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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of racism and the use of racist language in media. They emphasize the need for people to address the lack of privacy in their country and encourage small small small actions. The speakers also touch on the importance of treating women with respect and care, including showing one's behavior as a test for one's ability to achieve goals. The speakers stress the need for men to be aware of what one is doing and not just look at it, as well as the importance of being a woman in a way that is the greatest wealth they can have. They also mention upcoming events and events happening in the middle of the day, including a 10-year passing of the operation of Jamal Jamal and the announcement of the first class of graduates.
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out of alignment to shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Scheffer, mousseline, Sedna, Muhammad Allah Allah Allah He was so happy to remain, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Islamic liberica to

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Al Hamdulillah. The Ministry of Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed that none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and we send our greetings in love and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family and to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant a steadfastness on the Sunnah of interview Mohammed Al Salam, may Allah protect us have mercy upon us, this this community, this ummah, and this community in particular,

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we start this new year, it is a new year coulomb quantum behavior, if you know that we are in a new Islamic year.

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And it's been a bad start for RCA globally. And for us here specifically in Cape Town and in South Africa. It's been a * start to the the new Islamic year. And today's lecture insha Allah when we talk about the violence that we see, and the violence is deadly against everybody. It's against not just women, so only against foreigners, it's against men, children, everybody. But we need to also ask, Am I guilty? And what am I doing to stop the problem? What am I contributing to make things worse? So today, insha Allah, we focus on two very difficult things that has happened in the last week and help you away, you should be at least away that year in Cape Town, we've had a few.

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And this has been happening for a long time. But really it is a lot of headlines have been made, that a number of people, number of women folk children were harmed with a two murdered year in the city. And across the country, whether it is in your house, at your school, in a public space in a post office, nowhere is safe. And this is not those women with a women. This is our women, my women, your women, your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter, in these schools that are not safe. And further up north, not so much here in Cape Town on Hamdulillah. But in the other parts of South Africa, we've seen xenophobic violence where people's shops were looted. people were killed and

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murdered people, foreigners. And I'd say xenophobia is a nice word for any meaning racism, racist attacks one against the other. So we need to talk about these both these issues.

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You know, there's a saying, It's a famous quote, Allah Allah who actually is coined it, but it makes sense. It says the morality or the success of a society is measured by how it treats the most vulnerable members of that society. And society, if it's successful, or failing, doesn't matter how big the buildings are, or how beautiful dimensions are, it's can you take care of those weak members of your society, the people that on the bottom are they looked after, in our society, when you look at how the poor, the weak women, our children, the marginalized, the foreigners, are they are treated, that our society collectively is a failure. When we collectively as a society has failed,

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we have not been able to protect the weakest in our society. So let's talk first on the xenophobic violence that we saw. And again, there's so much there's so much harm and evil that's happening in the world, whether it's Kashmir or whether it's Burma, whether it's China, it just you can't even keep up anymore to the you have to mention all these things. But we so for example, now in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and maybe because we in Cape Town, we haven't been so we've been a little bit away because of our own issues here in Cape Town, that people ordinary people that have come from different parts of the world, to come and sit up the lives here that have women, children and

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families, innocent, hardworking people, their whole life savings is putting a shop and you have a mob of people coming in and looting that shop burning that shop and killing the people. And the swan Allah. This, as I said, it's used to the word is in a phobia. But it's a very big word to actually say this is racism. Usually, when we talk of racism, we're all against racism. Racism usually is only what a theatre person does to a darker person. But when it's when one dark person hates another dark person, because of the culture, or the nationality, the passport, its racism, the way you want to cut it the way you want to, to say it. And so Subhanallah there is a big problem. And of all

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people we should know, first and foremost the evils and the dangers of hating someone purely because of where they come from, of all people we should know that because this was done and to us. That is the worst kind of violence when the one who was abused or priest passes that on to someone else. And we know this we mentioned this is so many times Allah subhanaw taala reminds you and me. Oh you who believe indeed We created you from a single man and woman all of you are brothers and sisters in humanity. And we made you into many different nations and tribes so that you may know each other you all have your own distinct cultures and customs and this is beautiful, this part

