Zahir Mahmood – The Conquest of Jerusalem #1

Zahir Mahmood
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Alhamdulillah Himalayan Ameen.

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salatu salam Ala Moana Sally Maulana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman's son Elijah Medina about respective brothers, elders sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Today I want to speak about

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one of

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the greatest journeys in the history of Islam.

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And that is the journey of Omar aloha Pavarotti. allaahu going to Jerusalem to pick up the keys from the patriarch.

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See Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is a song of our last panel dialogue. And Allah says what untied you the listener delight the dealer and you will not find a change to the patterns and the manners of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah gives preference to certain things over other things. So Allah is the Creator of all human beings. But then, amongst the human being that lies to the MBI limited Absalom, the Sahaba of the Allah at home, so he's given preference to certain things over others, although he's the creator of everything. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala creates time and space. But there are certain times which are more virtuous over certain other times, like today, the day of

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Juma is the best day of the week. Allah subhanaw taala creates the mites but the last 10 nights of Ramadan are the most holiest nights last month other crypto days, but the 10 days of the hijab are regarded as the most holiest days and the day of arafah better than all the other days.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala creates time, hours minutes seconds, on the day of Juma there is an hour a minute a second, a period in which a dwarf is accepted more than other times.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has a portion of the night we are lost Pamela descends to the lowest heaven to ask his Abbot Denis leave what do they wish for. So although Allah creates all time and space, there is certain time which are better than others. Similarly, Allah has created the earth, but there are certain portions within the earth which are better than others. The most holiest is the Haram in Makkah, which is the most holiest Masjid the most holiest space.

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Interestingly, since the Muslims went to Macau, Fatoumata returned to Makkah, uncontested, it has been in the hands of the Muslims.

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Medina, second most holiest place, since the Muslims went into Medina.

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And they created their constitution. Medina has, for the last 1400 years, been uncontested in the hands of the Muslims.

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Then we go to the third most holiest place to the believers, there is no place on the face of this earth, which is as contested as Jerusalem.

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The Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, all hold all claims stake to it.

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On the face of this earth, there is no place which is more contested than this. And really to understand today's conflict, you have to look into history. This is nothing new.

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The longest battle in the history of humanity is the Crusades. crusades lasted for 200 years. You know how many Christians died in the Crusades. 6 million Christians a dyed in the Crusades. These one people who lived over there no these the vast majority of these people were people who traveled from the west from here, all the way to the east, no planes, no ships.

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vast majority of them either walked or they went on a Mount 6 million Christians died is regarded as the longest battle in the history of humanity recorded.

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And then we have Salah howdini Rahim Allah, the king who stayed more in his tent than he stayed in his palace, and he will liberated machines.

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He liberated Jerusalem 80 years 80 years after the demise of Salah.

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hiding his own family that you bites, use of a nastier withdrawing deals with the Christians and saying to the Christian, I will give you Jerusalem back on one condition just eight years after salahaddin sacrifice on one condition that you help us fight the Mamelukes in Egypt and we will give you my shuttle accent everything with it

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80 years.

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Mongols, you know the history of Mongols. They decimated the Muslim world. Even the Mongols. were cutting deals with the Christians and saying that if you help us fight the Muslims, we will give you Jerusalem

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Have you wondered is the year 1490 to meet you.

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1492 is the year with the Muslims lost grandmother the final placed in on the last

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1492 after 800 years of ruling 800 years of ruling. Now the Muslims had to give the keys back to the Alhambra palace, that beautiful palace in Grenada.

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At times being the most powerful force on the face of this earth, the Muslims in on the loose.

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You know when Abu Abdullah gave the key back to Isabella and Ferdinand, you know who's there? first of January 1492, after 800 years of dominance, Christopher Columbus was there.

