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The speakers discuss the importance of giving out information on one's behalf to others, including their weight and the number of people they give out. They stress the importance of managing the situation in a way that is convenient for the Muslim community, and the use of cash and clothing. They also touch on the topic of mental health and the importance of taking care of one's health. The conversation shifts to various topics related to COVID-19, including giving money in cash, giving clothing, and managing the situation. They emphasize the importance of avoiding begging and asking for assistance on certain days, and mention a report about a person being the agent of the poor and being allowed to go out of the box.

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I'm about to proceed.

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So today inshallah we'll go over is a go to the fifth.

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And remember, Allah tala said in his book on the Bible's a cattle fitrah the chapter on the cattle

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which will be translated as sort of public Ettore charity given at the end of the fasting of Ramadan.

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Ramadan Moroccan Allah says, Allah Allah Muslim in Melaka Fabiana coochie coochie La, La La La ad why oma?

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canonically Muslim, it is obligatory on every Muslim Melaka phenomenon pootie ricotta Allah, Who owns more than the essential food for himself and his dependence. Laila Taylor idioma, who, for the Eve and the day have died, because the eve of the becomes a before the day of the Eve and the day of the so when does the cathode federa become obligatory? Because that makes a like a big difference with many things, you know, very consequential, the Kappa factor becomes obligatory on Sunset, the sunset of the last day of Ramadan, which is the beginning of the night of the IE, the eve of the it starts before the day, right? You know, so.

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So, had that time at that time, this is when the obligation descends on you. And I have that time, where are you? That is where you get going to pay those accounts? How many kids do you have, that's what you have, like a, like a baby born in an hour before that time, you pay those account for that baby, if that baby was born, like after sunset by two minutes, you don't have to pay this account for that baby, and so on. So the time of the obligation is very consequential in rulings of that time, where you are, that's where your periods occur, you know, would you have as dependents, that's what you will pay, there's a cap on behalf of.

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So it's, the SEC said here that it is obligatory, and that is by agreements. The Canton Fair Trade is obligatory by agreement on every Muslim who has more than food for himself, hand for as dependence on for for the Eve and the day of the IE. So when the sun sets the last day of Ramadan, if you have food for more than 24 hours, that's the end of the day of the I eat food for more than 24 hours, you have the basic out of it, you can imagine that almost everybody spends a counterfeit. Could you be paying for and receiving the counterparty? Absolutely. Could you be paying Zakat and receiving Zakat in general, he has accepted the Hafiz would not agree to this. But the majority said

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yes, you could own more than the sub the threshold physical threshold and the pace of the Zika and still be deserving of Zika because what you own is insufficient for your needs. But the Hanafi said that Islam is the cutoff between richness and poverty, if you have more than a sabio rich, you are liable

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for the gap, but never add deserving recipient. Is that clear? And that is why, you know, sometimes he isn't in the cap committees people have different backgrounds that, you know, can we give psi like as a Gotha someone for instance, who has an iPhone, you probably can, I mean, if you have an iPhone, you probably have more than those accounts that are sold Do you have probably more than than isab but if that person is still needing money for their, like, you know, essential needs, stuff like this, without exaggeration without extravagance without any excesses, then according to the majority, you could be liable for as a cat and a deserving recipient at the same time versus the

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hanafy position. Okay, so but in the ns accounted for three you know, if you have more than just the food for

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yourself and your dependents for the next 24 hours you're liable to pay, there's a cat. But you could be receiving those accounts, we could give one software, each one of you and your dependents. And then you could get like a ton of food

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as a deserving recipient.

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Then the sheikh said, Will patrol federa San Miguel barrios Sha, Allah PP him up him out

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as a B for unlimited who akademin booty is a in Ghana sa on the amount of the cotton feather is one saw that we go over the ones that are before we did for you know,

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basically, the fall of two hands is one would multiply this before that would be one saw, it is a measure of volume not a measure of weight. So when we when we express it in weight, that is out of convenience, may not be particularly precise. So you could say 2.22 point like, it depends on whether whether whether it is you know, because some things are heavier than others. But you could say 2.2 if you want to be safe, 2.5 kilograms would be good. 2.5 kilograms would be about six pounds 505, five and a half pounds. If you want to be safe, six pounds of food would be good. So that's the PSA. PSA is

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the amount of the cattle affected as one saw of