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Almost plan, but the best amongst you. The only one with true Karim in Accra, Muhammad Allah He Kocoum, the one who has the most Taqwa. And Allah is Aware of all things. Now again, when I mentioned these things, and there's a hadith Subhan, Allah, the Prophet of Islam says, Let not one person or a group of people boast about their ancestors, my lineage, do not be pumped up because of where you came from. Because ultimately, these only good people and bad people, that's the only thing that matters. And ultimately, all of us came from one man, and that man came from that we see the first act of racism was by who Iblees is made up of dirt, I made a fire, I am better. This is in

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fact, some orlimar mentioned, the first sin to be committed that we know of was the sin of racism. The original sin is the sin of racism, the destruction, the thing that caused the bullies out is his arrogance. I am better than him. Now, many times when we talk about this, I see a lot of people here nodding their heads, yes, I support this. But it's sort of I'm not involved in this doesn't apply to me. I'm not the one causing the xenophobia, or I'm not the one that can do anything about it. Why is the government the police? Now I ask you the hook but today is I Am I guilty? When I started this football, I look at you know, when I do a football, I think about my congregation that I speak to,

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and I hope and I, you know, I pray that the people I speak to you, you're not involved, we're not involved in racism openly. We've not harmed people openly, we don't abuse our women openly, but they might be things we do in our personal capacity to ask, Am I guilty? For example? Have you ever ill treated a foreigner, the man at the sponsor shop, the guy working the Malawian, or the Somalia that works for you? Or works with you? Have you ever had a harsh word to say, these foreigners, these Nigerians, how many of us are not guilty of that? All we have in our WhatsApp group, people that make comments like that, and we sit quietly, and we condone it, we use racist language. When we are

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alone, how many of us are guilty of that? How many of us would share a post or even in our hearts, we might say, you know, it's not politically correct, but we blame them for that they bring crime, they take our jobs, they hammer women is panelizer them taking our jobs, we don't want to work them harming our women, we harming our women. They come here with nothing, and they make a good living. They work hard. They didn't take jobs from us. They took the opportunity SubhanAllah. They made it in our countries through effort and determination. And it's easy to blame others for our shortcomings in society. It's the same sickness you finding in America, in Europe, the same people

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that blame foreigners for their own weaknesses, it's easy to do that to point the finger on someone else, and to look at yourself and say I'm the problem.

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And what can you do to help? What have we done to help the situation? Also, simple question have we have we really opened up our invite our society to our foreign brothers and sisters?

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And our budget committees? Do we have foreigners on the report of our community?

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Do we have them represented in our forums at our schools? Do you even have a foreign friend? Do you have a friend that you can say is a foreigner?

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And if you can't, if you say yes to all of this, while you have not harmed someone murdered someone stole from someone, there is a prejudice in your heart. There is a disease on the inside that you and I need, we need to look at that. We need to look at that. And we should say to those people that make these comments. We don't allow you to make comments like this not publicly not privately, that this is an affront to me. extract yourself from that Whatsapp group, the friend that friend that has a project because he has a disease.

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We Subhanallah as I said who we need to, we are a people of migration.

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Think about this Rasulullah saw Salam was an immigrant he made Hegira In fact, the calendar of our Islamic calendar is called the Hijiri calendar based on the Hijra when one group of people came to another group and they formed a new society. Again, we of all people should know none of us here. Most of you here are not originally from this land. out we are all we're all we've all come here of Protea with against our will.

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And when you go back and said, Well, who does this land really belong to ultimately as a business owner, say to Musa Lama, the land belongs to Allah, and he gives it to whom He pleases and honor and Karim is only in Taqwa. And we have all people should know that. So are you guilty? On a small scale on a big scale and in Hamlet, you can say, of all my sins, yeah, Allah. I've never discriminated someone openly or privately based on the nationality. I have never made someone feel bad. What more can you do it

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Open Society I grew up in Saudi Arabia, which is a very, very cold classes system. What nationality you have in your passport and sometimes you go on Omar on Hajj and you experience it, that if you have a certain nationality, you get special treatment, it's almost entrenched in that society. That's how it is My Allah a system.

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How good it would feel now that is the feeling of an immigrant. How good it would be if one of us were to say, you're welcome here, just a word of kindness goes a lot more than rands, a smile,

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assistance, the guy on the corner, you know, an extra word and extra five rent when you buy, you go for your hair cut with your Pakistani Baba, the extra five grand, and he gives you that massage for free by the way, right, you will know what I'm talking about.

