The Conquest of Jerusalem #2

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This is why when the brother is on the line he was upset. Pray two rakaat.

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Omar wanted to be that man who opened the gates with the believers. And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Maulana Muhammad. While early he was hoping he was going to be at home but Sony Illa yo Medina about respective brothers, elders, sisters and I want to go to LA.

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I thought we'd continue where we left off a good few weeks ago, which was on the conquest of Aqsa

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and if I remember rightly, I finished off on the narration of Abu Sofia speaking to heraclius which led by Mr. mojari Rahim Allah And is he now within the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Messenger of Allah told about a day that the Muslims will take Mashallah AXA and this is a miracle of the province of Muslim Why? Because the prophets Allah passed away and nothing happened. And wilbarger becomes the belief. Nothing happens, then in the time of amado hapa Bharati Allahu anhu, you have a very famous battle the Battle of Yarmouk, which will hardly been relieved against the Byzantines. The Byzantine were one of the superpowers of the day they row they ruled all

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the way from East Europe all the way into Sharma in that area.

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So in the Battle of Yarmouk the Muslim they defeat the Byzantines when they defeat the Byzantines above a the total Gerardo de la Anna, who, who was the commander, the general of this army,

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sends a letter to the olana who is in Medina and he says to me, amirul momineen, what shall we do next? You know, what, where should we go? So Omar, Allah and who says, Go to Alex, go to go to Jerusalem.

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Then Aveda tableau, Gerardo de la and who replies and he says, Oh ameerul momineen. There is one issue. And the issue is that Allah codes, the man who is in charge of Allah codes is a man called Arthur Boone. And nobody can take quotes. Because Arthur Boone was known for his intelligence, nobody could compare with this guy. So from what

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I know now writes him a letter and he says to him, we will strike

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the author boon of the Romans with the boon of the Arabs send him out of the US who was the author of the law

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of the land, it was one of the most intelligent out the Sahaba of the Atlantic, him and thoroughly been bullied roseola and have both embraced Islam on the same day. Both of them have been will either have the learner who says when I walked up to the prophets, Allah, Allah was looking at his smile, until I placed my hand in his hand,

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poses and carried on smiling until I placed my hand in my hand, and then I'm gonna ask embraced Islam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said today, Makkah has thrown away its liver, meaning these were the cream of the crop. He was the best youngster that Makkah had. So he says, We will strike him with the earth a boon of the Arabs. So Baba temple, Gerardo de la now sends an army with ammo, the US in charge, and the alarm goes to good any lay siege to outputs to Jerusalem.

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So he sends a messenger messenger come back, he's not very happy, sends another sends another sends another. Every time he sends a messenger, he's outwitted

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by a boon. So what he says he says, I will go and I will pretend I am a messenger. So I'm gonna ask Allah and he goes, pretending he's a messenger, he meets out a boon, or the boon is now impressed by this messenger. So he goes back to his counsel. And he says to his counsel, you know, this guy.

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He doesn't seem like a messenger. So they said, How do you know should I've spoken to 1000s of messages in my life? This guy is a leader because he talks like a leader and if I am not wrong, this is armor himself. So they say to him, so what should we do? What do you advise? So he says that we will kill him, but because it's not, you know, General norm to kill a messenger.

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What we will do is we will allow him to leave Jerusalem and then we

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The striking with an arrow and when he struck with the arrow, we will say it was a straight arrow. We don't know who shot it and he died.

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So I'm gonna ask or the alarm is now going back to the Gates of Jerusalem to leave. One of the Arabs who knew what was happening wasn't a Muslim. He says to us, he says Mr.

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De Hoon for signal Rouge, you came very in a very good manner, leave in a very good manner. Now amaura was very, very sharp, he realized that there is something going on.

