Yasir Qadhi – Resident Scholar of EPIC was Live from Mount Uhud

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a mountain range that is a range of mountains and a blessing for Muslims to see the mountain. The mountain is a symbol of whether the Muslims want to fight or defeat the Muslims, and the presence of the mountain is a symbol of the success of the Western army in protecting the city. The presence of the mountain is a symbol of the success of the Western army in protecting the city.
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Bismillah Mohamed Hamdan Amin, we thank Allah subhana wa Tada for allowing us the opportunity to come to the mountain.

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And the mountain is the entire range of mountains behind us. I'm going to summarize for you the bottle of water that took place over here. So we are standing, we are standing in the in front of the range of the mountains. As I explained, the mountain is not one mountain, it's a range of mountains. So this is one section and it keeps on going behind us and our prophets of Allah, why do you want to send them said that the mountain is a mountain that loves us and we love it. And inside the mountain the road is a mountain our agenda. So this is a blessing mountain it is a mountain that the people of Medina will see every day there was nothing blocking them, we have skyscrapers, it

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blocks our view, but from the city, you will always see the mountain in the background. So the mountain of work was was symbolic for them from India that symbolizes Medina because they see it all the time. Now we know that in the Battle of Britain, the Muslims won a resounding victory the second year of the Hijra. So the Quran promised that the next year, they would come and they would defeat the Muslims. So they promised them that just right one year, we're going to recuperate, we're going to come in annihilate you. So one year later in Chawan, Ramadan of second year was was the other show run of the third year was

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over 1000 people of course marched. And 1000 was a large number. The Muslims as we know, we're not even 300 Do the math yourself 123 And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was, excuse me, sorry, I said 1000 400,000 Muslims and three that was I mean, I mentioned about 1000 Muslims versus 3000. Polish was was the triple that. So 3004 He came in, and 1000 Muslims left the city to come and face them. On the way here, a dispute happened between the hypocrites and between the Muslims. Because the hypocrite said, We don't want to go and fight outside, we want to stay in our houses and use our houses to fortify ourselves. And they decided to break away at the 11th hour to abandon the ranks of the Muslims at the very end. And that's why the army of the Muslims decreased from 1000 to 700. Because 300 of the hypocrites broke away. This was the beginning of the

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phenomenon of NIFA of hypocrisy. The beginning of separating Muslims from hypocrites took place in the battle of

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700 Muslims came here and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam scoured the land. And he decided to use the following tactic, knowing that the price would be quadrupled their number four times their number, you realize that he had to strategize? How did he strategize, he maximize the efficiency of those 700 By looking at quality and not spreading them thin. So what he did was he camped behind the mountain, you see the masjid, that's where his camp was. That was the camp of the Muslims. And he used the the mountain as a natural barrier to protect to protect over three fourths of the army. So most of the army was not truly protected with the mountain. So they could not have

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an attack from there. The Quraysh were coming from this area to my right where my finger is pointing the place we're coming from that area. If you look in that area over there, you'll find a grove of date palms roughly in that direction. And that direction was where the French were going to be count. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam decided to strategize by making sure that the 700 would be fighting in a narrow place such that they couldn't be attacked from anywhere else, the small area would maximize their potential that their their their potent force. So on the right hand was the mountain of one of the Muslims. And they chose this mount over here, which is called the

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mount of archers, this small little mount over here to be on their left hand. And in the time of the Prophet sallallahu. It was send them this this archers mount was probably five or seven times larger than it is it wasn't the small, right? It has become small because of what

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when you climb and come back, you will take some specs back to America with you and the mountain will automatically diminish. So over the last 14 centuries, this mini mountain has diminished oversight, so it was much larger than it is. So the prophets have. Famously we know the story. He station 50 archers on the top of the mountain. Why? Because he realized that the weak spot was their back flank, and he couldn't allow the Christ to come from behind and surprise attack them. As long as they were protected. From the behind surprise. They could concentrate on the offensive in the front. And that's what happened. He told the archer

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Is that you are going to remain at the top of that mountain. And no matter what happens, guard your posts until I tell you the coast is clear, no matter what happens, you have to stay there. Right? So we all know what happened. The Muslims were actually winning in the beginning. And the wife of the Sophia unhemmed fled for her life on that mountain over there, where you see this mountain over here. She fled for her life up on that mountain, and the Muslims attacked and the Quraysh fled and turned and returned back to Makkah. In other words, they thought Helter Skelter, the Muslims were so successful, the Quraysh panicked, and they fled back most of them most, but not all, hardly, they've

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never where they eat, regrouped, and he took a small group of around 200 And he waited far away. He didn't wait to see what's going to happen. And he saw that most of the archers abandon their post war and hours have gone by so we're talking about now, three hours after the battle two hours after the battle. Why did the archers leave? Because they saw the other Muslims gathering stuff from the field, gathering war booty gathering swords and

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