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And these things, this means a lot. And you can imagine the fear that people have the fear that today, anything can happen, my property can be taken, my family can be at we do. I turned to my own government wants nothing to do with me. I can't go home. And over here I'm vulnerable. People feel scared. And if you can make someone feel safe and welcome, then this is more than million. It's value is more than millions and millions of rands, one of the most beautiful things that Hamdulillah that I'm proud of, and this magic that we do, Ramadan time comes. And like many months, it's we have the Iftar table. Most of the people they are not, okay, Tony, and you Okay, locals, it's foreigners

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who have nowhere else to go students, people that are working people that are visiting tourists, and they come in, they break they fast, and it's so beautiful to once again show that we are one month, they were one people were they worried the hunger is I felt they felt the Subhanallah Don't ask what can the government do and the government needs to do a lot Subhanallah our government has failed, that's a different matter altogether. But ask yourself, if you know of a foreigner

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a kind word would be so much more. That's your sadaqa let that be your sadaqa for today, go to a foreigner today. And so you're always welcome here. You're always welcome here. Then Subhan Allah, we need to move on from one calamity to something which is even more calamitous, and something which is more scary. And he said, Oh, is the violence against women and children?

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And yes, of course, we shouldn't die, you know, distract. Many times people say, well, it's not only women, there are men that yes, men also die. Men are also being harmed and killed. We are all unsafe, and we live in a society that's unsafe. And this is a this is something and again, an indictment on its government on our government. The first thing you should do is be able to make sure that your citizens are safe, is a contract, you want us to obey your laws, pay our taxes, support you vote for you. At the very least we ask that our lives, we say if you look at the Constitution, the first thing is the right to life. Before we talk about roads being fixed, we talk

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about water in the tap. So electricity is can I live safely. And if you can't do that, then you don't have any place in government that you should say, You know what, this is not for me, I can't do the job. Because Vahagn Allah and that's why the Sahaba were were they who they were, they understood, every life that is lost every person that is harmed under my watch. Allah is going to ask me about that. And if the answer, I don't know how they're going to answer that FTM. So let's talk about this issue of gender violence. And what do we say? What is our response? Now someone asked me an interesting question. He said, what's the even incident of * in the time of Nabil

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Salam? Can you think of a hadith or because Han Allah every time is a Hadith every time we have a question. It's amazing. You google you find a hadith and it was a case of * in the time of Nabil salaam actually happened. And we learned a lot from this incident. So long hadith is mentioning to me the reported by Sahabi called Abu Al Karma. He says the lady went out to perform her salah the masjid. And for your information, the walk that the women would go to the most of the masjid would be Fajr and Isha. The dark works when it was dark. Most of the women, the chin and the shy. So she went in it was dark in the middle of the night. And obviously it was so not there's no lighting of

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course it's pitch black. And on her way after the walk, she's going home, a man came up and he he hummed the ticker and he write to a man. This man was Muslim in Medina as a hobby. And he writes.

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And after she fought off, he ran another, another by person came by, and he heard her and he came to help her and the lady in her confusion. She accused the innocent man of harming her of * her. And so when she screamed, and the innocent man was taken, you know, he was grabbed by the rest of the sahaba. And they were brought before the prophets of Allah. She testified against the innocent men, and said he was the one that direct me. And so now it was a he said, she said, and so then abyssal Salem, pass the Sentence of death on the innocent man that you are guilty

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and as he was about to be executed the *

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If this was too much for him, he stood up and he said, You know what? I confessed to this crime? That yes, I wrecked a woman. I'm not gonna add murder to my rap sheet. So he said, I confess, so there'll be so solemn, spoke to the lady, and he said no harm on you. There was no retribution on her. There was no Hadith and women no longer come to the masjid. We were you late at night, there was no talk like that. He spoke to her. And he consoled her and he said nothing. There's no harm on you. But you are, we will take care of this issue, when he spoke to the man who was accused falsely, and he said and as a hobbyist, he said nice words to him, that this was a service that you did to

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the dean, that you have helped somebody else. But this was a test for you. And Allah subhana, Allah saved you. And then he said to the *, because you confessed your crime, Allah has forgiven you, but you must still pay the price. And so he was stoned to death, and he was still stoned to death. So we learned so many things from this hadith. We number one, we show you how strict our Sharia is with this kind of issue. And we know Subhanallah we say you want the solution. You don't have to have conferences, bring the Sharia into effect for one year. And things will change immediately. You will see the law of Allah implemented and that's why when Allah speaks about his laws, and he says

