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With some Allahu Allah He rather early he was happy he was sending to Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala c et now what have you been known to be? You know Mohammed Impaler, William Saliba. Selim was very sad now, Habibi. Now whenever you know Mohammed Enigma Illa Allah have come about him. It's a pleasure hamdulillah to rejoin once again with Islamic q&a. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah continues to favour us with His love and His mercy to make us from those who follow the best of examples, the example of our interview, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was sending to Sleeman kathira, we have a caller on the line said I'm Anakin caller, how can I help?

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It's my good brother.

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brother I like to do on your show. And

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you know, it's very simple and very easy to handle

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questions about something related to your topic, which is about how we keep our identity,

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how we show our, our identity

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as a father, as

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a father, as a man with people, you know,

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this is the first question probably

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related to the topic right now. And then second, about the email over the messaging

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has to go through

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skills or something that

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you have to pass a test to become an Imam, or anybody.

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I think this is a problem because some some imams are not qualified to

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teach somebody is

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somebody else is better than them to be any man in the masjid. And he's

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better than him. That's this question and a lot of questions

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about, you know, like, when you want to

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do model or any lecture, is it hard on the email when he said, when he spots for that lecture about the topic that then he knows that there is another topic, supposed to be in that time to solve a problem, or, you know, for the community? So I wanted to lead on this.

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They gave you the opportunity

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for you guys

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all the people that from the person that to answer the phone, the first person, or the last person?

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Just wanted to bring it in? or answer what they

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thank you for your question. So I'll rephrase them just in case they may have been missed by some of our audience. The first question you're asking, my dear brother is how do we maintain our Islamic identity as Muslims, especially if we're living in most in non Muslim pluralist societies that may not have an Islamic viewpoint on some of the issues that are important to us, and how, as parents, we can maintain this with our children and encourage them towards it? Well, it's three different levels. So the first level, of course, is in the home. The second level is in the community events that we have. And the third is in building institutions, things that represent us as Muslims having

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people who are trained in being able to advocate and lobby for, for things that are important to us as Muslims and also as human beings. So when when it comes to the home level, it becomes very important to be a person who is a part of the family, not just with the family, and a lot of parents of hamdullah. myself, I'm sure included in some points in my life, where I felt that I'm always with the family, but actually I was with the family, meaning next to the family, but not involved with the family. And these are things of course, that become very detrimental for our children. Because if our children are not speaking to us as they get older, they're speaking and confiding in somebody

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else. So the best and most important thing is to have open direct channels of communication, have an absolute level and level of love that is interchange between us and our children. And that we understand that some of our children may not always achieve what we had in mind for them. Some of them may go beyond it and some may fall short and some may have other ideas of what it is that they want to do with their lives. All of it. We seek to support them through the model of love and through the model of obedience to the weight of a lot and as soon as

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Prophets I send them, we have a saying in, in Arabic that you know that the peacock, it teaches its younger peacock its children how to striped and how to display its feathers. So if we put on solar in our home, if we are seeing reading the horror, and if we are seeing, being careful with our fidget, if we are seeing being generous, and this isn't just in certain periods of time, but it is a lifestyle, then it's something that our children can become hooked on to. And attached to. The second one is with regards to community centers, masajid, our moms, and that's part of your second and third question. So I'll leave it to the two there where I discuss it in sha Allah. And the third

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is as a community coming together and building institutions, we need to build our own schools, we need to have our own, not just restaurants and hello butchers. But we need to begin thinking about strategic roles that our community can play in influencing the broader community that is around us in a positive way that we are positive contributors to the upkeep of America, I know you said New York or myself here in Australia, we need to be part of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, we need to be part of all of the different things that make us the love to our greater community, and build institutions that are favoring other people within our tradition and faith and outside it. You know,

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it's important for us to take a strategic advantage in that sense, with the second question with regards to moms and their training. Obviously, there are different levels of emotions. And I think one of the problems, of course, is in communities. We use the word Eman as to mean more than one thing when at times, it's not really fair on the person who's being asked to be in demand. In some cases, the person is asked to leave the salon to fulfill the rituals to read Salatu tarawih. But then all of a sudden, we're asking them to sit in between husband and wife issues and to become qualified counselors and to handle youth matters and to provide us support services and to be you

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know, positive Arabic language teachers and, and all of a sudden, the role of the Imam actually now has had things added to it that maybe the person who is recruited and who started fulfilling the job of Imam did not see that this would be asked of them. And therefore it shows that there are certain things that are lacking, then there's the opposite is also true. You will have somebody who may be educated in business studies, or knows a little bit about public relations and public speaking and so on. And they get an Islamic flavor and vibe, and they put themselves in the place of any man while they lack the training. So when it comes to speaking about the word of Allah, they do it

