The Balance Between Deen & Dunya #2

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It's a look at the people. They killed the grandson of the prophets Allah Saddam Hussein. And they asking about mosquitoes

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim Baba brothers, elders, sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Last week I spoke about we started speaking about the balance between the deen and the dunya.

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And we spoke about how a person can go into an extreme

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into the dounia and forget his deed. Now because Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah defines this Alma, Allah says wicked Lika jalna Come on Matan wasa And likewise, we may do a balanced aroma, that you have to be balanced in whatever you do. So even when it comes to practicing your deen, there needs to be an element of balance. So you don't want to go so extreme into the deed that you actually don't no longer conform to the teachings of the deen.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala when

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speaking to the people of the book,

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Allah Yeah, hello Kitab la tavola Dena Co Op of the book, do not go into extreme woo in regarding your D.

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Now what is a must what Allah mean?

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How can you go to an extreme in worshipping Allah? Of course you can.

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The Christians came to the conclusion. That is our la salatu wa salam was one of the three the divine, they came to the conclusion. That is a la salatu salam was the son of God. Now this is going to extreme in your religion, and this is the province of Allah Allah wa sallam spoke to the Sahaba of the alarm home and he said, Do not elevate my status so much like the Christians did with Isa and a Salatu. Salam. On the other extreme regarding installation of Salaam you have the Jews

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in the hate.

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For Isa la salatu salam What did they say? They said the OB la The Mary la salatu salam committed adultery. And Isa la Salatu. Salam was illegitimate born out of wedlock, these are this is an extreme Allah says, Do not go to extreme regarding your religion. Now regarding us, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Dena use around the is easy.

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What does that mean?

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We need to understand that not how you understand it, but how the Lama understood it. The Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam when he sent more than a jumble to Yemen is Mr. Bashir who was to assume Yes, zero. Yes 00 but Shirou Willa to the Pharaoh, give them glad tidings and do not make them turn away from the D do not make them flee from the deed do not create enough right in their hearts. Yes, 01 to a zero. Make it easy for them. Don't make it difficult for them. Now what does that mean? Because that's a relative statement, isn't it? Everybody has their own definition of what easy is Joe you get some people say oh Your heart is clean. If the heart is clean, you don't have to do

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anything else. You got gilisoft others other say your coworker I don't pray my namaz i don't know i know it's for us Alhamdulillah they know it's for the rest good. But But your Allahu Rahim

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Allah will forgive inshallah Allah will forgive, but don't take the chance.

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You know, that's a chance you don't want to take a long time to pray Salah. Now pray your Salah. So the problem is, la wa sallam said in the Drina useful?

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lane you shot the D a head on in lava lava.

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The brothers are lost Adam said nobody goes to the extreme in the deen nobody goes to extreme in the deal lane you shot the Drina Illa Allah who, besides the deed overtakes him

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what happens

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is that you burn out

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So you go to such an extreme in your religion, that you actually end up burning out and you often see this guy stopped practicing. He's in the masjid all the time. Alhamdulillah Yeah, but everything else is out of the window. What happened? Three months later, in a he with with a brother with a brother in law.

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He's no longer around why burnout

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and this is why the brothers and the law la wa sallam said, Do not go to that extreme, where you end up burning out that the dean overtakes you. Now is the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made brothers amongst them and SAR and the mahadji rune with Silmaril Farsi, the prophets Allah Allah made salmaan and Farsi salmaan, the Persian brother, Abu Darbar.

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So Abdullah, who was a man who would worship a lot, so solimar al Farsi roseola, and who now goes to the house of his brother, a Buddha. And he sees his wife and his wife, his unkempt, old clothes, you know, not looking after herself. So he said, My sister was wrong. He said, Your brother a Buddha has no more need for me.

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He prays all day.

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So he prays all night, and during the day, he's fasting every day, he's got no time for me, so I don't need to look after myself anymore.

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So a Buddha comes in his food, the wife puts food and he says to a Buddha eat. A Buddha says I'm fasting so the man says, I will not eat until you eat with me so that he eats with him.

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Then he says to him, he said, my brother have limits in the dean.

