel sad that the teacher is being put in jail. The teachers are not, I didn't tell you what you're not. And in the remarks that one day, I visited him in San Diego. And he was doing his dictum an hour or two after delivering this ticket. And so I sat waiting for him to finish, then given tenure turned around and said, This is my morning meal for my soul. This is my breakfast.

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And if I don't have my breakfast, I can't work properly. See, for an hour or two after fighting for our ticket or advisor, then he just says I'm sorry, I was late, but I need to have my breakfast. If I don't have my breakfast. I'm not going to be able to do the chores that I need to do. This is what you call it entering it has to implement into our lives as well. And once I mentioned to me I mentioned it in a very famous phrase that I've said many many times that it will take me a century student you know, tell him that

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to the heart

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It's like water to a fish.

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dip into the heart is like water to a fish. So if you remove the fish from water, what's going to happen? Similarly, if you remove the heart from ticket, what's going to happen? So constantly think of a lot

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of data. And in the, towards the end of his life events India was put into jail as we're going to mention in

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a little while. I didn't know it was put along with him. I didn't know him said that I would wake up at night and I was in such them making grants. What was surprising was that this is the last year of his life, the last year he doesn't know this yet, but it's gonna be the last year. And what does it

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help me to thank you for all that you've given me and helped me to worship. So even as an attendee is chained up and in prison and about to die, he's asking a local, always be thankful for all that you've given me. And this is the middle of the night waking up for attention. And once when even Jamia was about to go to jail. And then for the petitioner, they asked him to go to jail, they told him go to jail, even take the assert against him, they'll tell you Oh, this is private conversations, which later on mentioned, after the ship died, he turned to me. And he said that, what can my enemies do with me? What can they do with me? My agenda, my agenda is in my chest. What

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go, I can feel the pleasures of gentlemen, because I can enjoy the worship of us. So they said, if they give it to me said, if they imprison me, this is an opportunity for seclusion to worship a ball. And if they kill me, this is an opportunity to become a shaman. And if they tell me to leave the land and go somewhere else, this is an opportunity for me for tourism and going exploring other cities, what can they do? If they imprison me, the prime opportunity for me to worship a lot without the distractions of the world. If they kill me, they gratification. And if they exiled me, okay, I'll take it as a tourist go into the land. I'm the law of the land myself. In other words, this is

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all always the sense of optimism, of hope of courage. Along with this, there are plenty of stories that demonstrate if it takes bravery, even taking his bravery, if it's a VM, once remarked against Napoleon, he said that anybody who fears a creation of an alarmist or anything, indications of disease in his heart, he doesn't know a lot. If he knew a lot, he would never hear anyone else. I think he had demonstrated that multiple times. In one infamous incident, there was this, this mystical, extreme mystical group that would call themselves the Papa here. And what they would do is they would perform bizarre feats of in public, they would jump into a fire, and they would, you

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know, show themselves the fire does not touch me. And they will do other things of this nature. And then they would ask the people for money and ask them to join, you know, their movement and whatnot. So this was this, you know, bizarre cult writing in Damascus. And they would do these bizarre stunts and feats, and they would walk on hold and whatnot, and even taymiyah challenged them. And he said, let us both us your shift and need, let us both do the exact same thing, jump into the fire, walk on call do this and that, but I have one condition, one condition. And that is the both of us, we have to take a full Muslim, before we do what we're doing, because it didn't take me to realize what are

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they doing? What are they doing, they have some type of face, they have some type of material that is protecting the skin. And they would then jump into the fire and then jump out on arm, they would walk on hold and it would not hurt them. So you can say Nia wanted to show the people these are frauds. And he demonstrated this by challenging their share to a duel. As the duel was we'll both do the exact I will jump into the fire along with you. No problem. I have to open it up. But there's one condition that you have to do a

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thorough right we're going to go to the in those days there was that was called the back house right, which went into a proper was the thing to go there. And you know, there wasn't private, you know, showers in the houses, right. So there was a bad house over there, go there, we'll do the windows, and then we'll come in and jump into fire together. And obviously, the show did not do the job of the other group. And it was maybe one of the debates because of the absence of the other person. There are many other stories as well. Perhaps

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The most amazing jaw dropping story in the entire life of women Tamia deals with when the grandson of the great grandson of 10 years on invaded Damascus, remember, the grandson of Genghis Khan has destroyed about that. And then the great grandson is now making his way to Damascus. This was a generation later, this is a different time. And that great grandson, his name was Asan. His name was caused on no great interesting points here was on so Pamela put down here, what the Mongols invaded.