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wheat, or barley, or their flour. It can also be paid in the ground, or crushed for pouring dates or raisins. However, if he cannot find those, he should give any kind of food staples that he eats that would measure one saw any type of food staples that he eats that would measure one saw. So I've asked that that's the that's the issue here the big issue of can we give the value of is a cat

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doesn't have to be in kind or can we give out the value in whichever form

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and that is the disagreement between the jamawar nomadic shepherds and embellies and the hafeez. Maliki chef is on honeyberries you have to give the designated whatever it is whatever has been designated by the prophets of Salaam to be paid and the Hanafi said it is you know the value of what is designated is permissible to give out

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now, I like is so the Hanbury is actually

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where is this coming from they're two hobbies here you know the main our hobbies in this regard to our hobbies, hobbies that is agreed upon from our beloved Norma where he said that the Father daughter was a Catholic 57 min feminine shaiya

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herder and Zachary are the ones that are sorry to be where Amara began to pledge a couple of Salah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had mandated or made required or obligatory is a cotton fit.

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Because I got that assignment. And I was on Munch if two things were mentioned, and the Heidi's Ababa live and Omar dates, and the barn, the not nothing else was mentioned, and the hobbies of how to live normal dates and barley only mentioned.

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And then he said, and he made it mandatory on the slave and the free the young gun, the old, the male and the female, of the Muslim in every Muslim to kind of fit in certainly who's required who's liable, you know, the head of the household or the person that you know, so it is mandatory on everyone, but the one that is required to give it out on their behalf is the head of the household he starts by himself because the profits that have been upset and then his dependence because the Prophet said if the mentor would have been upset start with yourself as a mentor I would start with your independence. So you have to be

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look out and look after your dependents first and then everybody else goes off in circles like this. So someone who's like not good to their you know immediate circle will not be good to the you know farther away circles and if they are good, it is ostentatious, it is not really genuine.

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So going back to the to the obligation, the things that that can be paid for is the gutter further dates and barley in the hadith of our beloved Norma and the hadith of recited for Dre has the Hadith has this

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wordings of cider, cider,

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apple cider for Dre has different wordings.

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And whatever you know one of the wordings can be used by anyone either by the way

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to justify giving it out in value in which he said that the fathers who led the cattle fed for son Minton house on min Solomon Tom, our son min Shireen Asan, min tamarind tamaryn How you been how okay. So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made me you know

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prescribed made mandatory paintings accounted for as one source of food palm food later some versions of the Hadees that food was mentioned to be wheat but it is probably narrators that you know used that added that wheat because the prophets of Allah may have not said we didn't particularly did not have we did not eat wheat. It was there after

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it became one of their food staples afterwards after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they used to eat barley.

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So the

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but but it said

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it said it's mentioned five different types of food

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except farm which is food.

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And that farm was translated by some narrators to be wheat because that's the other thing that was added to their food staples. And then in some honey from Apple Cider for the day, it means and dates. It mentioned raisins. It mentioned

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certainly Barbie.

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And it mentioned accurate and accurate is a form of cheese that is made of dried milk you dry up the milk at MIT turns into cheese, it's dried milk cheese, it's a form of cheese that is made of dried milk. So that is awkward.

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Okay, so this was

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Hear hear some of the some of the versions of this hadith

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what can we or tune

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they used to give out this this and that some of the versions of this hadith joaquina for Amina isn't a tomorrow Syrah

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as a V ball UK and the very usual food staples then used to be tamarin Shire, the wordings of the hobbies would make it look like that these were prescribed

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not because of something inherent to them, but Incidentally, they were the food staples that they had at the time. So the prophets of Salaam told them give out of the food staples that you just have, what kind of ammonia is in such and such their food on then it used to be such and such. That is why even the German war they extend that this to food staples, food staples.

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So we can in all honesty was a preservation of food nowadays, can food could go out you know, so we don't have to like

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we can stick to that to the food thing, because there could be some wisdom here, amount more honey for sad that

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the the particular designation of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not intended for itself. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Give Binta mcob for 25 camels get into my heart, which is like a one year old camel. Then he said, if you don't find mentum hop give a vanilla boon, which is a two year old male camel, not one year, two year old male camel because maybe camels are cheaper than female camels. So he gives a paid attention to the value here. And if you don't have you know the particular type of cam of the particular age of camel, you can give a lower age and supplement to this or have to this

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you know, to sheep, or, you know, to sheep to goats with shatta and means to sheep or goats, or what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said or 20 Durham's 20 dams

