Tom Facchine – Blame On The Day of Judgement-Be Composed

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the devil in their actions and how he can use their imaginations to manipulate them into actions that are not very well received. The devil is threatening them with scarcity and mindset, and they need to be more patient and act on principle and insight and foresight.
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The Devil threatens us with poverty, he tries to make us think that something bad is going to happen and use that to spook us into unrighteous action. And so Allah is telling us about one of the ways or one of the approaches that the devil uses against us. He tries to play on our imaginations, make us imagine the worst case scenario. And then once we're in that state, it's very easy to provoke us to haste and to action that is not very wise. And then what does Allah say, in the very same part of the Quran? Well, he either can not forget, I mean, homophobia, where Allah promises you will as he promised to you, He promises you forgiveness and bounty, right? It's like we say this, people have

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said this a lot. Scarcity, mindset, abundance mindset, right? The devil is threatening us with scarcity. And Allah azza wa jal is promising us abundance. So some of the times when we get in this mode of fixated concern about something and fearing this, and it doesn't just have to be with with worldly things, either. It can be with things that have to do with a religion, right? Maybe, maybe it's not the right time to approach somebody with advice, or a certain reminder, maybe you're not the right person, but there's this kind of

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justification your head and this happens, a lot of people said, well, if I don't tell him right now, then he's gonna blame me on the day of judgment. And you don't really know what you're talking about, first of all, second of all, you're definitely not the right person to approach this other person. Third of all, they're not in a position where you're going to hear it, does that make sense that you're going to be held accountable for a prote for not approaching somebody, when approaching them would have been an unwise decision? That doesn't seem apparent to me. It seems to me that the devil doesn't care whether he drags you down to the right or to the left, the devil just wants to

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make you jump. He's going to threaten you with this and threaten you with that and make you feel like if you don't do this, this bad thing is going to happen. We have to try to be a little bit more patient than that and elope, composed, more composed than that and to not let ourselves be swayed, but rather to act on principle and insight and foresight.

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