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said alikhan Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, who had Hamdulillah we praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Who knows what the hearts conceal and with the tongue shall not reveal the one to whom Allah should appeal and in front of whom the believers kneel. Today inshallah to Allah I wanted to begin our q&a by narrating to you or by reciting to the press release an update that we have on behalf of the East planer Islamic center in light of what is happening, so I began Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, the East Plano Islamic center expresses its concern on the rising tensions across the country. And in particular in the Dallas area. The recent killing of George Floyd might have been the catalyst. But

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we cannot ignore the long history of oppression and stigmatization that minorities in general and African Americans in particular have suffered. Too much emphasis is being given to the reactions and too little for the reason why such rage exists. As Muslim Americans, we stand firmly with the oppressed against any oppressor. That is what both our faith as Muslims and our civic duty as Americans commands us. We are taught from our Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him help your brother, regardless of whether he is the oppressor or he is oppressed. When asked to clarify how one should help an oppressor, our Prophet may God's blessings be upon him replied by holding on

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to his hand and preventing the oppression. One of the core tenets of our faith is that all humans are equal, regardless of skin color, or origin, or tribe or race. We are proud that of the earliest teachings of the Quran was the oneness of all of humanity, or mankind, we created all of you from one man and one woman, and we made you into tribes and nations so that you may get to know one another. Chapter 49, verse 13, and of the famous traditions of our Prophet may God's blessings be upon him is, all of you are from Adam, and Adam was created from dust, there is no superiority of an Arab over a non Arab or of a white person over a black person, except with piety ease Plano Islamic

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center, aspires to embody these universal values of equality. And we vow to work hand in hand with all with all partners, from all backgrounds, and especially with our local and federal governments and law enforcement agencies, and doing what we can to achieve this vision of eliminating racism and wiping out bigotry from our societies. We are all God's creation, and we all deserve equal dignity as human beings. Thank you.

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So Mr. Miller, who today is shallow to other with for our regular Tuesday, we're going to be resuming our regular Tuesday q&a. And again now for those of you that are just tuning in after our long break, I receive literally hundreds of questions every single week, and the email address is ask why Q at Epic mestu dot o RG. And from those I cannot answer individually online, please understand, I will choose those that are the what I believe to be the most relevant or the maximum benefit to our viewership. And we ask for your patience and understanding that it's not possible for me to answer each and every question. So today shall we will have three questions the first question

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in light of the announcement that a number of massages across the country will be opening. Firstly, what if an individual does not feel comfortable because of that individual circumstances? Or because of the inadequacy of the situation that conditions? Are they still obliged to go pray in the masjid? And secondly, what is the ruling on the congregational prayers with social distancing given that the rows do not seem connected? So that will be our first overall question. So realize, dear brothers and sisters, that the praying of the five prayers, the fourth prayers in the massages, the default position within the four schools of Islamic law is that it is strongly encouraged and that

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communities should make sure that there's something going on but it is not obligatory on individuals. Now there isn't a position that says that it is obligatory on individuals if they live close to the masjid then that position is a good one, it's there, but the default and the majority is that the individual salah the daily Salawat can be prayed anywhere. And so it is not an individual obligation for the ain for the person to go to the masjid and that is the vast majority of scholars from our Islamic history. The real issue is not the individual Salawat the real issue is God

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You might say that the Friday prayer, because as we're all aware of the Friday prayer, it is the default position is that it is obligatory upon adult Muslim males, if they are able to come and pray now that the communities are opening or some communities are opening, the question arises that should individuals who are worried about their individual circumstances come and pray? And the response is that really this is a two part question or a two to party question or two part. And that is that every single person needs to look at first and foremost himself or herself, and then the community that they're a part of, and the precautions that are being taken and the area and the

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locality that they're living in. This is not a specific answer that I can give to all of the Muslims across America, much less across the globe. Rather, it is case by case individuals need to assess both their own situation and the situation of the land and the ambience of the masjid that they are wishing to pray and, and take into account all of these factors. And then based upon that take a judicious position, let me state that the default is that if number one, their health is overall, you know, they're healthy, there's no symptoms and there are over the age group because again, the age does play a role here, all governmental agencies, the World Health Organization is saying that

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those that are above the age of 65, or even, you know, 60s are say they represent a much higher risk. And so obviously if you're in that age group above 65, or you have other conditions underlying conditions and you need to take precautions, in this case, then in sha Allah Allah no matter what the situation is outside of the house, if you yourself are socially distancing yourself and isolating yourself for medical reasons as it is then inshallah Tada you are not obliged to go for Joomla if you have an underlying condition or you are very senior in your age, and therefore the problems are compounded for your particular demographics, then definitely Joomla is not obligatory.

