Sulaiman Moola – Preparation For The Month Of Ramadan

Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah alameen wa earlier he was having he woman one of whom the Son in law Yomi Dean

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for the college elevada Chiquita Hill Majeed wolffer Connie Hill Hamid Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim shahara Ravana levy on Zilla v. Hill Khurana houden linas babina minella Hoda al Furqan firmen shahida Minh como shahara familia some woman Karna Marie been suffering for I mean a year I mean Ohara you read hola hola como la whether you read to be common Rasul? When he took Milan I that I wanted to Kabira Allah Allah, Allah Allah Quran the Quran we're calling Wu sallallahu taala Allah He was seldom come in saw him in lays Allah who mean great ladies I know who mean so yummy he in La Jolla okama Kalani solder to a Salaam honorable scholars respected

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brothers elders mothers and sisters a lot of people is that has created men with a body and a soul. The body being exterior, the body being external, material, physical and tangible, while the soul being spiritual, invisible and intangible and heavenly. So there are two components to the human body. There is the outer casing there is the external body, which is material its earthly men have a Lacuna Coil MFI and norito con woman.

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It is from the earth that we have created you and it is to the earth that we return you. Hence the defects of the physical body can be seen to by the things of this world. If a person has a scar, if a person has an illness, they are so much that the medical world has to offer. From time to time we are shown

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pre surgery, post surgery, pre orthodontics, post orthodontics, pre laser, post laser, pre cosmetic surgery, post cosmetic surgery, that they can be this unique transformation that could take place on a person, anti aging products and the list continues. In essence, the body is physical, it's tangible, its material, its cure is dependent on the things of this world, through conventional medication, or through traditional medication. The soul is invisible, it is intangible, it is heavenly. It is from from Allah subhanho wa Taala himself. Hence the cure of the soul itself is heavenly. The problem The world is facing today is the soul has become restless. And we are feeding

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the body with antidepressants. We are it's just like if a person has a pain on his on his face on his cheek, and you are applying an ointment to his hand. It just doesn't correspond. It just doesn't make logic. A lot of the world in its entirety today is on the brink of depression if not entered into depression study one of the greatest factors that contribute to suicide today is standard diagnosis in the life of any person. He is suicidal, across the age, gender across the across the boundaries of any country. Depression has become the order of the day. I often say leave alone becoming a victim to any circumstances which might justify depression. The very fears that lurk in

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the mind of every man is sufficient depression. So one is you a victim to a crisis. You are mugged. You are robbed you became ill you were diagnosed with a condition you lost a beloved one. We might argue justifiably this Warren's depression and saying take it a stage beyond the fields that are ever lurking in relation to the crash of the economy in relation to health.

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In relation to my job, these fears alone have set us back and created depression. So my point is the soul is heavenly and the treatment of the soul is heavenly itself. Allah be Vickery law, he taught to me in all kulu it is only the heavenly medication. And that is the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is going to bring solace and comfort to this restless soul. Now, what is the dawn of the month of Ramadan? It provides you and I the platform to nourish this impoverished soul. The soul has been malnourished, it has been neglected and abandoned for the greater portion of 11 months. Can you imagine how restless it is? Let's apply the analogy on the physical body. If a person is

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homeless, he lacks shelter he has no food for 11 months, is eating hand to mouth living below the bread line. Can you imagine the amount of illnesses that he would be susceptible to the how prone he would be to a host of maladies, lack of nutrition, lack of sanitation, lack of adequate shelter, etc. Over the years the soul has been neglected and abandoned. In terms of medical terminology, if we may coin a phrase, we have a tumor in our soul which is malignant, a tumor is malignant. So today say it's not benign, it's spreading across the soul. It has covered an envelope the entire soul. How do we treat the soul of ours? Where do we bring comfort in our soul? If the answer to the

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satisfaction of the soul were the things of this world, then why do the lives of celebrities end in such a dull way? Why do the lives of these wealthy prominent effluent high profile people get wasted in drugs and evil and womanizing and gambling? If what the world had to offer rescued them of this crisis? liberated them from these clutches? Then why do they resort to these things? The scholars tell us the example of the soul, and the body is pretty much like a horse and a rider. Now, if you've ever had the privilege of riding a horse, and we know we've been exalted in the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said hello hello moku Don't be nosy Hello Hi. Ally has

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attached goodness to the fall lock of a horse. Allah Swiss the oath of a horse in the Quran. When the lava fell Maria de cada funny movie Rod usuba, for thermal narrabeen

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as it gallops as it drops as it goes the dust to fly up and causes the sparks to emerge for subtle Navy jamaah penetrating the ferocious battle. In insanity Robbie Hilliker * in the terminology of Arabic what we revert refer to as the job of the oath that job will custom. Allah swears the oath of the horse. And Allah says I conclude by saying men is very ungrateful. And Allah says, reflect over this horse for the sake of its muster, in the spirit of loyalty for a man who has given it nothing more than a stable hay and water. This animal which is inferior to you, and dangers, its own life to bring victory to its master. Oh man, what is it that you cannot do for me what this horse does for

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its master.

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If you have ever sat on the back of a horse, you would have known and realized and its basic facts about horse riding, that the horse initially would jostle. The horse initially would shake and the horse would test the ability of confidence of the rider. If at this point you succumb and you display any weakness or feebleness, the horse senses this weakness of the rider. Now you are a dummy on the back of this horse, and the horse will literally ride you. You are a dummy that the horse will pull the shots and dictate the moves. But when the horse jostles and shakes and provokes and is rebellious, and you grip your reins firmly, and you show your authority that I will ride you and you

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will comply. Now this horse is yours, even a child at the age of five if he has control he will control this horse. And if it's a man at the age of 50 and he doesn't have control, then the horse will ride him. He will take take to the horse when you will eat when you will sleep and when I will ride and at what speed and how softly you will move in the very same way that you

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Human ego will provoke you, the human ego will incite you, and this battle will be fought. Either you succumb and your ego rides you for the rest of your life. Today it is a world of people who are slaves unto their ego. Either you succumb when the ego provokes you. The ego might provoke you to go online checking. The ego might tempt you to haram dealings. The ego might tempt you to seductive voices, the ego might tempt you to a host of crimes. Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Allah said,

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your soul invites you to repentance. One however, come young network Amina Toba and your ego prevents you from doing that fellow john Huston j Sha, Jasmine for Rolando if you are prepared to mobilize the army of conviction and determination, if you are prepared, he uses the metaphor and the analogy of mobilizing the army of conviction, determination will power for

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the enemy will have no choice but to submit and to surrender. So this is the analogy that the scholars have given. Now we got to look into our lives. Am I a dummy rider on the back of this horse, and this horse dictates to me what I will eat, how I will eat where I will devour, what I will consume? Or am I the actual rider and I will discipline my ego. A life of discipline, in essence is the life of a believer. And the long and short of the noble month of Ramadan is to once again once again bring about the moral compass of the life of a believer to bring his day onto pattern and rhythm, a point of reflection, a point of reflection and introspection. In the momentous

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month of Ramadan. Allah has made many a lawful things unlawful and forbidden, which per se is lawful, but for a period of time it has become unlawful that is obviously eating, drinking and satisfying your needs and your desires from dawn to dusk. Scholars tell us when the lawful has become unlawful. Can you imagine how unlawful would be those things which are permanently forbidden?