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Everything in this Dean has a right

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everything in this Dean has a right. Abdullah in us are the Allahu anhu was a Sahabi who worshipped so much that the narrations mentioned that his eyes sank in he went really thin. And the Burmese Allah sort of met him one day and he said, Abdullah, I hear that you pray all night, you forced every single day. He said, Don't do this. Is a pray for a portion go to sleep or a portion is a false one day Don't force them the next day, because he said in LA Jessica in LA, just the alayka Huck, in LA Jessica alayka, Huck, he said your body has a right upon you. In Allah zoologica alika. Huck, your wife has a right upon you. He said everything around you has a right upon you. You pray

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all night?

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Then how are you going to fulfill the rights of your family? How are you going to fulfill the rights of your children? How are you going to fulfill the rights of working? So in the dean, we are taught to keep a balance. Everything has a balance, because see, when you are working to earn for your children that in itself is about

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when you are doing the therapy of your children, not in the machine, but you are sitting at home with your children, that in itself is a bother. Imagine this.

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You heard an inspiring hotbar you know the man said out of the seven people who will be under the shade of Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment will be that man, his heart is attached to the masjid. He wants to be in the masjid all the time.

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And all of you now decided, Okay, I want to be out of one of those seven under the shade of Allah, I am going to be in the masjid all the time.

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Your takeaways would be closed. Your schools would be closed. You'd have no taxi drivers.

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You'd have no teachers, you'd have no fathers at home. That is not how society works.

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The society is meant to be a Muslim society, as I mentioned last week is meant to be a dynamic society. A group of people came to the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said to Ayesha, Ayesha, oh mother of the believers tell us what is the routine the daily routine of the province of Lhasa. So she told him, he falls sometimes he doesn't fall sometimes.

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He prays a portion of the night then he goes to you know, and then he goes to sleep the rest of the night.

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So they thought that this wasn't enough. They thought this wasn't enough. They said Oh, he's the nappy of a lie. his sins are all forgiven. We

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to do more

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so the word so one of them said, I will never, ever marry, never.

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The other one said, all night, I will pray every night I will pray and I will not go to sleep. The other one said every single day I will fast. So when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came home, I shadowed the Allah and he told the boys Allah said of the Messenger of Allah became angry, and he called them

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and he said, I am the most God fearing out of all of you, I am the messenger of Allah and I am the most God fearing out of all you but I marry as well. I sleep at night as well.

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I some days fast I some days I do not fast. So this is the balance that we as Muslims are meant to keep. Because when you do what you do in conformation with the deed, all of that becomes a bother remember this. And when you go to the extreme, and although you think it's religion, it's not religion, it's

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so cheap.

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You think that you are doing something which is religious, but you are going Hulu Hulu means when you go past the boundaries stipulated by the Creator, then you are not actually doing the work of deed you actually sinful in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean imagine is let me give you an amazing example.

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One of the Sahaba of the Allah and whom you should lead the father of Salah.

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And in some narrations, most scholars say is more than the job or the alarm so he would leave the for your PSA. And in the Fujio, Salah he would make the forger Salah Long,

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to the degree that one man who was very tired he couldn't manage so he left the Salah.

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So he came to the message of a loss and the loss of this man comes with a message of Allah and he says to the province Allah Salaam He said it was makes them so lost so long, that I can no longer stay with him. He would read the Quran

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what's more as the look at this of Han Allah, what's he doing for your Salah? The verb is a Muslim said the best part of the Salah is to collude to mean

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that you that when you stand

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in Salah, you read a lot of

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frozen lasagna that is the best portion of Saba.

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And this is what Allah has, did they have the extra love? Why is better, to do more subdued? Or to do more? I am according to the Hanafi is more optimal because the Hadees on the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So, so look at this. He's reading the Quran in pajamas.

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But he's reading too much Quran for the Sharia.

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The Messenger of Allah said Yama,

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de la era Luca how strong the province a lot of work is going on. What are you a person is causing fitna?

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What's he doing? He's reading the Quran with the reading the Quran in the fudger salah

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and the verse Allah Sallam said, while turn into Are you a fitna Mangueira are you causing strife amongst the believers. So a balance in your deen and your denier is very important. That balance is not what you define as balanced in your mind. But what this Sheree are defined as a balance

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because everybody has their own definition of balance.

