Wael Ibrahim – The Ultimate Guide To Misery #08 – Choices

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of living in a present state, including the freedom to choose between comfort and ease, watch movies and TV series without leaving one's room, mingle with crowds, and blame spouse for their behavior. They also encourage people to practice meditation and stay true to their addiction.
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We only have a choice over our present moments, the past has already gone, and the future is never guaranteed. But what we do now can contribute to our future and can also heal our past. pause and reflect for a while. Where are you right now, you could have been watching this very video with your family members, instead of being alone behind closed doors, right? You could have gone to a nearby coffee shop, park or any public place. Maybe you could have left your room door open to avoid these moments of temptations. Or you could have ignored all these options and instead, dive deeper into your ocean of * and * addictions. Bottom line is, you've got a choice. The only

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difference is many times we choose for ourselves misery, over comfort and ease. So if you opt for miserable choices, then here is your guide. Number one, read books that will feed your sexual tension and lead you to countless relapses to hardcore *. Number two, watch movies and TV series without being cautious to its content, which in many cases contain * and provocative scenes. Number three, mingle with their own crowds and blame them for your own behavior. Number four, choose to keep your addiction as a secret from your spouse's thinking that they would never support you with your recovery. And finally, number five, choose not to make a U turn. Get

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back on track and clean up your mess.

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