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So an email saying, well, he's using value here, because too cheap would be about $20 homes and he's given alternatives here. So it is not the particular thing. Some other you know this car the other scholar said there could be wisdom in in that particular designation of food, there could be wisdom, because the maybe people it is in

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the lab now best supported by Buddha would from dilemna best that he said Father, Son lambs account on Fifth or Saba cotton

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to hora de la simena. laguiole refers automatically Misaki the Prophet sallallahu Sallam prescribes the Catholic faith to be a means of purification for the one who fasted purification from what level frivolity refers sort of indecency obscenity,

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we'll talk about that in Misaki. Hand, and to feed the Misaki to feed the Misaki. So the prophets of Salaam did not only that he mentioned feeding, and it may be also appropriate and suitable, that have after the month of fasting, that we are ensuring that no one stays hungry in the Muslim community. And since we're given food, staples, those food staples will be there with them, you know, you give them like lots of canned food and you know, pasta and rice and there's like a lot. So, if you give it out in money, you could be given a

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larger number of people or you could be giving people for for their other needs, and some people will still be left hungry, or the very people that you gave them the money, they use the money for some other purpose that may be different, and they would, you know, in a couple of months, be hungry or you know, a couple of days, be hungry and not you know, buy food for that is why the in the even in the welfare system there, there's some things that you know, everything is given out in cash,

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but also food stamps and so on. So, you could say that the more they have a point,

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the amount also has a point, anytime era himolla chose a position in the middle, he said that you know that the default is that you will give whatever designated by the prophet sallallahu sallam. So, whatever the Prophet designated, he gave that which the prophet SAW Selim designated because his designation has to have some weight has to carry like some way.

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But then if there is hot or Muslim Raja if there is an identifiable need, or a greater benefit, then you could give the value, then you could give the value and in certain cases there would be identifiable need or greater benefit, if there isn't an identifiable need, or greater benefit to give the value such as given currency, cash in place of food for the cattle, or such as giving, you know, let's say that you run your as a committee in your mustard and instead of giving people cash, you're giving people stuff you know in kind

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South Africa you're giving the people clothes, you're giving the people food, you're giving the people

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vouchers to buy certain things, you know or paying their rent or doing but not giving them the cash in their hands that would still be permissible according to the amount of hanifa and when there is an obvious need or a greater benefit likely it should be it should be okay.

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So the default for Zagato further is that it goes out in the because because keep in mind also that why is it that I usually advise people to give it out in food, if you give it out in foods, you will be fine, blameless according to the formulas that if you give it out in cash, you will not be fine according to three out of four. So wouldn't it be nice to be just blameless according to everybody, you know, how unless there is a clear cut greater benefit or a need to give the value then you may give the value but for the default, try to stay safe and improbable. hanifa If you give 1000 food he will not tell you why did you give our food you know, food is preferred. Food is what is designated

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by the prophets ourselves and everybody is happy with food. But can you give it out in other forums? That is the discussion.

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Okay, next amendment parama Rahim Allah Subhan Allah Xena to Phaedra to NFC lezama to Phaedra to mental zombiu

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annatto Elma owner to laylat Allah it is America man you have Deon who wherever must pay the cattle for himself must also pay it for all of his dependents if he owns enough on the eve of eat to pay for them, by the way, I did not give the last discussion justice because if I give it justice, we don't have to spend 30 minutes you know in terms of like can we give it out in kind or value.

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But there is there is a lot more to this. One of the things they might want any fall so use this left, manageable set to the people of Medina, a you know, give me your your garments, your your whatever garments that he that he saw because they are known for certain garments, lobbies or homies

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instead of a food when aleikum wa salatu salam would be better for you and more of greater benefit for the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim. Now this was reported by Makati, but that is not enough. He did not give it a chain. It's a long story, but But the idea here is there are other proofs that the novel hanifa can use to justify giving things out

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in value, not in

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kind, not in sort of the particular designation.

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The next point is this. He taught them the first that if you have food enough, if you have food enough for yourself and your dependents, you need to pay the cat for one for one day, then you need to pay the cat and then he went back and then he talked about the dependents one more time, but here he is saying that you are responsible to pay for your dependents. So you have to figure out who are your dependents multiply once times yourself plus your dependents if you have four kids and your wife

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because then you multiply by six right, you know, right. Right. So

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So who are your independence? Like who are your independence? And so how are we we'll go over this and you know, when we go over the felco family we will go over this in more detail. But briefly, who are your independence the mama mad? And Mr. Mo hanifa

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are the ones who basically expanded the circle of dependence to relatives. Mr. Mohammad says that the circle of dependence includes everybody that will inherit from you, every relative that will inherit from you is your dependent.