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It was at the end of 1492 that Christopher Columbus reached the Americas same year with the help of Muslim and Jewish navigators. The next year 1493 Christopher Columbus wrote a letter to Isabella and Ferdinand. And he said give me

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give me five years and I will bring an army to you which will comprise of 50,000 infantry and 5000 cavalry with one purpose. He's sitting in America as he's writing a letter to speed, one purpose. He says one purpose and that purpose is to liberate Jerusalem. He will Christopher Columbus had his eyes on Jerusalem.

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Have you ever heard of a man called Imam Sharman? Mr. Machar mill is known as the Salafi dean of the Caucasus. Why is he known as the Salahuddin of the caucuses? Because Nicolas za wanted to take the caucuses. So from Russia, he was the most powerful, possibly most powerful man on the face of this earth. He wanted to from here from Russia. He wanted to take Jerusalem, but the problem was that he had to go past the caucuses for over 20 years. Mr. Sharmila rahima Hola, bogged him down, pinned him down. He couldn't reach the he couldn't get past the caucuses, let alone Jerusalem. And this is why Imam Sharmila Rahim Allah is known as the salado dean of the Caucasus. Now this and much much more.

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This is just a small portion of history regarding Mashallah.

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So if you understand this, then you understand the context of what is happening today. This is the most contested place on the face of this earth. And sometimes you know, when Muslims see what's going on, never is it going to be liberated. And they lose heart. You know, Salahuddin Rahim Allah liberated Mashallah, after 80 years, today, today's only been over 60 years. So believers should always have this belief that everything is in the hands of Alice Pamela, and there is no way a greater example than this in the life of the prophets of Lhasa. Now imagine is within the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you have the largest army to ever march on. Medina never

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had they ever had an army larger than this 11,000 the Muslim were 3000 out of the 3000 2000 were true believers 1001 of your team. The only way that you could enter Medina were two ways either you entered the front or either you entered the rear, but the Ray was covered by the buddy coryza who initially the Muslim had a treaty with on the side Medina has lovers, so you can't actually enter Medina from the sides. So

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salmaan Alfonsi the Persian comes to the prophets, Allah Solomon, he says a message of Allah we the Persians could the Persians were the superpower of the time.

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When we have an issue like this and an army we can't deal with what we do is that we dig trenches. So the message you would love commanded as a habit or the alarm to dig the trench. Now imagine it's mid winter. The Muslims haven't eaten anything for days. There's a famine going on the Sahaba come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and they say, oh messenger of Allah, we're hungry. We're so hungry, that they remove the gamma from the stomach and they have a stone tied to the stomach. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam removes his garment, and he has two stones tied to stomach.

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Then they come while to dig in this trench, they come to this big rock this boulder and they can't break it.

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So they come to the province and last element, they say a message of Allah, we can't break the Boulder. So the mercy of Allah Look at this, he's over 50 years old at the time, there are many younger Sahaba many big Sahaba but none of them can break it. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was two stones tied to his stomach, those. So he goes, it takes a pickaxe, and he strikes it. And the third of it breaks and is a huge Spark. And he says a lot.

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Then he structure gave another third breaks. And there's a huge Spark. He says a lot.

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And then he strikes it the third time, and there's this huge Spark. And the message of a loss is a lower TCO.

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And the Sahaba say a message of Allah what was the Allahu Akbar about we never seen that before what was a spark? So the robot is a Mullah. I mean, he was some of them said,

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Allah subhanaw taala showed me

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that through the spark, Allah subhanaw taala showed me that a day would come that we would take the palaces of Yemen.

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And then we check in a second time. Allah subhanho wa Taala showed me that they would come through the spark that we would take the palaces of Sham, the Byzantines, who ruled all the way from Eastern bull and into Eastern Europe, all the way into Sham, the entirety of Sham, which is classically, Lebanon, Palestine,

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Jordan, and Syria and slightly other places, they root all that. And he said the day Allah showed me a day would come that we would take the palaces of charm. And then he said, when I struck in the third time, Allah subhanaw taala showed me that a day would come that we would take the white Palace of the superpower of the day, the Persians. So imagine this,

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you've got an army on the other side, you've never had an army so large ever.

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The abuse of yarn was saying who was in charge of the army on the other side, he said, this is the final battle after today, the Muslim would never stand, and they reach they reach a trench.

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You got nothing to eat.

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If there's a farming going on, it's mid winter. And the professor Malala was alone is telling them a day would come that they will take all these places. So the monarchy began to say Look at this guy. He's promising them that they will become a superpower of the day and one of us is scared to go and relieve himself. within a period of 10 years approximately, those very hungry scape Muslims became the superpower of the day.

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They became the superpower of the day.

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So he shows you never become despondent because if you have Allah you have everything and if you lose a lot you lose everything

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within the lifetime you know and the way we're where is this so when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a day will come that you will take sharm will Mashallah is in Sham. So, in the darkest moment, the messy have a lot of promise them that day would come that you would take mushy luck, sir.

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Let me tell you about another ajeeb incident in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Mr. mojari mentioned this in kuttabul. Eman? It's a very long Hadith heraclius was the leader of the Byzantine, the Eastern Europeans.

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And heraclius came to Jerusalem for a pilgrimage. This was his you know, this was a defining moment because he had just defeated the Persians he was elated. He had bought the True Cross just to me this was the most holiest relic just to leave that in Jerusalem. He came for this pilgrimage. Where do you Jerusalem? He has a dream Mr. Bahari mentioned this a jeep. He says he has a dream

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that he sees through the stars because he's an astrologer that a day will come that a group of people will take this land.

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So he wakes up very uncommon, very popular.

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so they asked him What's wrong and he says, I've had this dream and I couldn't get to sleep after that hasn't combed his hair looks real mess.

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He said one side of these people is that they are people who have been circumcised.

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So they said the only group of people we know who are circumcised are the Jews. It's a no problem. we'll wipe them all out. There's not many Jews. At that very time. The problem is Allah Salaam sent out the letters to the leaders to invite them towards Islam. And he received the letter of the prophets Allah Salaam, inviting him towards Islam. So he says, Who is this man? They said, Oh, he's a man who lives in the Arab Peninsula, and he regard themselves as a prophet. Now he's intrigued. So he said, Is there any of his people in Jerusalem, La ilaha illAllah. At that very time, Abu Sofia, and I happen to be in Jerusalem, who was Abu Sufyan, abuse of yarn, who was the leader of crush, in

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every single battle against the Muslims are also fion was in charge of the army besides one battle, and that was the Battle of butter. And why was he in charge of that? Because he was in charge of the caravan which the Muslims are trying to intercept. So therefore, he couldn't be a part. Every other battle, he's in charge. So heraclius called him and he called entire caravan. And he says, Who is the closest in family to this man, Muhammad? So most of your answers I am. So he says, You come forward. And he says to the rest of his caravan, he says, if he lies, you just indicate to me he's light, just to a Shara and I will understand that he's like, I was so fiance's by a life. It was not

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for the sake, that people would have called me a liar. I would have lied regarding Mohammed, that's how much he hated the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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So heraclius now says, I asked him, I had a number of questions. He says, the translator said, Ask him, this man. What kind of family does he belong to? He said, he belongs to a very noble family.

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He said, I want to ask you, did any of his forefathers regard themselves as kings? He said, No. So did any of his forefathers claim that they were prophets? He said, No.

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He said, I want to ask you what kind of people follow him? The high the noble are the untouchables, the poor, the Misaki, the slaves, is that the untouchables?

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So Raj, you do the numbers increase? Are the numbers decrease? He said, the numbers increase? He said, Do any of them turn away from the religion after they have embraced the religion? He said, No, none of them ever turn away from religion.