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However, if you are have, you know, regular basically health and Sound Health and the community that you're living in, and the land that you're living in the alert level has gone down slightly, which is what is happening across the globe after our social distancing. And your Masjid is taking reasonable precautions, then indeed, the default would be that Joomla does become obligatory as it was before the before the Coronavirus lockdown did take place. And so if you do fit all of these conditions, then the general ruling is that you should go now if any of these conditions is not met you individually are not ever healthy demographics or your land, your city is still in the high risk

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zone or your Masjid is not taking reasonable precautions and there's only one Masjid in the city and that Masjid is really not understanding what is going on and you are aware that the situation is not, you know, reasonable at this time to do what the masjid is doing. You do have in this case, a legitimate excuse but remember, you have to answer to Allah on the Day of Judgment. I cannot you know specifically tell you you have to think about your own situation and make an educated guess all I'm telling you is giving you the overall tools that if you feel that there is a legitimate fear because again, the Shetty AI does take into account legitimate fear, it does not take into account

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that which is atypical that which is not going to be realistic, what is called the preponderance of the of the circumstances Roberto Vaughn if you think that there is a reasonable doubt that you might possibly fall sick or the the environment is not, you know conducive for that then in sha Allah to Allah you have the Islamic permissibility to not attend Juma and you will then pray Lord in your house, however, generally speaking, and we're here in the state of Texas, as you know, in Dallas, in particular, our own mestu East Plano will be opening up in sha Allah to Allah this week. And we will be taking reasonable precaution, social distancing, shortening the Juma prayer timings, there's not

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no no intermingling of the most saline, everybody will praying six feet apart, and so many other protocols that we're taking into account people bring their own individual prayer rugs, they're going to be wearing masks. So with all of these precautions in place, and if you are of a healthy demographics in this vicinity, my position would be that it is obligatory for you to now come back for Joomla. Now that the situation has indeed changed. And with regards to the other part of the question, which is the rows being separated, realize that leaving gaps in the prayer rows, it is definitely something that is not encouraged. The Sunnah as a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam would

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when he would stand up to pray, he would, first thing he would do was to straighten the rows and to try to minimize the gaps between the mousseline between those that are praying. And this is something that is expressly narrated in many, many traditions. In fact, our Prophet sallallahu I said would literally walk between the rows, making sure there were no lines on the ground, making sure that they were straight and making sure that there was minimal gap and he would

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Tell the people that as well that come closer together Takara will come closer together to solve for and don't leave, you know open to men too much open spots, so that is definitely the Sunnah. However, none of the format have said that it is obligatory, it is Sunnah, it is encouraged and if for a particular reason if a person in regular season not in the Coronavirus lockdown if a person were to pray a little bit separate from the the prayer, the the default position in the majority of the schools of law would be that his prayer is valid. And it is correct in this is when there's no excuse Scheffer, Sam even say Mia, he was asked about a lady who came to the gym and she did not

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find any other lady so she stood all by herself, and she made a line all by herself. And she prayed in that regard. And he replied, and I'm paraphrasing here, that it is known that an obligation can be dropped at times of need. So, how much more so when having continuous Rose is not even an obligation of course, it can be dropped and he says that women are sold qulaity And then marriages and who fish Fisher Aisaka towards Obi Wan and Motorola he Billa Marcian Aluma Lauren further Mujibur Biller, who is zolgensma he is one who loved that basically that whatever a person is not capable of doing Allah subhanho wa Taala will not call him to task and it will fall for him if it is

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obligatory. So he said how much more so and he actually explicitly says that when it is not obligatory to have continuous rows, and this is Ibn Taymiyyah. You can look at volume 20 and page 559, it is much more fatawa. This is a Potamia talking about regular situations and scenarios, how much more so when we actually have this plague in this virus taking place. And that is why even in the Haramain, Makkah and Medina and even across the misogyny in many Muslim countries, the photos have come from senior scholars across the world. In fact, there are too many to mention, if you just you know, look it up and you know what is going on. And perhaps one of the most senior wants your

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wallet Daddo he gave an explicit fatwa in this regard that of course, in this situation, such as Salah is completely acceptable, and it will constitute a GEMA even though there's a few feet between it will constitute a GMR. Now somebody asked about is there an issue of precedents? Can you quote me, any of the classical scholars of Islam and the responses Subhan Allah? No, I cannot quote you, a classical scholar about Coronavirus and standing six feet apart. And again, dear brothers and sisters from the beginning of this crisis, I've been hinting at this issue over and over again. And let me just lay it out for you very explicitly, even though I've done this quite explicitly before.

