The Deen is Naseeha

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this Lehmann cathedra cathedra

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and Abby Roca, Yatta Tamim even the house Dario the Allahu Ananda views Allah Allah Allah He values I was a llama con de Lucia Colina limit en la he will he Kitabi he will lead us holy, holy I'm Mathilde Muslimeen. Will muddy Raha Muslim on the authority of Midori while the Allah

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rasool Allah is seldom said the religion is not see how sincerity we said we asked to whom he SallAllahu sallam said to Allah, his book, His messenger and to the leaders of the Muslim and the common people.

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Now I'm reading from

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a very beautiful website called which is on the basis on the base which is based on are available via is called 40 Hadith now What do you have these now

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Here it says this hadith focuses on an L Naseeha. advice or sincerity.

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Rasa Salem says that the entire religion is encompassed in the concept of the seer and that the main pillar of the religion and its soundness lies in this concept of nausea. Nausea is usually translated as advice. And this is also the meaning for example, in order to do this yet,

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but this translation does not convey the true meaning of the word the closer meaning of the terminal see high sincerity plus, that means that the entire religion is encompassed by the concept of sincerity.

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Now this, of course,

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leads us back to the first time this which is in our ama loop beneath this insecurity of the near the class of Nia is the basis of the worth of any deed.

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I continue from reading from this also, as I said, I've stated in the Hadith that nasiha should be given to five categories of one two, Allah, then to his book, to His Messenger SallAllahu sallam, to the leaders of the Muslims and to the common people.

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That let's see each of these Naseeha Allah subhanaw taala means

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that we should have the correct belief in Allah subhanaw taala and reject associating any anyone or anything with him that we reject or share and we reject all that. It means that we constantly try to purify our relationship with Allah and be as true to this relationship as possible. We also do what is required of us, which means fulfilled of rights, and abstain from what is prohibited in the car to Allah subhanaw taala also means that we must know how to implement the Sharia So learn as much of the deen at least as essential for us and

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how to implement that Sharia in our lives.

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Number two Naseeha to Allah's book means against sincerity with respect to the Quran, believing that the Quran is the speech of Allah subhanaw taala and it was sent down as Revelation is where he and that there is no similarity between the speech of Allah and the speech of mankind.

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To be pure and sincere in our relationship with the Quran requires that we have the utmost respect for the Quran. Because the Quran with respectful names such as Quran Al Karim Quran Majeed, Quran heavy

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and so on.

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We have to act on and respect the content the core the content of the book by carrying out its commands and staying away from its prohibitions.

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Explaining the Quran to others helping people understand the beauty of the Quran and defending the Quran against attacks is part of giving the see how to Allah's book. Number three, let's see how to Allah subhanaw taala has messenger SallAllahu Sallam part of that is to know him is to understand his life and his struggles that he went through and relating his struggles to our daily life. Study of the Sierra is part of the Naseeha with respect to also nice, loving Rasul Allah more than anything else and loving him more than ourselves is part of giving this year to the profit center set up again remember here we are not talking about advising him we're talking about sincerity

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towards himself.

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Obeying wrestlers are seldom rejecting those who had any enmity towards him, being loyal to those who gave it

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agents to him that is his Sahaba and his family, honoring him and reviving his manners and Sunnah are all important aspects of the see her towards masala he sort of said number four Nasir to the

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leader of the Muslims. Giving the seer to the leaders of Muslims involves making dua for them that Allah subhanaw taala, guides them protects them and makes them able to carry out their responsibilities.

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Also, it is to correct them when they are wrong, as a worker of the Allahu AST of the believers that he was entrusted with leadership. He said, As long as I command you to do what Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu Sallam commanded you to do, then you should obey me. But if you don't, then you should set me straight. Another way of giving a CR to the leaders of Muslims is to know them interact with them get involved in their efforts in a constructive way and not sit back and criticize what they are doing without trying to help them. It also means getting involved in politics, it also means getting up there public life and contributing.

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Simply sitting and

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criticizing then can become

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paper it can become backbiting and obviously it is completely useless. Obviously, there is a risk involved in this. That is that is where as well as another he said, the peak of Eman is to speak the truth to the target.

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The fact that last one of them is giving the car to the Muslims in general, which means advising them, giving them good advice. So salaam said the rights of a believer over a believer are six then he mentioned among them, if he asked you for advice you give him advice. Giving the idea involves guiding them towards that which will correct their affairs in this life and the next. It involves protecting them from harm, helping them in times of need, providing what is beneficial for them, encouraging them to do good and forbidding them from evil, with kindness and sincerity and showing mercy towards them.

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It's very important here to take care of two things. One is

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don't force advice on people. There's nothing as useless as unasked for advice and ask for advice is is worse than stale bread or old newspapers. Completely useless, it will get ignored. And it's a waste of time. So put the person in a position where they want to ask your advice. Without doing that, which are beyond the scope of this cocktail hour. Get them to ask.

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Then give advice. Number two, give advice which is good for them, not something for yourself. Make sure that you are not giving advice in the because you want to show off your knowledge and you want to show that you are superior to them or you are holier than them. Don't do that.

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Third thing is, as far as giving advice is concerned, it's very important to remember that

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shaytan sits

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on the shoulder of the one who's giving advice and whispers in his ear and says You are holy, you are wise you are so good, and so on and so forth. And you become arrogant, that that is whatever the other person does or doesn't do whatever the other, whether your advice whether it helps you as a person or not, it will destroy you. Because if you become arrogant, then that's the grease to slide into the pit of Jannah. So it is better not to give advice and keep quiet. And just make dua for the person. Because at the end of the day, Allah will change him and he will not change unless Allah changes. So make dua for the person who say Allah help my brother killed my sister.

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I don't want to say anything to them, because I don't know how they will react. And so therefore I leave it to you and I'm making dua for them. I always say this to people that if you consider praying the hedges for this person you want to correct to be too much of a trouble for you, then really you're not the right person to give advice. Because then you have to check yourself how is it that you don't want to pray for them. When you know that prayer is the thing which will help but you want to advise them then it means that really you don't want to help them. You want to show how superior to you are to them. So please stay away from that. That's better leave alone and leave them

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in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala who is an hottie is the one who guides and

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Allah does not need you to guide them, but you do it for yourself which is because we have in order to for our moreover networker, so it advice good and we we advise against evil. But do that was sincerity. There is no point in destroying your own animal because of

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shutdowns, chatter the temptations as a law to accept us and to keep us on

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the straight path protectors from shaitan was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a member of the Corolla