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sometimes it's severe, he says, this will give you life. I am al Hakim, I know 1020 steps down the line. You don't know Allah knows when Allah says this is what is required. This is what's going to give you life in a society. Your society will be safer, more people will be alive. So listen to the deal. If you don't choose the hookworm of Allah, then you choose the hokum, objet Helia you will be in jail. Helia

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gelato Muslimeen. So many of us again, we will say, this doesn't really apply to me. I've never ever I hope no one here has done that or abuse somebody. And if you have make Toba to Allah, stop and you have to rectify your sin. Whether you come forward, you can face you turn yourself in, as this man did. He turned himself in, he saved himself with a fire of Jana. But he took the punishment you and the dunya if that's where You are Subhan Allah, you need to do but if you are Hamdulillah, as we said, we regard ourselves as decent people. What are we guilty of though? The enemy is also not speaking to rapists and murderers are speaking to the best of the best to Abu Bakr and Omar and the

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sahaba. His last public advice, not the sermon on Arafa I'm talking to three months later, the day before he died salatu salam, the prophets of salaam he was too ill to lead the salah. And so Abu Bakr was leading the Salah, and one of the rocks, he felt a bit better he came out and saw this beautiful situation with an abyss and was sitting Abu Bakr was leading behind him. So this was the last walk he gave publicly, and he couldn't stand so they set that up on the member and he couldn't really talk much and he only had two advices for the Ummah final final advices to the Ummah, you know whether it was a soda, soda molucca to protect your Salah, protect your Salah, and protect the

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people and fear Allah with regards to the people in your key. What am I ask what are these people? Number one nonetheless your women, women, meaning your wife, your daughters, your children, the people, Allah, Allah has commanded you and me protect your Salah. And protect those people who you are responsible for your women, your children, and also your servants, your employees, anyone that you are responsible for. Those are the things which are going to be the the things were cost about on the day of Kiama. This was his final advice. Fear Allah in your treatment of women, this is all of us, and he made it SallAllahu sallam, he reminded me and you that the way we treat our women is

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an indication of our iman, no one knows what's inside here. And the scary thing is we only find out and Kiama what's inside this heart, whether it's good or bad, but there are certain indicators, certain things that you know, if you're doing the outside, right, when it's on the inside is okay. And if the outside is wrong in the inside is sick. One of those things that said the most complete believer of the man, the one who has the perfect the best Eman no one has perfect demand. But the one who has the highest level of demand is not the guy making tagit every night not the guy in jihad, not the half of the Quran or the island with the chef know the man with the highest level of

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iman, what is he like? He's the man with a best luck and character and amongst them is how he treats the best in his behavior to women. So really, if you want to assess your Eman,

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give your mom your wife, your daughter, your sister, a value evaluation sheet what kind of husband fathers you know am I and that is really an indication of your Eman because they will be asked about we will be asked they will be asked on the FTM what kind of men's was this? I put you under his K? Well how was he and that is the test of your iman

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So all of us Subhanallah we are in this test. What kind of husbands? And what kind of husband? Am I father, am I it's an indication of my Eman. The words I say

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I don't even speak about raising hands goes without saying Subhanallah harming the treatment we give these kind treatment is harsh treatment. What kind of treatment do I give? Allah subhanaw taala uses very, very beautiful terms. When he speaks about the main folk looking after the women you have terms like Muharram

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if their arm is about respect and sanctity,

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right haram, the Haram area a secret place. So that maharam is the man who protects the sanctity of his women, that when I'm there, the woman's honor her dignity is protected and a special kind of Muharram is of course we know the holy. Now this is a very very dangerous title. And if you are the body of somebody, they can only be one only have one other person.

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For example, your children or your dependents remember on the medical aid you have dependents they deducted money that small with Allah you have also a status that these are your dependents with Allah, Allah these are my dependents and that is going to big big test.

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Ask yourself who am I the willie of it you will be your kids and if you stood and you sit took those words from a man called Bill Tunica, you sit to that Father, I will take the Wilaya from you from today on further. I am will be hopefully I will do a better job in protecting her her honor her dignity, her happiness looking after her all her needs. You told us Father I will do it. And I accept this Amana if that's the case, this is the most difficult Amanda you've taken. And if that woman is harmed in any way, physically, emotionally, sexually, financially, the buck stops with you with me. So who all of us we all have people that we are dependent on that depend on us and some of

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us are? Well is of our women. Be very, very careful the resources be way of Allah when it comes to these, these women. Again, Allah says to us in iron Regina Luca Munna Allah Nisa. When part of the eye begins the ayah Allah says men