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The likes of abusing of your site, this is permanently forbidden, the likes of abusing your urine ability, the likes of using vulgarity, the likes of usurping etc, so on and so forth. These things are not conditionally prohibited, they are permanently forbidden. So what is the message from Allah subhanho wa Taala in this blessed man, Shang Ramadan Allah The Uzi Luffy hill or on Odin Lin, Sima benina, Minh algo de Waal for Khan. It's time to energize the soul. It's time to revive the soul. So one person came to a scholar and he said, What is the matter with our scholars today? They give and deliver sermons, but it doesn't have a positive impact on people. We listen to him it entertains us

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for a period of time, but ultimately it doesn't yield the necessary transformation. a profound answer was given by that scholar is our logo and

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he said in our ama said Africa no a Kava waka, Sunni Yama, fernet, Baja la causa Niam. What will ama was ama Nina Nia, Moon oneness, who Mota.

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He said in the previous times, the scholars were active, they were vibrant, they were dynamic, while the masses was sleeping. So the scholars came and revived, revived and awakened the sleeping masses. But now we have stooped so low, that the scholars are asleep and the messages are dead.

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The scholars are asleep and the messages are dead. So how can a sleeping person revive a dead man? That is exactly what has happened to our condition how we have deteriorated. We have forgotten and become oblivious of the condition of our soul. Let's reflect in the midst of everything after owning and possessing Why is there this vacuum? Why is there this restlessness, insomnia is a medical condition that is only in the increase in the world. What is it that has brought about these restless nights?

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medically they will tell you you need an orthopedic mattress my brother, you need to support your upper back. You need to support your side, you need to pop a pole. You need to have this you need to have that. But on the reverse, all these things only clouded only compounded the restlessness is of the soul. So Allah subhanho wa Taala invites us in this month to reform and energize the soul. What does the Arabic foward say? adobo domina zumbi cashew bedava li li li li, word barilla tinkernut Subbu boo Sangha. The month has gone way I will now be giving my soul and antibiotic I will now be giving my soul antibiotics. So what does he say? I told that you mean at thembi cashore. Ribbit Dawa

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illegal to repent from a life of sin is pretty much like giving the soul medication were wrote back in Latin can at Saba boosah ha and on a disguise note, many times illness leads to your cure. Many times an illness leads to your cure. A person lacks discipline in his life. He is a chain smoker. And I have said often in my talks that the world has become so addicted, that the tobacco industry that tobacco industry can boldly print the harms of tobacco yet not fear a drop in sales.

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Why? Because he knows our customers are addicted not to be sold to anyone below a do. Beware tobacco kills, not for pregnant woman. All these harms NT sentiments for legal purposes so that there is no recourse against them, whatever the litigation might be. That's an argument of its own. My point of devotees, we are so addicted, that they can boldly print the arm and not fear a drop of sales, because they know these people have been consumed. Hence the master sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said is a semitone big Valenzuela and McCarney him. I visited one person in the clinic not too long ago back home in South Africa. And as I was going in the hospital, a particular patient was being

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wheeled on his clinic bed from one reward to another, a rather appalling site, a rather painful and traumatic side with a drip in one hand, and being treated and barely having two fingers been wat being wheeled from one wallet to another smoking away.

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I said, Now this is what the prophet sallallahu wasallam said either semitone vija, bellinzona and mckenny for sodoku. If a person comes and tells you a mountain has moved, tell him I believe you but if a person comes and tells you a man has abandon an evil practice, tell him I don't believe you. The moving of a mountain is easier then to abandon an evil practice wardrobe. barilla tinkernut Subbu boosah. So what are we doing? We are now treating the soul. We are now giving it some fluids. We need to hydrate the soul so that the soul starts pumping and it becomes active because the external body is not the real human it evolves it's changing. You look at your baby photo and you

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will argue if that was you're not leaving on anything else. So this is turning and changing and ultimately the insects of the earth they consume our case in our external body. It is the soul that moves on color in Nikita well about ariella Fie Yin, Mama de la cama Leone color in Akita Belford Jerry lovesick Jean mama Dada, come and say Jean, a verse of surah mata fifield verily the records and the souls of the pioneers are in a highly you scholars of the field say it is a location in the upper heavens. While the souls of the wicked dwells beneath the earth. This is what the Assyrian have said. Lo deep down into the ground. These are the respective abodes where the souls will move

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on. The actual place is the sole Lama mostly by one who can be offered Java Allahu urawa, one fee a Jaguar for a player in his dream. When your brothers were martyred in the Battle of Ohio, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Allah took their souls the key word, the soul when a person enters into Sakura

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into his fatal illness and he's about to leave this world. And he passes away the Hadith says an angel descends and before you can wrap his physical body the angels have wrapped his soul. Mara who Kapha no min ak furnell Jana, Mahalo to Mr. Jenner. His soul is wrapped up and the soul is taken to the heavens. When the great giant Mr. Musharraf, Mohammed Ibn Idris Rama hula was in his fatal illness. Mr. muslin, he comes to visit him, and he says, oh, shall we are you? How is your soul at this moment? Now, it's not the time of your physical body. I have a headache. I have a backache. I've got a scar. How many youth for the sake of one scar of pigmentation on the face would subject

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themselves to aggressive medication for cosmetic reasons? Leave alone the hands on the soul. Imagine the hands on the physical body, but just to have that beautiful face that striking appearance, they go to such extremes. Anyway, Mr. Madani comes to Imam Shafi How is your soul at this moment? He says us back to me not done era hella. When he when he

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when he said in many Yachty sharifah when he saw he Amelie malatya what Allah He worry de la de ruhi de su you ll jannetty for her new her. Oh ella nury z her some cool while I'm kosaka will be was automata Hibi janitor Raja min Neely Africa so llama galvanism be phenom Quran to be Africa up be Ghana, Africa Varma he said oh moosonee us to mean at dawn era Hello, I am on the verge of parting from this temporary abode when he when he Mutharika and I will have to bid farewell to all my colleagues. When he still mania t shirt Reba and I will have to drink from the bitter vessel of death. What is su a de Mola pa and soon I will have to contend with the evil consequences of my

