The Truth is always Targeted but Ultimately It Prevails

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah wa Sahbihi Germain a MABA

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are over bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Ghul in Ghana our outcome will have been outcome why one was logical why she needed to come? Well I want to make that have to move our contact Shona Casa de Zona

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hub by Lake Amina Allah here are solely with Yarden feasibly for Pattaya Thea Lybia Marie. Wala hula is a global philosophy, rubbish every Saturday, while silly Emery well hello log data melissani Afghan calling

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my respected elders and my dear brothers and sisters I welcome all of you with Islamic greetings As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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It's a pleasure and honor for me to be back in Nigeria after 10 years.

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And this is my second trip to Abuja

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and the second trip in this Valadon stadium,

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it's nice to meet all the brothers and sisters or Bucha back again after 10 years.

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Before I dwell into the topic of today,

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I would like to speak a few words regarding our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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Most of us know the history of Palestine, and how was their Israel state formed? We know

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that Hitler incinerated 6 million Jews

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in the Holocaust.

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And these Jews, they scattered to different parts. And many of them, they came to Palestine, and our Muslim brothers in Palestine gave them shelter. They said, Island, my felon to the cousins, the Jews are the cousins of the Muslims, the Arabs,

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the Palestinian Arab Muslims, they welcome the cousin the Jews, they gave them shelter, they gave them production.

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And they allowed them to come to the land.

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But unfortunately, several years later, the same people who were refugees,

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they kick out the host out of the land.

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Imagine the owner of the house is kicked out. And now when the Palestinians

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are fighting for the rights, they're screaming that this is our land. The Israelis and the Westerners, they're calling them as terrorists.

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They're the thing in Hindi will touch your Cordwell.

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That means the robber

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is scoring and blaming the police man for the robbery is done.

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And we know this is common that those people who are in power, they control the media.

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And as you know, the media can convert black into white. They into night hero into a villain villain into a hero.

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So today, the media, the international media, most of them, they are painting As though these Palestinian

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Muslim brothers and sisters were fighting for the freedom

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they are being called as terrorists.

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And this is coming we know that in history. And we know that the Britishers the French, the Portuguese, they ruled a 2/3 of the world. They occupy two thirds of the world. And the biggest people who did maximum atrocities in the world are the Britishers but the changes and we have gone to different parts of the world to uplift them. They did nothing but robbed many countries of the world. They looted many countries of the world including the country where I was born that India

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and when people fought for the freedom we know Bhagat thing you're gonna get freedom fighter. These finishes at that time they call the master is number one.

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But we Indians, we call them the freedom fighter. We respect him. We react revere him in the 18th century, when Britishers ruled America,

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George Washington, he was fighting for the freedom of America. And by the Britishers he was called as terrorists number one at that time

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but that many

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In the column a freedom fighter, and when USA got its freedom, they made him the first president of USA. Imagine the person was called the terrorists by the British government. USA makes him the first president of USA. So many times, the person who's subjugated is labeled by the media as a terrorist. We have several examples. We have example in South Africa, when Nelson Mandela was fighting against the white apartheid government. The white apartment government called him a terrorist and imprisoned him in Robben Island for more than 25 years.

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He was called the number one and the time

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when South Africa gets the freedom they make Nelson Mandela is elected as the president of the country.

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And we know this history. On the other hand, by the freedom fighters, the Polish terrorist, on the other hand, the media is printing the terrorists of yet people we know that the bombing that was done in King David Hotel, where many people were killed. Many Jews were killed, many Muslims were killed. And managing Bagan at that time, he was the person who did this bombing. Later on that same day, he's made

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the President of Israel, the Prime Minister of Israel,

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the terrorists, and then he get the Nobel Prize for Peace. Imagine the person was a terrorist, actual terrorist leader on the world give them a Nobel Prize for Peace. This is all done by the media.

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The media can convert black into white day into night hero into Milan. And we know

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since the last about one month,

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the last four weeks when Israel is attacking Palestinian when the Palestinians are fighting for the right, and the retaliated Israel with the best army in the world, one of the best army in the world with the support of USA, and many of the Western countries that are in the least equipped country in the world, the attacking Muslims in Gaza in Palestine and killing them and 1000s

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and targeting civilians targeting hospitals, targeting schools. It's against the international law.

