The Quran, The Bible and Scriptural Contradictions

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The Quran states do they not look over the Quran will all kind of an idea it let Elijah the 50 laughing because you know for if it had been evident from other than God, they would have been in many contradictions. As soon as you open the Bible, okay, as soon as you open the Bible, the first page of the Bible, you see an account that the Genesis account, you find that on the first day, the night and day were created. And on the fourth day, the luminaries, including the sun and moon are created. This is a contradiction that not only can we identify the origin of Alexandria, listen to what he says, says now what man of intelligence will believe that the first the second and the third

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day existed as the evening in the morning existence without the sun. And then he goes on to allegorize the verse The point is, even the ecumenical writers and patristic fathers looked at the Bible and said, these are contradictions that we have to resolve throughout liberalization. This is something you do not find in the Quranic discourse, which is why the Quran has no contradiction.