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actions while Allahu wa and like it or not I will appear before my law law degree rule he does three Ellen jannetty for Oh honey Oh Ha. At this stage it is premature for me to pronounce any verdict. I'm not sure if my soul has been given the green light to go to Paradise that I may congratulated. Oh Eleanor refer to as z Ha. Oh, perhaps my lord has this decided otherwise, that it is just time for help. And then I will have to console it. Who is saying this? Mohammed Idris, a chef, Mo La La Udry. The focus now is the Sol La de rohita sudo lol Jennifer Oh honey. Oh Ha. Oh Ilana refer to as z Ha. And then he teared and he said

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what Amar Casa kalbi was out Fatima de Hebei, jalta Raja Meneely Africa su llama. Oh my lord, it is my last moments. And there isn't much I can do. My hope is and the letter that I have is your kindness, your clemency, your forgiveness and your pardon. To have womanism be when I glanced one side, my sons I colossal, they haunt me. And then I turn my gaze at your mercy. And somehow I am convinced Your mercy is far greater than my son's. I am optimistic that your mercy will have the better of me. So we're Rob by letting can at Subbable Say hi on a disguise note. Sometimes your sickness leads you to cure. So what happened? You were negligent of your health. You are a chain

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smoker. You were a compulsive smoker. And ultimately you got admitted you lost a particular lung due to excessive smoking. When you ended up in a clinic, you are admitted in a clinic. You now realize the repercussion and the severe consequences. So you did not only abandoned smoking, but you brought your life on to a strict discipline code. So on a disguise note why we're not advocating smoke to end up there. But what we are saying is on a disguise note, your illness ultimately played out beneficially for you. We say this to the center and we

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Not saying it to anyone to provoke him to send. If you have sent my brother which both of us have, if you've lost a lung spiritually which both of us have if you had an amputated organ of your soul which both of us have spiritually, I really wonder if our souls have anything less, be it as it may we have now been admitted into the clinic of Ramadan. We have now been admitted into ICU under intensive care. While we are sitting in there working on us, the melodica working on us. All the evil products have been taken away the devils have been shackled. Let us pledge to Allah now we will bring our life under discipline. Now we will bring our life under discipline. Let me tell you what

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is awaiting you as we draw closer and the great man dawns upon us. Abner Kodama Rama Talalay makes mention of the narration in kita, Buta ouabain, in page 82, and 83. canopy Bunny is la la cheban. Masri for Nala and FC he in the previous nations there was a youngster who had transgress all the limits of Allah. He had committed every crime perpetrated every offense indulged in every vise that you possibly can think of. For Afro Jew who mean benei him Li su Amelie he, people expelled him from the locality due to his evil habits. It was contagious it was affecting and polluting the people around him. So they expelled him from the community for the Mahabharata, refer to Abner kodamas

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narration kita with the well being when he was on the verge of dying, and he passed away in a very strange place away from where the common people were living have a rat hole to fill but in Allah bourbon ballad, in a bit of an isolated area. Oh hello, who in a Moosa Allah sent to Musa alayhis salam in Walia min Alia he has a lot to offer to our Musa one of my beloved friends and servants have passed away.

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What did Allah subhanho wa Taala send to Muslims Salam ye in Napa Valley young men hourly II have a rat hole referred to one of my selected servants have passed away for a row I instruct you to attend his funeral was last seen who and Musan with your hands you watch his body was suddenly IE and you perform the prayer upon him. What could Limon keturah luh ya Luh Jana zetta who the other funeral home and make a public proclamation that who ever wants to be forgiven? They must attend the funeral and consider themselves forgiven.

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Whoever wants to be pardoned they must attend the funeral and they will be pardoned. What Miller who La La crema Maxwell who and then hand him over to me so that I can receive Him and provide his hospitality. masala is salatu salam made the announcement and people started streaming in droves in scores in mode two dudes in double Philadelphia in Laval Majumdar. Will you have them look Allah Lima. Oh my lord, when you pardon, I implore you pardon all I haven't yet found a soul who hasn't transgressed against you. I haven't yet found a soul who has been transgressed against you. People came in scores and multitudes.

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furama Hazara who are foo when they came in, they seen him. They said her the lazy, original woman by Nina Moosa. You said Alice, friend, this is the wicked, the wretched, the evil the center, this youngster committed any and every crime, Fatah Jabba musalman danek Musa was rather astonish for Oh Ha Allahu ala Moosa sada to whom Shahada he musasa correct. And what they said is precisely the reality. But let me tell you things turn differently in the 11th hour. things done differently in the critical moment. Illa Anna who Hazara refer to at the very moment of death because he was isolated he was expelled, he was banished from society and community and as the Angel of Death set

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in, as the Arabic poet said,

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while aka Toby Toby became your early journey while Amara leiomyoma Toby Bojan ferroni Sahaja

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How many feet of our hurry ha, we're sorry to you more one Hina Vergara Ha. He said, I mean my fatal illness. He's speaking on behalf of the dying person. And I can hear the family members panicking and they say, call the doctor and call the surgeon, but I cannot speak to them. It's not my body that sick. It's my soul that sick the poverty scene and they tried to resuscitate me and they tried to put me on the life support and they tried to inject me and they tried to give me this one. Adobe Toby became your Harley Johnny, what am our Leo moto BBN? ferroni I know it's my soul, but I'm not in a position to communicate. As the Quran say falola de la ville Hola, como. Una is interneuron

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wanna know adorable la human como la killer double slit on falola in kuntum Rama Dini, Taraji Runa ha in kuntum saya DT an open challenge the Quran throws out if you claim to be in authority, then return the departing soul back to the body returned the departing soul back to the body as simple as that if you feel your know how your science your logic, your medicine, your research, your innovation you so much closer by all means. We've all heard of science, endeavoring and trying to do everything we haven't yet heard and we will never do that we on the verge of inserting life into the soul. Even when they do their artificial insemination. The embryo has to be planted back inside

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nature must take its cause the soul comes a heavenly from the Almighty.

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Nowhere else.

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Law tree rohita zero Elijah nativa honey Oh Ha. Oh ella nury for z Ha. So what does the poet say? Well, aka Toby. Toby became polygyny. One aka Toby Toby became polygyny. What am

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Toby virgin ferroni Raja Roman homie ni fi toggery ha was our re morwen hanaa varaha was that the necessary was the necessary was our Moto G booni min Cooley resulting Bella rift in voila, whoa, honey, and mercilessly my soul has been abducted and mercilessly my soul has been removed until my body lies before them. And then while pursued Nithya been lucky mama la wa salatu salam ruku Allah, Allah sudo de la la la harmoni I was very meticulous on my gob. I was very, very selective on the type of clothes I wore, but here they cleared me with clothes that has no sleeves, and they perform a prayer in which there is no boundary no prostration. Anyway, they said almost, this is the very

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person Allah said almost and let me tell you in the very critical moment of death, neither a human will use straw. This man was alone he looked to the right he looked to the left from euro Tamim and voila Reba. He found no relative he found no one to console him for Rafa basara who La Jolla. He lifted his gaze to the heavens. And he said ally I'm dying alone. Allah nobody is close to me society expelled me communities shun me people mock me, Allah He abdomen hi Burdick yamu to fee balletic. Oh my Allah one of your bondsman dine on your land, lower limb to another big goofy Moodle cake. waffle Kamini young Kasumi Monica Limassol to kalmak Pharaoh, Allah if you were a king like

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other kings, meaning forgiving me would reflect weakness and will drop your greatness and punish me will elevate your grandia then I wouldn't have mustered the courage to ask you to forgive me. You are at the pinnacle of glory, my lord. If you forgive me or punish me, it doesn't elevate you or drop you in any way, but it rescues me permanently. Messiah he asked me this was such a heart. My Mercy came into motion and I forgave him. His condition was so pitiful Moosa What is it low sir Lenny fee early on. If he had to extend his request and represent the centers of the world. I wasn't going to let him go unaccepted every sinner would have been forgiven.

