Ali Albarghouthi – It is Necessary to Remember Allah’s Blessings

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the importance of remembering Allah's teachings and learning to love and trust him. The importance of praise for Allah's ability to produce happiness and achieve success is emphasized, along with the need for support for people in need. The segment emphasizes the importance of humility and thanking people for their blessings, as well as recognizing the power of the heart and tongue to see and feel the light of Islam. The pandemic has impacted people's mental health and mental health goals, but people should not be distracted by the notion of their success or lack of it.
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In a hamdulillah healer from Allah who want to stay in who want us to feel we know that we know him in February and fusina was Dr. Marina. Miyagi Philomel Lila one minute lead for the DNA Wash Illa in Allahu Allahu la sharika one of Muhammad Abdul who are pseudo sort of Allahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam and

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everything he doesn't live either either well here on the head your head you will have millions of Allahu Allah He was in them where Shabbat morning was the third to her local desert in

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Nevada now and

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Allah is still in the moron

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asks us to remember his blessings

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in more than one area

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patience hang on what that

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tells us then we slightly

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with Corona and naughty allottee and actually remember the Nana

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the Millenium has blessed you with

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and he speaks to the believers in general. Yeah, you are living in Ireland was Caronia Matala, he had a comb or you have Eman a number of blessings of Allah upon you

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could only be allowed to La Comic Con to

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confess to being naughty Hello and welcome to Milan.

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He says remember my now upon you

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when your enemies and through the blessing of Allah through His Nana, you became brethren, very close to each other.

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And you were standing on the edge of hellfire he saved him from it.

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And the blessing upon the father's is a blessing for the children as well. That is if this is a blessing for the Sahaba or the Allahu Anhu. By extension you're blessed because of it.

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Allah who reminds us because the nature of humanity is that it is ungrateful and forgetful.

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Allah says it says in the insanity of the that can do

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is indeed humans are ungrateful, meaning by nature.

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When Allah gives you, you don't return the favor by worshipping or by remembering in fact what you turn away from Allah has ordered.

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That's by nature.

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So you're working against your nature, by the way,

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and you work in against the Shavon who wants us to forget the many numbers of Allah azza wa jal

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and Allah azza wa jal also says vaca D don't mean either the Usher

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and very few from a mind my creation humans are the thankful

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so the chances are of being a thankful person are not very high unless you heed the Command of Allah azza wa jal when he says, with Kuru, remember that emos of Allah azza wa jal upon otherwise you will fall into a state of God's plan, forgetfulness,

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and remembering the name of Allah as is essential.

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Be because of what it leads to.

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Allah Allah says, Yeah, you had an answer school never met Allah He

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helped me hurry thing.

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Ministers, you will

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find nothing for whom

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it says oh humanity.

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Remember the lemmas of Allah upon you? Is there a creator that provides for you in the heavens or on earth? There is no one worthy of worship accepts Him there is no other God but him for unnatural Fairphone so how are you turning away from him? Subhana who would

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you see Allah is linking him to him with the remembrance and the knowledge of His nearness to his worship.

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Because if you know that everything has come to you from Allah azza wa jal

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will not be coming here naughty feminine Allah whatever you have is from home.

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So you tend to see people and how they are favored you and how they helped you. But you forget who is behind all of that. You forget that Allah says will not be coming I met Infineon Allah whatever

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blessing you have is from Allah zone. So when somebody gives you something hands you something and you're thankful for that person don't forget that there is someone behind that person that made this possible and it's not that person it is Allah has.

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So you have to believe it's gonna be coming to me at Infineon Allah. And if you hear Allah saying what do Allah He does have Sudha and if you try to count

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enumerate the names of Allah has, you will not be able to grasp them or count them. It tells you about how many Nemesis like can we have missed? Because the netting is all two types. Well, this is the valley

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why heel or toe about Lena? Allah azza wa jal inundate you with surrounds you with numerous,

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external and internal, visible and invisible, those that you can see and those that you cannot and those that you will be able to know and those that live beyond your comprehension and beyond your knowledge.

