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Assalamu alaikum weed and the controversy, is there any permissible use of weed? The answer is there is an extract of weed that happens to be non intoxicating. It's a clear liquid known as CBD, sometimes it is added into various multivitamins or supplements and sometimes foodstuffs. That is permissible because it is not intoxicating at all. So, that's the CBD. In fact, it has a lot of health benefits, it actually boosts your immune system and can fight certain diseases. Perhaps

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the homeopaths might tell you more about it, the experts have it if you read up about the benefits of CBD oil and CBD extract of marijuana or we'd in Arabic known as El Benge, or in some of the African languages known as bangi soheila. So, there is an extract you can get from it that is non intoxicating and extremely beneficial. That's the CBD. But what about the THC? Well, the THC is also an extract of the weed, but it happens to be slightly intoxicating, sometimes a little bit more. Does it have any benefits any medicinal benefits? My brothers and sisters, the medicinal benefits of THC are known, you can read up on them, you will actually be surprised people have been cured from

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cancer. A lot of people have had their tumors eradicated. Many people have been cured of epileptic fits that have been happening to them for years on end. And that is by the correct use of the THC in extremely small doses together with a disciplined diet, but you need to learn about it there is medicinal benefit in the extracts of weed. And like I said the CBD no question about it. The THC only when absolutely necessary for some of the diseases and you would need to contact a homeopathic doctor or perhaps an expert in weed Suhana law. Some of the doctors that normal medicinal doctors may not even approve of it. They might not even know about it. Some of them would acknowledge Yeah,

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you know, it does have some benefits. I know of people who have been cured like I said, but let me make it clear my brothers and sisters the social smoking of weed is not allowed. It's not allowed my brothers and sisters I you know what it does have an element of intoxication. And if it's done for social purposes, it is totally prohibited the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clearly says masskara kathira hufa kalila haram that which intoxicates you in large quantities, even a small quantity of it is prohibited. So the social use of it is not allowed medicinal use of it. If it is really needed, and it has been prescribed by someone who's an expert, then yes, it may be

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used. So remember this, my brothers and sisters, I hope I've clarified and spoken about three things. The CBD being okay because it's non intoxicating, very beneficial, extremely good for your health, immune booster. But when it comes to the THC, you remember it's only administered to those who needed as a medication for some serious sickness or illness or disease, cancer, some tumors etc. It does help to be honest with you it has had that effect on so many people Alhamdulillah But once again, the social views no not allowed. So let's not think oh wow, weed is legalized. Just like cigarettes are legalized alcohol is legalized that is a secular legalization or the legalization in

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your country that doesn't run by the the rules and regulations of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So even if it may be legal in your country doesn't mean that from an Islamic perspective, it is allowed or legal. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness and understanding and May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all those of you who might be hooked on to it, it is still considered a drug in Islam and get off it inshallah, we not not just wean yourself off it but just get off it. Really To be honest, you must try your best to move out of these bad habits, because ultimately they would harm you. I want to say once again, that for medicinal purposes. It is it does have a scope of

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permissibility will Elmore in the law. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all Jazakallah Fay assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato