Reminders Is Allah Not Sufficient For You Part Ii

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In Alhamdulillah, WA Salatu was Salam O Allah, it should have been the right idea he was having human what we were discussing the is today well as Ronald Allah said, Allah is a love because in

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a lot of animals I'll ask this question, I'm not a virgin, I love the question. Allah is Allah the government?

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is Allah Subhana Allah not sufficient for his life?

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And we said that

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this is a question which is questioning and Allah is questioning our talk or our trust on him.

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And I explained to you and shared with you yesterday, remind myself a new that trust is a factor of two things, of knowledge, and of relationship.

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So now the question of knowledge, there are two parts to knowledge. One is to know about

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something. And second is to say, how does that thing which I know affect me?

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So I may know about something, but does that knowledge affect me at all?

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So let's look at these two things today.

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What do we know what Allah Subhana Allah?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala introduced himself

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in many places in the Quran.

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In one place, Allah subhanho wa Taala said,

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what we resided in the first record, Allah does it all rely on the game Bismillah Allahu Allah He, Robin.

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I live.

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I live

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in another place Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah wa ulica you that was enough to know

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in another place, Allah subhanaw taala said de la Cala de Rio de la

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policia in Cody.

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In another place.

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So this might have been

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a lady Hala cover so one lady

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one lady

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in another place.

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Oh Allahu Allahu Ahmed. Lamb merely dorland new blood while I'm here Gulu had in another place. That one ma hula Vila

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de Monterrey, Russia to Aurora. Rahim. Allah. Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah de

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movimiento Haman Oh la dee

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da Nautica there sobre la

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usually go on.

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La Palma de almost avaira Hola,

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Rosner, new sub B hola who is evil or wahoo allows is all hiking.

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What do we know what

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we know all of this and we know whatever else Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned about himself in the Quran. And we know what we see of the glory and majesty of our

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when we look around us

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and we see his eye at the signs in the creation around us.

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And then what must this do to us?

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What is this link? Why am I saying that knowledge must produce some results.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala said in our own Allah DNA to Kerala, La Jolla kulu. Why is that Juliet la Maya to Hosea to me Ivana La La Robbie Miata, Caillou.

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Allah, the momineen Argos fievel, who when the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala, come before them the heart shiver with the fear of majesty a

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condition of human

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that the knowledge about Allah subhanaw taala must do something to our heart.

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What does that really mean via to God or to the man and when the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala, recited before the man with the see the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala in the ganache, there even increases

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and what is the result of this? And our obedience of

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Allah is Allah because you

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see how the circle completes?

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What are they have taka rossano de

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la sala we got the nada but i a Balinese

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is Allah not sufficient for you?

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Of course, why not?

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Only our last round of television for us, but for that we have to know Allah.

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And then we have to ask ourselves this knowledge about Allah subhanho data. Is it just dead intellectual information in my head? Or is this thing doing something to me it Why

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is this thing manifesting its results in my avatar is this thing bringing about change in my life

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is this thing bringing me to the market voila, is this thing keeping me away from her?

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Is this thing taking me towards those things which please know that

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because knowledge does not benefit will be a hedge against us on the depth of the mela protectors in this.

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Let us not be like the Flint stone.

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In the Flintstone Java is good.

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You strike the stone, a spark comes the spark light something else. But the stone remains a stone.

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That does not be among those who will light fires in everybody else's heart, but their own heart is a stone, nothing happens to it.

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Allah protect us from this violence rather make us the beneficiaries of our own speech first before we before anybody else.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to open our hearts to his glory and majesty

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as well as vadodara, to bring about the caveats

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that he has mentioned,

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when we hear his column,

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when we read his column has

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to consciously and constantly

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make it

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and decree it, that we should always be aware of him.

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And we should always know that Allah subhanaw taala is watching us that he knows us. That he knows what we say we do what we think what we feel. And we are We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to align our lives

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to that which pleases Him.

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We will live our brother sisters will lie

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by Allah subhanho wa Taala by his jellal. And by his garage, and by his gum, and by his hammer. I swear in his name. And I hold him as witness

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that only one thing will matter on the day of judgment and that is whether allies pleased with us or not.

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That's the only thing we matters, nothing else. Nothing else. The only thing which will matter for us, in our mind, is whether Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with us or not. ask Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with you. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept all your ama and asked Allah subhanaw taala to raise your Amal to the level of Gamal which are acceptable to him.

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ask Allah subhana wa Taala to clean and free or alpha bar here

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and make you feel your armor with us.

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And to accept your armor and to be pleased with you. Well Sal, Allahu Allah bill, Kareem. Voila, he was happy as we recovered the girl Hawaii