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I will worship you like I've never worship to before in my entire life.

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I'm suggesting motives for you or you can come up with others and you can put them up and use them as your motive for this Ramadan make them something that will motivate you. Or how about this one, no one will beat me to Allah subhanaw taala this Ramadan.

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The Prophet said, Allah subhanaw taala said in the Hadith show Allah subhanaw taala the best of you are Allah human and physical Hiram. So have no one will beat me to Allah subhanaw taala at work in my work, or my building, or my neighborhood or my country or in Muhammad, Salah synonyms OMA, why not. It doesn't matter what kind of sins I did, or how far I was, I will be everyone's almost no data with my heart sincerely and with my keenness to worship him. There's a hadith that says the prophets of SLM was selling his companions, on the Day of Judgment, people will be called on so whoever prayed will be called from the gate for the praying people, and whoever restrained from

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himself will be called from the gate for those who restrain themselves and whoever give charity will be called upon from the gate for those who give charity you know what called upon means, it means that the angel will call you come here come here with us come entered from this gate, and whoever faster will be called upon from the gate of those who fancy DOLLAR YEN. So Baba chromium was pantalla be pleased with Rhodiola and who was sitting listening to prophesy SLM and look at his will in Kenya. So please ask hello to Allah but by all means, he has to process him and says, Oh prophet of Allah, can someone be called upon from all these gates? So the Prophet Allah has said and smiled

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and said, yes, yeah, well back now we will work and I hope you are one of them. Took a double box ambition he has, he wants to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And please, by all means, he wants to fast and restrain himself and give charity he wants to enter from all heavens from all the doors of heaven. Our only hope to be able to be called upon from all these doors is Ramadan. Subhanallah

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we're coming to the last part, we said we'll be rewarded six things. But what will we do to get these next six things? We can't just expect to get these six things without doing something in return? Right. So we'll say something Ramadan Subhanallah spotted we've been seeing like fasting fasting, fasting, really fasting, okay. Ramadan is like a medication. Whoever takes This medication comes up at the end of this month, as being pies and then topping the ISS. Yeah, you have levena M and quotevalet, overseer kuti, Valentina. publikum, Lala, co taco. All you who believe fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you that you may self restrain or become

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pious. So you fast so that you come out what what's the outcome you become pious. The medication is made of proportions with certain proportions, six proportions. So six things you will get rewarded. And six portions from these medications. What are these from this medication? What are these six? These six when you combine them together? You come out being pies. We write them down. And don't forget your reward. We've been saying Hadith and morose and show Allah subhanaw taala. The best of you are Allah subhanaw taala and first component so what are we going to do? What is the motivation? Okay, what's the first one the Prophet SAW Selim says number one, the Holy Quran and Quran what do

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you intend to do with the grand this year? Come on, we said we're going to really work me and the Quran what's my plan? And I will Quran male hooked up. And did you ever think who honored who was it Ramadan did honor the Quran? Or was it the grandeur on Ramadan, which came upon the other? Let's think what is Ramadan without the Quran? shahada, Ramadan and Chara Madonna lady owns in a field called and the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was sent. So the only reason the month was mentioned was because what the Quran was revealed in it. So we got in the habit of honoring Ramadan, and we forgot that it was honored because of what because of the Quran. So if I fasted Ramadan and

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did not celebrate the Quran, then basically I didn't understand anything. So how many times will be recited? I actually wrote the law and may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with her used to recite everyday from PhaZZer to dawn and from our chat tool support. Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal used to have four hutments so he finished reciting it once a week, and Imam Shafi said I don't do anything in Ramadan except feeding the people and reciting the Quran. It's Ahmed Tom okra, Atilla with the Quran. Al Imam Abu Hanifa would gather his friends and sit and recite together from Fisher to dawn and from Tarawih prayer to near support time, Quran Quran Quran so what will you do with the Quran?

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The sacred land Mecca was honored with the Quran. The Night of Power was honored with the Quran and the month of Ramadan was honored because of the Quran. So the main thing in Ramadan is the Quran. And don't forget, we multiply by 70. And a deed is a standard of its kind. The prasada SLM says, Whoever reads a word from Allah's book is rewarded with a good deed

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And a good deed is a sign of its kind and I don't say Elif Lam meme is a letter but and if it's a letter elephant hearth and lamb is a letter lamb would have a name is a letter we would have. So how many letters are in every ghost or chapter in the Quran? Say if you read everyday Joe's a chapter, each chapter is approximately 7000 letters multiplied by 10. Okay, and then multiplied by seven t equals 4,900,000. deeds and how long an hour and that's if you're reciting slowly 4,900,000 deeds Do you want them or No? If I told you I have $4,900,000 Right now, are you going to come and grab them from me or not? And believe me we need for the deeds more than the money more than anything we need

