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The Prophet Muhammad Sessoms was preaching in a crisis state, and his death was a result of a lack of support from his wife. The importance of protecting individuals from harassment and bullying is emphasized, along with the importance of learning to accept Islam and being happy with parents. The emotional toll of the Prophet's death is also discussed, with the importance of identifying what makes one enjoy prayer in crisis and finding the right balance between pursuing prayer and staying busy. Prayer is not a burden, but rather something that allows them to experience what makes them feel the best.

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Under the law

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from the Delilah DNS Allah Allah of the hill kita Willa major Allahu iwgia. famille hamdulillah. Allah De La La Jolla, mula one Aamir Khan, Lahore, Khufu and I had

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so much hamdulillah Muhammad who want to stay in a monastery of a federal when our other belimbing surely unforeseen a woman say Dr. Medina mean yeah the level furthermore the letter woman young fella had the LA shadow in La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika why shadow Anna Muhammad and the whole solo saltwater law he was said I'm on it. I read a law called law photography kitabi Karim by the law him in a shirt on the regime and levina umina billhighway up mono salado I'm in metals Akane home Yun Ji Hoon about

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to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem

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to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, his wife Khadija for over 20 years 20 years was everything.

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She was someone that would support him morally, would support him personally. Financially, even she was the support of him, his missing mission, his emotional being, whenever any issue came up, because these are was the one that the prophet SAW said him return to.

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And they had met earlier on in his life when he was just a young man. And he worked for her as a salesman. And they actually admired each other so much and fell in love and got married. And it's actually kind of a rare sort of love story from that era, in the sense that it was very natural. It was an authentic love.

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It was real.

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And the Prophet Mohammed, so send him when he first received revelation.

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When he first received revelation, and he went through this very traumatic experience, where he was shaken up.

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He was doubting what had just happened. He didn't know what had just squeezed him in, ordered him to read Ecuador, he had no clue. He went back to his wife Khadija, or Yolanda, who was the one who reinforced him who was the one who made him feel better about it, who was the one who gave his heart some rest after that whole experience.

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And the Prophet Mohammed sell sell them after years of being together with cathedrale de la Honda after years of being in love with her after years of being having children together.

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One day, the detail of the law when he passes away,

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she dies.

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And when we read this in the history books in the Seattle books, that in the year so and so Khadija had been coilette rhodiola Han, she passed away, we just read it and we move on to the next line. And that's it, we're done.

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But imagine for a second what it means now

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to have your wife Khadija or your wife or your spouse, your husband passed away. Imagine what that would entail.

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May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. But imagine the details, the logical conclusion that would have to happen after that, that your spouse would pass away.

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So you would have to then prepare their body for the burial. This person that you spent so much time with this person that you've invested so much into whether or not you've had arguments here or there that doesn't matter anymore. Because the love of your life your soulmate. And if you're lucky enough, the prophet SAW Selim was to have 20 plus years with this person is gone.

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That other side of the mattress that they used to be have some weight on when he would sleep. It's not there anymore.

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You wake up in the morning, there's no one to say good morning to

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you walk over to the kitchen. There's no one to eat breakfast with. You're leaving for work. There's no one to say Have a nice day too.

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This is the Prophet Muhammad Sessoms reality.

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Now add on to that kids.

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add on to that the fact that if your wife or if your husband passed away, your kids come home from school, they have no clue what happened. And you have to explain to them that now mommy's not coming home anymore.

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Daddy's not going to be here anymore when you get home from school.

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The reality of what that would entail, how shattered a person would be.

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I can be very honest with you guys, because you're my community. I don't know what would happen if my wife passed away.

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I don't know. I don't know what I would do.

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Because to think about it, even for a moment, you understand a little bit of what the prophet Muhammad SAW Saddam was going through the pain that he was enduring the heartbreak he was enduring. Now add on to that this message of Islam that he's preaching no longer has a benefactor. no longer has the backing financially that it used to have no longer

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He no longer has a CEO for the company that he used to work for. So not only is his personal life in a flux, but his financial and even the the message of Islam is unclear at this point.

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And so the Prophet Mohammed seldom does his best he gets up and dust himself on and does his best

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to move on with life.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us another lesson.

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Through the example of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim through his example, six to eight months later, Allah subhanaw taala teaches us another lesson by taking the life of a multilevel

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I thought it was the uncle literally was the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, but more in reality was more like his father, his foster father.

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When the Prophet Muhammad Hassan was younger, I will dial abuse to take care of all of his children in the family used to feed all of them, so they would all have food together. And when the food was served, all the kids would run out. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim because even from a young age, from his birth, he was someone who was shy and humble. He was a shy and humble kid. And so he would kind of wait off to the side, and all the other kids would run kind of like Ramadan stars, right, all the other kids would run to the plate, get all the food, eat to their fill, and then when they were done, when they were stuffed, then the prophet SAW send them when they walked away with

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slowly make his way over and would pick up whatever scraps were left.