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I'm saying that is the clinic way we have been admitted. And this is the kind of law that we have.

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been given the opportunity with if you read in the previous nations

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Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about a tale in Surah Rouge.

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The incident is very long it appears in Muslim serif and I'm not going to go into the details one point which Nikita has highlighted in history of Sierra and I want to draw your attention to that.

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In the previous nations, some people had dug trenches, and they had mercilessly burned to the servants of Allah in that fire. The Quran says was summer, still borrowed by the heaven what stars was summer is still borrowed when Leo mill ruled the promised day the day of Tiamat or shiny.

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Shiny the day that presents Massoud on which people are presented. Shaheed by the explanation of the Hadith the day of Friday moshood The day of arafah because the pilgrims converge and congregate on the plains of arafa cotulla as hobble Oh dude will be to the people who dug the trenches, and nereda t workload which they had ignited what massive flames put a lot of boo

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boo, his own Mala

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Mala Humala followed by Bill momineen, a shoe who would understand the horrendous nature of the crime of these people. They dug these trenches, and then they hurt the Friends of a line to the trenches. Amongst these people. The narration of Muslim was a suckling mother with her suckling child. And when she came there because of her faith, she was subjected to this blazing fire. So in her sentiments of motherhood for a moment she was debating, do I go or do I succumb to pressure? And as she was standing there, and she was reluctant, the Hadith goes on to say the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says this baby this infant spoke and said, Yeah, Omar is very for in nucky. Hillel happy Oh

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my Mom, what's the hesitation? What's the reluctancy? Why are you skeptical? It might be the blazing fire today. But by Alliance the peaceful gardens of gentlemen tomorrow. It might be the blazing fire today. But by Allah remember my brother it comes in the hands of Turkey. On the day of Yama, winter dwellers of gender will be in general lawmakers among them and announcer will announce in a Latina University hoonah Asma whom wa basara whom

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Masami Russia in May you who make use of whom we are those people who enjoy the melodious voices of musicians, we are those young men who love the seductive voices of women, but exercise restraint, who endured and persevered bring them one side. Today download will recite the subwoofer and they will comfort the ears without the recital.

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Can we imagine that privilege?

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Anyway, these people's crime was so severe they dug these trenches, the Friends of a lover dropped in amongst that a mother with her nursing child in byowner, Quran under this ayah it is mentioned, for whom Allah faloona Bill momineen issue hold, they witness with the naked eye the atrocities that were meted out against the Muslims in biannual Quran, the Mufasa lines, there is a subtle indication in this verse, to their hard heartedness. They were not seen footage, sometimes you see footage of atrocities, and you just got to move away from that meal. If there is any fiber of morality in you. At times, you see how children have been subjected to brutality and you look at this and honestly

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the sleep is gone. And you cannot eat and you ask yourself do you want to live on with life, when in other parts of the world this is the price that is happening somewhere. These people were not seen footage. They literally seen the flame and they literally seen people being roasted. It takes a lion's heart not to soften. They looked at this they enjoyed it. They didn't win can hide they didn't frown. They didn't make an attempt to stop it. Allah subhanho wa Taala then speaks about their punishment in Africa in levena fortune meanie in our community

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melon Mia tubo Fela Houma. azabu Jasmine nama Willow nada boon, Harry, verily those people who subjected the belief in male and female, to the torment of the blazing fire in this world. Now here comes the point that I want to highlight a biblical theory, he says hasn't busted, his narration is mentioned enough nicotine hasn't passed, Ray says I marvel at the clemency of a law. I marvel at the pattern of a law. When speaking about such criminals. Allah didn't say those who burn the pious for them is a severe punishment. Allah says those who burn the pious and then they died without repenting.

00:40:46 --> 00:40:49

Meaning even if they repent, the doors are open.

00:40:50 --> 00:41:26

As an pastor, his quotation is mentioned in the cafe. He said, when I read this verse, I cried, I said, My Lord, what is your pattern? And how far reaching is your clemency? People who witness the burning of your beloved servants that witness the roasting of babies, even you inviting them towards Toba and forgiveness in LA Vina Meeny Mina de su mela Mia to boo, boo, boo gentlemen. Una de boon

00:41:27 --> 00:42:21

for them is the punishment of fire. And for them is a blaze in punishment in after all, that is if they die without repentance. Hence this great month is inviting us it is a month of sale, where we try and maximize and capitalize and draw proximity and closeness and nearness unto Allah subhanho wa Taala was it not that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam exerted his entire life in worship, and in shabani intensified his preparation. And in Ramadan, he went greater into it. And in the last 10 days, he intensified it even more and more. This is the pattern to go closer and closer. I want to share with you a dialogue between two great scholars in terms of reforming the soul. My theme is

00:42:21 --> 00:43:08

it's the time to energize the soul is the soul that is restless and the soul streetman is a heavenly, it's not an earthly property. It's not a material thing. It's not tangible. Well, yes, I don't have any rule on Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam they have come to you and they have asked you the reality of the soul. Holy Roman Emery Rabi say unto them, the soul is something that come into existence with the will of Allah. If you see the academic write up of the scholars of the field under the soul, it's so intricate. It's so mind boggling. It's so amazing. It's so wholesome, very little has been given to men in terms of discovering the depths of the soul, warmer 82 mineral oil

00:43:08 --> 00:43:19

me illa kalila. say unto them, you have very little knowledge, you will not able to fully appreciate the soul, be it as it may the dialogue is between

00:43:20 --> 00:43:53

soleimani bin Abdul Malik and Selma, even Edina Selma ignat Deena who's better known as Abu Hazim. So Solomon was the king of the time, I will housing was the pious person of the time, one day about housing was in the locality. So the king said, I need to ask you some questions about the human soul. I want to get you know, understand the realities the world the mysteries, where does it exist? How does it originate? Tell me more about the soul. And how do we improve and, and nourish the soul of ours?