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And an Imam,

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an Imam, Shafi, Halima, Malik said, Mr. Malik said, your kids and your parents and that's it. your kids and your parents and, you know, for people you know,

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you know, thrifty on the thrifty side. And I'm Alex position, baby, and so it kids and parents and he stops, remember stuff I added ancestors and descendants. So instead, Armada in a Sabbath is still you know, the upwards and downwards from you. But it is not limited to kids and parents. It's not limited to kids and parents, you're also responsible for your grandparents, and great grandparents, and so on and so forth. Everyone who will either Allah equal naka de la de la, so everyone that gave birth to you or you give birth to them, you will be responsible for them.

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But these are the different positions in general.

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What do you think is stronger,

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then we take the half a position here.

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Whoever is closer would be the responsible person. So if your grandfather, if you're rich and your father is rich, and your grandfather is poor, your father is responsible for your grandfather, not you because he's closer to him.

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They said the same applies whoever is closer will be responsible.

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Whoever is closer

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know, if they are independent of the Father on their own left and on their own, they are heads of their own households. They pay for themselves, and they pay for their independence. And when we say this, keep in mind whoever is closer you know like you're responsible for everybody ancestors but the your hobby.

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Parents, you have your great grandparents, you have your great grandparents, you have your great great great grandparents.

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So, like, if

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everybody else has rich, rich, rich, who's responsible

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because higher up, you know the father is more responsible for the son than the son is responsible for the Father. So here the comment has to do with it has to do with the direction. Okay, but if we are on the same direction from the same direction, let's say remove this, remove this No, no great, great great grandparent, but you have those here and poor, rich rich, who is responsible, he he will be responsible, this will be responsible for this because even though it's the same direction, but it is caught up from the core boys, but but we will have to stop.

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I'm sorry. I just because I know we can Yeah, because I saw three or four people here having questions.

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This ambiguous ation we can carry on is the disambiguation

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this ambiguous

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disambiguation disambiguation or or clarification,

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clarification, keep it for you know the q&a session. But if if my if what I'm saying is ambiguous, you could always ask for this ambiguous.

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So, here the idea here, if we think of this fit position, which is upwards and downwards from you, we are responsible for

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two things here.

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That direction, Father is more responsible for son then son is responsible for father hand then

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basically, if you both are rich in rich here rich here poor in the middle, then it goes down from

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the grandfather to the Father versus the other way around. And we have the also the quarterback which is the proximity.

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So, the son will be more responsible for the father than the grandson is responsible for the grandfather. So when mallozzi met who federa nuptse

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if we take a family position is more complicated because you know more relatives that inherit from you will be your dependence

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on the metal photron fc here as a matter of fact mentalism una hora de la ativ. America, mega Deon, who we are done with this, whoever must pay the counterfeiter for himself must also pay it for all of his dependence. If he owns enough on the eve of aid to pay for them. Membership set for in cannot monitor who tells them Jama can optimal static or more certain privileges jamaah for federal to Allah and Allah has to be more unnati for in Canada who Horan for federal to LA he wahala said if someone's provision is the responsibility of a group of people like a shared slave or someone in financial difficulty, who is a relative of a group of people. Now though, that group of people are

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equally related to him. It is not like some of them are closer or some of them have like a stronger direction. But equally the say someone who has three rich brothers, and he is poor in the Hanbury method if he inherits from them, he is their dependent and in this case, they're equally related to him. How do they pay his Captain fifth, they divided into three parts, each one of them pays out one third of a saw and

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then and he even gives the example of someone

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if a slave is partially free, his capital factory is obligatory on both him and his master. Like he owns one third of himself on his way to basically owning himself and his master owns two thirds two thirds the master would have to pay one third he would have to pay

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where's the hub boy fragile cetera yo mela eat tabula salaat Allah is the hero on your Middle East where Jesus took the Mona Ali beyond many hours.

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He says

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This is about the time now the time.

00:30:07--> 00:30:13

Well, when it comes to the time so soft that is when does it start? And when does it end start?

00:30:15--> 00:30:16


00:30:18--> 00:30:20

should we begin with starting or ending?