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What this situation is showing is also the different methodologies within the scholarly class of Islam. And it is something that it shouldn't be I'm saying this with utmost respect to all of our Roma who have dedicated their lives to the Islamic sciences, but not all of our own Ummah, are of the same mindset or the same paradigm, or the same understanding of all the sciences of this world. And there's a group of scholars who really and truly don't concern themselves with sciences outside of their their own branches and may Allah bless them and reward them. And there are others who understand that these types of issues need to be the fatwa has to be in conjunction with and in

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cooperation with other specialists as well. These are areas where most of these and earlier Mark cannot go unaided. They need the guidance of specialists of doctors of those who study epidemics, they need the spec, the guidance that they are not trained for in Islamic seminaries. And therefore, what we know now of plagues and epidemics and viruses, it was not known even 100 years ago, this is the first time we can actually see with electron microscope. This is the first time we actually understand even when the Spanish Influenza blokart broke out. 100 years ago, it's only been 100 years when the last major play kit, the majority of mankind was clueless about what exactly is going

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on, and what is a virus and what not. Now, our knowledge of science and of medicine has gone not leaps and bounds light years ahead. So this is the question. Are you going to listen to those who lemma who understand that we need to take that knowledge into account and perhaps derive new fatawa in light of modern knowledge? Or will you say all of that knowledge is irrelevant, and I must find the precedent. And again, we went over this one went over the issue of closing the massage and other things. We did the right decision. And I think in sha Allah Tala, let me see this explicitly. I think the majority of you now that were somewhat critical, you now understand that was the right

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decision at the time now that Hamdulillah we understand better And Alhamdulillah the curve has begun to flatten so we can cautiously cautiously because the virus is still there, there is no cure. We can now now that we understand that

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Right, because one of the things that happens in the last two months, the globe understood, you know, in this country alone, more than 120,000 people have died because of the Coronavirus. I mean that is unprecedented. In the span of just a few weeks, we've had this massive and of course, across the globe. So the seriousness of now this virus and plague has understood, and when this whole issue began two months ago, many Muslims did not understand the seriousness now that we do and now do we understand this are going to be with us for the foreseeable future. Now, I hope in sha Allah, Allah, you will listen to those or gamma who understand that we also need the input of our medical experts

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and those who understand what is going on together in sha Allah to Allah, we can think about how to best proceed forward, and therefore, I will not be able to find you precedent, because our earlier math from the previous generations did not understand the reality of plagues and the reality of contagion and the reality of viruses, it is something that is all new. And so Alhamdulillah we have with me that you understand this now and there are plenty of fatawa in this regard. And with that, inshallah Tada, we move to the second question, the second question.

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Sister writes, she emails that she watches she watched the entire Quran series, the summary of the Quran hamdulillah she appreciate it, she has some praise for it. May Allah accept from all of us. And then she says that she is now inspired to memorize the whole Quran. And so she's asking that are there any specific rewards? And what advice would I give her? So the question is, are there rewards for memorizing the Quran? And what is the practical advice to give her to memorize the Quran? So,

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to answer that question, first and foremost, of course, there are many rewards and I thank Allah subhanho wa Taala that you have been inspired to memorize the Quran after the month of Ramadan. And in fact, in sha Allah, this is a good sign that your deeds have been accepted because one of the signs of the acceptance of a deed is the intention to do more deeds after the acceptance of the first deed, Hassan Hamdulillah this is a very positive sign and may or may I encourage all of the viewers without exception to intend to memorize bits and pieces of the Quran even if it's just the last 10 sutras or if is just just about a corpus just sort of calf or if it's just Surah Yaseen, or

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if it's just Surah Rahman, just start memorizing and then bit by bit continue to do that. As for the rewards I can give you many many lectures or many lectures online, I'll just quote you two or three or hadith of them is that the the prophets of Allah who it who was send them said in the relay, a Halina mean a nurse, that Allah has people that are chosen of mankind. And so they said, who are Allah is chosen of mankind. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said, Lo Quran, the people of the Quran, whom, who Allah he will haul so to who they are like the chosen or the family of Allah, and they are the ones whom Allah azza wa jal has preferred. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the

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halal Quran are the ones who Allah has chosen and In another Hadith and Abu Dawood, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in them in July Allah heeta Allah Quran the shape the shape it in Muslim waha middle Qurani lady ha the fee he will Jaffe I'm what you call me, this Soltani this the Sultan that is the righteous upon. So the three things are said in English excuse me, I have translated Arabic in English. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that of the ways to show respect to Allah subhanho wa Taala is to honor three people, number one to honor the Muslim who has white hair meaning that he is elderly, to so to show honor to our elderly, and a righteous man who are a

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righteous woman who is elderly, and he has whitish hair. So you show honor and respect to him. Number two, the one who is a carrier of the Quran, the half of the Quran, the one who does not go to extremes either way, the one who is the moderate carrier of the Quran, so the one who acts upon the Quran, and who embodies the Quran, we shall respect to the half of the Quran. And number three, the ruler that is a righteous ruler, we shall respect to the righteous ruler, because it is a great responsibility that he or she has fulfilled. And another Hadith in this regard is the one that the prophets of Allah, why do you send them said that it will be said to the companion of the Quran? The