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I want to ask you, did he lie before Prophethood? He said, No, sir. Has he ever broken his profit before profited? He said, No. Now Abu Sufyan says, Hey, I got a chance, because this was after the BIA. And I said to him, he said, I got a chance to script what I wanted to say. I said, He's never broken his promise. But because we now have a treaty, he may break his promise. Now.

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He said to him, Do you have wars? He said, Yes. He said, who wins awards? He says, sometimes we win the wars. Sometimes they win the wars.

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One day for us one day for you. And this is how it is. Because if every day,

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the Muslims one, which at the moment, we're not having a very good day, if everyone every day that Muslims one, everybody would be a Muslim.

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Just one day for us one day for them. It's a What is it command you to do? He said, He commands us to worship Allah and do not prescribe partners that to him.

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He will he tells us to pray. He tells you to forsake the religion of our forefathers, it tells us that we should be chaste we should be good to our neighbors.

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So then heraclea say to the translator translate frame correctly said I asked you what kind of family he comes from. He said he come from a noble family, every single maybe come from a noble family.

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I asked you did any of his forefathers claimed they were prophets or kings? You said no. I would have said possibly if he claimed himself as a prophet because the forefathers claimed they were prophets. He just wanted to claim the stake of his forefathers. He just wanted to be a kingo prophet like his forefathers. You said no.

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I asked you what kind of people follow him. La ilaha illAllah. You said those people who are poor following the untouchable is that every newbie, listen to this. Every single Nabhi is initially followed by poor people. The Untouchables, the rich are not interested. Why? Because they're too good. They're always fighting

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By the poor people, and this is why you see the people who around the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was majority were either either had no security from Quraysh or they were slaves. That's the kind of people said, I asked you do the numbers increase or decrease? You said the numbers increase. So that is the nature of demand. Should I ask you? Do anybody turn away from the religion after they will embrace the religion? You said none of them ever turned away from the religion. So when the sweetness of Eman

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enters the heart, nobody ever turns away from it. I asked you did this man lie or break his promises before Prophet would you said no. Then I want to ask you a question. If a man was not ready to lie to other people, why would he lie about Allah subhana wa.

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I asked you about wars. You said sometimes they win. Sometimes we win. He said that's how it happens. I asked you about what does he commanded you to do? And you told me this is what he commanded you to do

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is that every Nabhi comes with this very power, that you worship Allah and do not prescribe partners unto him, that you pray you be chaste, etc, etc. And then heraclius said,

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he said violife you are speaking the truth, then a day will come that this very place where I stand today,

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this man Muhammad will conquer that which is beneath my feet.

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Abuse of yarn was taken aback This is an aeration late by Mr. Bahari in Qatar, Mr.

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Abu Sufyan says that the leader of Bernie as well, but he has what were the yellow one because they refer to the European that the yellow one said the leader of Bernie as far as even impressed by this man, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So within the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you have all these things happening. The Messenger of Allah said, the signs the first sign of the day, our

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is my death. So the second sign of the hour is the conquest of martial oxa within the lifetime and I will speak about this in more detail next week within his lifetime look at this word of the barossa loss of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you should pay pray two rakaat and mushy luxa and if you cannot pray two rakaat in must AXA

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then send oil to be burned in the lanten in mushy la casa

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pray to the gods and mushy la casa.

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And if you cannot within his lifetime, and if you cannot pray to the cow to Mashallah then send all to be burnt in Atlanta.

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Really interesting. I'll tell you why it's really interesting.

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Because the Muslims have never conquered Mashallah in the life of the prophets, Allah Allah he's prophesizing

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that they will come that you will take Mashallah AXA and then he said, sent oil to be burned in a slanted war does it mean when was it conquered? insha Allah Allah willing, next week I will cover inshallah, the rest of the history of the conquest of machine. May Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate our brothers and sisters who are defending our third most holiest site, may Allah subhanaw taala liberate Mashallah, Aqsa, may Allah subhanho wa Taala create a million Salahuddin in this ummah, whoever Faker for Mashallah Baraka Luffy come

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