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So he now goes, he went to you, when he reaches the gates, he says to the soldier, he says, You know what, maybe I can quash this problem. Allow me to go back and speak to him. And I can maybe resolve this issue, and then there will be no blood bloodshed. So he goes back to speak to Arthur Boone. When he reaches out of the boon, he say to the Buddha, Are you impressed by me said yes, you're very intelligent person is that tomorrow, I will bring you another nine who are as intelligent as me. And we will discuss the issue and we will convince you that you should hand over Jerusalem to us. So he goes back to his Council and say, What do you say? He says, well, it's better we kill 10 of them

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than one.

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So I'm gonna answer the new leaves. A day passes a couple of days pass, and the Buddha is waiting for him. And then he sent him a letter. He said, when you coming back?

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He said, I ain't coming back. That was me and there's no chance I'm coming back.

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Now Arthur Boone now by this time of a beta double JIRA has come with this regiment has been released as commercial chameleon hasna. So you have three major regiments there who defeated the Byzantines and the Battle of Yarmouk

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or the Boone manages to sneak out so you leave the patriarch in charge. Now, the patriarch says that he will give over Jerusalem, but he will only give it to nobody else. Now, the law say why, why would he only give up some say that they had the signs of the conquest of Jerusalem in their books, and those signs indicated to me? Personally, I believe the strongest opinion is that they knew about the justice.

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They knew what the law was like.

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So he sends a letter to obey then he said we will give the keys only to the Mambo number is in Medina.

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So he sends our beta to Gerardo. The Alanna sends a letter to Amara de la and Medina. But with that letter, go a delegation of Christians. So imagine this, they're going to meet the most powerful man on the face of this earth.

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So they go, they look for the house or

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they find this little house, but he's not there.

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Then they go into the machine of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam.

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And overall, the alarm is not in the machine either. So they asked around, and some people said when we saw him over there, he was sitting down on a mat. So they finally find Armando Delano sitting the most powerful man on the face of this earth. He was sitting all by himself

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on a mat, and his delegation come, they give him the letter of obey that the majority of the law, I knew they are given this alarm of this habit of the alarm. And the Christians are marveling because they used to pumping glory.

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And you have this man who's the most powerful man on the face of this earth, and he's sitting all by himself.

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So Omar reads a letter. He says to them, I will do much for you go back and I will let you know.

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So I'm gonna Leilani Mendez. Matura with the Sahaba of the land, some of them say go, some of them say Don't go. But Omar was going, you know why and one of the olana was going

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because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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So pray to Allah thoughts and Mashallah lochsa.

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And if you cannot pray to Dr. Machida la casa, then send oil to be burned in the lanten. This was a more just a miracle of the province of Muslim Why? Because at that time, the mosquito AXA wasn't even in the hands of the Muslims.

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So here, Omar roseola, and who could possibly be the man who fulfills the prophecy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Omer roseola I know now decides to go. But look at this. This is amazing.

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Because these people won't lie. You know, these people they lived a life which was

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total and utter, you know, emulation of the life of the prophets, Allah Salah. They live was totally an utterly devoted to this deed. This is the same Omar. Now he has a delegation that come to him. And I see you sitting on the mat. This is the same armor of the alarm to enter the house of the province of Los Alamos. And he says, I looked around the house. And he says, there were hardly any provisions, a few water skins and a couple of other things.

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And he says, tears I began to take.

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And I said, O Messenger of Allah. Look how, look at what kind of pomp and glory, the leaders of Persia, the leaders of Rome live in, and you are the greatest of creation, Salah Salem, and look at the simplicity in which you live in. And the narration mentioned that the province of masala was lying down, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam set up. And he sat up and the mat that he was lying on was so rough, that he left the imprint on his sight.

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And the message of Allah said, Oh, ignore her pop

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him apart, even you

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don't you understand my example, is like a man who takes shade under a tree for a little while, and then he just moves on. So that's my life. So over who was a kid on that occasion, then the time curves are over has his opportunity, the most powerful man on the face of this earth for his time and pomp and glory. But you know what our Omar was on the sun now the province of La Silla

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under a tree, and then you move on.

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That is what life is about. And this is why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Pray to rakata mochila, aka Omar wanted to be that man who opened the gates with the believers.

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So what are the Lando leaves? And this is amazing what can he mentioned, this story's amazing.