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companion the Quran means obviously the one who is associating himself with constantly reciting it. And when you memorize the Quran, you must constantly recite it. And so it will be said to the companion of the Quran on the Day of Judgment, recite and rise up as you are reciting. And so as he is reciting will continue to rise up and the last verse that he recites will decide his place in Jannah. And based upon this, some of our scholars said that the highest place

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agenda is for those who have memorized the Quran and understood it and act upon it. May Allah azza wa jal make us amongst them because for every verse that they recite, they will rise one degree in Jannah. And so how can there not be blessings and there are many, many more blessings than this now, a brief summary of the practical tips and I have an article online, you can just Google it tips or memorize the Quran via Sahadi. But I can just summarize that article for you that realize that memorizing the Quran, it is a spiritual and physical project. It is a combination of that which is a supernatural blessing, along with a natural mechanism. Therefore, it is a miracle and a blessing

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that you can strive for it's together it's dual. And if you want to take advantage of this blessing, then you should be in a position to receive it and strive for it both spiritually and physically to get the maximum benefit. So I have a quick pointers that you should follow first and foremost sincerity. You are memorizing the Quran, first and foremost, for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. Not to show off and not to tell other people sincerity is a factor and you need to be sincere. Number two, the rules of Tajweed. That tweet really helps you to memorize and Tajweed means the science of reciting the Quran. It is one of the easiest sciences in all of Islam. And it is just

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a simple rule. Where do you elongate? Where do you do the Hoonah? How do you pronounce the R so find that the G teacher and online as well there are plenty of teachers find that they do a teacher of your own gender if you can, and just recite with them one on one and memorize the rules of Tajweed. And you will yourself begin to enjoy the recitation better. Number three, consistency. Consistency, it is very important, it is essential to be consistent. When you memorize there should be no vacation. Memorization should occur seven days a week there, there is no five days. And then if you're if you're able to, obviously if you're not able to do whatever you can, but the more

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consistent you are, the better that it is. There is no vacations when it comes to the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. And therefore there should be no vacation when it comes to memorization. Memorization is very much like going to the gym for your body. When you go every single day and you're lifting whatever weights that you're lifting right. In the beginning, it's really difficult, but Allah created the memory, like the muscles, the more you exercise, then the easier it is. And once you go daily to the gym, then what was very difficult in the beginning becomes very easy within a week or two. And if you don't go to the gym for a few weeks, a few months, what happens? Well, the

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memory is more in need of the gym, then your body is and so go to the spiritual gym and go to the memorization gym gym every single day. And make sure that you memorize even if it is just two lines, three lines, but be consistent, you must memorize as regularly as possible. And my advice is do not skip even one day memorize every single day, even if it is one or two lines memorized. The next thing is timing. When should you memorize you should memorize early in the morning. And the best time to memorize is right after the fajr prayer or even before the Friday but after fajr is typically the best even before you have breakfast after you pray Fudger when it is all quiet,

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nothing else is going on, open up the Quran and begin to memorize and by the way, I remember when I was a teenager, I would begin memorizing by memorizing a page a day and when I started memorizing the first page, it would take me an hour hour 20 minutes to memorize. And by the time you know five six months had gone I was memorizing a page in 1520 minutes literally it went down to 1/4 of the original time and I remember this clearly myself like okay I remember is a good move on so that's what is going to happen if you do every single time and obviously I'm speaking when I was a teenager I understand when we're older I cannot remember I said page of something new. Now that's not going

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to be possible but the point is you try and it will become better inshallah Tada. Also atmosphere. Have a secluded place have a consistent place. Have a specific chair or a specific area of the house where there's nothing else going on. Make sure your cell phone is turned off and upside down. Don't scroll through the news. Don't hear the beeps when they're coming. That's not going to help you. You need to have a calm atmosphere without any distractions make sure everybody knows not to disturb you in that regular routine. As I said you must have the regular timing, regular atmosphere regular consistency, make it into a habit. And in fact, I even say you should have a complete familiarity

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start at the same time and start in the same physical location and use the same must have every single day you need to have your special copy of the most half of the copy of the Quran. And that will be your most prized copy. It's going to be your go to copy for memorization, because memorization is also visual that you will see and it will become a new memory that either

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And to this day, generally speaking, if you quote me a verse, generally speaking, I can close my eyes. And I can visualize where it is on the page of the Quran and memorize it is it on the right hand page, left hand page up or down roughly, generally still there, because that's what happens when you memorize with one particular most have. And as for how you memorize, there is no magic trick.

