A Chinese Asks Why Does Not Allah Show Himself in Islam

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Keep up three Communication Engineering. Actually, this is my question from my friends and non Muslim

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she asked me this question, but I cannot say

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question is why a war

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hour? Not sure itself like another region got like she's got she is Chinese she's know the physical of the gods and she's know about the power of the gods so why

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hola not sure it's safe. Thank you

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for the question that one of if non Muslim friends she asked him the question that why doesn't Allah The God Islam show himself like in other Legend

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The MC God? Why don't you make and receive the Word of Allah and Islam? The reason the reason is that Allah subhana wa Tala and Islam is the to Allah subhanaw taala. If he shows himself, you will not be able to live

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is so powerful. And the example we have in the Quran in surah Taha, then Musa alayhis, Salam says, or Allah subhanaw taala want to see you. So Allah says, I will show my glimpse to the mountain, you look what happens to the mountain. So when Musa alayhis salam turned his head to the mountain, Allah shows his glimpse to the mountain and Musa al salaam faints? That is the power of Allah

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is so powerful, that we human beings, in this stage, we cannot see Him.

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And the definition of ALLAH is given in for the class chapter 112 was the one to four which says call who Allah says Allah, Allah and only Allah has summoned Allah the absolute internal lamina mula begets not noisy, begotten, what a miracle look for an ad nothing like him in this world, the moment who can compare God to anything in this world he's not God.

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So any other religious people that this is God the moment you can compare God to anything in this world, he is not a true god this is a full line definition of Allah subhanho wa Taala of Almighty God any human being

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whichever God he or she worships if that God fulfills this four line definition we agreed that entity to be TRUE GOD otherwise it's not a true God say either lovin and only

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Allah the absolute the internal IT begets not noise begotten well I'm gonna call local for now

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and let me ask you a question

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which is

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the highest reward that you can think you can get brother

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Well the question

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well the question no one

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can understand whether Yes Here it is. I'm right.

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Whether which is the highest reward you can get

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hash reward that a Muslim can get

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Jana right.

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Is there anything Hi Linda? Nah, no. Yes. Someone said yes.

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Yes, if anything Hi Linda na

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just as the answer is there anything has in Jannah? Yes. To tell what is it see Allah, the gym janitor for those high the janitor for those and then in the for those Allah Allah and the highest etc, in the face of Allah, the virtue of Allah. We as human beings cannot see the virtue of the face of Allah in this form. But when we go to Jannah, everyone in general will not see the face of Allah.

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Only those who are in genitive for those who are then the feeders are Allah goes to the Prophet, Allah will not show his face always we would urge we would desire to see face. So the highest reward that any Muslim or any human being can get. deny the high reward but not the highest. There is a fear there's a high but not highest. It is seeing the face of Allah Raja of Allah. So tell you a non Muslim friend, that if they follow the criteria or Surah Al Asad

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have Eman have righteous deed. Exotic people to throat exhort people to pass in persimmons, cheerio to Jana Inshallah, but you have to follow the rules of the Quran. And if you go to Quran if you go to the higher level of Jana, if she enters, she'll be able to see the face of Jana. We will see the face of Allah, every human being

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will not see only those who receive the highest award in the next lap in the year after hope that answers the question

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whether Do you want to see the face of Alon or

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do you want to see the face of Alana?

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Ah hamdulillah inshallah we pray to Allah that may put all of us in Jana agenda, the filters and the filters Allah Allah and we see the face of Allah insha Allah