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He leaves with what just one,

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just one other individuals.

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And they have two mounts to rights. One is a more superior one. And one is not as good as the, the former. So when I go on this journey,

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they reach this village, this area, so they meet the people in the area. And because Islam is just spread, newly people are not that educated. So when he's in this village, they tell him about a man, old man who is not old enough now to graze his flock. So he has hired another younger man to graze his flock and his way of payment to this young man is that he allows him to have a relationship with his wife.

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So I'm only allowed to call him

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and he says, Do you actually know this is wrong? And he says no.

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He said, I will let you have this time. Do it again and I will have your neck.

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Then he goes further up. And he comes to another place and they tell him about a man who is married to two sisters. So one of the olana summons him and he says you marry to two sisters and her mom is mentioned in the Quran. You can't marry two sisters. He said, But amirul momineen I love them.

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So tomorrow the Atlanta says you may love them.

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But it's Haram in the deep divorce one. So he divorces one. Then Omar on the same journey, he goes further up. And he comes by a place where he sees a group of non Muslims. They standing in the sun, they got these large pots on their head full of oil.

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So he says to the governor, I said Who are these people? Why are you punishing them said these are Christians. And these Christians can't pay the jizya jizya is a tax that non Muslim pay when they're living under Muslims. So they can't pay the jizya.

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So I'm only allowed to say so why if they can't pay the dis jizya if they can't afford the GCR Why are you punishing them as a consequence, and Omar rebuked the governor On another occasion. You know what like Amaro just amazing in this sense. This amazing personality On another occasion.

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Out of the Allahu anhu he saw an old Jewish man begging and he calls the government is a wise old man begging all his life. He has paid taxes to us.

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All his life he has paid taxes to us. Now he can no longer fend for himself. You are making him big

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armor, every child. Imagine this 1400 years ago, every child which was born in the Muslim world was given an allowance the day the child was born.

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Every child to the degree you want to you want to see the real essence of Islam.

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You really want to see the real essence

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of Islam, then look into the life of a model blah, blah, blah, the alarm, the man who was a hardened a group of people came into Medina, these were travelers. So he said to him, he said, Let's look after these travelers tonight, let's do this Hitman. This is the most powerful man on the face of this earth of the Earth is one of the 10 who's guaranteed gender by the prophet sallallahu sallam, he is a multi millionaire.

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When he passed away, that was sia that he left behind was worth $22 million

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over the most powerful man on the face of this earth, and I want I don't want to I want you to derive lesson without me saying because I want to tell the story of the conquest. So I'm not going to go and you derive the lesson what we learn from this, Omar, the most powerful man on the face of this earth, one of the 10 guaranteed gender, and then you're gonna have multi millionaire, one of the 10 was guaranteed gender by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doing hit them of people. They don't even know and people don't know them.

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They don't know them. So there's a child that's crying. So out of the alarm, goes to the mother and he says, make your child quiet. She doesn't know this is a mirror mommy need. So later on in the night, the child is still crying. So the Atlanta goes back to the woman and he says what a evil mother you are, all night your child has been crying. And you haven't, you know, made the child quiet.

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So she says to him without knowing a little more meaning. She says she says ameerul momineen has stipulated an allowance for those children who are no longer drinking their mother's milk. I need the allowance. Therefore I'm trying to weed this child off and that's why he's crying. So out of the Ask the age, and she told him about the alarm or the age and then armor of the alarm and who said to her don't hasten Take your time under oath sees the viola

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I cannot explain to you our Omar cried in the footage of Salah. He cried so much that we couldn't even understand his recitation.

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And then after Salah Amato, the alarm turned around. And he said woe unto your oma, Woe unto you, Omar, how many children have you killed because of this law and kanoon of yours? And then out of the law who stipulated that soon as a child is born in the Muslim world, the day they are born, they're given allowance. Omar said if I live to next year, no woman in Iraq will need any man besides Omar.

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Omar said I will ensure that the Bedouins in the mountains of Yemen will get their allowance This was Amaro Nakamura de la No. So Omar now he leaves there. He goes to a place called Java and Java there's a harbor on the line who come to visit or mow the lawn. So we have sharabi Lena Hashanah.