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the deeds 4,900,000 million deeds for reciting one choose one chapter of Quran that won't take you an hour in Ramadan. How many times are you going to finish reciting the Quran this year called Arias number two. The second thing we have to do with the second portion of the medication to become pious and short along giving charity the prophets I send them was generous Canada Joette and he was most generous in Ramadan like a cent wind and why like the wind because it doesn't stop it keeps blowing and it doesn't pass over a specific part or an area but over the entire area so was the prophet saw was the prophet he gave everyone and he didn't stop so write down me and the charity How much am I

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going to give? It doesn't have to be a whole bunch of money 50 cents here 24 Whatever you can even giving charity helping out of your you know your health or charity giving a smile somebody charity in any in any form of it. It doesn't have to be just money. So I don't know him and fiscal height and show the best or was kind of to help me in the charity. So number one is me and the Qur'an. Number two is me in the charity. Number three, kinship or asking about your relatives, silica Rohan, ask about all your relatives please. I beg you the prosomnus Selim says mercy does not fall upon people with no kinship. I beg you, people who don't keep their family relations. I can't I have to

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ask about my family or write down everyone's name. And as soon as I finished listening to this lecture, I'll pick up the phone and ask about every one of them. It doesn't matter who's not talking to me, it doesn't matter who is it? You know, there's issues or family issues. She said, It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Don't worry what the response will be pick up the phone and do what you have to do. Don't even if the person on the other side hangs up on you. It doesn't matter. I know there's a lot of problems a lot of families have issues because my mother said face and whose mother said that? Pick up the phone and ask Allah subhanaw taala is mercy does not fall upon a person who

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does not keep his kinship. Olivia lay of the oktai Rafa Rahmatullah Spano Tata leptin de la ley, is it worth it? Pick up the phone and call and ask about your family. Don't worry about what's going to be heard on on the other side of the phone and you never know what else Trinidad is going to do. Number four, making some application or die and take some advice from me write five or six applications and focus on them the entire month. That's what the companion said. They said we prepared for Ramadan, every year special supplications and we keep begging for them the entire month. And by Allah will love you by Ramadan would be over and before the following Ramadan would be

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approached or supplications would be granted but Allah subhanaw taala just said five or six and keep asking Allah subhanaw taala. When breaking your fast during Torah we are during the night prayer or before fetch to her to her to help. I know what do help me in this application. What am I going to do? This is now coming to the fifth portion of what's coming of the medication to become pious. The fifth one is sort of weird prayers. Remember the Hadith we said earlier? Whoever prayed at night in the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping for a word from Allah then all his previous sins will be forgiven men karma Ramadan, Eman and WhatsApp and ofera Lahoma decode the moments that

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are harming them. Don't miss a night, go pray at the masjid. But I have a child dry but I can't pray at home. Don't miss it. There's no excuse to finish a chapter of the Quran daily in your prayer. Look for a master that prays with a chapter urges me and the prayer and I will claim a total we have guys the six portion of the medication to become pious. Praying in the masjid imagine five prayers and praying in the matches Masjid of course arrange a man is multiplied by 27 of its kind. And then we multiplied by 70. That's 20,000 deeds in one prayer multiplied by five prayers. That's 100,000 deeds just from praying five times a day in the masjid. And as if you just prayed and the Haram The

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people who are deprived from praying in the Haram, Allah subhanaw taala is giving you a gift or not. He's not depriving you from getting the reward of bringing the Haram you'll get the 100,000 leads while you're praying at your own masjid or mosque or at home in Jannah. So, six things for six things forgiveness, so we said again, what are we going to say?

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What are we going to do? We're going to pick up the phone. We're going to call everybody we're going to tell them what the six rewards are and what the six things we have to do phone, mail, texts, whatever you can. What are the six rewards? Let's go through them again. Forgiveness of all past sins. MacArthur's no saving or freeing from hellfire. alette Covenant Not three supplication is accepted. Dua was together for a treasure of good deeds Kenzan mill has hundreds five the Night of Power little contract six Allah is pleased by you for her to last pinata alibi bed in front of them is what are six things are six things that we have to do could earn or could earn charity, or

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charity. I'm sorry, charity, kinship, making supplication tarawih prayers, praying in the masjid. These are the main components of Ramadan, the most important ones, please, please hold on to it and work hard Allah subhanaw taala insha Allah He opened upon us and give us plus because blessings this month let's make dua with our hearts over law. Please accept us among those who you accept this Ramadan tabernero over Allah we thank you for the blessing of the holy month of Ramadan over forgive our sins and our shortcomings make us from those who take their book with their right hand. Be easy on us when judging us Oh ALLAH three years from hellfire, this Ramadan Arctic mayor of the head and

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iron Europe. Oh Allah we have raised our hands to you, and our eyes have cried for you. We beg you to forgive us our castles. Oh Allah subhanaw taala we've sinned a lot. And if you don't forgive us surely will be from those who are lost. Oh Allah, you're the most generous bestow upon us from your generosity. Oh Allah guide us and guide the youth for our own medicea yara except our prayers Europe, Europe along with a composer and a Europe along with a couple Jaya and Europe, along with a couple of Airmen and