Purification Of The Heart #11

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The speakers discuss the definition of pride and how it is a natural expression of pride. They also emphasize the importance of race and tribal lineage in shaping human culture and the need for practical examples. The real weight of wealth and lineage in the spiritual realm is discussed, with a focus on the importance of pride and lineage. The real impact of wealth and lineage on one's identity is also discussed, with a promise to continue with further discussion and provide more information.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi

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amalga rufolo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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in Corona komenda law here at

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settler colonialism respected viewers and listeners. We begin by placing Almighty Allah azza wa jal sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim said Allah while

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continuing with our program, purification of the heart, and today Alhamdulillah is the 11th program. And it is the third program with regard to pride. In our previous two programs on pride, we looked at why it is entitled and known as mula Mirage, the mother of all spiritual ailments. And then we looked at the definition, we look at the definition which Imam ghazali Rahmatullah. Allah has given the conceal pride which has to do with your own self, having a high notion about your own self. And then the other aspect of pride, the outward expression and manifestation and we have completed that definition in the previous programs. My mom has Allah Rama Talalay, who is in reality a structural

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doctor, that we we have physical and medical doctors. He is a spiritual doctor who tells us about spiritual ailments. My mom because Allah tala, Allah has mentioned that they are, you know, he has so spoken about seven reasons why people take pride. And on what basis people take pride, maybe in the next one or two programs, which is briefly look at those aspects which people take pride on, and whether it is justified or not. And one of the reasons why people take pride on is they take pride in the lineage, they ancestry, they race. So this is something that is common in humanity. In the indo Pak subcontinent, you have people who take pride in the village, or the what we call the GM

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which they come from, in the Arab and the African society, there is a great amount of emphasis upon the tribe that you belong to. And you regard your tribe as more superior than other tribes. And this is a common thing within humanity. And in this particular aspect, race, ethnicity, those are part of a person's identity. And letter in the Holy Quran says, Yeah, you are nursing

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that may have made you into different races and tribes for the sake of identification, not for the sake of superiority, and sobre como de la supima subpattern. Allah had in the narration says that this lineage and tribe that you belong to is not the basis of abusing or regarding people to be superior, that you are superior on that basis. Allah has created people in different races, different colors, it is part of Allah creative power, when we

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will see that the common one among the signs of Allah He created human beings and he created the heavens and earth with different languages and different colors. It's a creative power of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. to regard yourself as superior on the basis of the color of your skin, on the basis of your race is in reality, attributing a fault and a mistake to the creative power of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Therefore, Islam lays waste to the false claim of superiority on the basis of lineage, race and tribal and you have to give a practical example of that. What a beautiful example our Allah has given you have Abu lahab no one can be more greater in terms of

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lineage than hula hub came from the Quraysh came from bunny Hashem came from the family of Nivea cream sauce. On the other hand, on the other scale was Bilal who had no lineage to speak of no superiority in that regard, no influence, no social influence, but voila, he you can sacrifice 100 of all labs for one Villa, that also would not be come near Bella Bella Bella, despite this aspect with regard to not having any type of superiority in terms of lineage, race and tribe, and therefore in Islam, the only event that matters is our relationship with Allah. In Chroma come in the law had come the most honored in the eyes of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. He's the one who is most

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pious and has taqwa irrespective

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of his race lineagen try another reason why people take pride in his wealth. And you find that people who are wealthy, they regard themselves superior those people who do not have wealth, it's a common thing that we have. Now is this justified? Let us look at what the Quran and Hadith tells us. Firstly, the Quran and Hadith tells us that the greater the wealth, not something for you to be proud about. No, no, it's something for you to be worried about. The greater the wealth, the greater the accountability and the Day of Judgment. Therefore, now via creme de la vida, he was sentiment said that the poor will go into Jenna 500 years before the rich. Why? Because the rich and the

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wealthy will have to account for the deeds. So it's not a matter of superiority and pride is a matter of concern that those who have wealth will have to account for it in front of Almighty Allah, they will have to account for it more before Almighty Allah. Then the second thing is, what is the reality of wealth in the spiritual realm, real weight matters most in the eyes of Almighty Allah. In this regard, there is a most beautiful verse in Surah tzav which I don't think anyone can do better in understanding whether it is worth it for you to take pride in wealth when Ola yeppoon and nurse Amata wahida. ledger Allah Allah young man, had it not been that people will become one man. One

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type of thought. Allah says I would have given those who deny Allah the greatest amount of wealth, I would have given them adornment. I don't have the time to explain how Allah has made mentioned I would have given them beautiful homes, the ceilings would have been made of silver, I would have given it freely to those who deny Allah prep for that if I did that, then people for that wealth would have queued up to deny Allah therefore I don't do it. It's a value of wealth in the eyes of Almighty Allah. Therefore, in a hadith NaVi aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, if the value of this material world was equivalent to the wing of a mosquito, allowed and given wouldn't have

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given a glass of water to a disbeliever to three, and therefore those people who had wealth and they had pride and they don't have demand, what was a situation? Look at Coronavirus of Nabil he will be dairy healer. Allah tala says despite his great wealth and law swallowed him and his wealth. Elaine Soraka huff says about a person and a settlement Amano as soon as he told his friend I would more wealth than you I would more respect than you and not destroyed him and those who had wealth, but were humble, Allah made them a shrine Mashallah Abu Bakar Fijian Aveda evening Jarrah.

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So, both these things that we had discussed in today's program, lineage, race, ethnicity, and wealth, how not criteria for superiority and pride. We will continue with us inshallah. Tomorrow, we'll have metadata and enhanced reliability