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without an educated perspective. And that's probably more dangerous than the first. It's important, of course, that we treat our masajid as places of serenity, of dignity, where we seek the best person for the role. There's a Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Salah iclm, where people asked who should lead them in prayer? And he said, Follow him, the one who is most versed, not the one who's memorized the most, but the one who understands the poor and the best. And then they said, Well, how do we know that he said, the one you know, I follow Him will assume that the one who's more guarding of my practice who's seen me and lived with me for longer periods of time, or is more familiar with

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my modality of life, are all of those are and then the one who's married and on and on. And so the Prophet gives a list of things that shows it's not just a simple decision, and no one should be at the center let him and no one should put their chest forward and say, I'll do it. Other people didn't, I'm going to be the one I want it. It's my place. It really isn't the way it should be. And we pray that Allah Subhana Allah gives ease and healing and comfort to all communities. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant success we have another caller on the line Santa Monica. Caller

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Why do you call Sam How can I help?

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it is written it is beneficial to me We'll do before we recite the whole and for a bad day and before we sleep, but it is not it is not a requirement that makes your reading invalid. So your reading is valid, and it's accepted and you will be protected. But to complete the favor to do it. The

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best you can, I would recommend you make your will and then also recite your poem. And

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did you have another question sister? Yeah, another question. Can you make?

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Isha the daughter the wife of the prophets, I send them the daughter of a robot Casa de La

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Habra rain, she said can interview so I send them via the Quran, Allah, Allah the profit of make mention of a lot equally However, in all of the conditions of his day and night meaning when he was in will do and when he wasn't. So it is better to be in will do but it is not a requirement. And yes, you can make your victory in that state. I will also say to you, sister, if a person does make will do at a time, for example, that they're not in their prayer cycles, some of our sisters with the menstruation and height, they're not able to pray at some of that would have said in honoring the time of Salah they should make or two and they should sit in the place that they make prayer and

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make the mention of Allah Subhana Allah when Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar.

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Was there another question that you had?

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Yes, sir. You can ask one more question.

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Yes, sister, did you have one more question?

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Yes, sister,

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Santa Monica.

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Okay, we have another caller with us and I want a cold caller How can I help?

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It's good to hear from you, my brother, how can I help?

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relevant questions, we live in a community interacting

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with the

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relates to

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our what we tell our children about a lot

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of things a lot.

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Not simply saying, Oh, we are not allowed. even adults do not know the hate mob behind it. And I'll be grateful if you can shed some light on it. So that we can also kindly

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when we are exchanging notes, we can tell them and ourselves.

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very important question, observation.

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In the local community,

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the youngsters

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have very eminent attitude.

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I'm talking about the agenda

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of behaving like boys, and boys, really old feminine attitude, and some unfortunately, slipping through that road weathers

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the way we have this important about

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sexuality, etc. And we just know, one side, we how do we approach and conduct conduct ourselves with them out of the

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How do the general

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approach with them?

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practical, sensible, educated with just a call off head? So with regard to the first question with regards to the eating of swine or the flesh of the pig are poor, and the byproducts that come of it as Muslims, Allah subhana wa tada has provided us this guidance in the Koran. And it was provided to the nations that came before us from the Israelites, Benny Assad, Ealing, you know that our cousins in faith in that sense,

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the Jews that they maintain very strict kosher laws as it relates to pork and byproducts that relate from the flesh of swine with regards to the reason for it. Two things become really important in our perspective as Muslims. So the first one is we should not educate our children to only accept what they can understand and rationalize. And one of the things that a law has shown to us in the plan is that not everything in the end was meant to be understood with transparency and clarity. In fact, the very first letters of the second chapter of the Quran and if LAN meme, or Kath ha yeah, I

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saw the beginning of sort of medium, and many others sort of they begin with these disjointed letters. Nobody alive today can tell you definitively This is what each of those letters symbolizes or means. And the blessing of that is that you and I come to agree that there are and will always be things in the plan that we we know we recite, but may not understand with their complete meaning. Because the completion of knowledge is only with Allah, and what he has left behind with us through the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed cisilion.