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And they began conquering one line after another. The Muslim woman thought this is the end the judgment they

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thought they thought those were the two gentlemen. And they thought that was gonna come right after that, and they thought he was gonna come down any second. They thought this was literally 900 years ago, okay, that's what they thought. And

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Allah subhanho wa Taala from texted The old man, as he will always protect you. And two things happened that stopped the destruction, the Mongol destruction that was the first of them was a small, unknown dynasty. In the very fringes of the oma in a province that was never made. It was always a tertiary province. It was always a province that wasn't considered a main province and that is Egypt and the dynasties,

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the new dynasty manage to take on the challenge of the Mongols, and for the first time in Mongolian history, they defeated the Mongols so the man looks defeated the Mongols in the famous battle. And you have a lot of others of that year they defeated the mumbles then the miracle of miracles happens if that isn't miraculous enough, another miracle happened. And that is the Mongols invaded Muslim lands accepted as

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the most accepted Islam and their descendants were then Muslim. So the whole dynamics changed. Because now they are Muslim. And by the way from the Mongols we get the Indian monk groups because what

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it was for the movers, the movers are the descendants of the Mongols. And when Mauer came to India, the Indian stuff oh my god mom was a comedian, so they call them the Bongo and the Indians called the Mongols the bullets. So the bullet dynasty is coming from the term combos because Baba, and of course, all the two were direct descendants of Chinese and also they will also they will deal with descendants of the Mongols. But the point being that the Mongols eventually converted to Islam, and they found it that is finance or finance, they found a source of violence in Muslim lands. So Hassan was actually a convert to Islam. Now, although he has converted to Islam, his actions are very bad.

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torture, killing legitimate stealing whatnot. So Hassan is nominally Muslim, he's praying he's passing on the line, right? He has Islamic, you know, dilemma with him. But his actions are still Mongolian, right following his great grandfather. So kasan is now camp outside of Damascus. And he is threatening to invade Damascus and raise the city to the ground. People began fleeing Damascus they began running away and it didn't India stands up in the message is not for masala and he begins to give a powerful old book, do not leave your house as a man this is now a Jihad we have to fight against Assad, and he encouraged the book people to stay. Then he took an entourage of scholars to

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meet us on you got to be willing to come anywhere too scared to come. You got to hit the road. No, that wasn't to come. As he then marched to the army and demanded an audience. He said you are the ruler of Damascus, we demand to see your Emperor. So eventually made more mistakes for them. And they are allowed to enter the golden tent. They have this special tent that we travel and they were allowed to enter the tent and given to me 11 09 So now you have the emperor of the Mongols. He's supposed to be a Muslim technically, and you have given to me and you have the entourage. And everybody knew the ferocity of the Mongols. Everybody knew how evil and barbaric they are. If you

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studied history, hardly any dynasty has been more barbaric than the Mongols. They literally killed millions of people by the sword. They were the first dynasty as well three Pi over the heads of the bodies in in pyramids, they will literally have 10s of 1000s of heads in pyramids outside of the cities to send warning signals to the other cities. So even attendees

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marches in, and the marches drink to have Assad on his throne, straight up to Amazon. So much so that his knees were almost touching the knees of Assad. And he raised his voice. And he began yelling in the face of Assad, that you claim to be able to swim. And you claim to believe in the law and the messenger, and you claim that you pray and you fast and get you rape and pillage and you steal, and you do this and you do that have your funeral off your old grandfather in Egypt. Yes, Han, who was a pagan, he did not do as bad things as you are going to attend events and certain things that Asan had done. Now, whenever we did Samia, were absolutely terrified. One of them said

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that I gathered my cloth, and I shielded it away, because I was certain that azaan would give the command to chop off his head, and I didn't want his blood to come splatter on my soul. So I got rid of my soul. And I turned it the other way. This is how frightful the scenario has become. And all the while my son is lowering his head and listening and he's not even responding.