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There is no easy way it is you repeat, you repeat, you repeat, you repeat. And then you repeat, again, is just repetition. There is no, there's no magic trick to do it, there's nothing you can do, you just literally have to repeat that verse, and then repeat it, and then repeat it, and then close your eyes, and then repeat it and keep on doing it over and over again. And it always helps to listen to somebody, even if it's on audio or what not to listen to a recitation online before you begin to memorize also of the of the tips that I can give you is to memorize with meaning, understand what you are memorizing, read the translation of what you're going to be memorized and

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understand the words so that you have an idea, read that of Sears, listen to the Sears. Another point is that surround yourself with recitation, don't let don't just let that 10 minutes be what you're memorizing of the day, or 15 minutes, if you're going to memorize a 6:30am, let's say seven o'clock comes in that says you close the Quran, when you're going to work, turn the Quran when you're doing something in the household that doesn't require you to talk. So for example, if you're doing the dishes, or you're cleaning or whatnot, it is allowed to listen to the Quran in the background, as long as you have some attention, you know what is not allowed as you put the Quran on

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and then you're rude to the recitation by talking to other people, no, but if you put the Quran in the background, and then you are listening to it, even as you do your chores, that is absolutely fine. Because you are listening at some level. And the purpose of that listening is to reinforce your memory. So surround yourself with Quranic recitation. Also, if possible. Another point, I've forgotten the numbers here, I'm just saying them. Find the recitation buddy, get a friend, get a friend who wants to memorize so that you can keep each other in check and call each other every day recite to each other. And then also, it'll be like a competition, there'll be a human incentive,

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which is hell out here. Your knee is for Allah. But you're using somebody to just give you positive peer pressure. So you know, you have to recite to somebody at seven o'clock, let's say and he's gonna recite to you. And so you have that, you know, positive peer pressure, find the recitation buddy, just like when you go to the gym, you have somebody to spot you to help out because it just psychologically gets you in the mood. Also, another pointer is that whatever you've memorized, recited in that day Salah and then continue to recite, stop reciting just sort of in that echo, Goethe sutra leafless, right, move on to the surah that you're memorizing, if you're memorizing

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Surah Telerik, start reciting Surah Tabarak in all of your Salah watch, and make sure that it is a constant thing that you do so that you have some, you know, some memory of the of the recitation also the issue of what you should be doing. So suppose you have half hour, let's say from 630 to seven o'clock, right? Suppose you have half hour that you're dedicated to the memorization of the Quran, you need to divide your time with the Quran into three parts, the bulk of it, maybe, I would say at least 50 to 60% of it is going to be the new memorization, how much you memorize depends on your timeframe. So when I was memorizing full time, I did a page a day, but obviously that's very

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difficult for many people, two lines, start two lines a day, so that inshallah within a week you'll finish a page that's a big deal. Oh, Mashallah. So it's about like, in two weeks, you're going to be done like all Mashallah. So do something. So you're going to spend the maybe 50% of that timeframe, memorizing that new section. Okay, the next 20% You're gonna go over the recitation and the memorization of the previous seven days. Okay, so the seven days before the one that you memorized, you will go over that and connect it and then you will recite to somebody the seven days previous memorization along with your today's memorization because, again, you memorize in snippets, how will

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you connect those snippets? Imagine a chain, another chain, another chain everyday you having a chain chain chain chain, what's going to happen? Those chains are going to be disconnected, you have to memorize the linkage as well, the way you're going to do that you will go over the last seven days recitation along with today's recitation. And that's going to be an eight day solid amount. So if you memorize two lines a day, right, then the last seven days will be 14 lines. Okay? And then today's will be another two. So you'll surely recite 16 lines in that day. If it's two lines a day if it's three lines, it'll be more than that. So that you have the because the easiest section of

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the Quran to forget is what you just memorize last week, okay? What you just freshly memorized. It's like you just you know, gently drew something in the sand. Okay, that's how the first memorization is. If you don't do anything, the wind will come and it will erase it. You have to keep on drawing drawing

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drawing until you hit metaphorically the rock, and then you can carve it into the rock, right? That's what you need to keep on doing. So you're going to be doing that. So imagine a caterpillar, this is the way I put it to my students, the head of the caterpillar is today's memorization. So every day you take one step forward, the body of the caterpillar is seven segments every day you take it one little bit more, more, more. Okay, so then you're going to have that one caterpillar. So that's going to be two things. Number one is the daily memorization. Number two is the last seven days. Okay, there's one thing left, how about the rest of the Quran that the caterpillar has left

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behind them? Metaphorically, right? That will be your next section, that at least every single day, you need to do some level of, you know, page or two of some of the previous stuff that is now so imagine the caterpillar going it leaves behind the Marcela Tabata color and amount. So as it keeps on going, that amount will have another caterpillar. And that's going to be faster, you'll be doing maybe four pages, three pages, and you'll be doing that you don't have to do this the same time. Ideally, ideally, that the the memorization and the previous seven pages will be let's see in the morning, then you come and answer time, most of the time, now you have some little bit more

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different memory things. And now you can go to the previous old memory, not the fresh memory. So suppose that you're memorizing you know just about it, let's say right, so that will be okay, I memorize just, you know, two months ago, now, I'm going to be doing two pages of just three pages of Jama. So you do something from your old memory, and that's going to be constant, eventually, you're going to reach your goal. Your goal is let's say to memorize Surah Yaseen to Surah NAS, when you finish that goal, then you will increase your daily recitation of your old memory, but you can never ever just stop, because you must constantly keep on doing it. And that is how you will become the