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So Allah says in that area, if Allah has over never, no one else gives you Why do you worship anybody else with him? Subhana Allah. So the first and the most important benefit

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of remembering the names of Allah is loving him Subhana wa Tada and worshiping Him alone, that you're not going to humiliate yourself to anybody except Allah zoo, that you're not going to rely on anyone except him. subhanho wa taala. Because if you count all the numbers that you have at this moment, and each one of them is attributed that to Allah azza wa jal, you will feel that you don't need anyone

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except one. And that is the servitors that the Muslim is supposed to have a relationship with Allah azza wa jal that he loves Allah the most as the saying goes a hateful Lucha Libre Yahoo competing in love Allah for all bananas that he gives to you that nourish you and give you life. Love Him with all your heart because he is the only giver. Nobody else gives a single thing. So when you remember the nearness of Allah azza wa jal, you will love Allah and you will be sincere in your Ibadah devoted to him and you will concentrate in your Salah and you will be punctual in your

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and in your heart you will trust him subhanho wa Taala we pharmacists, because everything that you have come from him. So why would he not continue to give and he is as greedy and he is a fool and he is our head and he is the one who gives one after the other and he is a Sunni and he is Vaci and if you're trying to kill the enemies of Allah has the ability. Consider what do you identify as an AMA?

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With all the Allahu Allah who said Kalamandalam Hiranya Mehta Allahu alayhi in the female kudos for her Kalapana who have arriva who he says if you only receive the netload Allah azza wa jal to be in what you eat and what you drink, then you already personal little wisdom, and your torment is present, meaning you're in a state of agitation.

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This is the only matter that you think of is that Allah has given me food and it's an Atma, or Allah allows me to drink and it is, but this is where you stop or data is the greatest in your eye, then you are a little wisdom. Because the greatest are not the word lien emus, but the end result, the hereafter.

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Then you have the Quran. Then you have Iman, then you have Tafawa So when Allah Allah, Allah says, in Surah Rahman, and if you ever thought about it, have you listened to it stuff See, all right man, the most merciful, then what do you says says next. And

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then colorful incense. He taught before?

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Then what follows that he created humanity.

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So in order, the creation of humanity must come first. But in importance, the Quran comes first. Right?

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So the greatest

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book of Allah azza wa jal that you have the ability to read it, you believe in it. Then Muhammad Ali Hassan,

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then mo Iman and then Yama of Taqwa.

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There is the greatest.

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So once they visited someone who was paralyzed, he couldn't walk.

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His hands were amputated his feet, there's something wrong with them something wrong with what he eats, but

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he was freezing a loss of terminal.

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So the first thing exclaimed, and he says, Why are you praising Allah so demeaning? I wanted to understand the power behind what you're doing, because as far as I can see, you have next to nothing.

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Where do you have this power to keep praising him so found our data and he says two things. He says, I praise him for the ability to praise his hand or to handle that my tongue can still move on. I can stay say, Subhan, Allah will Hamdulillah I can still pray. And that is a wise person, because he knows that as long as he's doing this, he's being blessed by Allah azza wa jal, and he's all see this on the day of judgment.

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He swipes, and then he says, Look outside my tent, my humble tent, look outside my tent and see how many are sinful in the city. Don't I praise Allah as the fact that I'm not one of them.

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So you must receive the name of Allah who has ordered to be in guiding me, and in giving you Islam and to praise him for that. And then in addition to all of this, second to it, count the rest of the cameras of Allah azza wa jal upon all of them.

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Then the amount of eating

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that if you can eat your Annamma

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I shall be Allahu Allah says that if you can drink fresh water and expel fresh water easily, that's an area that you shot through should thank Allah for it. Because some people don't have the first and some people agonize over the second expelling water the agonize over the second

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if we have persons who can eat.

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So so the likes of Allahu Allah citizenM says, and it's connected to the iPhone,

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even undeniably, when they were hungry, and they ate dates, and they drank cold water. They said, Allah will ask you about these numbers. That as simple as that.

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And the Arabs used to say that if you eat or able to eat twice a day, that's an animal that Allah will ask you about.

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Because they could only afford to eat once a day.

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That's their meaning. But if you eat and today, how many times do we eat?

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Or have the ability to

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eat two times if you eat three times in addition to that all the snacks that you have and all the luxury that you have? And yes, we complain about the fact that we don't have a lot from Allah azo did and look how unfair my life is, and look how much I've been denied. Well, that happens. That discontentment that we feel is because we have missed all the nebulas of Allah azza wa jal. And we're focused on the greed of this life. And this life, especially this modern life is built upon greed, it teaches you to be greedy, never satisfied with what you have. And of course, this causes you a lot of mental agitation, a lot of emotional psychological agitation, because you're taught

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that once you own something, it is nothing and you should create the next thing. And that causes a lot of anguish and people. And you hear a lot of secular talk about contentment and feeling blessed and being grounded. And they're resorting to that because there's an agony that this read is producing. And we're saying, we don't want to feel blessed simply because we have received something you want to feel less because there's someone who's behind these lessons. And that is a lot as though there's an end to that recognition. So they connect Matilda here as it is to lead you to Alana distantly feel satisfied, but to lead you back to Allah azza wa jal to the complete nebula

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that you will see when you die. And when you enter Jannah. So the same of a hotel owner, he says that you if you only see the net amount in this dunya you're in a daily torment, it means that if you only focused on the here and now it keeps fluctuating, if you have it, you're afraid that you're going to lose it. And if you don't have it, you're sad because you don't have it. So if you only see the net, the net amount of eating, drinking and a house and the vehicle, you're always D in a state of agitation and discomfort. But when you see Allah azza wa jal above and beyond all of that he's the one who gives us He is the one who denies and you believe in the promises of Allah as the

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elderly quiet these agitation because if something goes, he can bring it back. And if he takes something away

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He does that for a reason, as good as when he gives us

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So if Curonian not Allah here

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because what do you remember Allah is missing, it chases away pride.

