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The Battle of Badr & The Prophets Vision

Zahir Mahmood


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Come the Battle of butter.

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And these are our stories, brothers and sisters. These are stories.

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We implement these in our lives because that's what changes society with the brothers and lots of them came to celebrate some Omar It was a long battle of butter, the first battle that the Muslims had with a machine a key.

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What was the ransom? Those who could not give the ransom, but could read and write? What was their ransom their ransom was

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that they would teach 10 people how to read and write and they would be freed. So far Allah these were people look, these were people who came to kill the Muslims, the Messenger of Allah took them and utilize them to educate the Muslims. And how big was the class is 10

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now 40 now 50 like a McAdams you know, the more you get into the muck tops, the cheaper it gets, the more the mothers

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and the parents don't care because the lower your fees are.

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So you have 1430 in a modasa Province a lie they were seldom said no 10 only 10 per class 10 per teacher. How long does it take you to teach them as long as it takes you.

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There is no time limit. ism has no time limit. And this is what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did, and this is a G Why? Because this was a man who himself was unlettered but he understood

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the importance of education.