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The word salaallah alayhi wa sallam said regarding the quarry Jeep the Quaritch the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said regarding

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who are the forage,

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the message of Allah set told us Sahaba there will be a group of people who is he speaking to the Sahaba he told us Sahaba said a group of people will come and their Salah will be so long that it will make your Salah look insignificant is the key to who they really are no man, the Romans, the one that Allah is pleased with and they are pleased with how Allah is pleased with them.

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He's telling them he said you know these people will come after you.

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They will make your Salah and your fasting look insignificant, but they will have missed the deen like an arrow misses its target and in

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nonrational late by Mr. Bahari, the virus Allah Salam said they will miss the deen how an arrow goes through its prey comes out the other end and that arrow is squeaky clean.

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It has no flesh, no blood, no fat on it at all squeaky clean. This is how they will miss the D.

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So they pray in a fasted.

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But they've put the photo of gopher on everybody. The first people to put the photo of Cooper on alira a lot of words, wattage. Let me give you example how pious apparently pies they were in their own minds. They were pious.

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In their own minds, they were pious.

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Let me show you you know the Vorbis mlra was alum. He prophesized a time will come. The Amar abou Yassir will be killed by a physical body this is he had this

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fear of boggy a rebellious group of people will kill Amara Yasser America Yasser was a buttery Sahabi he was the same Sahabi who him mother, his father and him will be persecuted in Makkah. And the brother is a Muslim would go past them and he would rub his hand over the head of a model and he says suffering yada yada for inamoto como Jana, it would say, oh family of Yasser have suffered because your abode but unlike Jenna,

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his mother was the first martyr in the history of this deed.

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The problem is Allah Salam said, a fearful Bahia a rebellious group will kill Mr. Ma Yasuo. You know the man who killed him. His name was Abu rodya rodya

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they bought they bought to him

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a glass of water.

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Abu Garcia said I don't drink in glass. I don't drink in glass. It's too much luxury for me. Bring me a simple clay pot and I will drink from the pot but not from the glass. They said look at this man. He killed a marina yasir and he's concerned about drinking from a glass.

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This is how you miss the deed.

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When they came the people of Iraq came to their boss or the aleinu. And they said to their boss, they came for Hutchinson over their boss we want your fatwa. You know if if you kill a mosquito in hunch

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kill him mosquito in hudge What do you have to give in recompense is a look at the people. They killed the grandson of the province, Allah Saddam Hussein, and they asking about mosquitoes.

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And this is why brothers, sisters, there is a balance in this deed

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and remain within your lane.

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Everybody should remain in their lane,

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according to what you know is how big your fatwas are, and therefore you shouldn't be giving any fatwas.

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I don't care how sincere you are.

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You come out and say this is deviant, this column study 10 years, he's a deviant, you know nothing.

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Pray your salon, go home, learn your deed, simple stay in lane. Otherwise you could be a bridge or like the quad bridge without even realizing

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you could be a bouvardia.

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And this is where the balance in the dean is brothers.

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Allah wants us to stay within the balance. So let me complete so this last week we spoke about going in extreme into the dunya and the love of the dunya. And today we're going to the other extreme, where you go so immersed in the deed, that you have no balance, love left and you go to an extreme.

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The verse Allah alayhi wa sallam said,

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he said Whoever makes his finger and his rump and his concern, one concern

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and that is the concern of the aka

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Allah will suffice in all the other concerns that he has. If you make Allah your concern, Allah will take care of all your other concerns.

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And if you make another message of Allah said, If you make the dunya your concern

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alone will give you until your concerns he will let loose your concerns upon you.

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Well, I'm your barley lousy

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The word in your mood and the message Allah says then Allah doesn't care. Wherever this person drops dead, he doesn't care.

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So make this do our brothers is a beautiful dog the progress on the line there was a lamb, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allahu Allah, Allah

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dounia akubra homina Allahu malata jell O Allah do not make the dunya our greatest concern.

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Do not make the duty our greatest concern. Make a law your concern and Allah will take care of your dunya and then in return Allah will give you the ark Allah May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst the people of the Torah. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy to keep a balance between the deen and dunya May Allah keepers united dunya and reunited in general for those Baraka, Donna has been given him a praise from the Salaam Alaikum