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It must be enough for us to be able to establish right and wrong from an objective morality based on the statements of Allah God Almighty, and what we see as being alternatives provided that make us I'm needing of what has been prohibited. And therefore Adam on SLM, what made him superior to a police to the devil, although both made a mistake, is that Adam not rebel against God by asking why not? Even though he committed the sin of eating of the tree, while it believes he did not obey God by making up subjugation and prostration to Adam. And when God asked Allah Almighty, I said, Why did you not make this sudo Carla And Pharaoh min, you Why didn't you order me to be mad? at me, it's

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your fault for allowing me the choice. And therefore as human beings, Adam immediately recognize he sinned. And he says, It's not about well, what's the difference between this dream trip, he doesn't see further other than to fulfill semirara. Now what I'll find that we hear the command of a law, and we obey, that becomes a very important instructional point for our children. As for some of the things that some of the scholars have said about for, there are certain certain things that are related

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to organisms that occur, and that live within the flesh of swine that don't exist in other other flesh. But also, more importantly, that the flesh of the pig is very close. And similar to some of the genetic makeup that we have, in fact, the first heart operations where they would change a valve in a human heart, they would take a valve from a stent from a pig's heart, because the pig genetically was very similar to the human being very similar in size of the shape of the heart, and so on. And with a concoction of drugs, you're the the body of a human being did not reject it as it would with other beings, other animals and things like that. So perhaps there is a hikma in the

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sense that there is a very close genetic attachment between us as human beings and when is found with the flesh of swine or lower down. And as with your second question about effeminacy. And, and

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the way some people have looked at themselves, or appreciated their gender, and issues that relate to that those are really complex issues that I don't believe would be done justice by entering in this two minute address, there are wonderful resources that can be found through your local masakan and local community centers. And there is something that I believe can be contributed in this space by Muslims who are learned in psychotherapy, in psychology, in medicine, as well as those who are trained in the Islamic sciences that can bring healing to the home's healing to the heart. But to just address one particular aspect is how do we deal with somebody who is presented in a way that

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we're not happy with, irrespective of what it is that we're not happy with? Well, I want you to know that you and I must become a security blanket of love around them, we must be people that kind of

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embrace that, that which is good with them, and be able to assist them in that which is challenging that. And it becomes very difficult when there is odds between us and them in a way that is material and capital, where we are no longer heard by them, because they do not have respect for the approach that we have. Now, I understand that this is a very difficult and sensitive perspective. And I pray that whoever is dealing with this, these kinds of issues that Allah sends light to to the heart and gives hope, into the homes in sha Allah. We have another caller on the line and said, I'm on a call

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Yes, my brother, how can I help?

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Sorry, I couldn't hear you. Can you repeat the question?

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Why do you call Mr. Lamb? Can you repeat the question please? Yeah, my sister

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asked me a question.

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anything on anything what we can do because we

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thought we can do. Yeah. Just Just come up here for your for your question my brother, I can't speak specifically about your case because I'm not aware of your local community but i what i what advice I would give you and those who are in my local community as well, is that I would say, when you have a respect for the Imam of your community and for the institution that you've been praying with for many years, that you contribute to contribute to the law to and you contribute your Sunday on toward, when you have a sense of belonging and a place that you have invested your time and energy in and it's a place of trust in terms of the scholars that lead it, then I would say to you is

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follow their guidance and fast and break your fast with them, pray with them aid and break your aid with them. Don't make it about the choice You mean that if you leave it between you and then and Allah then your reward is always with Allah your reward is not with the action only your reward is with your near and new and I our ninja was in the year of fasting the day of alpha of praying in the day very of honoring the loss of panda once I left my recommendation with you is to stick with the Gemma that you have built a trust with us trust you their scholarship and that you feel will have been leading you correctly for these many years. Now if for example you find that there is an

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understanding that is correct and that you believe in it, then hold on to that as being the truth insha Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it a point of ease and remove the hardships and make our family units together in sha Allah, that we are seeking the path of Allah and we are rewarded for it the evening to Allah. We have just a last we have just the last minute together and I thought I would end with one of the beautiful graphs of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam oma selama his wife or their loved one and however by her, she would say that when the Prophet was at home with being meaning this isn't his privacy, he would

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read regularly make this dry. I would hear him saying this often. He would say yummo sort of Apolo boring rewire Yeah, more comfortable blue Sabbath kunbi Allah Dini, Oh Allah you were the one who is the Turner of hearts, turn my heart and establish it firmly upon your upon this fate. To have love the prophets. I said, continue to amaze you and pray to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that faith would be maintained at his heart and the heart of the matter. May Allah put a man in our heart, keep you firm and keep you healthy and safe. Also, Leila was selling was it robotic Allison Mohammed, your brother your hair Brahim was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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just come on Lafayette Santa Monica.