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It chases away pride you are not who you are because of you. You are who you are because of Allah azza wa jal

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as he says in the I will not be convenient and nothing funny.

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Whatever you have is from Allah azza wa jal See you not better than somebody else, because you have and they don't. You're being tested with what you have. So, who do you see it coming from Allah azza wa jal, you're not in a field that you have better and superior.

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And you will believe that as Allah can give our luck and take

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care. And you will believe that you need to do content with what you have, even if it's a little

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because you could focus on the hearing now on what you possess, rather than what you don't

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and it saves you from Israel. omiana. Looking down on the name of Allah has resulted. In an age we're constantly comparing ourselves to others as being compared to others and our nemesis never match up and never live up to what they claim to have. In such an age, it's important always to remember the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam.

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When it comes to worldly possessions, look to those who are beneath you, not to those who are above you can it's most likely that you're not going to disdain and the middle of the Name of Allah Ahsoka that you have.

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So if you compare yourself to those who have more, it will seem that Allah gave you nothing.

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And he will be blind to the favours of Allah azza wa jal

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but if you look at those who have less and all of a sudden, almost miraculously, you will discover that you have a lot

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and then you can be thankful and we will not be able to thank the name of Allah azza wa jal unless we see that as net in us and unless we remember them to ask him or him or him or honey to make us as those who remember his nemesis and those who engage in thanking him for a whole Republic Hello stuff online you.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra on Pleven Mubarak and fee he also divorces in Wagga, Rasool e Mohammed. While he was talking to us Islam.

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It's not easy to remember the Nemos of Allah azza wa jal so we need his help and aid in remembrance, and we need his help and aid in thanking them.

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So you see the DUA Oh, so the Imam Ali Salam, for the sum of what he can encode we have a lot of the Oh 70 And asuran yarmulke Lottie Ananda yoga ed one I'm an authority handlebar so the man I think, he says, I'm a prophet of Allah. He says, Allah has granted me the power and the ability to think the Nirvana that you had given me and given my parents and allow me to do righteousness that you love. And Allah azza wa jal also says about the person, a believer who reaches 40 years of age,

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I was editing a squirrel, almost the similar similar to I was getting an escort and empathic and that the amygdala, yada, yada, yada, and I'm in a Saudi Hunter, for the mother, the rush of the woman out of innocence.

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That is Allah, we need this not only sitting in the Sudan, but each one of us are saying and should say, Allah grabbed me the power to thank you, Nana, and then me, you've given to my parents because that is a magnet for you as well. And that I will do righteousness that you are happy with. So we need Allah support for that, that will be able to do this. We need to thank Allah as though did with the numbers was the heart and the tongue and with the body with the heart by recognizing that it's an aroma so we need to take some time and we step back and say, Let me count from time to time how much Allah had given me. And if you happen to notice something pleasing to your eye, from your kids

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from yourselves in your house, from yourself from your vehicle, immediately thank Allah for it immediately referred back to China with data with the computer stolen from other humans who Subhanallah does. That when you write a video when you go on and write an animal, Allah says and you remember Allah spavor When you're on top of that animal on us

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Say Subhan Allah, Glory to Allah who made this possible and without him this would not be possible. So whenever you do something you typing, you're answering the phone you using something, it says Subhan Allah who made this possible and without them, it would not be possible and you thank Allah for it. So first of all, recognize it's with your heart. Second of all, recognize this with your tongue. What am I being Amethi on? Because the * did you say Glory to Allah azza wa jal who had given me and who had blessed me and he has showered me with his blessings, you say and humbly and say it humbly, then say it hamdulillah and you've made sure that you'll be thankful servants of

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Allah oz have not agreed to an ungrateful one. But a thankful servant of Allah, teach this to you talk to your tongue, even if your heart at this time is not responses, but start saying, even if your heart is lagging, keep seeing and humbling. And the more that you see and hamdulillah the more that Allah will open your eyes like a lens that will descend on you, and you'll start seeing things yes and humble enough for this and for this and for this for a year given and what he had saved, and how villa for the dunya that he had blessed me with. And it hadn't been enough for a dunya that he had denied me.