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are the key takers predictors of women who use the same word as he speaks about salah again like the Nabil Salam, Hakim Surah, the ones who establish look after safeguard the women. Another way of looking at this verse behind Allah, Allah saying, we're always talking about being a man, a real man, a real man, Allah seeing a real man be shown he's a jeweler, his manliness is shown in how he looks after his women. Doesn't the muscles mean nothing. The bank account means nothing. Your fancy sports car doesn't mean anything. But it takes a real man to look after the women folk. That's a man. We,

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they feel safe around him. They feel comfortable to be themselves around him. They feel happy around him. Your children are not scared of you. Your wives are not scared of you. That is a real man. That is a person you can say that's a man. And Allah is Seeing in the eye again, your manliness is judged by how you treat your women. So what kind of man? Are you a common? That's the answer only you can you can make. Let me ask further. What Am I guilty of? Now again, we can say this is mean for the abusers and rapists and Allah protect us, not me.

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And I'm angry and all that. But are we not guilty of certain things in our own private capacity? I asked again, how do you women? And if you must, and we should have these honest conversations with our wives with our daughters? Do you feel safe around us? Do you feel safe that if anything happens to me, or to happens to you, you come to me that you can speak? Or am I the one that you are fearful? Is there any woman that is under your key that is afraid of you? Because of your treatment? That's the case that's that's a bad thing. Your job is to protect and to love and to Kay, that's your job.

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We need to ask ourselves, now there are those that will physically harm women. But there's other forms of harming women.

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How many of us have made comments, derogatory comments again, in our WhatsApp groups amongst our buddies, that locker room talk, what scarier asked my wife how or how common is it that you get you know, you on the road, and you get a look, you'll get a smile, you'll get a comment, a whistle, obscene gestures, and many women's panel line I want you to ask your wives and your daughters. They might say it happens more than often than you think. I don't want that to happen to my wife. I don't want someone making sounds that my wife So how then do you and I do it to someone else's wife, someone else's daughters. I don't want some other man looking at my wife with that kind of thoughts

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in their mind. So why do you and I do that?

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That talk that we have with our friends look at her this and her vet, whoever so not guilty of those things.

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Are we

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Even if we don't say those things we know of those guys in the group, they share these videos, they share those comments. And we either remain quiet, or we even laugh with. Now it's all part of the same kind of derogatory way of teaching women.

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As a believer, Subhan Allah, we know, again, when you go back to what the Sharia requires,

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we don't say stop right? Or abuse, emotional abuse. Comments, Allah says, Don't even look.

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Allah says it is haram for you to even violate a woman with your look. And you know, and we know we either guilty of that, but you can make someone feel unsafe, vulnerable, just by looking. And Allah says, Tell the believing and before you speak to the women span Allah, we speak a lot about hijab and there's a place to talk about hijab, the time and place to get a job, but in the ayat of hijab, before Allah speaks to the women, Allah first speaks to you and me when he says, Say to the believing men,

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you who do mean authority him we're gonna

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look down and lower your gaze. You see someone walked by whatever she's waiting wherever she is, you saw once by accident, you look away anything beyond that is a violation.

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And we talked today about violation. There are some that violates with murder and *, and there are some that violate with a look. And there's a spectrum one of it, as we know Xena has as levels una Subhan. Allah, how many of them are we guilty of?

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We create that culture. We teach, we should teach our kids our children, we don't even look that is haram. It is sacred, not for me to look just as much as I would not want another man to look at my wife and my daughter. Don't you look at another man's wife and daughter in that way.

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What we do in our private capacity Subhanallah things we look at, you know, Imam Shafi, we know that famous thing, he stopped, you know, he was a prolific memorizer. He memorized very quickly. And then he complained to his chef because his memory was not as good as it was something was wrong. And when he inspected What am I doing wrong, the shifts that you're doing some some, some sin that you need to make Toba for, when he thought about it thought about. I look too long at the ankles of a woman. And this is why my memory is failing me and you may Toba for that.

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taken another way. The things we look at the Haram things we fantasize about.