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And I will die abuse to see this and he loved the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim so much thought of had so much love for the prophet SAW sent him that what he would do was he would pick out all the good chunks of food, all the good chunks of meat, and he would set it aside on a plate and he would put it behind himself. So he would call the kids to come eat and all the kids would come eat. And they would say, Well, I guess we just don't have good meat today. And they would start eating, and I will talk with a Mohammed community. And Mohamed Hassan would come and he would look and he would see this plate of food and he would smile and he would eat it with his uncle herbal thought.

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Whenever I thought of went on a business expedition, or any kind of Expedition, any kind of travel, he would leave his entire family at home, his kid, his spouse, his kids, his his nephews, everyone would stay home. But guess who would come with the Prophet Mohammed Sol, Sol, and

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there was so much love that embleton had had. And even after the message of Islam came to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim about our lives said what he said, I don't believe, but I will support you, I will defend you until my dying day that I don't believe in what you're bringing. This is from the family, the prophets, all sudden, he's saying, I don't believe I love you. I don't, I don't, I'm not gonna accept what you're bringing, but I will protect you until I die.

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And everyone in the city of Mecca, when they was trying to harass the Prophet Muhammad will send them when they would try to torture him, they would do things here and there, they would rough him up here and there are nice little salon, but they knew that they couldn't take it too far. Because a bolt Olive would be the person that would have to answer to

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that in order to get to the profit. So I'll send him I thought it was there.

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And then I will title it becomes very ill very sick. And it becomes clear that this is his. These are his final days.

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And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim loves his uncle, his foster father, he has immense love for Pilate.

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And he goes to his uncle, and he says, My Uncle, please.

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He said, Just accept the message, except that there is only one God worthy of worship, and that on the messenger, just say it, do you don't have to do anything. You don't have to pray or do it. Just say it. So I can take this little bit, this little statement you have so I can take it and on the court in the court on the day of judgment and tell Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, a lot I have yet I'll be I have this statement from him, that he is Muslim, forgive his sins, and just give me one give me something to work with.

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And I will tell him is surrounded by all of his peers, his colleagues, and they're saying, you have thought about you're going to give up on the on the the religion of your forefathers, are you going to end it now? Right now, before you pass away, you're going to cut off everything from your history from your lineage from your past, you're going to do all that and they're mocking him and they're harassing him. But finally they get to Ableton Live. And about autumn tells Muhammad SAW said him, he says, No, I can't accept it.

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And he dies. Not only leaving, the prophet SAW Selim, but leaving him shattered because he didn't accept the message of Islam in front of his own eyes.

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So the Prophet system was so distraught that Allah subhanaw taala had to reveal a verse in Nicoletta demon alphabet.

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In nicoleta, demon, that yet also law I know you tried your best, but you are not going to be able to guide whoever you love. That's not how this works. You're not going to be able to just walk into the people that you love and say please accept and they'll accept. Sometimes the people that you love the most are going to be the ones that hurt you.

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Well, that Kamala who had the main shot rather a lot is that

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One who gives guidance to whomever He wills to whoever asked for it to whomever wants it.

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This lesson in the life of the Prophet so send them so imagine this his wife passes away his wife of 20 years the mother of his children. Then six to eight months later, his uncle passes away someone who is basically his foster father, the prophet Mohammed stillson would cry whenever when Fetzer Mecca came when the Prophet system returned from a DNC Mecca, he would shed tears. There's a famous story that Abubakar Siddique after fighting Mecca brought his father uncle hoffa Abou kochava was very old. They said everything about him was white, his hair, his eyelashes, his beard, everything was white. And he walked in this is the father of abubaker. And he walked into the bottom and the

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and he went to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Sutherland. And I'm not going to sit, he went to the Prophet, he said, you know, Sula, my father wants to take Shahada with you. And this is after a lifetime of work. A lifetime of OCD is very old. At this point. The Prophet Solomon was very old. This is after the conquest of Mecca.

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And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him starts to teach Walker's father, the Shahada, he started teaching in the Shahada. And for those of you who maybe don't understand what a big deal this is, ask any convert in the room, what it would mean to them if their parents accepted Islam.

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what it would mean to them what it would mean to their heart in life, if their parents are asked anyone in the room who has relatives who are non Muslim or family members or not, ask them what it would mean to them. If one day their family member came to them and said, I want to accept this religion, how happy they would be.

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And so as the prophet SAW sent him is giving up on behalf of the Shahada, Abubakar Siddique starts crying.