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Sahib or the companion of the Quran. And the last point that I'm going to say all of this is advice that I just myself have done, and people have taught me when I was doing it. The last point I'll say is do not jump around the Quran, it is, in my estimation, a mistake, be consistent. Start from one place, and work your way. Now, you can do large chunks. So for example, if you've done, let's say, just about to Sudha to NAS, and you have to juice down, then your goal is I want to do your scene, and yeah, and calf, and ramen, and Bacara, let's say right, okay, understandable, you're going to pick and choose, but do not if you intend to memorize the whole Quran or even like 15 just solid, do

00:32:25--> 00:33:02

not just pick and choose a pseudo on random, there should be some consistency. So you build big blocks, you don't build small blocks, you go continuously. And if you want to switch, it should be after you've done like a good amount from one side, then you go to another side, and then you can connect the dots but whatever you do, don't just have one thing here one thing here, one thing here, and then the last point and definitely not the least, but definitely very important. You raise your hands up to Allah subhanaw taala and you make dua to Allah subhana wa Taala that Allah azza wa jal makes the memorization of the Quran easy for you, but Allah azza wa jal facilitate this for you. Our

00:33:02--> 00:33:42

final question for today, what is the ruling on currency exchange and on what is called Forex, forex trading? So what is the ruling on currency exchange and forex trading? So we begin by stating that the exchange of currencies in and of themselves is of course something that is allowed by unanimous consensus and by explicit explicit traditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the famous hadith of everybody having a solid reported up in Sahih Muslim our Prophet sallallahu sallam said that will be their hobby what field builder will fit but they will be rule were bill will borrow Bill Bernie will mill who will make here then Bearden Sawa and bissa from Anza wizard Africa

00:33:42--> 00:34:24

our rubber so our Prophet sallallahu sallam said that exchanging gold for gold and exchanging silver for silver and exchanging wheat for wheat and barley for barley, and in one version sold for salt in one version date for dates, it as long as it is done yet then be at the other end B it means we do the transaction right then in there, one hand gives the other hand takes Salwa and visa it is done with the exact same amount between the two. So if I give you 10 grams of gold, you need to give me back 10 grams of gold if I give you 20 grams of silver, you need to give me 20 grams of silver if I give you one kilo or one pound of dates, you need to give me back one kilo or one pound of dates. So

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

it must be done yet then be hidden. So A and B Silva two conditions are done spot transaction and the same quantity from an zada always desire the fact that whoever increases or demands an increase has indeed fallen into riba or interest I cannot give you $10 and then say give me back 11 I cannot do that and also I cannot do less as well. So basically any or you cannot demand more or less from the amount if it is the same currency or the same item mentioned in this hadith gold, silver wheat or barley

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

dates and salt however then our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said either Delaford had the hill Anwar for be okay for him either kinda yet and be it, if you are trading and transacting in between these commodities, then go ahead and buy and sell however the proportions are as long as it is done spot transaction yet then be at right then and there. In other words, if I'm going to give you gold, and you're going to hand me back barley, obviously, I'm not going to give you 10 grams of gold, and you're gonna give me 10 grams of barley On the contrary, you know 10 grams of gold is going to give me many many, many tonnes maybe even no barley. So, in the prophets are some explicitly said if you

00:35:43--> 00:36:24

are buying and selling between different of these commodities, then the exchange rate between them, it is permissible to however you guys decide. But there is one condition that is very explicit, and that is in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim either cannot yet then be heard if it is done at the same timeframe. Therefore, currency exchanges falls under this hadith. And you are allowed to exchange dollars for pounds, you're allowed to exchange Canadian dollars for American dollars, you're allowed to exchange yen, you know, for the euro, however you want to do that, with whatever the two parties agree to, and it is up to you, you can it's not necessary for you to take what is written on a

00:36:24--> 00:36:57

website for the exchange rate, it is up to you and the buyer or the seller, whoever, if they agreed to more or less, that's between you and the laws of the land that you live in, I'm not saying are eligible to be illegal, but I'm saying if some countries allow it, that you don't have to follow the official rates, it is permissible for you to charge more or less than the other person should know that this is the rate and this is what I'm charging you and it's up to them if they want to take it or not. But one condition the ownership needs to be transferred right then and there, you cannot delay that I'm gonna give you 100 Today, and then you give me back $100 Then you give me back the

00:36:57--> 00:37:36

equivalent in pounds a month from now, whatever that equivalent is no, it needs to be done right then and there. So, if I give you $100 You need to give me back to British pounds right then in there the transfer of ownership needs to be spot transaction, there is no rebar, if the currencies are different, and the amounts are different, only if the currency is the same and the amounts are different. If I give you dollars, and you give me back more or less of the same US dollars, then rebar will occur if I give you different currency and you give me if I give you one currency give me a different currency there is no whatever, I hope that is clear. Now, can this be done with the