00:43:56 --> 00:44:06

He said hottie How will Allahu mastan go for it? And may Allah Allah inspire me with the correct answer that I can provide to you? Is that Madonna krahula mode

00:44:07 --> 00:44:17

Milan Anna krahula modes, we find that as humans we are very apprehensive to the life of alpha. What is the matter?

00:44:18 --> 00:44:47

So Apple has even said again, it boils down to the very same thing. Leon Nana Amarna, Juliana Walker robina giratina Fanuc Rahul horos, minella hamari lol karabi we have built abodes for our physical life. We have not built abodes in Africa for our soul. So no one wants to forsake a developed populated location and go live in a barren, isolated place. We haven't prepared anything in terms of the soul.

00:44:48 --> 00:45:00

Is that okay? You are quite correct. out of the four you're cool. Later Sherry Myrna in the law has written he said oh has him I wonder when I appear before

00:45:00 --> 00:45:07

Allah subhanho wa Taala How will my case unveil? How will Allah pass a judgment on me?

00:45:08 --> 00:45:10

I'm very very curious to know

00:45:11 --> 00:45:52

so about has in Brahma to Lala, you said, you don't have to wait till after I will give you the answer in this world arrizabalaga Allah kita Bella Hitachi Dodik, you can weigh your actions in the light of the Quran and you'll get a clear answer. So I said to him be more specific, that's a bit ambiguous and vague. You want to be more explicit? Which verse Are you making reference to? He said, I'm referring to the verse in abara Rafi name, we're in alpha Java Luffy. James, the righteous will dwell in Paradise, the wicked will reside in help. You know where you are, your inner feeling will tell you your gut feeling you know where it is? I said, Yeah, you're quite correct for a Narottama

00:45:52 --> 00:46:45

to LA, where is the mercy of Allah? So he replied in naramata, la Hickory, boomin. Alma sin in the mercy of Allah is with the righteous and the pious. I said, Kamal Kumar Allah Allah has the vigil, what would be the bureaucracy the formality of appearing before Allah in the form of an interview, when Allah will conduct the interview in terms of every person? How would the procedure unfold? He said, I'm Alma sin facula abft de la la, Amal Museo de la RBT yusaku, a la Mola, kousaka. With regards to a man who nourished his soul, who protected his soul, one great scholar said, the one who will love his entire life, like how He loves him Ramadan, we know a person disciplines himself bring

00:46:45 --> 00:47:34

some degree of piety into his life. And this again, in my honest opinion, is a clear indication of the commitment and the world power man has when you have physically mentally psychologically programmed yourself then Ramadan kicks in and you fit into that rhythm. Unfortunately, we only it's you know what the like anything you go to set, you take your dishwasher quick runs, thorough runs, intense wash, your choice what program you choose, accordingly your dishes will be washed. For now we pressing the button of one month, one month, no devil box one month no smoking no one month no illicit religion, one man no evil, that's the program we punched in. So the system is running for

00:47:34 --> 00:47:39

one month, it's about time we punch to death and the system will run till death.

00:47:41 --> 00:48:03

That's what we have to do. How will I appear before Allah, He said a person who has the I was mentioned in that quotation. A person who loves his whole month like how He loves in Ramadan, the Angel of Death will come to him with the same joy with which he receives the crescent and the moon of AIDS.

00:48:05 --> 00:48:48

The one who loves his month like Ramadan, when the month has ended, and how what is the excitement and the anticipation and the anxiety for the moon of aid. And there is a buzz then there's an electric atmosphere and you debate in you foster 29 but you try not to end it there. You know what, maybe you can bring that moon down physically you will do and there is this electric buzz in the air. And you receive this moon with joy with excitement with a lot of happiness and jubilation. If you love your entire life like you spend Ramadan, you will receive the angel of death with the same jubilation with which you receive the crescent of savall in the moon of eat.

00:48:51 --> 00:49:02

So how would you appear before Allah a meloxin for kilowatt abeokuta mala LA, a man who nourished his soul, he will appear before a law like a person returning to his family after a travel.

00:49:03 --> 00:49:17

Well Amelie moosey facula abdiel bp yusaku illa Mola moussaka and with regards to a wicked man who neglected his soul who abandoned his soul, only worried about his physical body,

00:49:18 --> 00:49:21

you know, they say what's the difference in a newlywed couple

00:49:22 --> 00:49:40

and a couple that has aged if you walk into the room. And you see there's a cough mixture there. Then you see big spectacles, cough mixture, bandage appointment, then you must know nearly dead.

00:49:41 --> 00:49:52

If you walk into the room, there is fragrance. There is deodorants. There is later sunglasses, there is newlyweds that's the reflection of newlyweds nearly dead.

00:49:55 --> 00:49:57

Newly were nearly dead.

00:49:58 --> 00:49:59

So what is the newlyweds

00:50:00 --> 00:50:50

Got everything to do the external body up. And the marketing world, the cosmetic world is thriving, I read an article, two industries never done. One is the cosmetic industry. It never takes a drop, it never declines. Why? Because people are so finger conscious way back, I read an article and I've coated it in my lectures. A survey was conducted in Western Australia on girls at the age of eight. They were finger conscious. Girls at the age of eight said we're not happy with our finger. We're not slum. I mean at the age of eight, you don't even understand the parameters of gender properly. As children we played on rooftops and running around in girls are played Mommy, Mommy, today's

00:50:50 --> 00:50:56

modern world has brought a girl at the age of eight conscious of her finger.

00:50:57 --> 00:51:28

And then we want to talk with a forked tongue. And we want to play with terminologies. As I was flying in here from London, I was there for some programs. So routinely, I pick up the paper and just, you know, browse through it. So again, playing with terminologies. They say in the UK now, people mentioned generally, I don't mind if you tell me I am obese. It sounds like a medical condition, you know, because nowadays, any problem you have you just add the word symptom to it. And it's a medical condition.

00:51:29 --> 00:52:07

Any problem you have put the word symptom, and then it's some medical condition. So if somebody calls me obese, this was the whole write up. I don't have a problem. But if somebody calls me fat, I take offense. It's derogatory, it's inflammatory. It's harsh. It's abrupt. So now they considering using the word fat more openly than obese so that it hauls the the junk food industry, it puts people under pressure. It puts people under the spotlight that you know what society is now magnifying them. You're a fat man, because obese obese sounds like a medical condition. You know, he's got bipolar. He's got a medical condition brother, okay, okay. Okay. It's got a Jew

00:52:07 --> 00:52:53

personality. Oh, sorry. Sorry. By the way, they've just diagnosed a condition Okay. What does it mean? Whatever it is, it is so naughty. So, no, he is odd, you know what, he has this deficiency or he doesn't have a concentration span or whatever it is. So anyway, they are now considering the need to use the word threat more common. So it would compare I said like are we playing with words? What a world we are living in what a world we are living in, you know, I sometimes don't know imagine a girl at the age of eight is super conscious of a figure for external body. Then Thai effort is my external Look, my appearance. I often have said this and my elder brother, may Allah reward him he

00:52:53 --> 00:53:32

he always has a laugh at this particular take of minds. In my humble travels wherever Allah has taken me You obviously sitting in the plane, and whether you consciously observe or not, things that happen in your environment somehow does appear before you how often you know just when the head steward makes the announcement that we have commenced our decline and please return to your seat and we'll be collecting your blankets and your headphones and keep your seat in upright position clear the clear the aisles and lift your shutters and you know what don't use your mobile phones till we touch down and we welcome you find generally now everybody is like dressing up and dahling up and

00:53:32 --> 00:54:05

then how often I have like this elderly old woman here wrinkle and crinkles. You know a good 75 and she's like her hand shaking and taking all that lipstick. I'm like I doubt anybody's gonna be looking sister. But that's the cosmetic world. And it pains me within it pains me within I said my Lord, what a word. And you seen her battling to get her hand into that. Oh, thank you my son that was so kind of view.

