Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 24 – Love

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of love in Islam, citing the Prophet peace be upon as an example of how Islam has the ability to unify people across race, class, social gatherings, and hobbies. The speaker also discusses the idea of love being a form of cover and shade and glory in the world, and how it can lead to a "weird love" that is unbreakable. The speaker also discusses the idea of love being a form of cover and shade and glory in the world, and how it can lead to "weird love" that is unbreakable.
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lesson I want you to live with a cat so everyone welcome back to Allah loves. So in this episode it's very simple Allah loves love, but a very particular love love for his sake. And this is something that is so special about our religion and a lot of talks about the wonder of it just looking at the earliest generation of Muslims. Why policy will be happening to me and well that's a photo with Coronavirus, mental life alikum is going to add that in for Elif Urbina, pulumi confess back to me, nirma t one, Allah says, hold on to the rope of Allah and do not be divided. And remember when you were just a bunch of warring tribes, but Allah connected your hearts, so it wasn't

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some sort of superficial connection or one that was forced by the prophet peace be upon him to bring people together, your hearts became connected to each other, which is a requirement for the other types of unity to actually be able to hold. lf Sabina pulumi come to us, bombonera Mati Juan, and so you became brothers, and you would have otherwise wanted to kill each other. But alas, saved you from yourselves. What's so special about this is that Islam has the ability to unify people across race, across class, across social gatherings across your likings and hobbies. It brought these people together, that would have been very unlikely to have any type of friendship outside of

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something as powerful as Islam, but they loved each other for Allah. So what does it mean to love each other for Allah? And how does this warrant the love of Allah? And is there a proportion that gives you a greater portion of the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet peace be upon him mentioned to us those that are shaded by the throne of Allah, the One that I just mentioned that one of the categories is a person who's tied to the masjid and we talked about the mosque, we talked about the massages, and the scholar said, because in the masjid, what's likely to happen, and that's why the very next category is what that likeliness is, two people who love each other for Allah, and

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for absolutely nothing else. Allah binds them, they come together on a loss, love, they apart from one another on a loss, love. And the Prophet peace be upon him said in a beautiful narration. So here Muslim, there was a man that was walking to visit his brother in another town, and an angel came to him and human forum and told him Why are you going to visit so and so? And he said, he said, Well, I'm only going to visit him or the only thing that brought me out to visit him is because I love him for the sake of Allah. And he said, The know that I am a messenger of Allah, that's been sent to you to tell you that Allah loves you because you love him. Allah loves you because of your

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love for him. When you love for Allah sake, then you know that Allah loves you. And the Prophet peace be upon him said that Allah has said that on the day of judgment that those who love each other, for my sake are under my shade and under my glory. And so in this world as well, that love that you have for Allah sake, is really an unbreakable bond. It's also a form of cover and shade and glory in this world as well. That brings people together in a really transformative way. And then hopefully extends to be communities of love, where people love each other for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the prophet peace be upon him also said that if you love someone for Allah,

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then you should tell that person that you love them for Allah and this gets really awkward sometimes because I love you is something that we might say to our spouses and children, but how many times do you actually tell a brother or a sister? Of course brothers telling brothers sisters, telling sisters, I love you for a lot right? How often do you express that love for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And yes, you can tell your wife to you can tell your husband to you can say I love you for a lot, it's fine. But expressing that love for Allah subhanaw taala is also a part of it and the Prophet peace be upon himself, that when two people love each other for Allah when it's mutual, that the one

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who's stronger in their love for Allah will be the one who is more loved by Allah. So it's not just two people that love each other for Allah, how much you love the other person for Allah is also proportionate to how much Allah Subhana Allah loves you for that love. The Prophet peace be upon him finally told us in a beautiful Hadith, the Hadith in which the Prophet peace be upon mentioned that Allah loves someone and when Allah loves someone he calls gibreel at his salon, his beloved one, it says, Yeah, gibreel in the hippo food on hebda Oh, jabril Oh, Gabriel, I love this person. So you should love this person too. So gibreel loves that person. Then gibreel calls out to the angels and

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says Allah loves this person. So you should love that person too. So all of the angels love that person too. And then as the inhabitants of the heavens love that person because Allah loves that person, then you allow the whole cabal to fill out accepted.

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Love is placed in the hearts of people on this earth. Now that particular love, however, is not when people love something of you, that's not true. It's when they love something of you that is true about you. And Allah causes them to love about you, what made you beloved to him in the first place? So it's the type of people that Allah directs towards you. So the type of people that love you, and if what they love you for is in fact, true of you. So we asked a lot to make us amongst those who love and are loved for his sake, and who are all brought together by loving him and being loved by him and that are shaded by His glory on the day of judgment because of his love for us and our love

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for him. Love him. I mean, does that mean well, Hayden was said Imani, come to my home workouts,

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