00:37:36--> 00:38:15

intention of profit? Yes, why not? There is no how much there is no sin on wanting to make this into a profit that if you feel for example, that the Japanese you know, Yen is going to increase in value in 10 months, whatever. And you say you know what I'm going to, you know, store some of my money in the Japanese currency. And so you exchange $10,000 into a yen, and then you have it it is in your hand or you own it somehow I mean, it doesn't have to be physically banknotes, but you own it, you have an ownership of course means you have full rights to do as you please if you wanted to transfer it into dollars or transplanted into Chinese currency or transferred into lira whatever ownership

00:38:15--> 00:38:58

means you have any what is called an Arabic any milky and Hackbarth the sort of that you have the right to spend as you please, as long as you are the owner, then you may change from one currency to another and if you think that you're going to make a profit out of it, then it is inherently permissible. There is no sin in it. And again, the issue comes only of full ownership now, and that's currency exchange. Now as for forex, and for those who those of you that don't know Forex is short for foreign exchange Forex is not the same as an individual currency X transaction between me and you. That's not the same Forex is a massive multi trillion dollar industry. And you know, forex

00:38:58--> 00:39:35

trading, I don't want to go into obviously, and by the way, I've said this many times before that you should realize all people who study Islam, they have their specialities they have their strengths and their weaknesses. And as Ramana hardtops said, may Allah have mercy on the one who knows his own weaknesses and deficiencies and I have no problem publicly stating, I've said this many times, that when it comes to modern Islamic finance, I do not view myself as a specialist and expert. I am a minor student of knowledge who will tell you what the major Council State say, if you disagree with what I'm about to say take it up with those councils. I definitely am qualified to go

00:39:35--> 00:39:59

back and Cotuit the council say and understand what they're saying. I have studied Islamic finance to a level that I'm comfortable where I am, but I personally don't have the desire but it has their desire. I'm much more interested in theology and an aspects of fear. And in Sierra and in history of this, you know, everybody has different so that's and by the way, you should also know every single scholar is like this, just like a doctor is not a specialist in all fields of medicine. There is no hourly

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

In the world that is a global specialist in every single field of Islamic sciences, it just doesn't exist doesn't happen, just like there's no doctor that is a cutting edge specialist in every single field of medicine. And so you as the questioner and also my advice to the students of knowledge in their own mouth today, as well should, you know humbled themselves or know what their own areas are Insha Allah, Allah will bless you in this regard. A famous incident of you, my mother comes to mind when somebody came to from Honduras with a long series of questions, they see over 30 questions, and perhaps for half or maybe a third of them. Imam Malik said, I don't know this answer. I don't have

00:40:33--> 00:41:15

the answer to this. And this is Imam Malik. So the man said that or Mr. Malik, I have come to you from underdose the other side of the world, and I'm going to go back What do you want me to tell my people when this is the answer you gave me, my mother calmly said you will go back to your people. And you will tell them hey, my mother said he doesn't know this is the sign of a real Allah may Allah azza wa jal make us in that track of mindframe. So like I said, I never ever feel myself qualified to go independent in Islamic finance, I am merely a reader and an observer and a quarter I will quote you what they have said so forex trading it is a massive multi trillion dollar industry.

00:41:15--> 00:41:49

And forex trading is when people buy and sell currencies, with the aim to make money on the difference between the two currencies. Now, if it is done individually, as we said, with the previous conditions, it is allowed. But the problem with the Forex is that a number of things happens and have them is that of course, there's an immense amount of speculation, they're going to buy currency a against currency B in the belief that the price of a will increase against B after some time. And if the currency does increase, then have they made a profit, and they're going to close the trade with the game. However, if the currency does decreases in value, the trader will

00:41:49--> 00:42:30

incur a loss that in and of itself is permissible, the issue comes that Forex is a platform, and the person who's getting involved is not the sole owner, rather, they're getting involved with a much larger contract and you're trading it as an OTC over the counter transaction. And this means that you speculate on the movement of currencies against each other, but you do not actually take physical ownership of the asset, you do not have milkier you do not have Hakata sort of you are only a silent observer, you hand it over. And then if there is a profit you will take if there is a loss you will take and also there is the added issue of leverage that you are not the sole person rather,

00:42:30--> 00:43:11

you will go through a broker and other people will go through that broker and you will be lent an imaginary it's not an imaginary Martos you say you will be lent an amount on paper and then your resource will be pooled together. And then based upon that, there is going to be a speculative loss or a profit. And as far as I'm aware, all of the councils that have looked into Forex in detail, all of them have said that Forex is not allowed. And this is the position of the major mathematical Islami, which is one of the largest and most respected councils. It is the position of God and if thou Egypt, it is the position of the Council of Islamic Council of Malaysia, of Saudi Arabia of