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And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him says what any of us would say. He says, Are you Are you hot? Your tears of happiness, right, Babak tears of happiness, very excited for him. And Abubakar Siddique replies, lallianzuala tears of sadness.

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I'm crying because I'm sad. The profitsystem says, Why you sad? And he says, because what I would give you is a lot to replace my father, with your uncle today

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that my father, my own father, who I would love to be Muslim, what I would give out of my love for you. Because I know that you love I knew that you love the thought of so much what I would give that you would have your uncle here today, taking the Shahada instead of my father,

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I would give it in a second.

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So he was sad, because he knew that the prophet SAW Selim was damaged inside after this.

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We're talking about emotional damage. We're talking about the Prophet so send them being put through stress after stress after trial after tribulation, Death of family members. And you know what, even after all this, you know what would happen to the Prophet when he would walk in the street. So his wife dies, and then his uncle dies. And then because his uncle passes away all the young thugs of Mecca, all the young, not the older ones, because the older ones still have respect for

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the young ones who didn't know I thought it would go and they would start physically abusing the prophet SAW said, and this is where you real read the harshest stories. After the death level thought it is where you read the harshest stories of how they used to beat up the prophets, I'll send them the ones where they used to literally gang up on him take sticks and beat him and leave him bruised and bloody in the alleyway. This is after the death of obatala because the young guys didn't know who it was, they didn't have that respect for him.

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But when the prophet SAW some would walk in the marketplace, dejected, hurt,

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not knowing where to go from here,

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not knowing who to turn to not knowing who was his support anymore. The people would yell after him and say, Hmm, who believes he's a prophet now. Do you see he's cursed? everyone around him is dying.

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So on top of the family, emotional trauma he's going through. Now he's being ridiculed and mocked by his people because of those deaths.

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I want everyone in this room and everyone in this match to listen to this clip. But I think for a second, how heavy your heart would be. To know that every day when you were about to venture out to go to school, or work, because of the tribulation you've been put through, people would just start to make fun of you publicly and humiliate you publicly.

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So what did Allah subhanho wa Taala do?

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What did Allah subhanaw taala give to the Prophet sauce on them? How did this situation become fixed?

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Allah subhana wa tada knew

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that nothing could cure the heart ache of the prophet SAW Selim, other than meeting him.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala called the prophet SAW Selim to meet him on the famous journey LS la mirage.

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But even more amazing, is the gift. The medication that Allah subhanaw taala engaged with the prophet SAW them on this journey. He gave him a Salah.

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He gave him prayer. You see prayer. Prayer wasn't just a random assignment, prayer

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wasn't just the last one was out of saying, Okay start praying now.

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prayer was a medication.

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prayer was a therapy.

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prayer was a prescription from Allah subhana wa tada to help the Prophet Mohammed Al Selim, deal with the struggles and the disappointments and the trials of everyday life.

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And so only when the Prophet Mohammed Salim reached his lowest

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that's when Allah subhanaw taala said here's the prayer. Here's my gift to you

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this prayer brothers and sisters, throughout generations now has been transformed from a gift to a burden

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to something that they used to want to do you know, when things difficulty would happen to the Prophet so silent, you know what he would say? who you are, everyone knows him Ivan was the famous words in VLAN he would say that the higher VLAN he would say yeah VLAN give us some rest with it. What does that mean means called the event let us let us let us take a break from all this all this craziness in life all the all the business and all the work and everything and all the fat let us take a break and maybe hire Bilal

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the prophet SAW Selim said you're a lead kurata ie just Sala

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that the the the coolness of my eyes was given to me and saw that and I know that coolness of the eyes. We've probably all heard this before coolness of the eyes of last month. I'll use it in the Quran. He talks about how children are the coolness of the eyes, your spouse's will be the coolness of your eyes. You know what this means? This is an Arabic idiom. It's an expression. I want you to imagine you guys know how hot it is outside right now in Knoxville. They say it's a heatwave. But I mean, for those of us who have been overseas, this is like springtime, right?

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But imagine traveling in the desert. This is where this phrase came from. Imagine traveling in the desert. It's super hot, you're sweating. And not only are you sweating, but like when you sweat, the sweat dries and the the the salts from your sweat, the sodium from your sweat starts to crystallize on your face. And so you have very dry face. add on to that now the sand the wind is blowing in your face. And now imagine how your face feels. Imagine how your eyes feel. Now imagine coming upon a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. Like a beautiful pool some trees

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and you go over and you take that water and you splash it in your face.

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And you splash it then you drink some and you splash it. That's the coolness of your eyes. How would you feel at that point? You feel so refreshed. So the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him said that my refreshment was found in the sada

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the reason why I'm bringing this up in Ramadan is because Ramadan is such an amazing time where everybody, mostly everybody, inshallah everybody who's fasting, praise melanin, and pleasure.