00:54:07 --> 00:54:09

And then she takes it out.

00:54:10 --> 00:54:14

Oh my Allah. What does it mean to my soul?

00:54:15 --> 00:54:17

What has happened to my soul?

00:54:19 --> 00:54:23

Don't you want to your your year 200 solar martoma in

00:54:25 --> 00:54:31

200, solar Mottola in arrow jameelah Arabic here all the

00:54:33 --> 00:54:59

further holy fear I burn the oil Holy janati how many I Sahaba I don't even have bus I read on 70 dibner jubair. I read on many people that when the body was been taken to the grave, suddenly a notice dropped on the grave. And in that this ayah is written all the well nourished soul. Oh the prime soul of the contented soul.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:03

It's time really. Where'd you go? Genet awaits you.

00:55:04 --> 00:55:06

That's what we want to hear my brother.

00:55:09 --> 00:55:56

So what did you say for the wicked person for collab with the use of Isla Mola who Soca for the wicked person? It is like a slave who has eloped from his master, and he's been returned back to his master. He ran away, he has fled, he has eloped. So he's coming under a a cloud of suspicion, his circumstances are not conducive. The situation around him is not present because he you know, so he's been hurled back he's been driven back. That is the very condition of a person who is disobey the law. When he said this for buckle honey for two Hata Allah who was the Booker or the honey first started crying and sobbing profusely then he said you're about Hazim.

00:55:58 --> 00:56:44

Must sobre la Ilaha Kuala kayfun Anna Anna slough. Okay, you said all this year, how do I get myself in order? How do I develop and how do I nourish the soul? He said to me two things that our own uncle masala what is the Hello noble Maru? abandoned arrogance and adopt humility. Are you shadow the alarm on her said in acuminata funa and of Berlin a bada bada Oh people very strange you have become oblivious of the greatness of worship and there is humility. The greatness of worship you have become oblivious of it and that is humility. I said Haha, the man must be inadequate long as the widow this wealth. There are so many challenges. There are so many turns there are so many

00:56:44 --> 00:57:04

twists in wealth. How can I juggle myself in a manner to secure a good livelihood and at the same time, not infringe on my religious values, he said is our effort to move we'll be happy to move up early. He was awesome to move up Serbia to be a painter.

00:57:05 --> 00:57:31

If you take the money lawfully, lawfully, if not berset. To earn halaal is more difficult than moving a mountain cuspal halaal ashot Dominican eligible, provided you understand the parameters of halaal I'm not going into details. In our effort to move we'll be happy to move up early and you discharge it in the correct places to move would be Serbia and you distribute it fairly well. Don't be a painter

00:57:32 --> 00:58:22

and you maintain justice between your people, then you would be absolved of the obligation of wealth. I said yeah, about housing man of value nurse who is the greatest human instead obviously the one who takes care of his soul. Oh no. Tomorrow it was the one who nourish beautify and adorn their soul with piety and taqwa, the one who beautify their soul with piety and taqwa I said above a handsome man who wishes is the best word. It said kalama to happen in the main kalama to happen yaku Helmer Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, to utter the truth in the presence of someone you're either hopeful of or afraid. Unfortunately, when we know there is a job to secure or there is a proposal,

00:58:22 --> 00:58:50

you want to get married somewhere. Now suddenly, you have this glamorous picture of yourself. And suddenly you're the ideal boy, and you're a good person, and you want to camouflage it, and you really want to give this very good personality of yourself. And unfortunately, that is the problem. And I've said to many couples, you know what you're dating, you're courting under the pretext of knowing one another. For the record, sometimes 10 years pass and you still don't know your wife properly.

00:58:51 --> 00:59:38

So for the record, you're not going to know her in three weeks, by the way, that which she is reflecting to you. Are you revealing to her is a fake reflection, you literally living up to expectations you on God. So at this moment, you are doing exactly what she wants and she's doing what you want because you want one another and you enter the relation on the pretext that Oh, he's such a sweet person. Because my father daddy and he's so obliging. Oh, he's such a charming person. He's charming. Now my sister after that that charming goes into thin air. Forget about that charming. So this is a super natural, a very hypocritical reflection. Why you are putting this act

00:59:38 --> 00:59:59

up because you want that woman. What is the best statement to say it as it is? no hiding no camouflaging, no distorting, say it as it is. belagavi Allahu anhu. When he when he went to propose, he said Anna villalon wha Ha, ha. Uncle I want to propose to your daughter. My name is Bella. And this is

01:00:00 --> 01:00:52

My brother, my CV is as follows Abba Donnie meenal Habesha. I am an African embassy and slave. That's my CV. What's my CV? I am an African slave. Bulava Llano. He could have said I'm the merging of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He could have said the Nabhi of Allah said Molly Esmeralda finale, Guevara even Jana Bilal I heard your footsteps behind me in Jenna. He didn't ask to be put a word in just say that again. What you said on the way over Lima genetti. Okay, can it is writing down maybe I can just forward it to the girls party. Before they make a choice in considering my proposal. Abba de Nieminen Habesha, we are at the senior slaves. Code Navarre lane for hudon Allah,

01:00:52 --> 01:01:14

we were astray Allah guided us what could not have been for Allah and we were slaves myself and my brother Allah liberated us in tune kikuna for Al Hamdulillah if you give me the hand of your daughter Alhamdulillah or in termina una for love Akbar. And if you refuse my lie sufficient

01:01:15 --> 01:02:10

my lie submission I've got nothing to put an act before you. I'm dealing with my Allah, a verse of the 24th Jews. first settlers guru nama akula comb ofoh amor de la la ofone widow, Emory law in Allah have mercy on Bella. Bella is one I do what I have to do. I hand my methods to my Allah. He takes care. He is in charge and he makes decisions. Then I asked him, Masada is eater button whose prayer is most readily accepted. He said, we'll move single mazzini the DAO of the pious on behalf of the righteous today Unfortunately, it is the draw of the wicked on behalf of the sin for the person asking is sinful the man making the draw is wicked. So hence we see what is happening.