00:30:21--> 00:30:43

Starting? Okay. When does it start? Okay. Remember when he first starts anytime you could give it even before Ramadan starts, he said from Ramadan first it starts you could give it in America at the moment, Matt said one to two days prior

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to the

00:30:48--> 00:31:07

tonight once two days prior to light. Is that clear? Why do they say this when the environment met in the moment Eman Malik said once two days prior to that I eat because I believe no Omar said that the Sahaba used to give it out one to two days prior to die one to two days prior to die. And

00:31:08--> 00:31:37

they say they say my American mother two causes as bad for this cat to become obligatory one that you faster than Ramadan, two that died came in and to the both causes have to be taken in consideration. But since they gave it out one or two days prior to it, we will still accept it one to two days prior to it and the site.

00:31:38--> 00:31:47

The site had these you know that is not strong in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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you have a young woman so if you have a young basically spare them of begging or asking or going around looking for help or assistance assistance on that day, my mama honey for users have used by the way to say that what matters is the value not the food. Because if you give them

00:32:09--> 00:32:20

cash, you will have done what is needed. What is required is to spare them of asking or begging or going around seeking assistance on that day.

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you have to hate the moment the gym, the masochism. Hanbury is used it in a different way, the use that say

00:32:34--> 00:33:15

sensitive is about that day and it is about you know, making them sparing them of going around asking for assistance on that day, you should not give it before that day or if you give it before that day it has to be immediately before that day and since it doesn't have I used to give it one or two days earlier, and then we will stick with what the Sahaba did and give it one to two days earlier. He managed he said well the two as the two causes are the beginning of Ramadan and which is the beginning of the month of fasting. And he also recognized that there is another cause for the obligation of the Catholic faith which is eat but he said one cause should be sufficient to

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basically to get to pays the cap and when you have a honey for said, since this is a cat like any other cat, we can make Taji loves aka we can pay the cat in advance. You know, like anyone who is liable for anything if he gives it early. That's good, if you're liable for is the captain mad. And you have the nisab. So the cause of obligation is there. You could give us a Catholic man for up to one or two years prior to his account due date and then subtracted on yours account due date from the Zika that you will give so in our hanifa saying why can't we do this with a cup of water if we can do it with a caffeine man? And you agree with us that we can do it with the Catamounts? Why

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don't you agree with us on that further as well, they'll come back and say but they can because this is special this for this day and making sure that they have enough

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sustenance for the earth. So this agreement and Jenner now, the two sort of

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basically nuances here is that if you give it as a character that there's a cat organization, we consider it as a cat organization nowadays, to be the walk 11 for the year acting on behalf of appear appear or the agent of the year being the agent of the puppy being the agent of the year, if you give it to them, but this will apply to the end of the end not the beginning. But even if you give it to them earlier, earlier, we consider them to be a bubble agents.

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organizations they are considered to be double agents. They are your agents and they're also the

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The US Asians so if you give it to them

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earlier hopefully you should still be okay according to mount Madonna nomadic because if they have your agents give it to the puppy a day or two before I eat, you should be safe hopefully according to the management and even medic because we're considering them to be your agent and the appeals agent if you give it to them right before salata eat and they make it makes it appear the next day or in two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight days, hopefully you still will be okay because we consider them as I said double agents, they are the agents of the poor. So, you have the liver that is again this case to the agents of the poor prior to salaat So, you should also be safe

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so, they come in in the middle facilitates this however, it is always preferred that you give it as a cat by yourself if you know poor people that you could give this account to particularly if they are related or neighbors who then it is always better that you take care of this by yourself.

00:36:15--> 00:36:16


00:36:17--> 00:36:18

Now the end

00:36:23--> 00:36:44

Okay, we said that it is preferable to basic at first, on the day of IE before the prayer it is not permissible to the late until after the day, but it is permissible to pay it two or three days in advance. You know, they extend that to do three days or three days in advance as well.

00:36:51--> 00:37:37

Okay, now, he said it is not permissible to delay it until after the day of a so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the Hadith that is reported by Abu Abu from Abu Dhabi na bass. In the remembrance of us when we were talking for those who lost sometimes sacaton said to her Not unless I'm even allowed to refers formatted as Misaki. The Prophet made it obligatory to purify the fasting person from triviality and indecency and to feed the poor. And part of this hadith is Monica hyperbola. Salafi has a cotton bonamana diabolus Allah for Southern cotton Minnesota part whoever pays it before the Salah. It is an acceptable soccer and whatever pays it after the Salah. It is

00:37:37--> 00:37:52

like any random charity soccer, permanent soccer, like any random charity. This is very powerful, very clear. However, none of them has I have acted upon the wording of the Hadees