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And I've been talking to a lot of the young men and young women. And they've been saying that this is the first time that they've prayed five daily prayers and a long time that they've made it to finish all the five prayers, and that it's become something that's easy for them.

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what that's telling us as a community, is that prayer is not the coolness of our eyes. Prayer is not something that gives us rest as the prophet SAW Some said prayer is something that causes us anxiety. It's a burden. Oh, I have to pray. Let me get it over with quickly. Let me finish it while it's still in the time as opposed to saying, Let me take a timeout and just pray.

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So the question and the mission from this hookah because it's almost over, it's one minute left.

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The question the mission from this club, is what is different about Ramadan? What is different about this time that people will sacrifice two hours, even three hours when Makati was here to pray right away at night. But we can't sacrifice five minutes any other day of the year to get our prayer in, or to Primavera brochette. What's different?

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For every one of us, it's going to be different. We need to identify that we need to pinpoint what makes us enjoy the prayer in Ramadan. And how can I replicate that the rest of the year?

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Because we complain about a lot of things rather than we complain about the political situation, the economic situation, we complain about being you know, monetarily bankrupt in Muslim countries, but we stand here spiritually bankrupt, because we're not communicating with Allah subhanaw taala we're not communicating with him our prayers are absent.

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And then we wonder why our dogs aren't answered because we only come to Allah when we need him.

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We don't go to Allah five times a day to check in and say so to say at the hands and Allahu wa Salatu will tell you that to greet Allah and say, y'all, I'm so thankful for everything you've given me. Rather we only turn to him when there's a crisis. And if you've ever been in that situation where people only come to you when they need something, then you know how that

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Makes you feel when someone calls you and they only call you when they're going to ask for something you know how that makes you feel. But when someone calls you to check up on you and say to them and Ramadan robotic and robotic and crank, congratulations on your on your child's graduation. You know how close you are with that person? That's the closest we want to feel to Allah subhanaw taala and that's what we achieved through the prayer. It's not a burden. It's not handcuffs, it's not shackles. It's therapy. The prophet SAW sent and received it after all this trial and tribulation. Take all of your disappointment, all of your trial and put it into the prayer. Pray like you mean

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Pray like every word you're saying. You mean? And I promise you and I we will feel this benefit of prayer asked Allah, Allah to make us amongst the people who pray, ask Allah Spano Tata to make us enjoy the prayer and to allow the prayer to feel to fill our hearts and become something that we love. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to love the messages and to love praying in the masjid quote unquote the HA That was tough for Allah Howdy, welcome. What do you silent Muslim? You know, the Muslim activist stuff through in the Hulu hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim. He was talking to him interview him he is sending Elijah Medina allama john,

00:21:09--> 00:21:10

the man who I mean

00:21:12--> 00:21:46

the action item or the homework from this club, but something to take away from this whole book. A lot of people have been asking me how they can increase their for sure and prayer that they want to pray, but the fact that they don't have quality or focus or concentration, their prayer, how can they increase it? There's two ways I'm going to tell you right now for total prayer, for total prayer, invest some time in reading what the Imam is going to read before the prayer in whatever language you understand. And whatever language you understand, read the translation, read the Tafseer read a little bit take 30 minutes and read a little bit that way when the Imam is reciting,

00:21:46--> 00:22:21

and he says jahannam or Jenna or Allah or when he says and Medina Avenue, you can think to yourself, memorize those buzzwords and think to yourself, What is he talking about now and reflect upon those concepts? invest some time into it. We invest so much time into everything else. If our kids walked in the house and said I failed an exam, we would smack them upside the head. But if our kids walked in the house and said I miss federa we would say it's okay tomorrow inshallah we'll make it right. We need to invest some time in prayer, invest some time and making quality of prayer. The second thing is starts your journey, learning the Arabic of the prayer. You don't have to speak Arabic to

00:22:21--> 00:22:57

anybody. You don't have to impress anybody at your Arabic dots or stars. You just have to learn how to communicate with a Las Palmas Lada through this language. There's only 6000 versus only 6000. Right? If you chip away at the vocabulary, you'll be able to understand majority of them and Shall I ask Allah Spano tala to give us that ability and to give us the desire to learn the language of the Quran and the desire to connect with the last month or two the player in the lahoma Lakitu saloon Allah nebby Yeah, you live in Amman, also Lou la he was elimu Taslima Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad came out so later Allah Ibrahim Ali brought him in Naga Jaime the Medina llama

00:22:57--> 00:23:11

baddeck Allah Muhammad wa. ala Muhammad came about Dr. Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim in NACA homina Majeed in the La Jolla I'm going to be sent by a title quarterback when handled foshay with Moncada what are the common dausa come to the Quran, okay Masada