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Yusha Evans
AI: Summary © The importance of healthy beards is discussed, including washing, cleaning, using natural shampoos and conditioners, and using organic, natural, and pure natural products. The speaker recommends using these products for a light smell and a natural, pure, and organic smell. They suggest trimming the bottom of split ins and using clippers to trim off split ends, and recommend a simple air brush to grow a fuller beard. The speaker also suggests using trimming split ins and using a wind or plastic comb to trim the bottom of split ins.
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welcome to the channel. We're going to talk today about beard beards, beards, beards. I get asked quite frequently, quite frequently, you know what I do to take care of my beard beard tips, beard tips, beard tips and I have posted that on social media sometimes some products I use, but I figured it was time to make a video of beard care routines that I use the beard care routine I use if you decide to, you know, go down that same route or hungry love not hate. But what I do works for me, as you can see, Masha Allah, if you want to try to use it for you, for those of you who want to have a nice, big, healthy beard. May Allah bless you in that we know is a command of the Prophet alayhi

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salatu salam and part of his Sunnah, that he said, leave the beard and trim the mustache leave the beard and trim the mustache. So having the beard is part of the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam and part of the identity of the Muslim men. How do we take care of that beard so that it you know, grows healthy, so that it grows nice and thick, and it has some sheen and shine and life to it. These are some tips and tricks I use that I'll give you today in a very short amount of time in sha Allah who

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first and foremost, you have to make sure that you are taking care of it. When it comes to washing and cleaning. Whether you you know, using soap or shampoo and conditioner in your beard the same way you wouldn't do hair, my recommendation is not to do it. Too often, I will shampoo in addition my beard once, maybe twice a week, because doing it more than that when use these products. And I also try to use natural shampoos and conditioners that don't have a lot of chemicals, a lot of parabens and all that other stuff.

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If you do it too much, what it does is it strips the beauty of its natural oils strips the beauty of its natural oils. And what that does is makes the beard very dry, very brittle. It split ends and in reduces the length and the thickness. So number one tip is to not over wash it as far as soaps, shampoos and conditioners go once twice a week is more than enough. Of course if you know if you're working out and you get all sweaty, it's fine to rent it out, you know, maybe shampoo it but doing it on a daily basis or three, four or five times a week will eventually strip the natural oils from the beard as well as making dry. Also underneath you have to make sure if you have a decent long

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view that you're taking care of the skin underneath your beauty is only going to be as healthy as the roots and the skin that is growing out of. So when I do wash my beard I also you know sometimes use some anti dandruff shampoo etc. So I can and I try to make sure I keep the skin clean because there's a lot of especially if you use beard products and build up can build up around on the face around the roots. And that can also cause your beard not to grow or be as healthy as you would like it to be. So make sure you're you don't take some time and cleaning by the face cleaning your face, just like you would clean your face. If you didn't have the beard, you have to get under there and

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clean your face as well. Now products products that I use to keep the beard healthy, I like to use the most natural things I can find organic natural products are always going to be the best for your beard they're going to be the best view of your your hair as well but we're talking about beauty. So natural products. One that you can use it as a tried and true is coconut oil coconut oil restores natural oils to the beard it helps keep it moisturized because your hair needs to be moisturizer because dry gets brittle, it cracks and breaks it falls off. Coconut oil is one that I know a lot of people use I don't use it as much myself I find it to be a bit too oily for me, but Coconut oil is a

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very good one that I've known a lot of brothers with Mashallah amazing beards, to use. The second product that I use very regularly is natural, pure organic argan oil, argan oil, natural, pure, organic argan oil. I'll put the link to all of these that I can find in the description down below.

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This one I found off of Amazon, I think you'd also find it in target or par j here in the United States. I'm not sure where you find this anywhere else. But just as long as you're finding some natural organic pure argan oil. This is amazing for the beard amazing for the beard amazing for your hair too. But this is good for your beard. Another product that I've used for quite some time many many years with with amazing results is Amish beard balm, Amish beard balm. It's called honest, Amish beard balm. This is all natural. The Amish are known for having very natural products and not using you know too many processes and chemicals in their production and the Amish also believe in

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growing the beard is part of the the male physique. So they're very they've been doing beards for a long time as well. This can be found on Amazon. I'm not sure if Amazon UK or other places have it but I know here in the states you can find this very easily. It's called Amish

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beard balm, you can get a four ounce tan or you can get this larger two ounce 10 or you get this larger 10 this 10 is

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I can't remember how many ounces This is, but it's a very good product has a nice light smell to it. It's not anything drastic is not anything ridiculous. The

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ingredie ingredients are very nice proprietary blend of virgin Argan golden jojoba virgin avocado grape seed, pumpkin seed apricot kernel oil, so it's a proprietary blend of their natural oils. And I find that it does amazing, amazing job for the beard. They also have an oil as well, which I use and I'll mix these two together that makes the bomb a little bit of oil they have a normal and original and a premium blend. I find the premium blend to be a bit better, but honest Amish beard products honest Amish beard products you can find those again maybe on Amazon

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or look around search the internet and see if you can find them. Now for those of you who want to and I use this when I'm want for the beard to have some smell to it and some you know nice decent smell. There are I'm sure a lot of products out there that add fragrances to their beard products but one of the ones I found to be the most amazing for me and the smells and they're they're light because sometimes it's most can be way too heavy. And if you're wearing it on your face you're smelling it all day long is called urban beard London and I get this product I get these products from the cave London in white chapel cave slash London calm again The link will be down below. I

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really like these products every time I visit these brothers Mashallah amazing store they have all their. That's where this nice fancy hat comes from as well. But they have good smells, this one is Urban musc they also have Egyptian rolls, which I like and they have a few other products which are very good. And this is also all natural based balm that has a nice, a nice light smell to it that's not overbearing on overpowering. And the ingredients are you know, shea butter, olive oil, beeswax, very simple products. So these natural products will allow the the them to soak into your beard and and replenish the natural moisture that the hair on your beard needs to grow. So it's nice and

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strong and it's not brittle, it's not breaking off. Also, a suggestion is if you see a lot of split ends, if you look at your beard, if you can see your beard, and you see a lot of split ins happening, what you can do is very lightly with clippers just trim the very bottom of those split ends off to where the split ends are gone. So they have a nice healthy ending. Because if not what happens that splitting continues to split and split and split, your beard becomes weak.

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So that's it, calming it coming in. I always like to use a nice wind or plastic comb that has big teeth, big comb with big teeth in it so it's not, you know, ripping or pulling out your hair when you pull it out. That's it take care of your beard. That's it. That's all it is. And there is no secret this symbol in so many times. What is the secret to growing a beard, there's no secret to growing a beard you cannot force it to grow the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did not command us to grow a beard because you can't make it grow. He said leave it leave it leave what grows some people are not going to have you know, a big full, massive thick beard, just not in your genetics. Some

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people are gonna have smaller wary wispy beard some people are gonna have you know, great big fall out here and beards. It is what you can achieve by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala just let it grow. But if you want to take care of it these are some simple simple suggestions for you. The products will be in the scription down below if you have any questions or you have any other tips that you think might be amazing going share them right down here in the comments below. And as always, please make sure you like and subscribe click that subscribe button turn the bell on Give this video a like and we will have some more tips and tricks of certain things like this coming on

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this channel and shout Allahu Allah and if you like it, please please forward it on to somebody to let them know so they can grow a nice amazing full Mashallah. It is your brother. You Chevron's thanks and I want to come on up not to lie he over the cartoon

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