Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer At Takathur 02

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remembering the surah Taka's warning to not let things like wealth and fame affect people. The speaker emphasizes the need to remember these lessons and not let them overshadow the importance of remembering them. The speaker also mentions the importance of remembering the surah's teachings and not letting things like wealth and fame affect people.
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Hey open your eyes deep creatures and know that the majority of the minor signs have appeared. Sudden Death being common.

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The wishing for death, because of the severity of trials, the increase of killing

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many earthquakes,

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the killing of the Jews little fight of the Jews,

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hatred amongst people's hearts, the passing away of the pious time flying passing quickly, you can not even see these days,

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disappearance of trustworthiness, disappearance of knowledge and the pre valence of ignorance, building lofty, tall buildings

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spirit of Riba spread of Xena spread of musical instruments and is thought of being in a mound.

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Spread spread of intoxicants whether drugs or alcohol, the appearance of woman enclosed that do not cover them, the large number of women and the small number of men, men imitating ladies and ladies imitating men, these are all signs of the hour, and will lie This is all expose in our day.

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Nothing but the major signs left, and one and unconscious, they all follow thus, our bodies will be bad of its flesh.

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And then we will return back to our mother which is the earth.

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Yes, this world

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is a world of cause and effect. And we all of us are bound to be influenced by its external features. Because we all see that

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prosperity, comfort,

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reputation, honor, is due to what to wealth and worldly resources. So when we say that this is the fair, the way we're gonna get to it, we in voluntarily rush in trying to grab these worldly resources. So I might say that we forget to distinguish between Harlem and Harlem, Harlem and Halla legal and illegal, forbidden and approved

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right and Ron

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will become so obsessed

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with the material aspect, that willows vision site of the more important things of this life, of the reason why we were created, which is to worship the almighty lot

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to worship allow that

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have we not admonished?

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The creatures? The Great sorta in the Quran.

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Allah to Allah warns us, teaches us advises us a great sort of why the name of the cattle

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which refers to that which we are saying surah Taka Villa him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hakam Taka

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al hakam mata katha

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the mutual rivalry for Pauline up of world the things the virtue, make sure heedless of the more important things, the piling up, piling up, piling up piling up the virtue from the path of Allah to make sure he does forget the hereafter.

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Those who take delight and indulge in the library for children for well for assets, status and fame and every other pleasure, that departure from the almighty lord.

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Allah Allah says to us here, the life of the world he's warning us, says money Sheena's.

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He's teaching us Be careful slave you were not created for that reason.

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You were created to worship the world. You were created to worship Me and none other.

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Do not let this piling of worldly things the virtue for me.

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These the main of the surah his point is warning us

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Oh slave Do not let the world money assets wealth, fame status children. Do not let it it is only a test. Do not let it affect you and divert you from you wish even me

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the life of this world

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He says, occupies your time.

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So much of its pleasures and beauty, glitter adornment, that it gives you no time of the more important things and you stay in pursuit of these things until you die.

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Hamad Abu Ismail Buhari now rated the hadith of Abdullah Mustafa Abu huraira do a lot and I know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to two older boys nation, if the son of Adam had two valleys of wolf full of wealth to valleys, he would learn for third one.

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And nothing fills the belly of the son of Adam. Except

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in other words, except this, and he will keep learning and line he's got one belly of both nose, but enough I want another 2345 and so on.

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Man, he's greedy. By nature. He's greedy.

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He knew the size and 100 of them. That's enough. No.

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The more he has, the more he wants. The more he gets, the more he desires.

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Muslim, jazz or hang a whole lot earlier in his life. He narrates the hadith of Abdullah ignore Shuja or not on authority of his father for the allotted angle that he was sitting with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Mohammed Salim said

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as he reciting aloha como Taka at the polling of all the things the virtue, the son of Adam says my wolf my Wolf, but one more he says

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what can he benefit with is worth more than that which he ah that what she wears, and that we should use charity. What else you can use, you won't fall there's no other reason for your wealth. Save you got a billion dollars on one donor, this person will to $1 might be more content than the person who have $10 billion. This guy this person will be scared. This person is contains got nothing to lose eating, sleeping. Drinking.

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This person is trying to make another billion

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and her coma.

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The mutual rivalry of piling up of all the things divert you from the path of the Almighty Lord.

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