Imam at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley

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AI: Summary © A group of people are holding a rally to protest the actions of ISIS, a terrorist group that orchestrates deadly attacks on innocent people. They call on the government to unite their ranks and strengthen their partnership with other communities, and to ensure that all citizens are protected and have equal protection. They express their desire to bring peace and build a world where all citizens can discuss their issues and resolve problems.
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We're here

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today not only came along

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masquerade as the leader of

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the market

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for a person committed genocide

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so first and foremost

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no matter what their religion

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everyone regardless of their religion, their creed, price pressure ethnicity, of course we're murder was the genocide

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cultural determination

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is not just on only the shape is on our country The shame is on Silicon Valley

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I would not invite a representative of ISIS here.

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We all know that

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celebrate someone who works to exterminate other people who wouldn't invite

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a representative

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of a Mexican drug cartel that's orchestrating murder and pogroms against innocent people. So our question is, why is Silicon Valley,

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the United States, inviting Modi here, inviting someone who orchestrated, genocidal campaign not just against the Muslim

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against the seeds of India, against the Christian of India, against the borders of India? Why would they invite someone who is committed to genocide, committed to ethnic cleansing, committed to extinguishing the cultural heritage of the Muslim community in India, of the Christian community in India, of the Sikh community? In India? That is our question. As this is a question, we asked our government This is a question, we asked Silicon Valley. Why is this genocidal murder? Why is this picture hanging on the SAP system? We went to have a picture of someone a leader of ISIS on the SAP center, we wouldn't have a picture of a leader of one of the Mexican drug cartels on the south

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center as an honored guest. So why is floating on your guest isn't just about money? Is it just about influence? Is it just about politics and vote? We say no to that kind of politics. We say no to that sort of economic influence. And we say yes, to the poor people of India, we say yes to the disenfranchised community of India, we say yes. To those people who are suffering on the receiving end of the genocidal campaign that has been launched by not only Modi for the party that he represents, brothers and sisters. We have to raise our voices we have to protest. For most importantly, we have to organize. We have to unify our ranks as a unified front of

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many communities, many religious community, many ethnic communities joining together and one voice to say shame on.

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shame on our government.

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F Modi's visa was referred when he was in Prime Minister, it should remain revoked because the leader of a state that's committed to it

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genocide should be no different than the leader of a party committed to genocide. We're saying essentially, if Adolf Hitler was not the leader of Germany, his visa will be revoked for when he becomes the prime minister, when it becomes a furor, he's welcome. We would say that's absurd. Well, it's also observed that someone who consciously participated in a genocidal campaign that left 1000s of innocent people dead, should be treated as any other criminal, to be treated as any other criminal. So we have to unite, as this side says, Those who are from the Hindu community, the Jain community supporters,

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the Christian community, and those of us from the Muslim community, for for the people, and for units, and for cooperation, and for living in a state where everyone's rights are respected, where everyone can feel that they are protected, and have equal protection under the law. They have to unite, bring our voices together, bring our votes together, our influence together, and make those who would allow killers and tall country to hold them accountable, to hold them accountable. And that's the only time we'll begin to see visas revoked for criminals, such as this criminal mode for murderers, such as this murderer, orchestrators of genocide, such as this orchestrator of genocide,

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and the American people should be aware of this, and should withdraw with support from anyone, no matter who they represent. As he said, if they're Muslim, or just as guilty, we should have equal opportunity, condemnation of murderers of genocidal

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murderers no matter who they are. But here we're gathered to protest this particular murder. This particular architect of DataCite, has won voice, as you can see many different communities, one voice, one message that the appearance of moody is unconscionable, and it is unAmerican, and unacceptable. And we're here to say that and to tell our federal power citizens and to unite with others who share that message, brothers and sisters, we, in conclusion,

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we are trying to build a world of cooperation. We're trying to build a world where these terrible weapons, nuclear weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction will not be used against those we oppose will not be used against those who might have a different religion will not be used against those who might be from a different economic class, or caste will not be used against those. We differ when we're trying to build a world where we can talk with each other, we can uplift each other, where we can share and cooperate with each other. And those like moody, Rowdy are trying to build a different sort of world, a world that will take us backwards to the days of sectarian

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violence, to the days of communal and sponsored genocide. We don't want that world because that is not the world our children can live in. That is a world that faces our children, and the future of our children at stake. We want a world where our children can come together as a human stem can discuss our issues, and resolve all problems, you peaceful, diplomatic negotiation, and not through war and violence and genocide. That's what we stand for cooperation, and not condemnation. We stand for communal harmony, and that communal genocide, we stand for coming together to solve our problems, and not working in isolation, as separate segregated communities to answer fate and create

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new problems. The world of genocide, your world of violence, the world of non cooperation, is the world that voti represents. And we believe that this is an American type of world. This is a

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on democratic type of world, we represent something else. And we're here to raise our voices to tell our fellow citizens that we represent something else. And anything else is shameful. It is shameful. It is unacceptable. It is wrong. Shame shame mo