The Spiritual Ladder – It Takes A Heart To Give, The Fingers Only Let Go

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. Half of the time, Rahim Allah has written that the greatest setback of sin is that it leads you to another vise. If you commit one crime, then it brings you closer to another crime. And the greatest positive energy of virtue is that if you perform one virtue, it propels you to another virtue. So if you are going to be generous, it will take you up on the ladder of generosity and Allah forbid if you're a person who withholds and then it will take you right to the rock bottom. I came across something very amazing. In medallic Tenzin in the fifth juice under this ayah I live in a avocado a moron and

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is available, those who are Mises and they advocate miserliness. The scholars say that the linguists say there are four types, elbow one is a bustle a person who Mises What is his nature and let the economy man he whether you call, whatever I have, only I will eat, nobody else will eat from it. Then you have one trait that is worse than that, and that is show

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me many whether you can do

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that nobody must eat from what I have, nor can he eat from his own. He just doesn't have the heart and the mind to use what Allah has given him. So it could be gold, he has a jacket, he has a sweater, but he won't wear it. He has, you know, certain amenities but he won't use it. And then you have Jude Judy's generosity Allah de Konami, Maliki what you can do in Mali, that people eat from what he has, and he himself enjoys from it. And then there's one even greater and that is called Sahar and letting you can O'Malley he, whether you're a kurumi Mali, he, where he is through and his happiness and his joy is to see how others can benefit from what Allah has given me and not me

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necessarily. And I share with you an amazing incident of Hassan radi Allahu anhu. And this was the salient feature of these great people. So hasn't gonna be a long one who is walking and he seen this young man and he's a poor Papa, humble person, he's eating bread, and then he takes a muscle and it gives the dog a muscle until there is an equal portion left and he breaks that equally in half and then he gives the dog half and he eats half. He doesn't eat more and give the dog less and this is not with a fellow human but with another creature. So when when Satan has sympathy Ilana observed this you know tears just trickle down his eyes. It was emotional. So he said Mohammed laka Allah and

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shadow to kill a young man What made you do this that you split? You know, you cut the bread in half, and you gave half to the dog and half to yourself? He said it's the hyena. I mean, I na n rabina who I simply couldn't eat knowing that this animal was hungry. My inner self wouldn't allow me Okay, Wow, amazing. What's your name? This is my name. Whose orchard is this? This object belongs to abandon Earth man. And you are a slave to him. Indeed. Okay, at some to Allah, Allah Barry. I swear by Allah Allah asked me In the name of Allah remain seated. Yep. He goes through the master purchases the orchard and purchases the slave and pays him the handsome amount and then he returns

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to the individual. And he says to him, that you know what i have purchased you. So he said a tie to the law he when he rasuna he will aka mala obedience to align His Messenger sallallahu wasallam and then to you as my new master. So he said, Well, I have good news to tell you and the 100 Liberty law. I have liberated you for the pleasure of Allah. And that's not all. Well hi. To Heba toon laka meanie and this orchard is a gift to you from me Subhana Allah, can you imagine the display what was the last out of the for us? Haha, you can only marry him When are you gonna be Molly here where the thrill is to see how happiness comes to others from the well that Allah has given you. May Allah

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bless us with that spirit with our joy, ease in seeing how the bellies of others are filled and how the thirst of others are quenched and how others are provided with shelter. That becomes our accomplishment. May Allah make that a reality. I mean, you're a Bellamy