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Allah knows and how much of blessing are we depriving ourselves you know Shafi lost a bit of memory for short time until you make Toba? You and me how much blessing in your job in your health in your Baraka is going out because of looking you and me, the harm is on me also on you. Also, the Luca is the one that also harms Allah then deprived his blessing. Yes, no one knows no one sees besides Allah and the dark of the night,

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but we are robbing ourselves of that blessing. So Allah begins when he speaks about violation, even looking is a violation. When that look becomes a comment, spam, people are gonna take pictures, and they see it, and they make obscene gestures, and so on and so forth, to the point where someone actually goes, and he does it. And we should tell. Now, again, what's scary is how common how often and the women in, you know, in your circles, my circles that have experienced some kind of violation, maybe not to the extent of *, but they've experienced some kind of situation where when in danger. Now, if all the women are experiencing it, then there's a lot of men doing it. That

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means there's a lot of men that are guilty of this. There's a lot of men out there, and we need to be open and point these people out. We don't cover up. Someone today told me but isn't it part of the Islamic culture that if we find these things that we stigmatize the woman who said, No, of course not. If that's the case, there's something wrong with our society, that our sisters should feel safe that if something happened to them, as she came to the visa salon, she should come to the llama should come to the masjid should just come to her will ease her family members, and she will be a victim. She will not be asked what were you wearing? And why were you there and who brought you

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there? That is side questions. If you're victimized, then the we are on your side. As a as a community, that message is not going out and we have failed we as decent people have failed.

00:29:28 --> 00:29:36

We love the rapists but we are making it easier for them to go and notice it's easier, more difficult for sisters to come out and they don't feel safe.

00:29:38 --> 00:30:00

So as we know that very, very famous Hadith which we use for our for the when we talk about the young men and Xena, then ivisa Salam in a very very simple answer to him when he said yeah rasool Allah wa salam make it harder for me to commit Zina. We know this hadith very well. We can put it even in Arabic, and then our responses. Would you like it for your mother, for your sister, for your daughter, for your wife, would you want these things to be done to her? So he said no, I

00:30:00 --> 00:30:16

wouldn't want anyone to do this to my wife and my sister. So nobody says Then why they don't want you to some other person. In other narration, he said Finn, hate what Allah has heated and love for your brother, what you love for yourself, then treat another man's woman, women, as you want your own women to be treated.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:19

Let that be the message that you and I take.

00:30:20 --> 00:30:38

Give the strange women out there the same honor and dignity that you would give, you'd want your women to be experienced when your wife is in the shopping mall. When your daughter is in school or or under public transport, how do you want her to be looked at and spoken to the new need to act accordingly?

00:30:41 --> 00:31:25

We really have to confront this issue. As I said, as a society. It's bad. And we failing, collectively, collectively. And it does not it you know, answering by saying while the government needs that's part of the issue. The government needs to do something. The police need to do something. Yes. But we as believers, we have this concept. What can I do to fix the situation? What can I do in my personal capacity, and the or things that are wrong in our personal capacities, myself, yourself, our social network of friends, are women. We need to have those conversations. After today's show officers could have that conversation with your sisters, with your, with your

00:31:25 --> 00:31:32

mother with your wife, have you ever been violated Has anything happened? You should feel safe, I will be there for you have that conversation.

00:31:33 --> 00:31:43

Anything that bothers you? I will I will be I will eat I'll be there to support you. If you are interested in these groups where there's a lot of ugly talk in that group.

00:31:44 --> 00:32:10

And if you are someone that is looking, commenting, stop, because that as I say takes away from your own baraka and your own goodness. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us why she wouldn't have been married and live with your wives your women folk in particular with kindness and in good manners even an eye up Allah puts it in this ayah for incorrect to moon NASA and Takahashi and wager Allah fie Hadron cathedra.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:12

No one is perfect.

00:32:13 --> 00:32:34

Allah says to you and me, even if that wife, that daughter, the women in our lives with all their shortcomings, that things that frustrate you, you live with him to the best of your ability in the best of kindness. And it is that sometimes you dislike something from that so much good comes from that. So much good comes from that in fact that obeso Salam says to you and me

00:32:36 --> 00:32:59

the greatest benefit you can have often Taqwa the greatest Nerima now think of this again. Your net amount if you ask what are the things I'm happy for your car company the main the guys that I do have a fancy car. No Guy No person that has a Ferrari expensive car is going to scratch that car is going to allow you to sit outside in the rain is gonna allow anyone to even breathe on it.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:12

You okay? You know don't even look too much. Because my Ferrari This is my your polish that car for five times a day. Every time we take we do you give the car we do. Right? That's how it is.