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Abu Zubaydah tomura, Khalid bin Walid. Now Abu Zubaydah to Majora was a very simple person.

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This hour the alarm said that we would love when Aveda to Majora with smile. There is no smile more beloved to us than the smile of Abu Zubaydah to Majora. Why? Because our VEDA was the man in the Battle of God. When the rings of the helmet of the Messenger of Allah went into his cheek. He didn't want to take you out with his hands. He thought it was disrespectful. So he took it out with his cheek so he lost so he took out with his teeth so he lost one tooth. Then he took out with the other tooth and he lost the other tooth. So when he would smile, it will remind them of the sacrifice of Abu Zubaydah about the alarm. So it will be that comes simple. Should I have been on holiday man

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dressed up as a nice expensive robes? So Omar is Omar he's got 17 patches on his clothes. So on one of the line who gets off his mount, and he picks up he picks up a rock and he throws at them.

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He said even after 100 years you just like this, I will not spare you It's only been two years.

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So then they take off their robe and they've got their armor underneath it and then the alarm cools down.

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It goes to jabya so he says to obey the Toma Gerardo the

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boveda one of the 10 was also guaranteed. Jenna Omar loved our beta Majora. He said our beta was still alive while beta passed away before the alarm passed away. He said I would make him the next robot.

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So he says to go by the

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movie there is now the governor of Sham. It's the outreach of the Muslim world outpost of the Muslim world. The outpost is always the richest part of the Muslim world. This is where all the wealth comes in. So it says double VEDA. Sama Veda, take me

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Your house will be the essays O'Meara momineen, why do you want to come to my house vote? The only thing which is going to happen if you come to my house is that you're going to rinse out your eyes. And Omar said no, take me to your house.

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La ilaha illa Allah. So he goes on what are the alando goes to the house of Abu Zubaydah to law of the land. And again for the second time in his life, he looks around the home. And there's hardly any provisions in the house of Abu Zubaydah.

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And he says, oh, by the way, this is I'm hungry, do you have anything to eat? And I will be there or the Lord brings him some water and few crumbs

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and armor looks at them.

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And the alarm to say, Don't you have anything besides this? And Abu Zubaydah says

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amirul momineen. It's enough to get me to the other side.

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You know, the Messenger of Allah said, I'm a mama saphir I take shade under a tree and I move on. Aveda says, you know, it's enough to get me to the other side. And Omar of the land begin to cry. And he says Raja Ratna Delia Kulina Allah and

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he said the dounia has changed all of us besides you abou beta.

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The linear changes people brothers.

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The Nia changes people.

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Bob obey, they said the dunya has changed all of us besides you over beta. And Oman is now crying. And it will be there'll be a lion who says to him, he says, oh, mira Mommy, I told you don't come to my house. Because the only thing which is going to happen is that you're going to rinse out your eyes.

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This is Pamela This is the sacrifice of rhodiola. And I want to finish up on this. And we'll carry on next week in sha Allah for oma to leave the Dena was very difficult.

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But this you understand how important Jerusalem was.

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Omar would make a dua Allahumma inni, Akasha, Hadith anti semitic Well, most people would say one law I asked you for martyrdom in IRC for martyrdom and death in your city.

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House or the alarm high his daughter are heard in the door she found it strange. If you want martyrdom you go into the battlefield not in Medina.

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But this this was almost the Munna This was his dream, to be martyred in Medina how Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted the DA so for Omar to leave Medina was very difficult. In his over 10 years of hollyford the only time he ever left his job was twice once was this to pick up the keys or machines

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and the second time he went out in the air to come back. Never besides this armor ever leave the Hejaz because he wanted to die in Medina, but for machine aleksa

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for machine lochsa ameerul momineen the most powerful man shovel all the way from Medina

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all the way to machine x. That's how important machine was in the eyes of

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the Allahu inshallah we will carry on with the next week inshallah, with the conquest of mashallah Inshallah