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Even his advisors were shocked. This is not the love of the day, you the angry, the cheery that the Emperor, even the advisors were shocked, and afterwards and invited the scholars to a feast, all of the eight This is luxurious food accepted as a meal refused to eat one morsel of food, one kernel of rice, what if you refuse to eat? What Aren't you going to eat to his face?

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And how do you expect me to eat because I know that these animals have been stolen from us in advance. And the wheat has been brought from here. And this has been where you want me to eat food? I have no difference. Straight to this space. You told him I cannot eat it. Because you and your army are living off of wondering, you know, the the innocent Muslims afterwards? What if it's Indian doctors, advisors, classical science? Why didn't you give the command to killer we've never seen anybody, anybody treat you this way. And you just respond with nothing. And Verizon said that a genuine fear of him entering my heart. Like when somebody is so courageous, somebody is so fearless.

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Even the powerful begin to fear. And so it was on actually did not invade Damascus,

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that powerful foot bar lecture straight to his face. And if it's any I don't think it was like this. Again. This is a man who really does not care what is going to happen to you literally lose my agenda isn't my just as you said, they can't do anything to me. And we can go on and on time as soon as we just finish up your mistake that along with this event. Tamia was also unfortunately, imprisoned and tortured by some of the Muslim rulers at this time. Why? Because he was too popular and too powerful. The Masters loved him so much. And the rulers are always threatened when you're going to not gain popularity. Look around you in the modern world today, some of the most famous or

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that have been imprisoned by their own Islamic or pseudo Islamic regimes, some of the most famous rodella have been killed or silenced by their own. So pseudo Muslim governments. This is the reality of the world that we live in. Why because dividend not truly are the inheritors of the profits. And no one can rile up the masses. No one represents a more powerful threat to the to the tyrannical regimes across the world than Islamic scholarship and gender. So that's why the scholars are always a target of the governments and the illegitimate governments and the repressive regimes. So even taymiyah was imprisoned multiple times, three times he was put in jail for all of them for the most

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trivial issues, they had to hunt for an excuse. In one point, they said he's a deviant in theology. And another point is that he gave a divorce. So he has a position about divorces, right? That when a man says three divorces in one city, you should have just one and not three, whatever your position is about it, you're not going to send the manager in jail because he has a fight. What about divorce? Think about it, right? That's not the real reason he's in jail. The real reason he's in jail, he's too powerful for the soul bonds of the kings they want assignments in but guess what happens when they throw him in jail? What happens in his popularity, goes even higher. And such as

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the weight of truth, that you cannot sign this the truth of this matter. And so finally, towards the end of his life, he became so powerful and popular. They literally found a game 20 years ago, 20 years ago, obscure game, they disagreed with it. The scholars at this time several were very jealous that there was

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What about they said, Oh, this is wrong, he's divorced, the this pathway is incorrect, you have to put him in jail. And so towards the end of his life, the last year of his life, even tinian was put in jail. And if they take him, nobody was put along with him. And he meant just that, during that last year and a half, it's mgf finished up on sometimes 1015 times a month, you would read the forum over and over again, and you bought some of his finest books until finally, in the last few months, they declined to a paper and pen because there were that scared of it to be a big pile of paper and pen. And so for the last few months of his life, it was just emerged in pure regard, emotional Allah

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subhana wa Tada. And given Samia then finally passed away the year 748 and 728 excuse me, ah, and when he passed away, in the 20th of the month of Jakarta, the entire city of Damascus shut down the next day, there were no shops open. There were no without is open those holes open, everybody wanted to attend the janazah of humidity. And people mentioned in the history of this, only two session items have taken place that the whole city has shut down. The first thing that has happened to him in terms of the first thing that is happening in the city of that whenever

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the city came to a standstill, and it was probably one of the largest and not just that Islamic history has seen and the second time was in India when the city of Damascus came to a standstill to bring it over in Batavia. They almost kind of was out of breath with a demon all over the map and higher rank they almost kind of was either causing each and every one of us to have that is lost and then too short and that test one that will never should have failed must pilots either save us from fitting those which are open and those which have secret they must have pilots it runs this knowledge that is beneficial and they love practice to act upon that knowledge failed us what kind

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of what kind that allows to be respected for their profits Mohammed Sutton log on and he was setting up a company can engender