01:02:11 --> 01:02:54

I said ma follow sada which is the greatest form of charity. He said Jo hotel motel Yahoo mania de la sl 40 min vida yet the bajo men known wala da. These are ways of developing your soul, my brother, you know, when you come out of the clinic, then they give you medication, and we are so conscious of our physical health. We go to the doctor, can I have dairy products? Is this okay? He hasn't told you anything we take the liberty of asking him what would harm me what would give me also what would give me cancer, what would have long term side effects we go to him You are the enemy of Allah has given us the do's and the don'ts we openly violated. He stole us these are the no

01:02:54 --> 01:03:36

goals. These are red zones. Don't trespass these boundaries. we transcend it, we ignore it. So when you leave, they tell you, you must exercise so much. Eat in moderation. Make sure you take your tablets, make sure you do this, make sure you do that. These are mentors in how we can develop the soul. Every day, give little charity every day, make an effort to speak the truth. Make sure pride is coming out of me humanity is coming into my life. In this way. I'm re modeling I'm reshaping my soul. But it's going to take a long time my brother, what happened? How's he is he out of ICU leukemia he is critical but stable, critical but stable. But doctors say look, it's gonna be a long

01:03:36 --> 01:04:20

time before he walks in need physio in a therapy, then he has to go to a speech therapist to teach him how to speak again. Get a stroke. Now you have to teach him how to speak again. He cannot hear there's an audiologist coming home, somebody to help him two years to do this. To activate to revive this. It's a long process. My brother, whatever your age is, that is how long that soul has been neglected. That is how long that soul has been malnourished. Occasionally you gave it a lecture like this. Occasionally you gave it a Friday prayer. Occasionally you gave it a yassine in the morning, but overall how much can that do? If I get on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then I weigh myself

01:04:20 --> 01:04:28

after that. Nothing is gonna happen in 15 minutes. You know they say the typical American mentality

01:04:29 --> 01:04:34

to drop the levels of obesity. Can I have a double cheeseburger and a diet coke?

01:04:38 --> 01:04:59

Sorry, I'll have a diet coke please. Double cheesy both I'll have a Diet Coke. Oh man, who are you fooling? Get into the real world. What's your diet coke gonna do when you have that many calories in that in that one slice of cheese and the bread and this and that it's a world of psychological appeasing. We blame mind

01:05:01 --> 01:05:12

We are playing mind games that's what we do in playing around. And then you own this program and that program and this diet program and that diet program and just continues and continues.

01:05:16 --> 01:05:31

On nurse, Yaba has him Who is the most intelligent person, Roger learns of yoruba it learning azzawajal famelab. He has a mental illness Allah, a man who obeys Allah subhanho wa Taala nourishes his soul, and then starts nourishing the souls of others.

01:05:33 --> 01:05:41

Man africanus, who is the most foolish person, one who destroys his soul for the luxury of an ex man.

01:05:42 --> 01:06:28

But there is a one who destroys the soul for the loved. One is you destroyed your soul for your own body. I'm not justifying it, we can argue it. But this is the pinnacle of misfortune. You destroy your soul. So he's going to do wrong and he tells you join me. He's going to a club, he's going to a casino, he's going to do something Haram, you are an accomplice to an evil for him to do the wrong thing you just throw in your soul. Now, you will know medically they say passive smokers are at a greater risk than many times active smokers. So a woman living with a smoker, children living with a smoker. They are also at times double susceptible to have lung cancer and all the other things

01:06:28 --> 01:06:57

because they are living in the environment. Their health is being destroyed. For the fancy of someone else for the luxury of someone else. Remember the evil if I allow it to come in my house. If I allow * in my home, I allow immorality in my home to appease my son to satisfy my daughter to impress someone else at the cost of destroying my soul. Then Abraham says the planet Earth has never seen someone more wicked than I

01:06:58 --> 01:07:05

arrived on inside karma was a hippie he was a hippo volumen for Barbara who will be near the ray.

01:07:06 --> 01:07:30

I said to him over housing, what profound pronouncements you are making halakhah? And does Havana for to see vermin now want to see if I mean, you want to stay here more so I can treat my soul even more and more. So has him said Kola, no, I'm not going to stay here longer than this meeting. So I said Why? He said my soul has been affected negatively by your presence.

01:07:32 --> 01:07:54

And I am not prepared to compromise the harm on my soul for the sake of yours. When the doctor comes to treat you, and obviously as a mouse, he has to protect himself he has to insulate himself is to fortify himself at the cost of treating the patient. I cannot compromise my health, then it defeats the essence you discharge and I'm admitted.

01:07:58 --> 01:08:07

For to see by me now I want to see if I mean I'm not going to stay here Your soul is getting empowered, but my soul I can feel I can feel the current coming my way.

01:08:09 --> 01:08:13

So he said okay, make a request and it's fulfilled.

01:08:15 --> 01:08:41

These are the buyers my brother, these are the buyers. Sometimes I sit down I cry to Allah, Almighty Allah give me a fraction of their aspirations. Or May Allah give me a fraction of their ambitions and their visions. Make a request. So it's been dropped silence soleimani Abdul Malik said, make a request mama Garnet, knucklehead luck, whatever the request is, I promise you, I will honor it.

01:08:42 --> 01:09:05

So there might have been Abdulmalik breaks that says that Apple has him is silent. It says it for the third time I'm asking you about housing, telling me what you want and I promise you I will do it. So hasim looks at him and said hi jetty unto the philony agenda. What will be the name in an hour? My request is one get my soul into paradise and save it from *.

01:09:07 --> 01:09:09

So he's speechless?

01:09:10 --> 01:09:13

He said, Your Excellency, that's outside my jurisdiction.

01:09:15 --> 01:09:32

Your Excellency, that's outside my jurisdiction. Laser danika min chutney. So Apple has even said marlana min Hydra teensy wha Ha. Then this is a few times discussion. My request is outside your jurisdiction and I have no other requests.

01:09:34 --> 01:09:44

I have no other aspiration. You see my heart I have one request the soul needs to get into paradise. I don't have any other requests. merlijn been hijacked in Sawalha.

01:09:45 --> 01:09:59

He turned discipline in the focus he said Sulaiman Sullivan said turbo housing. Okay, make dua for me. That alarm was give me Janet Sabo has him lifted his hands and he said Allahumma incarna hub Touka Suleiman min o Li

01:10:00 --> 01:10:25

For your Scirocco Illa Hira dunya will after all, are in Can I mean, are they asleep? Whoa, what did he llama to Hippo Tada. They were not afraid. They only fear Allah, our life This man is amongst your friends then guide him to the goodness of both the worlds. And if he's amongst your enemies, then reform him and let him repent before he dies openly in his presence if he's your enemy reform him.