00:33:13 --> 00:33:55

Spine Allah Allah has given you something way more precious and more valuable in UK. Allah has put in your hands and entrusted you and me with something far, far more important. And look how important the prophets of salaam says the best that Allah can give you after a heart that has Taqwa after Taqwa the best thing he can give you is a righteous wife. That when you ask of something she assists you, when you just look at her, she makes you happy that when you're gone, she's loyal to you. If you've been given something like this, this is the greatest treasure Allah has taken from his chest of treasures, taken you the best jewel of all and put that in your hands.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:19

Now, if you made her feel anything less than that, if I have done that, then we're guilty, and we haven't done our part. Again, I believe I talked to people that are not harming your wives, you're not swinging at them, hitting them, making them go hungry. I believe that is not the case. If that is the case, subhanAllah we have a different discussion. But if we are not treating them, like the Niyama that Allah has given us, Allah will take that NEMA away

00:34:20 --> 00:35:00

our Eman our position as Muslims is based on how we treat our women for this And subhanAllah there will be people who will go to Jannah not by the amount of Salah they made the hydrants they made fasting they made they will go and stand before Allah insha Allah. This is my wife, this is my mother, this is my daughter. They have nothing to say but positive things about me Allah and on that account that men will intergender they will be our witnesses for us on camera. Or at least US for you and for me to find out ask your wife your the women folk again as women it's more than just the wife. Ask them ask the wives today. You'll win

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

When will you be a witness for me or against you in the FTM?

00:35:04 --> 00:35:05

That is the reality what's going to happen?

00:35:07 --> 00:35:49

I conclude with the most beautiful of Iet Wallace Vance's woman 80, of the signs of Allah's existence. We've heard this so many times of the evidences that there isn't Allah, Allah says, He swears, that of that is that he created for you from yourselves for you, these wives, your partners, that you may find happiness with each other, and that he has placed between you mawatha And Rama and we see this interest of see my what is deep affection, caring, love. Allah says that when you have this relationship with only my water and Rama and love and Kay and kindness, and if things are bad, no matter how bad things are, how bad she is what she does, at the very worst of days, these are

00:35:49 --> 00:36:31

gonna be His mercy, these kindness, the worst you and I can treat our women no matter what they do with all their faults. The worst that we can do, is to be kind and the best is affectionate and loving. May Allah grant us to be good husbands. May Allah grant us to be good wives, good children, good parents. May Allah subhanaw taala protect our women, protect our society. May Allah grant us to be safe in our homes. May Allah fix our society. Allah have mercy on those who have are suffering. They should have the courage to speak up and we will be there for them. May Allah have mercy on those who have passed away? And may Allah reform those who are committing crimes, fix them, and if

00:36:31 --> 00:36:35

they're not being fixed and Melody move them, I mean, a few.

00:36:36 --> 00:37:08

A few announcements. Firstly a big chicken and JazakAllah head to all of you, who assisted with Amara March 2000 people attended, it was rainy and people attended. UCLA had malaria would you for those who attended other sports, it was a very beautiful event. I'm told unfortunately I wasn't there. So may Allah Subhana Allah reward all those who are there. Then our classes inshallah start again, Tuesday, this Tuesday from six o'clock until seven there'll be roughly in the middle. I'll start with our classes and our WhatsApp series Back to Basics will come out next week as well. I've got a message from Owen Masjid Sunday, the eighth is this Sunday.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:12

It's a few events happening there. There'll be a

00:37:14 --> 00:37:48

it's a 20 year passing of Imam Solea body or humble Allah Allah granted my place in Jana, great hospital Quran, so it will be a commemoration of the Imam. It's also the 80th year of the establishment of Jamal Jamal, the Hartman Quran so they will have a they will have it's also the 10th of Muharram. Just decide not to remember the 10th of Muharram, you have to force it into Muharram force, the 10th and the ninth or the 10th and they live in, right we have to force on the 10th of Muharram one year of sins to be forgiven. So we have to do that in sha Allah. So there's a high thermal Quran on the Sunday and then open on Tuesday, the 10th of September, which is going to

00:37:48 --> 00:38:13

be between three o'clock and margaree inshallah anyone would like to attend any questions concerns, anyone who would like to speak to me about these issues privately. Again, I avail myself, it was a sister of the as something that you'd like to discuss. It's confidential you can say it you should know that the masjid is always a safe platform for you that you're whenever we'll come up with at least you can mention people will listen and will be the in the visceral capacity circular. So don't worry

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