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Because this is Allah says Allah Allah uses, he says that Allah Allah will protect you

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from the dunya if he loves you, like you will protect your sick person from food that is harmful to them.

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So that is a grateful heart and then use an ethnos of Allah azza wa jal in what is pleasing to Him. Allah Allah Subhan Allah seeks in the Koran above from Nima with a de la Nima changing the name of Allah has an origin and being ungrateful.

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When we get older you will deal with Allah He.

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In Allah she's even a part of those who change Allah's Nana's after it had arrived to them. Allah is Severe and during his punishing

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forget for

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Allah long versus dirty well hope. Allah describes the city that Allah has blessed and it's readily and he had that city's Makary when Medallia Salatu was Salam came to them. It was reveling in Allah's blessing and they were secure living in peace and the provision of Allah came to them from everywhere, Allah said

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it was ungrateful when bananas of Allah gave to them. Muhammad Ali salatu salam and the Quran and email they rejected all of them. So what does Allah say? Further along in verses where he will call Allah made them taste hunger

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and poverty

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and fear.

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So the net loss of Allah azza wa jal that you and I have the Lord from him.

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So if you change them, and you say, how do I change? Imagine Allah gives you a diamond and your grasses and you turn it into a piece of coal.

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A pa piece of code that burns you Allah gives you a goal and you turn it into a soul. Allah gives you a NEMA, Beautiful child, a beautiful sells a house Halal income, a vehicle health, you take it and you crush it and you turn it into the opposite. How do we do this? By using it or abusing it?

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When you turn it into a sinful act, you have turned it into a curse not only will you thank somebody else, not Allah azza wa jal or your neglected thank Allah for it flies away.

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So when we see ourselves in the world today, rising prices, lower.

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Net admins of Allah azza wa jal war, disease this and that wonder if it is the fact that they're not thanking Allah Nana, so they're flying away.

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So let us not be of those who have but don't think,

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have been our blind, have, do not think and contemplate. And remember Allah when he says remember my numbness

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and assist those who are in need.

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So in addition to everything that I've said today, there are brothers who had come seeking your assistance in helping those who do not have some of the nearness of Allah asserted that you have those who cannot see those who need your assistance in places which there is no one to help them except Allah azza wa jal, and then after that those who can give a little bit so that those people can either have operations that allow them to see for the first time in their life, Allahu Allah

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or if they can't, at least they can learn how to read, how to memorize the Quran, how to function and live in society and how to be productive and not be dependent on other people. And you realize that in wealthier countries, if you have a disadvantage like this, there are some programs that they can take care to take care of you. But in essence, those countries in poor countries, if you're living with that disadvantage, that is almost a death sentence, unless Allah has open seats.

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So be grateful by showing Allah azza wa jal that I want to assist others and I want to be grateful with my money grateful with major are grateful for the fact that I have eyes this can see. So let's at least learn from this that if you can open your eyes and you can see everything. Let's not focus on the heart. Let's not focus on what upsets Allah has to use this gift to take you to genuine

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don't turn it into a gift, and it will be that will put you in hellfire. So ask Allah Allah or Hammerhead need to make us among the thankful today versus those who obey Him satanic order with what He has given to them, versus those who remember his minimis was their heart with their tongue and with their bodies was in substantial data to make us as those who contemplate his creation and increase an email while asking Allah means to increase Eman in our hearts. Allah renew Eman in our hearts your Allah renew Iman and our hearts your Allah we ask You that You fill our hearts with your love and love of your Prophet alayhi salatu salam Allah for the believers and love for what you love

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and hate for which you hate your camera Jaime Rouhani yes you have a lottery that you guide us to the straight path was your bill and I mean that it protects us from the temptations of this dunya protect us from the temptations of sin protect us from our own temptations and weaknesses your enemy delicacy horrible al Amin from the whispers of the shaytaan make yourself but I mean among the guided among the beneficial among the people of Jana. Do not make some of them misguided do not make us among those who hear the truth and rejected will not make us as those who end up in hellfire but Allah, Allah Allah Allah Tina for dunya Hassan Hassan working out

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Allahumma Yama putting the buffalo with a bit tube and Isla de la Homosassa Kulu Ruben

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Allahu Allah Technica worships with what

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Allahu Allah says look agenda Tanaka baby having a call in one on one over the weekend in your Mojave COVID In Aloha Magellan. I mean are you gonna take a shot at Aloha Magellan either share TV Aloha my Janome is gonna take a shot in for the kill now that the judge nominal was in he was a kid now when

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he was given to

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