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Today, Israel is killing 1000s of our Muslim brothers and sisters. And almost all of them are civilians. More than 1/3 of children, more than 1/3 of women

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with the best equipment that targeting innocent people, if you go and target the military, we have no problem. They are targeting specifically innocent Muslims in Gaza and Palestine and the world is silent.

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What is the UN are doing?

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Just because some countries can put veto

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it's only a symbolic protest. That's it.

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Unless the Muslims get together,

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we will not be doing my job. I've given a talk

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Action Point Plan

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13 Point action plan for the Muslim ummah

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for Palestine. Since this is not the topic of the day, I will not speak about that in detail. You can refer to my video on the topic. But Allah is testing us. As far as the test for the Palestinians are concerned. Most of them are passed with flying colors.

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Those who have died their model their shade, Allah and inshallah granddam they're different those

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those that are suffering, may Allah give them steadfastness. May Allah give them peace. May Allah give them serenity.

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It's beautiful to see that the mothers who have been martyred, they're praising Allah, Allah, Allah, this is from Allah.

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They're not complaining, they're thanking Allah, that we have got an opportunity to serve the cause of Allah.

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For Allah subhanho wa taala, who solves the problem of Palestine is very easy.

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confi Akun Allah is testing us, as Allah says in the Quran in surah mole chapter number 16 was number two allele Khaliqul Mata Malhotra, Alaska death and life to test which of you do good indeed.

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Whenever calamity comes, it's either a punishment or a test. As far as the people of Palestine are concerned, it's a test for them. And according to me when we are seeing the video, the social media Alhamdulillah most of them will pass this test with flying colors.

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What about the Muslim ummah throughout the world?

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Today we are more than to be

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Nearly out of the 8 million population, the Muslims are more than 2 billion. We are about 26% of the world population.

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Are we doing our job?

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Do watch my video

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13 Point action plan for the Muslim ummah.

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it was four years ago, in August

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2019 I gave a talk in Clinton.

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Mashallah, in Malaysia, where more than 100,000 people came in the stadium. And it was so successful that the enemies of Islam in Malaysia could not

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the popularity and the impact, so they started maligning me, some of the non Muslims in Malaysia, especially those who have they need origin, they started maligning me, they started criticizing me they started calling me a terrorist. What I did the five main important people who maligned me, all of them are politician, all of them politician.

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One of them was a cabinet minister of human resources. One was the Deputy Chief Minister number two

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of Penang state in Malaysia. One was a member of parliament, very popular person. And the other two, they were a member of legislative assembly. When the maligned me, I think these top five people were involved in maligning me, and I filed a case against them.

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That was four years back

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in August 2019. And they were wondering, when we speak about the Prime Minister of Malaysia, one of them is complaining. When we speak about the Prime Minister again, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, no one complained, who is this foreigner coming in handy and doing a case against us?

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Most of them, they came and apologized and outside court settlement. I said no problem, but the biggest enemy of Islam. His name is Pierre Masami. I continued the case with him, and the verdict was on the second of November, just three days before, I could not attend the verdict, because I was called by the Sultan of Sokoto and my talk was, I could not cancel it.

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But just before the talk a couple of hours before the verdict came by the High Court of Malaysia that they asked Ramaswamy be Ramaswamy was at that time, the deputy chief minister to have Penang to pay a fine to pay damages to me of 1.5 2 million Ringgit

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which if you convert it

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to US dollars, it is 320,000 US dollars.

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And if you convert it to naira. At that time, the rate was 1200 Naira per dollar, it came out to be 383 million naira.

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And the Court told he should give this fine within 30 days.

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And when I got this information, I pledged this complete amount of 1.5 2 million ringgit to the Palestinian cause I've donated this complete amount

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to Palestinian cause

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1.5 2 million ringgit that is 320,000 US dollars. That is 383 million naira.

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May Allah subhanaw taala accept

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this humble support from my side to the Palestinian cause?

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And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that May He give steadfastness to the people of Palestine, may give them tuber may elevate them.

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And may He

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removed the suffering and made him the stand the Luma to join together

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to see to it that they are able to stop the genocide in Palestine. And if we do Allah subhanaw taala that may give the martyrs

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of Palestine. John nine shallot and for those