00:37:53--> 00:37:59

and the orlik. They extended the permission to the end of Saturday at

00:38:01--> 00:38:27

the end of the day, the end of the day, they extended the permission to the end of the day. How did they extend the permission to the end of the day? They said they reported that the prophet SAW Selim use the XM How about the Salah, use this pass out the socketed filter after the Salah. But you could also say that he was the agent of the poor in this case, and he received before the Salah, also this hadith These reports are not authentic, but he used to divide

00:38:28--> 00:39:08

them after the Salah. They also said that Oman and toffee have any spare them of going around asking for assistance on that day. It means any time of the day you give them the you give them money, you spare them or going around and asking for assistance on that day, it would be safer to give it before it was a law. Yes, certainly the vast majority of scholars said it's still acceptable up until the end of the day. But they said it's preferable before the salah and certainly given that Hadith that is very strong. It would certainly be safer that you give it before the Salah that we

00:39:09--> 00:39:51

say that given it before the Salah to the charity organization will be sufficient. Yes, it is sufficient you give it to or if you give it to the masjid put it in the box, you know, but that's also busy. We talked about sand and all of that stuff. That is basically just you know, the laziness that sn is, is is the that's the antonym of SF. You know, like, you know, no, you try to do it, you try to do it yourself. You try to find poor people, you try to make it like a day or two or three before you know preferably a day or two like an

00:39:52--> 00:39:52


00:39:53--> 00:39:59

before the day and you do it yourself. And if you don't know a lot more people hear that

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

are, you know, ask around, someone will be able to tell you point out poor people for you. Because if you live a sterile life, and your little suburbia,

00:40:10--> 00:40:16

you probably wanted to acquaint yourself with the world, you know, around you.

00:40:17--> 00:40:25

And that that really enhances your, your experience and makes you more like better around, etc, etc.

00:40:26--> 00:40:47

But if for some reason someone is stuck in some place in no way, then he can give the power of attorney to some relatives back home or some in a different city where there is inner city where there are poor, poor, it's gotta be, you know, for according to the vast majority, it's gotta be Muslims.

00:40:48--> 00:41:11

To some Muslims. South Africa in general does not have to be to Muslims, but this particular solokha because it has it is obligatory and it relates to Ramadan, and in the hunger after Ramadan. For people who are fasting, it is for Muslims, that you could certainly find someone to give it on your behalf if you give them power of attorney.

00:41:14--> 00:41:20

So that's the beginning and that the end of so it starts anytime.

00:41:22--> 00:41:45

When are the two days that's the safest option even if it from the beginning of Ramadan, and accordingly number hanifa, even before the beginning of Ramadan, and we said give it if you if you want to give it earlier and you give it to the Zakat organization. You're absolved of guilty or relieved, and you should be fine inshallah, according to all of them, if there's a God organization,

00:41:47--> 00:42:01

and it will be the responsibility of this council organization to figure out which opinion they will take in terms of the final dispensing of belgica. Lastly, is she fears that we do unusual try male,

00:42:02--> 00:42:17

female males. And why it is permissible to give one person there's a cap that is obligatory in our group. And to give a group there's a cap that is obligatory on one person, meaning if you live in, you know,

00:42:18--> 00:42:26

you could divide yours a cat, you could divide yours occur between three or four families.

00:42:27--> 00:42:32

Or three or four people could give there is a cap to

00:42:34--> 00:43:24

to one family. That's what these are. Many people could give them as a gift to one family. One person could divide his account between many families and that's that's pretty easy, but who should be given as a cat to begin with the aid recipients that are mentioned and the area gets the cattle fed, according to whom, according to the HANA fees, and shafa is and ham bellies, aid recipients. So the same thing like the cotton man applies to the cattle fed, Maliki's said no. And this is also a report from the humble Amazon the medic he said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said well Torah watermelon Misaki and to feed the poor. So this particular is a cat unlike is a cat that man does

00:43:24--> 00:43:29

not belong to feasibility lab for carbon Remini La Nina

00:43:30--> 00:44:16

aku boom. No, this is for the for our Misaki This is specifically for for Cora one Misaki and for the needy people only that is the position of Imam Malik. And you know, it is the weekend report within the Hanbury meth lab. But the Hanafi shefa is and ham bellies in the authorized report said any of the eight recipients mhfa like usual like he doesn't say Captain mad, he says all eight recipients if you can find them all, or those of them that you can find you divided between them.

00:44:19--> 00:44:20

That's it. I think