00:43:11--> 00:43:48

Kuwait, also moved to Tokyo with money one of the leading contemporary Islamic finance experts also gives because a fatwa that it is impermissible and if you read their Fatah was very clear, there are a number of issues that are brought up and one of them would which would invalidate the contract, but a number of them are very clear of them and no particular order of them. As we said and I already alluded to this, there is no actual ownership and our Prophet sallallahu wasallam explicitly said when you're going to buy and sell between these different currencies, it has to be Jaedyn beard and our Prophet sallallahu sallam said later their mandates are in the do not sell what you do not

00:43:48--> 00:44:27

own and what happens in these forex markets is that you are essentially buying and selling that which you do not own you do not have actual ownership and what is in what is being bought or sold and that is the amount of currency also another major issue is the issue of leverage, you are getting a loan in return for a profit you are getting into a dual contract one of which is a loan and the other which is the potential for buying for a profit or a loss based upon that loan. And there is an explicit Hadith that you cannot combine a loan with a transaction when this is why in our city and this is a very important point one of the fundamental differences between Islamic

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

finance and Western capitalism understand this point whether you like finance and by the way I don't like finance but anyway whether you like finance or not, you know minds are different. I have never been interested in the you know, the the financial issues. It's just something that doesn't, it doesn't really concern me that much at home to dinner. But anyway, people are different. Some people love it. One thing you will definitely understand. In Islam, giving a loan is not a business. It is an act of charity. When you give a loan, you give a loan because you expect Allah to reward you our prophets of Allah Who are you send them said you

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

that whoever gives a loan for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will give him 50% of it as a charity Subhan Allah, if you help your Muslim brother out by $10,000 loan, you get it back, guess what? Allah will reward you $5,000 sadaqa and you get the money back Subhan Allah, can you imagine you are getting the charity of 50% and you get to keep the money. Giving a loan is an act of compassion in Islam. It's an act of charity in Islam, it is not discussed in the book of financial transactions. It's not discussed in the book of profit and the book of businesses Kitab Breuer giving a loan is an act of sadaqa. As for the Western capitalist system, loans are an intrinsic

00:45:45--> 00:46:26

Institute in of itself to gain a profit. And it is not allowed in our Sharia to gain a profit off of a loan could look harder in German frightened for whoever, every single This is a principle in Islamic law. And it is a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Salam, every single loan that generates a profit, every loan that will guarantee you a profit, it is riba however you look at it, if you give a loan, and you are guaranteed to make a profit or a high probability, making a profit off of that load, and by high I mean, like reasonably, you're gonna make one, then you are in Charlie, and you are basically getting into this issue of transforming a loan from an act of worship and sadaqa into

00:46:26--> 00:47:05

a business transaction. Now back to our Forex here, and that is that in the Forex model, what happens is your amount is leveraged. And on paper, you're getting a much larger amount as a loan, but you don't get it's not in your pocket anyway. And that loan is then going to be used leveraged by the amount that you've given. And then based upon that, the broker, the middleman, the Forex company is then going to speculate and make a massive profit, hopefully, or maybe a loss, whatever the case might be. And so the concept of you getting a loan, and then using that loan for the sake of speculative profit, so therefore, you have you're combining between the loan and the profit

00:47:05--> 00:47:39

transaction. This is also a very problematic issue, which of course, is another reason why our scholars have said Forex is not allowed. And one of our de facto accounts is the National Football Council of Malaysia. They state in their first one I quote, a study by the committee found that such trading involves currency speculation, which contradicts Islamic law this is a point to be added, Allah knows best is probably not the strongest point of speculation, but it is there because the problem comes an element of speculation individual does not make something how long, we speculate when it comes to stocks, for example, but anyway, it depends on the level and the quantity and

00:47:39--> 00:48:20

whatnot in so there is a technical issue there. The most detailed fatwa that I read, you know, in my research was the dollar 50 of Egypt, the official fatwa agency of Egypt, they have had a 10 page fatwa in which they went in Arabic unfortunately, I don't know anything in English that is that much detail in which they did a detailed study getting the advice of experts of bankers of people that are involved in forex, and so you can see all of their research done there and they conclude that the general rule is that forex trading is haram because of all of these factors and even more and you can read the the online the online factor that is there. Therefore, to conclude, individual

00:48:20--> 00:49:01

currency exchange is completely halal. As long as the two conditions are met the first condition is that it is done spot transaction and the second condition is that you have the ownership of what you are given and if it is done then it is no problem whatsoever even if it's done for a profit. However, forex trading really has many problematic areas and that is why I am not aware of any fifth Council of the world that has allowed forex trading I ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you with an alternative means to make pure money and it will be in shallow to other better for you and without a shallow to other we conclude our q&a for today and inshallah I will see you next week for our next

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