01:10:27 --> 01:10:30

One brother took me to his plant in California,

01:10:32 --> 01:10:36

in San Francisco and said, Sheriff, I would like you to come and pray. Just make it.

01:10:37 --> 01:10:38

So I went there

01:10:39 --> 01:10:47

is a please I bought this. It's so many acres I want to develop it. I would like your prayers. I said, Have you bought this with cash? Or is this through interest money?

01:10:49 --> 01:11:14

He said, No, I'm afraid it's interest money. I said then what do i do i make for you. The heart he says you are at war with Allah. The Quran says you are at war with Allah. And you want me to undo the curse of Allah by my dua. I cannot. for any length of Fallujah as an OB Harbin mean Allahu Allah solei or interpreten Fela como row so

01:11:16 --> 01:11:25

lovely moon Allah to Allah moon. If you do not abandon it, then Allah announces war. And if you repent folegandros

01:11:26 --> 01:11:33

then walk away with your capital investment. Lovely moon went to the moon don't abuse and don't suffer exploitation.

01:11:35 --> 01:11:37

What prayer may make when the curse of Allah is there?

01:11:40 --> 01:12:21

So someone nudged him and said, big summer pool de Vaca jalta halifa sallah him in Arda in LA he was data, but that was very insensitive on your part, in the presence of the halifa in the court of the sunniva. You refer to him as a criminal and as an evil person and as the enemy of Allah. He said, was I evil or were you evil? Allah has taken the pledge from the automa they must articulate the truth wherever they stand. philosophize Allah Allah la mina la dama de Cali metal, Huck, this is the pledge that rests on the shoulders of every scholar led to by a no no holiness, one, attack to Muna that you will pronounce the truth wherever you are.

01:12:24 --> 01:12:35

Anyway, I will have him said Your words are profound. Tell me more, tell me more. I need to nourish my soul even more. So they might even Abdulmalik tells about housing. So Apple has him said

01:12:36 --> 01:13:09

in condemning Apple is the Java for Kotaku to Dhaka Murphy Hill Keifa. I'm going to draw to a close and reflect over these words in quantum in Abilene, St. Java for people to the coffee Hill Keifa what a lambda coming from somebody an arrhythmia and goes in Leyzaola what thrown if you are a person and you people are a nation who complies that what has been told to you is sufficient.

01:13:11 --> 01:13:27

If you are a man that he needs, that what has been told to you is adequate. And if you are not a person who complies then why should I release my arrow when it's not striking target?

01:13:29 --> 01:13:51

What profound words in quantum in angelyn is the Java for the coal to Dr. Murphy Hill Keifa. If you are a man who internalizes then sufficient has been said and if you are not a person who imbibe the internalizes, then I am losing arrow upon arrow and I'm not hitting targets.

01:13:53 --> 01:13:59

If you look at the lives of the Sahaba often they would come and say oh prophet of Allah give me advice make it short.

01:14:00 --> 01:14:03

The face value of this sounds so abrupt.

01:14:05 --> 01:14:26

You are asking for advice and you restrict in the viola to time also, but Sahaba meant well, whenever you will make it brief. So immediately I can internalize it. Versus as modern as an IT is young, go fades. I didn't even feel our but next day further, you didn't even feel the ban.

01:14:27 --> 01:14:28


01:14:29 --> 01:15:00

So what did he say? If you comply then enough has been said. I said about housing. We had a lengthy dialogue, wrap it up for me. Give me the synopsis. Give me a summary of what was said. He said Adam, Rebecca has the Virgil onesie. Whoa. Raka hice una haka. tzedaka. Hi. So, Amara, glorify your Lord. Let him never find you in a venue that he has prohibited you from entering. Let him never find you.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:50

In a venue that he has prohibited you from, Think before you enter a club my brother thing before you die in with a strange woman my brother, thing before you sign a fraudulent deal My brother is the Angel of Death knocks your door at that moment, how would you face your Creator nezuko A Raka heizo niharika or tzedaka Hi so Amarok and let it not be that your Allah does not find you where he has commanded you, meaning visiting and frequently in the places of worship, the places of piety, the feet of the scholars, the places where we energize, and we motivate and we nourish our soul. So muscle llama when sarafa eema he said Assalamu alaykum terminated and ended the discussion. Solomon

01:15:50 --> 01:16:34

Ibn Abdul Malik stood up from the rear and said, Jazakallah hiren minalima nursing, may Allah bless you for the pearls of wisdom, what profound words that these words continue to ask till today. So these are my humble sentiments. We have one more lecture to go tonight. May Allah subhanho wa Taala inspire us that we capitalize on this great moment that is soon to dawn upon us. And may He gives us the ability that we are amongst those people who maximize from this blessed month. And we can be amongst those people whose souls will be granted deliverance from the fire before the sighting of the crescent of chawan Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was

01:16:34 --> 01:17:11

salam wa salam ala l mursaleen. So you didn't know Maulana Muhammad Ali? He was Javi robina Tina Fey Tanya ha Santa Clara de hacer una hora de nada no Allahumma Taco Bell sala de novo Yamanaka, Yamanaka kohana was to do Donna water coppermine Madonna wijaya minalima butina fit dunya will Allah ma TT cabana worry Koba inner Mahajan Amina neon Allahumma citronella moto turbo wijaya Roxanna Yamuna Luda along maintenance local law for will afiya while masa Dima Dini with dunya will

01:17:13 --> 01:17:33

manage Amina na Allahu manana el camino de mas de la caminhada toka whenever you can Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 102 becoming Felicia Remus tada caminhada whenever you can Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Tel mastan Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla quwata illa billahi laliga Allah subhana

01:17:35 --> 01:17:39

wa salam ala l mursaleen. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

01:18:01 --> 01:18:03

Long, long

The blessed & most beautiful month is near and what better time to prepare for it than right now. Some of us deceive ourselves into thinking that when Ramadhan comes we will suddenly change and worship Allah night and day but we are only deceiving ourselves in thinking like this. The Sahabah used to prepare for Ramadhan six months in advance. So if we really want to make the best of this Ramadhan then we need to prepare for it now! This may be our last Ramadhan for life is so uncertain. Then there is NO doubt that we must make the best of it for the Reward of EVERY good act in the month of Ramadhan is multiplied many times over: The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: Whoever draws near to Allah during it (Ramadan) with a single characteristic from the characteristics of (voluntary) goodness, he is like whoever performs an obligatory act in other times. And whoever performs an obligatory act during it, he is like whoever performed seventy obligatory acts in other times. (Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah, no. 1887) If there was a 75% sale on in the shops surely people would go crazy and even cue all night outside in order to be the first in the store to take advantage of this special offer. So in the same way why should we not take advantage of the immense rewards that are available in Ramadhan? The best way we can make the best of this Ramadan and grab the immense rewards that are available is to prepare for it NOW.

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